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This is effectively a two part question: one is just regular brainstorming and the other is looking for someone with knowledge in Tarot to debate a few points of the order of the Arcana and the appropriateness of some of the names.

So yeah, I'm making a character for Tiranoth in the Omniverse, and they are a voodoo Zombie that uses tarot card for combat powers. Being a weirdo that loves the occult, I decided to custom make a deck for the setting that still follows the structure of the traditional deck. Now I'm not very good at coming up with specific combat abilities all that much, so obviously I decided to make a character that requires me to come up with 22 different unique one. Coming across the obvious-in-hindsight brainfart, I thought I might as well post this to ask you guys for what kind of one-off activated abilities. I would appreciate these abilities to have a kind of link to the Arcana represented itself, and not just an association to the name, but at the end of the day I need to list down the powers. So even if you know nothing of tarot decks, feel free to just say what you think, and I'll see if it has the deeper connection I'm looking for.

The deck is as follows
The Major Arcana --
  • The Corpse -- A fool who doesn't know where he's been -- nor where he's going. Allows for the deck to be replenished through a ritual in the Crossroads. Kept separate and safe from the rest of the deck.
  • The Necromancer -- Depicts, among other things, a male necromancer performing the ritual to lichdom.*
  • The Cleric -- Depicts, among other things, a female Cleric of the Monastic order.*
  • The Werewolf -- Depicts, among other things, a woman out in the wild in the midst of a transformation into a werebeast under a full moon. (Sensory buff?)*
  • The Vampire -- Depicts, among other things, a male vampire in an alleyway dominating the mind of his victim and sucking their blood.*
  • The Plutocrat/Puppeteer/Marionette(?) (telekinesis?)*
  • The Deserter(?) -- Allows for short range teleportation. Requires sight to work.
  • The Champion -- Depicts, among other things, a Paladin of the Monastic Order. (some kind of physical buff?)*
  • The Judge/Baliff/Trail/Courtroom/Gavel/Law(?)*
  • The Skeleton Key -- Opens a single lock, seal, or barricade; from mundane to moderately magical. Could feasibly be used to remove Gilles from bindings, restraints, or even holds, but he would have to hold the card in hand first.
  • Chance(?)*
  • Strength/Resolve/Lust/Vengeance/Whetstone(?)*
  • The Oubliette -- the card can be embedded into an opponents shadow, restraining them as if the equivalent part of their body was being restrained by supernaturally strong forces. Disrupting the card from it's resting place or damaging the card will negate the effect.
  • The Guillotine*
  • The Forge -- Turns into a high-quality weapon for up to several hour and gives an increase to the wielder's natural proficiency with it. It can create a simple firearm, but as it only comes with the ammunition loaded in it, it won't be very useful for long.
  • The Sinner/Deal/Contract(?) -- Depicts, among other things, Ténèbre partaking of material pleasures and the fruits of mankind's labors.*
  • The Cataclysm -- Depicts, among other things, scenes of the Necromantic wars. Perhaps the most straightforward Arcana, simply turning the card into a powerful high-explosive.
  • The Calm(?) -- (protection spell?)*
  • The Night/Dark/Question(?) -- (Invisibility?)*
  • The Day/Light/Answer(?)* -- (Healing?)
  • The End -- Depicts, among other images, a group of Pallbearers tolling their bells.*
  • The Beyond/Crossroads(?) -- Depicts, among other things, the river of death flowing into the fertile valley of the living.*
*still needs a power
(?) means I'm debating the name

Note: I am using Alistair Crowley's Thoth Tarot ordering for the Major Arcana, meaning Strength and Justice have been switched from the traditional deck. This is because 1.) It's the main deck I have studied 2.) I like the obscure patterns created from doing so and 3.) I feel fits the story of the character better in the narrative journey of the Arcana.

Now for the more technical questions aimed at those of you that are familiar with the Arcana:
  • Is the Skeleton Key even appropriate where it is, I'm considering changing the name to something else and perhaps giving it an invisibility based power to better reflect the Hermit.
  • The Wanderer is not in the right spot at all, I realize. Would it be better suited taking up the 6th arcana or the tenth? And what should replace it?
  • The Vampire and the Werewolf may or may not be mixed up. Iunno. I can't really get a feel on which one is 'feminine' and which is 'masculine'. What's your thoughts?
  • What do you think good names for the Arcana would be?
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