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Edge45's Characters

Discussion in 'Character Pages' started by Edge45, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Edge45

    Edge45 The Piemaster

    Name: Ka, the Sleeper

    • The Sleeper they call *it*. She is the progenitor of the Ankhs.
    • Ka is an otherworldly creature that seeks only to dominate, feed, expand, and then later sleep. And she would do this again repeatedly. It is her only instinct.
    • Ka is once served and worshipped by humans as a god on the surface. But time came when they rebelled and exterminated the Ankhs to near extinction. Ka was able to survive and retreats to the underworld where she slumbers and soons return to the surface.
    Domain: Underground

    • Ka is large. Her size is twice as large as a T-rex.
    • As a Mother Queen. She governs all the Anks and is its progenitor. She can lay a lot of eggs due to her size, and she can do this simultaneously. She can also give birth too, though is limited.
    • Ka can use the magic of Venom, Acid, and Web.
    • Though big, Ka is also fast and agile. Able to crawl from openings and cracks that fits her and strikes her victims silently.
    • Most distinguished by her stinger. It is the largest and longest stinger of the entire Ankhs. It is Ka's main weapon, the part of her body where she can conjure Acid, Venom, and Web magic. It also serves as a blade, capable of impaling, slicing, or killing preys.
    • Ka is most powerful in darkness. Relying on stealth hunting. It is not limited to subterranean environment, as long as there is darkness, Ka can use it to her advantage.
    • Ka is the most powerful digger and burrower of the Ankhs. Her scythe-like hands can act like drills able to pierce the ground.

    • When Ka is breeding, which is most of the time. She is vulnerable and can only defend herself by her large ang long stinger.
    • Ka's size can work against her. She is easier spotted than any Ankhs. She also has limited speed and movement.
    • Ka is most sensitive to fire
    • Ka is mostly passive at her Main Hive. She relies on the Five Hives and her brood guards to protect her.
    • Ka's intelligence is limited. She relies on her five daughter Queens and her son King.

    • The only motivation Ka has, is to eat, feed, and spread her dominion.


    • Ka, breeding.

    The Ankhs

    • The Ankhs are spawns of Ka. They are otherworldly creatures that follows her every command, or perhaps not.​
    • The Ankhs are subterranean dwellers. But they can creep outside and affected less by sunlight. Their full capabilities are released at dark.​
    • Their appearances resembles arachnids, but in truth they don't fit unto biological categories.​
    • Their size varies, scaling from an inch small insect size to a gigantic 12-foot behemoths or bigger. Average sizes are mostly 7 feet.​
    • There are multiple variations of Ankhs. They include both sex, but females are dominant and are larger.​
    • They can multiply and reproduce both through eggs or give birth depending on their kind.​
    • Their system of government is Matriarchy. The Ankhs follows the five Queens of the Five Hives, who in turn follows their great Mother Queen Ka.​
    • Male Ankhs are faster and deadlier than females. They have more intelligence as well. Female Ankhs are larger, and capable of using venoms and acids.​
    • All Ankhs can web their prey, and the silk of their webs are very hard.​
    • All Ankhs, as they are subterranean dwellers, can burrow.​
    • The Five Hives are named - Logiska, Egiska, Barbaraka, Maeurka, and Oroka. Each Hives are controlled by Queens. Queens are the progenitors of female Anks, female ankhs then becomes progenitors of males or sometimes females.​
    • The Five Hives surround the Main Hive. The Main Hive is where the Mother Queen, Ka, resides and governs all the Ankhs.​
    • The main directive of the Ankhs, is similar to their Mother Queen, only that they don't sleep and they serve, protect, and follow her.​
    • Each Hive has their own unique kind, in each kind there are different species. Each species has two sexes.​
    • Through time, depending on what the Mother Queen Ka eats, will allow her to breed a new kind. This new kind can become a new generation with evolved capabilities better than the old ones.​
    • A special Hive, known as the Brood. Is the frontline of the Ankhs dominion. Unlike the Hives who are controlled by Queens, it is directed by a male Ankh called King.
    • The Brood. Is composed of both male and female, and acts as the army of the Ankhs. Their numbers are supplied by the Five Hives. The Five Hives in turn protects the Main Hive. The Main Hive where Ka resides, breeds Ankhs.

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  2. Edge45

    Edge45 The Piemaster

    A non-god character.

    Name: Aladine, the Relic
    Race: Human (?)
    Gender: Male

    "Beauty, is like a truth. And say, truth is just a perspective."

    Aladine is a traveler that is heavily interested in legends, myths, stories, and most of all relics. Aside from being a wanderer who has a bad sense of direction, he is a treasure-hunter. Always trying to seek opportunities that gets him the chance to get special kind of items, then write about everything he had learn. Hence, he also values books, and have been carrying more than ten journals about his journeys.

    Though rational and curious at most, Aladine has differing emotions.
    "You know what's better than life? Nah I don't really know. That's why I'm asking."

    Aside from treasure-hunting, book collecting, traveling. Aladine is motivated at the present, any opportunity he sees he tackles and make decisions, taking into consideration what good and bad he gains from it.
    • Most experienced at brisk and arid wastelands. Highly mobile and adaptive at any terrain except lush environments.
    • Able to make use of any given weapons, equipments, and objects. Innovative at everything he has.
    • Has access to relics and special items.
      • Al'mit - "Behold! ... its broken." A broken blade with its hilt still remaining. Though short, it's still sharp and usable for combat. It is also able to wade and bend grains of any loose ground.
      • Dora - "Somehow... this both doesn't make sense yet very familiar." A mystical backpack capable of minimizing any non-living or inanimated material when it is stored inside.
      • Rizallio - "A pen is mightier than a sword. Though this is not a pen." A feather of a mystical bird, capable of creating ink and be used for writing. Its flow of ink seemed pressure-smart and infinite.
    • Skilled martial artist, and excels at any kinds of physical weapons.
    • Strong sense of knowledge, belief, and an opportunist.
    • Quite a scavenger.
    • "Am I Human?"
    • A hypocrite sometimes.
    • Not very mystical, magical, or spiritual.
    • Can use only limited power and variable of magic.
    • Uncomfortable when with rare or different creatures, animals, or other kinds.
    • Doesn't like the cold. Very uncomfortable at lush or rich green environment.
    • Being an opportunist has its bad thing.
    Appearance: (WIP)

    Aladine is a human, or maybe. He has a dark skin tone. He has a short black hair and is a tall figure. He has a right body and physique. His appearances make him look like he is at his mid 30s of a human life.

    Aladine dislikes cold environment. He wears a black shirt under a brown vest. Then he wears a black trench coat to further warm him. He also wears a ragged brown scarf and covers his neck and upper body. He dons black pants and black boots.​
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  3. Edge45

    Edge45 The Piemaster

    Name: Bezeroth, the Eclipse
    Domain (if applicable): Darkness, Light, Truth, Malevolence
    • Bezeroth gain his powers through night and day. At the fullest when an eclipse happens.
    • Moonlight or sunlight, Bezeroth is able to harness and can bend them as his powers.
    • Ever seeking for the truth, made Bezeroth malevolent. Causing his power to go berserked sometimes.
    • Bezeroth's powers only is limited to light and shadow. Sometimes it can go against him. If he sticks to using the shadows, the light will be against him. If he sticks unto the light, the shadow will be against him.
    • Bezeroth is still clueless of his true cause, that is why his malevolence can cause him to loose control albeit strengthen him.
    • Unless there is nothing that can free Bezeroth of his malevolence, he will only want chaos to let a truth come out.
    • It is unclear what Bezeroth wants. He may wanted to make chaos so that he can learn something within it.
    • To Bezeroth. His motives are not good nor evil, he wanted only to see what truth is his existence.

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  4. Edge45

    Edge45 The Piemaster

    Name: Arve, the Croak
    Race: Croaks (Hound-sized crows) - Avian
    Gender: Female
    "I squawk here, I squawk there. Predictably, that's all birds can say if they're dumb."

    A former familiar of an unknown sage. Arve is a Croak, a raven the size of a hound. She is always looking for somebody she can follow, and perhaps make the particular her master. If worthy, she attaches herself and supports the person with her abilities just as she did with her former masters.

    Unlike other avians, Arve is smart. She dislikes animals that are dumbed and those that fails to understand that instinct is accompanied with logic.
    • Being a Croak, Arve can fly for weeks without landing. She can soar high through clouds the same altitude as eagles.
    • Arve with the trait of a raven, is highly nocturnal and suitable for nighttime or twilight. Her eyes are similar to eagles that can see ants for miles.
    • Arve can conjure dark magic, although most of it are supportive buffs.
    • Has the sharp talons and the penetrating beak of an eagle. Although rarely hunts, she is a constant scavenger for food.
    • Arve is more of a familiar. She will never be at her fullest without any master.
    • Fails to fly at any storms or supercells.
    • Isn't so comfortable at dawn and morning.
    • Weak against elements that can counter darkness.
    • Abilities are mostly limited to being supportive.

    Arve is a stalker at most. She is motivated to people she deems worthy. She is once a familiar, so she shall continue being one by finding new masters she can follow.​


    Arve is just like a raven, the size of a hound, with parts of an eagle. Plain black feathers and wings. Her most distinguished features are her carmine eyes, that glows brightly in nighttime.​
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  5. Pawnige

    Pawnige “All the truth in the world is held in stories.”

    Is Arve an Eidolon?

    Ather created the Eidolons to aid magic users and they can be almost anything as far as looks.
    Its perfectly fine if she is. Im just curious.
  6. Edge45

    Edge45 The Piemaster


    Yeah I think she is considered as one.
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