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Dramatis Personae - Gasm

Discussion in 'Omniverse Character Profiles' started by Dizzy, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Dizzy

    Dizzy New Member


    Ugly. That's a word that describes him perfectly. A known lawbreaker in Aschen space and infamous merchant of dubious value scrap in Westeria City, and occasionally, a police informant willing to sell out anyone and anything for the right price. Recently? He's been trying to survive where reality has begun to unfold.

    Notes on the Scythian Vagrancy: While the details are sparse, the Vagrancy were one of the first to be conquered in the Aschen's attempted dominance of known space. Their reproduction, social life, etc are largely the definition of an unknown quantity but their life as a species has been reduced to nothing more than space-faring vagrants after the death of their 'queen'.
    Strangely enough, a typical Vagrant has a set of four arms, mandibles, keratin-like spines and grouping of vestigial tentacles from their mouth. Their exoskeleton is also quite dense in places, and some even have similar tentacles that erupt from their backs, although this has been observed only in the mostly extinct 'royal guard' caste.

    • Vagrants have a set of three eyes, the third set in the middle of their forehead provides outstanding low-light night vision. They have enormous, compound lenses that give a wide field of view and gather available light very efficiently. Though, their set of side eyes provide little more than blurry wide angles.

    • They are known to inherit some aspects of memory biologically. A Vagrant may instinctively fear places of genocide committed by the Aschen, while others could have an advanced knowledge of mechanics passed down by their parents. A name for a family of Vagrants has been loosely translated to 'warbrood'.

    • A Vagrant has four clawed fingers on the each of each arm and each finger may be reversed to serve as thumbs, swivelling on 180' sturdy basal socket-joints. A vagrant may choose among 32 hand configurations when grasping or manipulating objects.

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