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How did you find the storyteller circle ?

Discussion in 'Main Lobby' started by Mia19, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Mia19

    Mia19 Ravenclaw dreamer

    So guys i've been wondering how did you come across this lovely website.
    I personally found it mentioned in another website as I was searching for the best place to roleplay
    Lore Weaver likes this.
  2. Eireda

    Eireda Siren

    I decided that I wanted to find
    a new RP website, so I looked
    up RP sites and STC was one of
    the first ones I saw. It looked and
    seemed interesting, so I joined.​
    Mia19 likes this.
  3. Mia19

    Mia19 Ravenclaw dreamer

    It looks like a lovely place to be :)
  4. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Leader of the Watchers

    I found this off the top RP sites listings and this was #3 or #2, I forget off the top of my head.
    Mia19 likes this.
  5. Mia19

    Mia19 Ravenclaw dreamer

    I hope you have a lovely time around here :)
    Shadowsong likes this.
  6. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong Leader of the Watchers

    And you as well!
    Mia19 likes this.
  7. Gwazi Magnum

    Gwazi Magnum Gray Warden of Winterfell

    I ferreted it out.
    Mia19 likes this.
  8. Jay The Glitch

    Jay The Glitch Naruto Obsessed Teen

    I found it on...top 10 rps...I think
  9. Drunkzombi3

    Drunkzombi3 New Member

    my better-looking friend referred me to this site.
  10. Argonator2000

    Argonator2000 Member

    I found it on the Top 10 RPs website. After browsing through some of the other websites I chose this one because I liked it the most and it confused me the least.
  11. UProvComedy

    UProvComedy New Member

    This is how I found it as well. Was looking for a relatively small community to RP with during my feee time.
  12. The_Dujke

    The_Dujke Woosh, you have anal cancer.

    Through a 4chan post
  13. Stenring

    Stenring New Member

    i was looking for a roleplaying site that wasn't trash and im glad that i happened to stumble upon this one
  14. ChoosingTulip

    ChoosingTulip New Member

    I found this site through TopRpSites.
  15. Fatality

    Fatality Not dead

    It was actually sorta weird, I found this site two years ago when searching for rp sites, but couldn’t find the courage to sign up. Two years later I decide I want to join it and scour the internet trying to find something I found two years ago. And here I am replying to your comments.
  16. ShadowWolves

    ShadowWolves New Member

    I was looking for a site to play on and I found this one, simple, but effective.
  17. spice-y

    spice-y gay cryptid

    i actually was just trying to roleplay on a chat site until i was basically locked out because the captcha is broken as heck and i couldnt get back on (i was skippin a bunch of people because i was trying to find someone ofcourseididntfindthemsmh)- so i just searched up good rp sites out of anger and despair and i found this! it seems like a really nice community and probably the perfect place for me to settle-
  18. Lore Weaver

    Lore Weaver Member

    I wish I had an interesting story, but I just found it with an Internet search. I was looking to get back into role-playing and after looking at a couple other sites, I browsed through this one and liked what I saw.
  19. GreatestSoldier

    GreatestSoldier New Member

    I was suggested here by a good friend of mine. I mean, I kinda repeated this in my intro but I felt like it needed to be said again. :)
  20. Dasyra

    Dasyra New Member

    Top Roleplay Sites.

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