Open Heavenbreaker: The Future of Tamriel (Elder Scrolls, but with Tech)

Hey all, Mythy here. Had an idea to use the setting, races, and concepts (magic, divines, and daedric princes among others) in a Tamriel that had advanced in tech, if not style. Energy bows, laser-edged blades and the like, as well as tech-magic foci. The racial concepts and tensions still exist, and conflict occurs, but it isn't until recently that tempers have begun to flare across the land.

Enter the Techno-Wizardry Cult that is "Heavenbreaker". A secretive cult that has been growing in reputation over the years, it is said that their leadership and devotees gain bodies more machine than human.

The game will be set in Cyrodiil mainly, and the Player Characters will wake up imprisoned by a sect of Heavenbreaker due to the spark of a divine within each of them (I am counting Talos as a divine, so I can have a maximum of 9 player characters). After their escape, the PCs will need to come to terms with their burgeoning powers, as well as try and unite Tamriel before it is too late.
  • There will be no system used, though I may bring in d20 rolls if players want
  • I will welcome anyone and everyone so long as they are respectful and engaged both IC and in the OOC Thread.
  • I will likely take Akatosh for a Player Character, so no Player can pull the "Chief of gods" card xD
  • Players can create and utilize minor NPCs for small scenes.
  • I will ask for at least two paragraphs in most cases, and posts that will push the plot/story/interactions forward. Players will be allowed to play minor scene NPCs, and NPCs related to their character (if any).
  • I prefer at least one post a week, but more is always nice. However, I know that life can get in the way, and if this occurs I only ask that you let me know that you need a hiatus.
  • Two paragraphs as a minimum length, with third-person past-tense preferred as a style.
A character is not required to worship in the divine who's spark they have, nor are they forced to follow the beliefs. However, the powers they gain will be related to the divine.

It will be first come, first served. If you post to reserve a divine, I will expect a character within a few days of the blank sheet being posted. If I don't hear from you (a WIP is fine) then your slot will go to another interested player. Should a player drop out, the spark will move to the next person if there is a waiting list.

Current Reserved List:

  • Akatosh – The Dragon God of Time and chief god of the pantheon -- (@MythyDragonwolf)
  • Arkay – God of the Cycle of Life and Death, and Mortals burials and funeral rites -- (@TMITM)
  • Dibella – Goddess of Beauty and Love -- (none)
  • Julianos – God of Wisdom and Logic -- (none)
  • Kynareth – Goddess of Air, Wind, Sky and the Elements -- (@Lila Renn)
  • Mara – Goddess of Love and compassion, the Mother Goddess -- (none)
  • Stendarr – God of Compassion, Mercy, Justice, charity, luck, and righteous rule by might and merciful forbearance -- (none)
  • Talos – Hero-god of Mankind, conqueror God, God of Might, Honor, State, Law, and Man -- (none)
  • Zenithar – God of Work and Commerce, Trader God -- (none)
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Oof. I meant to update this, I forgot — I was thinking mayhaps I should take Akatosh so that a player doesn't have the "I was chosen by the Chief God so listen to me" card
Probably Arkay - although I don't know too much about the Elder Scrolls, (I mean, I played skyrim a bit, but...) so I might flounder for a bit
Probably Arkay - although I don't know too much about the Elder Scrolls, (I mean, I played skyrim a bit, but...) so I might flounder for a bit
No prob, I'm no expert either. Played Oblivion and Skyrim, a little of Morrowind and ESO, and am not the best at balancing powers
(That said, Arkay wouldn't give necromancy powers if that's what you were hoping for)
(Isn't there a necromancy section of the magic system in the Elder Scrolls?)
There is, but IIRC it's frowned upon heavily.
That said, on the page it does say
His priests are staunch opponents of Necromancy and all forms of the undead. His followers regard him as the spirit who brings mortals both into and out of the world through both life and death, in a cycle that should not be disturbed.
If this is still available, I'd love to take part! Could I take Zenithar as a divine, please?

I'm a big fan of the Elder scrolls games, and although I haven't played Oblivion or Morrowind for a loooong time, I've got a basic know-how of Skyrim.