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'It's time. After the Glorious Revolution/Tapioca Incident a few weeks back, the parents have been away. Maybe they've been fixing up the town, maybe they're neglectful after they got that part of their brains removed, maybe they didn't make it out of the giant hamster statue. Whatever the case may be, the town is up for grabs. Parts of it, anyway. The bits nobody sane or supervised would go, really, but that doesn't matter! The boiling puddles of soda and the occasional rabid hamster are no obstacle for the sugar-crazed and bored children of the town. Lines will be drawn, empires will rise, and knees will be skinned. Let the battle for the Kavity Kandy Korner commence!'

Right! This will be the OOC Thread for the Cop ‘n Robbers RP!

Don't worry about the above, that's just for the mood. It’s going to be pretty freeform, as far as twists and locations go. Improvisation and surreality are the order of the day. It doesn’t have to make sense or be in good taste. If it’s funny, it’s funny! Expect every mature tag I can cram into the RP, and expect to see it used! It’s South Park!

The basics are that something really bad happened about a month ago that left entire districts of North Park (above Middle Park) abandoned. Whatever happened can be fleshed out over the course of the RP as we introduce hazards and oddities related to it. Just know that whatever happened damaged most conventional sources of distraction. The arcade, the theater, even the school are all closed down, leaving the children with nothing to do! The adults are too busy trying to fix it (and probably making it worse) to care about that, and have left their terminally-bored children to make their own fun. How, you may ask?

Cops ‘n Robbers, of course!

The abandoned districts are full of shiny loot, sick clubhouses, and tasty snacks for anyone with the balls to brave the dangers within it, and every kid is looking to get theirs! One child, the buttface with the police-painted bigwheel, decided to ruin the fun and become the LAW, gathering all of his crew to ‘keep the peace’ (and all the good shit). They’ve locked down the choice targets, like the candy stores and electronics shops. Patrols run about looking for ‘hoods’ to beat up. Propaganda has been put up and shouted from rooftops. It’s a police state!

That’s where you come in! Your characters (and mine) are criminals, or at least pretending to be them (for now). Make your gang and stake your turf, plan your heists, and deal with other crews. Maybe you want to make friends? Maybe fight? It’s all good!

Your dude/ettes are going to be individuals without gangs at first. New Kids, one and all. Work your way up with your fellow newbies and take over the whole town (or blow it up)!

Questions, comments, concerns, they all go here. No such thing as a stupid question or idea. It’s South Park!

See you on the streets!

Character Skeleton Up! Don't have to use it, but it might help!

Name: What’s your name?

Nickname: What do the other kids like to call you? It may not be one you like!

Alias: What is your criminal name? Are you hardcore and just using your real one?

Build: Big kid? Small kid? Sickly? Pudgy?

Age: Most kids are around 8-12. How many birthdays have you seen ruined?

Features: What physically sets you apart from the other kids?

Quirks: What mentally sets you apart from the other kids?

Clothes: What are you wearing? Is it cool or lame? Is it even yours?

Gear: Weapons and tools, drugs and snacks, what are you bringing to the game?

Loot: You nicked anything yet? Is it useful or is it just for fun?

Past: What’s your story? Pampered life? School of hard knocks? Secretly an alien?
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Name: Gwen Michelle Wilson
Nickname: Queen
Alias: Jinx
Build: Small Kid
Age: 8 and none of the birthdays
Features: Has a skull for a tattoo on both sides of her cheek.
Quirks: Fights very good.
Clothes: Cool to her. She wears a white long-sleeved t-shirt, a gray jumper that has a white skull on the center of her jumper, white tights that cover her feet and black Mary Jane shoes with a golden buckle on each shoe.
Gear: Snacks
Loot: None as of yet
Past: School of hard knocks.
Still somewhat of a work in progress but here's what I've got so far.

Name: Larry Vance

Nickname: What do the other kids like to call you? It may not be one you like!

Alias: The Zap

Build: Average Build.

Age: 10



Gear: Snacks, Laser Pistol (toy)

Abilities: TBD

Loot: TBD

Past:TBD (Will edit in later)