Atlantis - City of Dreams Geography

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Dream as if you were dying.
The island was originally only one ring and a island at its core. That changed as large sections of earth were moved to create an new ring surrounding the original structure of the volcano. There are few mammals on the inner island. Only birds seem to have freedom of movement from the outer ring and inner island.

There are a few birds and plants that are unique to to the island. The rarely seen Pride's Paradise is a bird that resides only on the inner island. It numbers only in the fifties. The sounds it makes is nearly nymph like as it sings high in the tree. Its plumage is iridescent blue green with vibrant neon blue trailing tail feathers.

The inner ring houses a series of flowers that bloom in different colors and is reminiscent of a lily. This flower is deadly poisonous.

The outer ring attract mainly birds and doesn't have any overly rare items growing on it.
All three sections are ever expanding cities but to different degrees. The inner island is the only place that remains mostly natural with only a few houses on its mile wide surface. Overall the island takes up a grand 24 square miles.
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