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Main Hall
The clock ticked just past 7 pm and the sun was just a little under the broad horizon, the night approached and the last of the best cryomancers the school had to offer had finished decorating the first room past the lobby; The Main Hall was as cold as the air of a cold winter in the tallest mountain on earth, but not in an uncomfortable way, rather in the nice cold that feels like an embrace after being under the hot summer sun all afternoon.

Cars pulled over in the parking lot, and students began to flood the lobby. The members of the Division, the Council and Committee found themselves stationed across the main hall, awaiting for their president to do the grand opening as soon as it felt.... just right.
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Viktoriya stepped up to the podium. The President overlooked the entire ballroom as she saw familiar faces, but old and new friends she had made over the years on the Academy. She wore a full dress for once, the only time she forsakes her usual clean office attire with something so elegant. Her dress was long, Bordeaux red, and the beautiful filigree of the royal dress clad her with a creamy kiss on her skin. The fabric appeared like satin, and her hair was put up into a beautiful crown of braided hair with a single strand of hair just falling over her right cheek. The President smiled towards all the students.

A single glowing orb appeared just in-front of her. It looked like a magical crystal orb, and once she spoke, it was as if her voice was transmitted towards everyone in a pleasing tone. No matter where you stood, her volume remained as if she spoke to you personally, as if you were having a normal conversation.

"Students of the Nine Nations. It is with pride and honor, that I stand before you on this great day. You have all endured hardships, you have all proven yourself to be great independent mages and students of Arcadia Academy. Even though it has only been a short amount of time, especially for you, the first years, you are no longer the same person as you were, when you exited the train. I want you all to look to the right... and then the left. See, Arcadia represents something greater than all of us. It represents the world, it represents unity among all nations. On Arcadia, you will make longtime friends and connections, and it matters not which nation you belong to. It is a great step towards a unified world, where we allow differences, and one day, perhaps we will come together as one. Arcadia only accepts the best, we have great hopes to all of you, when you one day become great leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of the world, remember your time on the Academy."

She smiled deeply towards all of them once more, allowing the students to take a small time to recollect.

"Remember the spirit of Haven, the innovation of the Alliance, the heart of Britannia, the willpower of South America, the courage of Scandinavia, the noble Union, the perseverance of the Federation, the honor of PACT and lastly, the adaptation of the Confederacy."

Her speech continued for another fifteen minutes before she promptly ended the opening ceremony. As she performed a curtsey bow towards the students, she was overwhelmed by the intense clapping from the students. She offered them all a smile, and on her face, it was written with bliss and happiness.

The moment she stepped down from the podium, the ball was officially started.
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It had been 3 days ago since he had sat down with Viktoria to discuss events such as this, only for Alexander to reunite with his childhood friend Amanda who now went by Ruby for reasons he did not fully understand but he felt was best to not push her on the subject. They both arrived together, Ruby after a long talk about whether or not it would be a good idea for her to attend finally decided to arrive if only to show that she wasn't weak in spirit.

The gawking where to be expected since Ruby did have that effect on people for more reasons than her reputation. While she normally fancied black attire for this occasion she decided to go with her second favorite type of color, an emerald green dress, clearly masterfully made seeming like something a member of a royal family would wear, her right leg long and slender stuck out of the green the lace v neck off shoulder front split along with her crimson red hair and black lips made her seem more sexy than usual. "Too much?" Turning to Atlas. While he wasn't exactly wealthy he did sport a rather nice white tuxedo with black dress pants, his blond and black hair styled back as opposed to the normal spiky look. Alexander only scratched his nose and chuckled. "For you? Nah, you look really great... How are you holding up?" Ruby gave a genuine smile as she and Atlas moved out of the large crowd forming in the middle. "Can't complain. Just wish they didn't ban my needles, I feel kinda naked without them.... Hey what did you mean by 'for me'?" Alexander blinked and drew back as she drew closer her gaze unamused. "Ahhh. I meant- Well you- I'm not trying to say you show...." He was digging himself in a deeper hole, Rubies gaze making him feel like he was under a microscope. 'Please god help me.' Thankfully the lord was listening as Viktoria gave her speech drawing Rubies attention from Atlas. 'Thanks Vik. You're a true friend.'

Ruby only watched on as the people in front of her were clapping at that. Admittedly well thought out speech. Like a bunch of trained seals. "That girl loves to talk docent she?" Ruby huffed as Atlas put his hand on her shoulder. "You called her a girl. Looks like your making progress." His chuckling was cut short by a rather unpainful pinching of his cheek, "How about you stop being such a smartass and actually be my date." The later word made them both blush. "Just come on!" She pulled by the arm into the Banquet.

Just about 25 feet away a tall woman wearing a rather nice light-blue dress with white gloves. Aife had been the last person someone would think would attend such a function, and normally they would be right but Aife's reason for being prescient was to scope out potential rivals that could give her a fun time. "Hmmmm. The Lobby, The Banquet or the Balcony... Eney meni mi'ni-" She eventually just picked the Lobby.


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Sabra Anubus

The hall they stood in was breathtaking in its own right but only reminded Sabra Anubis of how far away from home he was. While temples were made of great pillars and wide open spaces they were hung in rich tapestries that allowed the eyes to remain on the person speaking to them. Dangling crystal chandeliers, highly polished floor and painting on the very ceilings made him all to aware he didn’t belong in such a place.

He was dressed in more clothing than he cared to be in. Linen of pail ivory was embroidered with gold thread formed a jacket that seemed to attempt to hide his gold collar but failed to have a high enough collar. He fiddled with the pearl buttons of the coat in an effort to keep himself relaxed enough to enjoy this event. His white linen pants made him appear to be wearing a long skirt more so than pants.

Sa tried to listen to the words being spoken by the Student Body President but found it a difficult task with the eerie whispers of Anubis at the back of his mind. The jackal god was curious about the world around them. More so now that so many people were near. Taking a deep breath he sighed and moved away from them towards the nearest outdoor area he could find after the opening ceremony was over.

Yuhime Kamui

Across the hall stood a beautiful woman with long white hair pulled up into an elegant twist held in place by a few tasteful gold pins studded by sapphires and gold topaz. Her metalic blue eyes stared from a heart shaped face adorned by little more than a bit of rouge on her lips and grey shadow over her eyes. The kimonos she was wrapped in not only appeared to be of high quality but extremely warm for the occasion.

Yuhime Kamui stood proud with her companion for the evening. The tall kitsune enjoyed such festivities as it were and made a befitting guard dog to the heir of the Kamui clan. His strong appearance wasn’t diminished by the kimono of black and blue he wore. His own white hair had been left down allowing his shape pointed fox ears to move about with ease. His tail and fox feet were barely noticeable under his robes.

Together as a unit they moved with delicate grace through the room while Yuhime took note of how many people had attended despite the fact she would check with the bouncers as to how many exactly entered. She was merely doing her job she thought to herself as she tilted her head to listen to a few people chatter about one thing or another. She was the Treasurer after all she wanted to know how on point about estimated costs she had been for this event.

We should be socializing as well, Yu,” Murmured the fox into her ear.

Smiling she looked at him from the corner of her eye, “I will when I am ready to do so.


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Eren had stood near the entrance as he listened to the daughter of Romanov give her speech. He had learned, since his return, to tolerate the girl and her place in this academy, and from what he had seen, most of her personnel tolerated Eren without much fuss to try and capture him, save for one. He sighed, hearing her first words. "The adaptation... I suppose that's one way to explain it." He shook his head as Dmitri walked over, holding two glasses in his hands. "Come on, Eren. Lighten up for once, it seems everyone else in this place is." Eren chuckled, looking around the room. "You really think they all just set aside their hate for one night? I wish so, but I have to be realistic. And that's most likely not going to happen." He sighed. "I suppose we could be a bit sociable. Just stay away from the president and don't go upstairs. People drinking their lives up there, drunks tend not to care about the consequences of their actions." Dmitri looked at Eren as he stepped away from the wall. "Actions like what?" Eren shrugged. "Well, someone sees a confederate spy, even if he has defected, they don't like it. Add the alcohol, I'd rather not have a fight break out because someone couldn't hold their booze." Dmitri nodded. "I can understand that. But we can at least talk to the others here." Eren nodded. "Go nuts." Dmitri nodded, handing Eren the full glass in his hand while he nursed and sipped from the other.
Eren sighed as he walked to one of the pillars, thinking as he looked over the crowd in the room, watching Dmitri as he left the man to join them. He thought as he looked at the president, narrowing his eyes. "She isn't here... at least not yet." He stood up and walked into one of the empty hallways leading to the stairs, looking out the windows as he stopped before he reached the stairs.


Iris Harrington

Iris listened to the speech with little interest, her excitement was palpable, considering she had never been to a party let alone a ball she felt no nerves. She glanced around the room, searching for Rosa, she had wanted to arrive with her but since her friend had joined the DD Iris had to make do without Rosa. She soon spotted her friend once the speech was over and made her way over, both being third years they were seated closer to the bar. Iris had picked a red dress, straying away from her usual bright colours of pink and blue, she had decided on going for a mostly formal look, or as formal as she could achieve. She had received Rosa's help in choosing a dress, mostly because any dresses that Iris picked out weren't exactly suitable for an event such as this. Approaching Rosa she pulled the petite woman into her arms "It's good to see you, I barely get to hang out with you know you're part of that division" she spoke, her tone cheerful and her smile gleaming.

Rosa Romano

Rosa remained in the hall, she listened to the speech and clapped with the rest of her fellow students, she was excited to be here even if she had spent a lot of her time preparing for the event with the DD. Her gaze glanced amongst the crowds, she smiled lightly to herself, everyone looked so lovely in their dresses and tuxes. She had been looking forward to the ball for a little while, rarely having chances to partake in events such as these back home, whilst her father usually had some veterinary event to go to, she had always wanted to go, seeing her father dressed all smart but she had been too young at the time. She spotted her friend Iris walking over and embraced her friend, "You look lovely Iris, red suits you I must say". Rosa had opted for something different and themed for the event, choosing a simple dress and putting intricate plaits into her hair.

Esme Carter

Esme clapped as the speech ended, as a staff member she had been asked to help chaperone the event. She recalls attending a ball similar to this in her younger years and it brought fond memories, she was pleased to see everyone so nicely dressed and hoped it would be a good time for people to blow of some steam and enjoy the evening. She walked between the rooms, keeping an eye on the huge crowd of students, whilst she expected them all to behave favourably she knew how young adults could be.

Karen Smith

Karen sighed heavily, once the speech was over and the ball had begun she could feel her chest tightening, whilst she considered herself a people-person people didn't seem to enjoy her company, or at least when she was questioning people for her article anyhow. She watched as the crowds dispersed to mingle with each other, she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself, she couldn't really say that she was friends with anyone as yet so she wasn't quite sure who to approach. Karen decided to heading to the bar for a soft drink, it would at least give her something to do whilst people socialised.

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"Hold still, would you?" Artoria was trying to ensure that Jayden's suit is perfect in appearance, and he was not being cooperative. Right now, she was attempting to straighten his slightly askew tie, and smooth out the suit jacket. For some reason, his face was bright red and he kept trying to back away from her. Thankfully, they had yet to enter the main hall, and their bickering would only be seen if someone were actively looking for them.

"It's fine, stop messing with it!" Jayden's protests fell on uncaring ears, as his date was a perfectionist when it came to stuff like this. Artoria's brow twitched with annoyance, and she tightened up the tie.. enough to strangle him, then loosened it once he stopped flailing. That seemed to be quite persuasive, as he finally just accepted his fate and cooperated. Once Artoria was finished, she stepped back and looked him over for a few moments, then smiled and nodded.

"Right, now that you're set, how do I look?" She outstretched her arms, showing as much of her regal blue gown as she could, slowly pivoting in place. She felt her heart pounding while she waited for his answer.

Jayden, still red in the face and the ears, took more than a minute to find his voice, and even then stammered out his answer. "B-Beautiful." Such a simple answer, one the Princess just accepted, figuring she wasn't going to get much more than that.

Artoria hooked her right arm around Jayden's left, who at first flinched from it, yet gave himself into it regardless. Her elbow softly nudged into his side. "Relax." She looked him right in the eye, then gave him a smile. "And smile. We're here to have a good time." From there, the two walked along and eventually entered into the Main Hall, arms entwined. Artoria waved to Vikki upon seeing her, and quietly listened to her opening speech. Afterwards, she would look up to her date, and ask "Alright, well.." She hesitated, feeling rather awkward acting like this to someone she spent so much time fighting with. "Anything in particular you wish to do?"


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Bjorn Ernouf, the Stormraven, stood quietly behind Artoria and Jayden. The man stood slightly aloof, seeming rather bored with the procession. His normally braided hair was unbraided and slicked back as much as he could, ending up with a mess of hair. The sides of his head were not shaven either, having grown back in the last few weeks. This gave him a less savage apperance for the ball, but it was clear he didn't take his status as the royal heir of the Scandinavian throne seriously in this ball.

Indeed, Bjorn was actually rather hungover from a all nighter of drunken festivities in the Norse compound on campus. Despite this, he was highly aware of his surroundings. His place in this ball was to make his apperance as the Royal heir as well as provide security from within the crowd by blending in.

He had no date, but had a groupd of Vikings. All of them ditched their usual savage attire of armor and pelts for modern suits. Bjorn wore a black suit with a unbuttoned shirt, no tie. He stood with his jacket openm his hands in his pockets. When it was time for he and his entourage to be announced in, he threw on a fake smirk that caused several ladies to melt.

The first thing he did when he was in was to find the bar and order some whiskey before listening to Vikki's speech, to which he and his group yellled "SKOL!" before draining their glasses and asking for another.


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Her bright blue eyes shone in cold contrast to the warm light gray of her dress, making her smooth golden-cream skin appear even more flawless than it usually did. Her long golden curls decorated her back as small branches of juniper and cherry blossoms created a crown to keep her hair off her face. A smile across her lips as she watched the student body president speak ever so eloquently to the sea of students that had gathered in front of the podium.

"Isn't she amazing?" she whispered softly to Uriel, the pair watching from afar and near the entrance door where the most recognized students entered and made their way into the Ball. Uriel's foot impatiently tapping as the need for a cigarette ate away at his brain.

"Aside from the fact she is hot and can possibly kick your ass," Uriel looked at Love with a raised brow, "I fail to see the fascination you have with her."

His eyes darted up at the few members of the Division that quietly stood near their leader and the rest of the Scandinavian students, "Ain't it funny how they all look? Like bulldozers in suits..." He let out a chuckle that made Lobelia blush in frustration, "Why are you so mean?! I think they look great! At least they have some muscle to fill their blazers with..." her voice echoed in his ears, the insinuation of her insult digging deeply into his mind. His tall dark frame storming away from Lobelia and heading for the lobby, pulling his cigarette box from his pocket as he made way for the door leading out the main hall and into the open lobby. Lobelia's sad sigh left her lips only to be followed by the burst of clapping and cheering for the now official beginning of the Winter Ball.


Gun's long blonde hair neatly draped across her back as she stood near her brother and the rest of her people, walking with them as they were announced in. The rather angry looking blonde looked over the sea of students for their reactions to their leader's voice. A half hearted smile offered at whomever would cross their gaze with her own.

Admittedly the latter was unusual, but today her armor had been replaced by a beautiful flowing dress that outlined the curves that hid beneath the leather and silver. The soft fabric accentuating the cream undertones of her pale skin only to match the rosiness of her high cheekbones and plump lips.

Yet she was just as excited as the rest of the student body to be where she was right at that moment, a grin spreading on her lips as she caught her brother and his usual ensemble making their way to the bar right as the president finished her speech. Her own feet taking her to the lobby, where the very front of the building caught her eye, architecture being one of the few things that would actually interest her.


His coat hung loosely on his shoulders, as he leaned against the tall marble column near the podium where Viktoriya would stand to present her speech. His eyes skimmed over the crowd that formed in the main hall, the aisle between the two sides formed almost naturally as students were announced in and proceeded to find their ways to the front of the room.

The crowd cheered and clapped as the president finished her speech, Ren's main worry was now to "have fun" or whatever it was that this was for. His feet quickly finding their way to the bar that he had been assigned to look after. The hands in his pockets fidgeting with the carton of cigarettes, as he made his way through the sea of students. His mere presence opening yet another aisle for him to walk through.