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Do Memes Annoy You? Mangle/Smash Them Here.

Discussion in 'Main Lobby' started by OceanElf, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. OceanElf

    OceanElf Member

    Memes. AKA chain letters. Sometimes called friendly spam.
    Their aim is to get spread everywhere. AKA go viral. It's called viral for a reason. That's enough to make them annoying to me, but there are other things as well. They use all sorts of appeals (sometimes known as hooks) to get people interested, so the re-shares are sure to happen.
    There's breaking them, which can mean just not re-sharing it.
    There is also mangling/smashing, which dissects the meme, breaking it down and - well, really not helping it out.
    I'll start off with a short one, and compared with other annoying attempted heart-yanking, brain-eating memes, this one gets a considerably gentle smash from me.
    * * *
    Meme: Fwd. Fwd.
    Ocean Elf: Argh.
    Meme: I love you hunny bunny
    Ocean Elf: Eww! I'm not "Hunny Bunny". Not even close! You don't know me and I sure as heck don't know you. Get away!
    Meme: and if you don't send this to 10 other people,
    Ocean Elf: You can do nothing about it. So take that.
    Meme: you will suffer 8 years of loneliness.
    Ocean Elf: Wrong. I'd expect to lose friends if I spammed them with this meme, as if I believed in it. And, you have no power to afflict anyone with 8 years of loneliness whether or not they spread this meme.
    Meme: i hope i am one of the ones you send it to.
    Ocean Elf: Bleah! since I have no idea who actually started this meme, I can't do that, nor would I. I don't even believe in sending memes back to their originators.
    : your sunshine :p
    Ocean Elf: Not! Now beat it, meme, before I pulverize you.!
  2. OceanElf

    OceanElf Member

    More smashed memes, this time, several generic killers and jerks.
    Generic Killers
    * * *
    Killer 1
    Meme: There is a killer on the loose in ur area.
    Ocean Elf: You don't know where "my area" is. If there was a dangerous criminal at large, it would be on the local news.
    Meme: Close ur windows lock ur doors.
    Ocean Elf: I do that anyway.
    Meme: Pray he doesn’t find u.
    Ocean Elf: I'm not afraid of nonexistent killers.
    * * *
    Killer 2
    Meme: A serial killer escaped from jail.
    Ocean Elf: Not around here…
    Meme: Now u have read this,
    Ocean Elf: You'll follow up with some ridiculous demand that I will not comply with but will laugh at.
    Meme: he will visit u at 3am with a chainsaw.
    Ocean Elf: He might want to take a look at what happened to the clown who tried that. It didn't go too well for him.
    Meme: If u want 2 b saved send this MSG to 5 other people.
    Ocean Elf: I don't need saving from your fake killer, and will save five other people the annoyance of getting this message from me. No sending on my end.
    * * *
    Killer 3
    Meme: U think I am ur friend
    Ocean Elf: No, I don't.
    Meme: but I am not really ur friend.
    Ocean Elf: congrats. Want a plaque for that?
    Meme: Ur friend is dead. I am using his phone.
    Ocean Elf: You don't even know who my friends are, so don't even try this bullcrap on me. You do have one thing right, though, we are not friends.
    * * *
    Killer 4
    Meme: U will die at midnight.
    Ocean Elf: Wrong.
    Meme: There’s still time.
    Ocean Elf: But it's running out for you. Make tracks while you can.
    Meme: U look at the clock.
    Ocean Elf: No I don't, not unless I need to be somewhere at a certain time, or someone asks me for the time.
    Meme: The hands begin to spin.
    Ocean Elf: None of the clocks around here have gone that haywire.
    * * *
    Killer 5
    Meme: i can see you,
    Ocean Elf: No, you can't. You're not scaring me, liar.
    Meme: but you cant see sh*t.
    Ocean Elf: Don't have to. I can smell you from a mile away. You stink like death chain letter spam. You're rancid as a bullying troll. Because that's exactly what you are. *Scowl*
    Meme: you may be beautiful and popular
    Ocean Elf: If I am, it's in ways that really count, ways you can't even touch, involving concepts you know absolutely zilch about.
    But I'll give you a little hint.
    If you want to be beautiful and popular, don't go trolling the internet with stupid chain letters that threaten to kill people, or insult their character in any way for not passing them along.
    Meme: but i gonna get you b**** a** b*******!!!!!!!
    Ocean Elf: Hey! You watch your mouth, you mewling little brat! *Acid glare*
    Get over your petty envy while you're at it!
    Meme: iii rip ur limbs,
    Ocean Elf: With what? Your jealous, foul mouth?
    You have no idea where I am, what I even look like, and you should be ashamed of yourself, putting this trash on phones that belong to little kids. *Scowl*
    Meme: slash your face for 13 HOURS
    Ocean Elf: *Glare* You really need to get over that jealousy of yours, it's pathological, and you are an ugly sadistic freak!
    Meme: and eat your guts till u perish b****!!!!
    Ocean Elf: *Glower* Okay, I'm sending someone after you, and when they're through with you, you'll wish you'd never learned to use an electronic device for attempted terrorization. You are going down!
    Meme: xoxoxo,mommy
    Ocean Elf: I'm not your mommy, you idiot!
    * * *
    Jerk 1
    Meme: Someone sent me a weird video. It was of a clown dancing alone in a room. It was a bedroom. Then I noticed something that scared me. It was your bedroom.
    Ocean Elf: Rubbish. Joke fail.
    I don't look like a clown and neither you nor your weird friends know where I live, let alone what my bedroom looks like.
    * * *
    Jerk 2
    Meme: A crazy man broke into my house. He was looking 4 U. I didnt want to tell him where u live but he made me. He’s coming 4 U.
    Ocean Elf: Right, you still don't even know me or where I live. So you fail again.
    * * *
    Jerk 3
    Meme: Can you decipher the coded MSG?
    Ocean Elf: I accidentally found the answer on Scary4kids. It comes after each sequential number. After a 1, there's a y, 2, o, and 3, u. So that spells out the word "you" So the message is "Youre going to die" no apostrophe.
    well, congrats for figuring out that unfortunate basic part of nature. Yes, it's true. Everyone dies, eventually. Hopefully you learn about the importance of apostrophes before it is your time to die. :p
    * * *
    Jerk 4
    Meme: A girl was walking in the forest and she just disappeared. No one ever found her. Now that you have read this she will appear in your mirror and kill you.
    Ocean Elf: If no one ever found her, how do you know she will appear in anyone's mirror? You really don't make sense.
    * * *
    Jerk 5
    Meme: There is 1 B in this MSG Find it or u will die during the night

    Ocean Elf: No one is going to kill me over this.
    Ocean Elf: 54th character from the end of that r slop.
    * * *
    Jerk 6
    Meme: My friend forwarded this MSG? He said it’s from a ghost. I can’t understand it. Can u decipher it?
    Ocean Elf: Your so-called friend is an idiot.
0nh P33N I h73NO7 O5 W,I 35V37d 3W d73H
    Ocean Elf: No. It's rubbish.
    Over and out.
  3. Deroc

    Deroc Muggeseggele!

    Memes only annoy me when they are spammed in large numbers, or they contain any overly offensive content.
    Other than that, I don't see a problem with memes. Some healthy amount of memes actually makes me amused.

    Memes are not necessarily chain letters to be sent, most of them are captioned pictures and catchphrases. Remember, memes are not only about spamming useless junks, memes can sometimes trigger laughter and make people's day brighter.

    Judging by your given examples, you seem to have prejudice and ignorance towards memes.

    However, thank you for telling me about "Jerk 3". It's nice to learn more.
  4. Isavarg

    Isavarg New Member

    The best thing to do if you get stuff like that is to just ignore and don't engage with them, but those examples aren't really memes - I'd consider it trolling instead.

    Memes are pictures with silly captions and as I don't bother with facebook and other kinds of social media anymore I don't tend to take much notice of them.
  5. OceanElf

    OceanElf Member

    Nope. Chain letters are memes. Even they give some people a few giggles, email joke or caption format. Those are seriously annoying because they are all over the place. That same pic or email joke doesn't just crop up once, but many times. That makes it a chain letter. They didn't call them memes back when they were mostly email based. So you may think I'm ignorant/prejudiced if you like, but meme and chain letter will always be interchangeable for me... Thank you for your opinion, though.
  6. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

  7. OceanElf

    OceanElf Member

    *Bleh... Once again, I don't fit in.
  8. Cheese_Pizza

    Cheese_Pizza New Member

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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