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Enki's Lawful and boring character sheets.

Discussion in 'Character Pages' started by Enki, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Name: Corach the White (Not racist or anything. Sorry if I offended.)

    Domain(if applicable): Valor, Strategy, Wisdom, Order


    - Corach's unbreakable will allows him to go through extreme amounts of stress without breaking, whether or not this stress is of magical nature or not.
    - Corach is almost never mad. He is an entity with a calm spirit
    - While Corach may lack infinite knowledge, he is still wise on how to use his current knowledge. A smart man knows things, but a wise man knows how to use or how to not use their knowledge.


    - He is troubled by the visions of the siblings to the west, being all unjust, arbitrary and evil, and they have given their effect upon his mindset. He is an unforgiving god, one that permanently and harshly punishes crime and evil deeds of mortals. He believes that even the smallest seed of evil can grow like wildfire and consume the continent in same evil as the west was.


    - What are his motives for wanting to change the continent of Obus? He does not want the injustice and evil of the east to be all across the world. He wishes for there to be some good.
    - He dreams of wiping out the evil, believing that the evil that reigns free in the West will destroy with its chaos the world that his parent Obusett had created. He does not want that.

    Art by JasonTN
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2017
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  2. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    The mortal philosopher orc's character sheet

    Burushkigal, the weird
    Race: Orc, Exile from Dus-Gal
    Gender: Male
    Bio: ''Burushkigal is a weird orc, they said. A great warrior he was, they said. Hit in the head by an axe, they said. It felt permanent scars to the back of his head, but his hair covers it up as that was two years ago. Dus-Gal said to Burushkigal that he is too strange for the Dus-Gal to be considered a Dus-Gal. Burushkigal is sad as he was exiled from the tribe. No one understands why he wants answers to complex things like life and joy. Burushkigal is weird, they said. So Burushkigal the weird travels the world.'' - Only entry in the diary of Burushkigal that was written in his goatskin.
    - Burushkigal is an orc that, due to his brains making him think differently, wants to find answers and an actual meaning to his life.
    - He desires answers to questions like ''What is joy'', ''What is best in life'', and ''Why do we all exist.''
    - He is able to think out of the box, while most orcs would most likely just try to bash through the box. In order words when others try to attack a wall, he tries to walk around it.
    - He is physically strong as he was a former champion of the tribe, and due to his old deeds in the tribe he was spared of death and was instead exiled with the hopes of him coming back home as his former self.
    - He still remembers the martial training that he had with axes and other melee combat weaponry.
    - He is an experienced survivalist, knowing how to survive in the wilderness.
    - He is not the brightest lad. This can appear in many ways like when taking care of his wounds.
    - Does not know any magic.

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