Featuring Roleplays Again! Accepting Submissions!


Draconic Administrator/Mentor
Nexus GM
So Yun Lee has been helping to try and grow our user base a bit, and I figure it was time to freshen the front page of the website up again. I pulled down all the old featured roleplays and am looking to get some fresh new ones up to put up for the remainder of January and through February.

To get a roleplay featured all I require is a short advertisement, an image to go with it, and a link to a recruitment thread in the bulletin board. Keep in mind that these will be going on our front page, so make them look good! I reserve the right to return a submission for revisions if it's riddled with errors, lacking in substance, or is outrageously long. To give you an idea of the length of an article advertisement that is ideal, then just look at the length of this post. On average, this post is about the right size for a featured roleplay advertisement. Short and sweet, but enough length to give a solid impression of the nature of the roleplay in question. If it's a bit longer or shorter, that's fine, just don't overdo it.

Note: For people who have accumulated featured roleplays via donations, this will not detract from that available total. This is an open offer to everyone, so if you have 5 available features you haven't used, and take up this offer to have a roleplay featured for September, you will still have 5 available features at the end of the month to use in the future.