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Occultatum Alley (Translated to unimaginative: "Hidden Alley") was founded by a group of sorcerers in 1903. They were not the first group to do so, as hidden villages like this had been popping up all over the world. There was a general complaint that outside of middle school and high school where students were sent to learn, there were few places where a sorcerer could simply be themselves, practice magic freely. Sure, there were hidden shops all over (and still are, despite the now popular mini-village) but an entire village where sorcerers could roam the streets dressed in their cloaks and not having to carry their many bags from shopping? That sounded like an ideal place to be.

Thus, Occultatum Alley was born.

Since it's inception, the Alley has grown in size and use. It houses several magic centered shops and restaurants and the city's only Sorcery Hospital, Amilis. Occultatum also houses one of the three Sorcery Police Force Precincts in Pennsylvania. Within the magical borders are approximately three blocks and about five streets of sorcerer only territory.

Street Names:
Angel Street
Butterfly Lane
Sparks Path
Wizard's Way
Rose Road
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Chloe Summers

One the edge of the border of Occultatum Alley, just outside the magical barrier, there sits a law firm Muller & Muller started by two brothers and no run by their three sons. It's a three story building, entirely taken up by employees of Muller & Muller with lawyers whose specialties range from criminal defense, to civil prosecution, and anything and everything in between. Chloe, a fresh-of-law-school baby lawyer sits at her desk in an office the size of a walk-in closet. There's enough room for her L-shaped desk with the built in cabinets, a filing cabinet in one corner, and a bookshelf in another. Anything additional would seriously cramp the already small space. Her room is neat, tidy, with everything having a place. There's no clutter on her desk as everything she needs is neatly filed away in folders and neatly arranged in various organizers within the cabinets and on her desk. Her pens, pencils, and high lighters are all neatly arranged in a small mesh wire cup to within reach of her right hand, a box of tissues perfectly aligned with the straight edge of her desk just in reach of her left.

The only thing that really takes up much space on her desk are the two large monitors provided by her firm, and the small Mac-Mini, positioned between the two monitors. To the side and out of the way are two laptops: the firm provided apple computer, white and sleek, and her personal computer with a pretty baby blue cover. Chloe, too, is just as neat and polished as everything around her. Her fingers are neatly manicured with french tips (not a cuticle or chip in polish in sight), her skirt suit (today a three piece set with a navy blue pencil skirt, a white blouse, and a fitted 3/4 sleeve jacket) neatly pressed and perfectly tailored to her form, a pair of sensible navy blue heels, and light make up that accentuates her eye color and cheek bones, but doesn't call too much attention to the fact that she's wearing make up. For jewelry she's wearing a simple silver chain with a heart pendant on it, a James Avery flower ring on her right hand, and a pair of pearl earrings. Her hair is worn down in soft curls and tucked carefully behind her ears. Everything about the lawyer is carefully and painstakingly crafted each morning before she leaves her home.

The blonde woman is waiting, patiently, for her next appointment. The only real appointment of the day that she's looking forward to, yet... she's still tossing furtive glances to the envelope in her mail basket. It had been in her mail box at home last night, but she'd brought it with her to work this morning. Determined to open it. Except she'd been unable to and it had been sitting there, taunting her all morning. Inside were her Bar test results, the determination of her future. She was quite confident that she had passed with flying colors, but... there was still that fear, that moment of nagging self-doubt, so she'd simply attempted to ignore the envelope until she was ready to open it.

Except ignoring it had been difficult and she'd been tossing the envelope glances all day, just like now. Maybe she could talk Trix into opening it when she arrived...

Alex Morgan

Located on the corner of Rose Road and Sparks Path, sits the Occultatum Police Precinct. Inside Detective Alex Morgan sits on the other side of a two-way mirror. She'd been interrogating a man suspected of killing sorcerers with shadow magic, but he'd yet to crack. His wand had been confiscated, he sat detained by magical cuffs that essentially halted any magic in the person's body, and he had yet to ask for a lawyer. Still, he seemed too cocky for Alex's liking. She turned to her partner, Luis Rubio. "Your turn." She muttered, gesturing to the mirror. "Go sit with him for a while, but don't say anything. I'm gonna go get us some coffee." Luis nodded and waited until she'd left the room before going into the interrogation room. He had a thick folder of papers in his hand and he went into the room, standing in the corner and leaning against the wall as he flipped through the pages.

Occasionally he would look up and glance at the man in cuffs, but he never said a word, just examined him for a moment and then peered back down at the page in front of him. Occasionally flipping through to the next. "Is there anything even in there?" their suspect said, grinning. "Or are you just staring at blank pages?"

Nothing. Silence.

Alex headed out the station, jogging quickly across the street to The Bar. It was called The Bar, but it was actually a restaurant that happened to serve drinks in the evening. The detective was well known with most of the employees as she and her partner often stopped inside for a quick meal or they'd frequent there for coffee. Black for Luis, hazelnut flavored for Alex. She pushed open the door and headed directly to the bar area where to go orders were made and picked up. She waved to the owner in the back corner, an elderly man who was currently cleaning and putting away some of the cops. He grinned when she came inside and waved back, but she was already turning to give her attention to whomever was working the bar at the moment. "Two coffee's please. One regular, one hazelnut. Large. To go." She pulled out the exact cash and change that would be needed, and waited.

Xavier Kent

It was just after 7am, Xavier had just gotten finished with his 12-hour shift at the hospital and was heading home when he passed by The Bar. The thought of hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon... it was all too much temptation and he veered quickly left, wandering into the restaurant/bar with an eager step. The smell of eggs and bacon instantly struck his nostrils and he inhaled deeply. He passed by the detective and took a seat at the eating section of the bar and picked up a menu, waiting patiently for his turn to order. His stomach growled loudly and he just laughed it off with the patron next to him. What to order, what to order. There were several things on the menu that were tickling his fancy at the moment and the dorky nurse rubbed his stomach, trying to soothe the noises.

The sound of sizzling bacon could be heard from inside the kitchen and Xavier nodded to himself. Yes, he had indeed come to the right place for a quick breakfast before he went home and headed to bed.


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Beatrix Bells

Trix reclined back on the black leather chair until it lay completely flat and stared up at the graffiti she had painted herself all over the ceiling much like a modern day, urban Michelangelo. She had spent days on that masterpiece, drawing, painting, touching it up until it was a gorgeous, vibrantly colorful scene of a sunrise with artistically wavy rays, words, a scene of Native American beauty, exotic animals. No inch of ceiling had been left unpainted. She planned to do the same with the walls and floor because sometimes tattoos took hours to work on, and she wanted her clients to have something interesting to gaze upon, if she ever had the chance...

Lifting her arm to glance at her watch, she sighed and rolled off the chair, returned it to its upright position, snagged the patchwork quilted bag off the floor, and stepped out of Trix of the Trade, locking the door behind her. She drove in her beat up, faded red Chevy truck to her friend's new office, parked, and stepped inside.

Quite the unconventional person, Beatrix was slightly below average height with green eyes and an ever-ready smile (currently glistening with dark purple gloss) which she showed to the secretary upon entering. She was dressed in a pair of jeans with the knees cut out and which she had drawn upon with colorful Sharpies. A tight black shirt showed half of the artistic, colorful peacock twining from elbow to shoulder. There was a silver hoop in her right eyebrow and a tiny diamond stud in her left nostril. If none of these things were enough to make her stand out in a crowd, the shining glory of brilliantly blue waves of hair cascading to past her shoulders would surely be enough to catch the eye.

Sashaying in the direction the secretary pointed, Bea found herself knocking on her friend's door and peeking into the room. "Chlo-way," she punned as she took in the room and then her friends, "this place is awesome! I'm so proud of you!" she nearly squealed in delight, stepping in and closing the door behind her to then rush around the desk and hug her friend.

Doctor Love

"Excuse me, aren't you Doctor Love? I-I mean, Doctor Loveday?" The blushing woman in her early forties gushed.

Pasting a wide smile upon her lips, Grescha turned, one hand rising to a curvy hip, the other stroking a finger over the perfect strands of ebony hair to smooth an imaginary imperfection into place, "I am Doctor Grescha Loveday, how nice to meet a fan." She extended one hand to the woman who took it graciously.

"Doctor Loveday, I have one of your books right here in my purse. I've been reading it on my lunch breaks, would you mind signing it?"

The hopeful expression upon the woman's face mingling with the annoyance of being bothered while running a personal errand here on Angel Street made Grescha want to strike her. Instead, she felt the stinging pull as her red-lacquered lips spread a little too wide, and she dipped her fingers into the tailored black Gucci suit jacket with accented red piping to pull out her signature red felt-tip pen. "I would be so happy to," she murmured in her low, melodic voice. Dark brown assessed the woman before she clicked the end of the pen and said, "To whom do I make this out?" One black brow rose, but the smile never wavered.

"Emily Robinson," the woman breathlessly answered. Whether she was breathless from meeting a celebrity or because Doctor Love was more intimidating in person than one might imagine, it would be difficult to say. Perhaps both reasons.

"For Emily Robinson," Grescha spoke as she wrote, "May your heart be your guide." She signed her name with a glorious flourish of red ink ending with a small heart on the tail of the 'y' in Loveday. Cheesy, yet expected. "Have a lovely day," she handed the book back to the woman and turned on her bright red stiletto'd heel, and continued on her way.


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Chloe Summers

The lawyer-hopeful looked up at the knock at her door and she found her face growing into a wide, and rather genuine, smile for the woman who stepped over the threshold. Had it not been for the fact that she had known Trix for years, the blonde might have been a little embarrassed at having such a colorful character in her office coming to see her for a personal visit (a client was an entirely different thing."

Chloe rose from her seat so that she could give her a friend a proper greeting and shut the door behind her. Across from her little L shaped desk there were two cushioned chairs. Nothing special, not particularly comfortable but not uncomfortable either. She'd gesture to one of these chairs and take a seat behind the desk, propping up her chin in her hands. "It's not great," she hedged, "but it is a nice start." She knew several in her class who barely had a cubicle, she knew she was lucky to work for a firm that offered her an office so soon.

The envelope was plucked from her basket and held delicately by the corner, as if it might burn her (and it could possibly do so). "Since you're here, I need a favor." The envelope was offered over. "Open it, please?"


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Liam Al-Hashim

The zoo keeper walked out of the stationary shop, and started down the street. Before that month, he'd walked past it nearly every day, but never thought to go in. Now, he was something of a regular to the charming little place.

He'd never written to his sister. The both of them were busy with their own things; and besides, wouldn't it be embarrassing to get letters from your big brother? After that letter from his dad, though, it was horrible to think that he'd never written.

My eldest son,

I'm ashamed to say that we have neglected Mia. Her roommate has gone missing. Her boyfriend has stopped talking to her; I believe he is planning on breaking up with her in the days to come. On top of that, she is stretching herself thin with her school work. Currently, she struggles to keep her head above the water, with no sign of a lifeboat. We will be a lighthouse in the storm.

He really had a flair for the melodramatic.

You, along with Benjamin, Isaac, and myself, will write her at least one letter a week. And we will all be home for the winter break, no matter the situation!

A not so subtle dig that made made Liam cringe just remembering it.

Signed, your beloved father, Masood

There was a posh, and really unneeded signature, and that was probably the last that Liam would hear from his father until Christmas. He glanced at his watch as he walked down towards his apartment. Though the zoo opened at half-past nine, Liam had to be there at half-past seven. It took around twenty-five minutes to drive down. He had just enough time to grab a coffee from The Bar. He'd just have to take the writing stuff to work. Maybe he could write the letter at his lunch break, but if he wanted to put anything magical on it he'd have to wait.

Walking a little faster, even though he was pretty sure he'd have time, he went down the The Bar. It wasn't that far away, otherwise he wouldn't have gone. He slipped into the line, pulling the money out of his wallet in preparation.
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Crazy Cat Lady

The blue-haired girl bounced into one of the chairs and glanced around thoughtfully, "No, no, I really do like it. At least it's something, right?" She plopped her bag in the other chair and scooted further toward the desk. As an envelope was extended as if it was filled with plague, she tilted her head and raised a blue brow at her friend before offering a snorting laugh and plucked the envelope from her hand.

"What is this anyway?" Sliding a nail through the paper, she then dipped her rainbow nails into the torn paper and pulled out the letter. Her green eyes glanced up at Chloe and held her gaze as she dramatically unfolded the letter, and then lowered her eyes to read. Her face froze as she realized what she was reading. Blinking her eyes a bit, she let a tear drip from the corner and down her cheek. Quickly she brushed it away. "Oh, Chloe, I'm so sorry..." She sniffled a bit, refolded the letter, and went to put it in her bag, not making eye contact. "You can take it again, can't you?"

She gave it just enough time for her question to sink in, and then zinged the letter across the desk at her friend with a quietly shrieked, "You passed! You passed!" She bounced up and down in her seat excitedly. "I may have missed my calling at the theatre," she said in her best dramatic British accent.


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Lilithan Dover

A grumbling sigh left the stout woman as she counted change back to a customer, watching one of her generic dolls leave the shop with narrowed eyes. She'd need to make a run for more joints from the toy factory soon. They made quality parts and she'd been buying from them for years. Her stock on dolls was low, something that warmed her and annoyed her all at once. Now she'd get to make more, but it meant she'd have to close her shop's doors for a day or two while she created them.

Walking to the window that overlooked her corner on the cross of Angel Street and Butterfly Lane she pursed her lips. Watching all the young college students make their way down the brightly lit alley, laughing and chatting with each other. She envied them their youth, something she was far lacking at her ripe old age. Her mind drifted to the sign she'd had made a year after she'd opened the shop.

Sales had been down and she couldn't afford to close the shop doors now. She'd have new stock in soon, something special one of the popular locals was sending her, but until then she'd be low on income. Lilithan chewed the though over, brown eyes hardening as she watched a student walk buy wearing one of the other shop's uniforms. It was time.

Hobbling over to the desk that housed the register, she reached behind it, grabbing her diamond oak cane and a dusty sign. Moving back to the window, she brushed the black sign off, shoving it in a corner of the window closest tot he door before storming off.

"Help Wanted"

Read the sign, the words painted in swirling red that had faded from being dirty for so long. Lilithan didn't think she'd ever used it before, so it was no surprise the sign was in such bad shape. She grumbled to herself the whole way back to her stool behind the desk, running calloused hands over charms and trinkets in a familiar fashion, straightening and righting items that had fallen out of line with their brethren. A luck coin that had fallen from a bowl placed back with the others, a jar of lifting feathers fluffed, a twine bracelet for remembering put back on the small stand, the rest straightened on her way by. It was a familiar routine for her, something she did daily. Something she wondered if another could get used to.

She had just opened the till to count the money when the small clay chime above the door rang the arrival of another customer. Mentally tallying her place, Lilithan closed the cash drawer and lifted her eyes to take in her guest.

Lilithan and Fena

Lilithan sighed and opened the drawer again, picking up where she'd left off in her counts.

"Fena. I should have known." She mused, blowing a stray hair out of her eyes as she chose to ignore the younger woman who was now wandering her shop with familiar eyes.

"Lilithan. How are you today babulya?" The blue haired wind sorceress asked, smirk curling plush lips as she looked on fondly at the older woman. A wrinkled nose met her question and Fena chuckled to herself. "What, no love? Come on baba, I wanna hear you complain, it's the highlight of my day." She continued, moving away from the wooden disk charms that removed stains when waved in front of them. She set her hip against the counter, taking up her usual spot with her chin resting in her hand as she watched the older woman. Lilithan's expression twisted further, but one who knew her could see affection softening her gaze as she paused her counting once again to face the girl.

"That brat from the Cathornes was here again today, demanded one of the lollies I keep for the good children. You know, the ones that turn your mouth colors?" Fena's smile grew, eyes dancing with mirth as the old woman went on.

"But baba, you hate children." The biker teased, laughing quietly at the outraged expression that shifted wrinkled features.

"I know! But the brat doesn't seem to get it!" Lilithan raged, hands flying up in the air before she cracked her cane against the floor to make a point, huffing her grievance before glancing sheepishly at an empty jar that sat next to the register. Fena followed her eyes there, brow arching as the corner of her mouth hitched into a surprised smirk.

"Baba, all your lollies are gone." Fena gestured to the jar with a slender finger. The old woman's smile was pure evil.

"We'll see how his parents like his sugar rush, should land the little devil in deep trouble, it should." She smirked, cackling gleefully as Fena shook her head, laughing as well.

"You're pure evil baba." Fena smiled, affection in her eyes as the old woman settled back, a happier expression on her eternally grumpy face. 'Lilithan probably likes the child.' Fena mused mentally, 'The boy most likely reminds her of herself when she was that small.'

Shifting the conversation, the younger woman pushed away from the counter, spinning on her heel and pulling out a dark wand made of African Mahogany to twirl in her fingers. She grinned as the old shop keep arched her brow suspiciously, lips pinching down at the corners as resignation filled her eyes.

"What?" She asked, voice flat.

"Want me to sweep?"

"No." Was the firm answer, Lilithan turning back to open the cash drawer once more. Fena pouted.

"Why nottt?" She asked, dragging out the word in the way she knew annoyed Lilithan.


"Because why." The lip pushed out further.

Lilithan sighed and faced the young woman again, brow arched in a way that hinted that Fena was missing the obvious.

"Because I just straightened up and I can get it later." She explained, saying each word slowly and with careful patience. Fena pushed her bottom lip out further, earning herself a taste of her strawberry lip gloss.

"I'm just trying to help baba." She complained, playing the part of the whiny child she knew Lilithan loved. The old woman snorted.

"You'll help my merchandise right onto the floor. No Agrafena, I'll get it later." She turned once again to the money, intent on finishing her task this time. One weathered hand snuck under the desk and she slid a blue lolly across the desk to the blue haired wind maker. "The new models are where they always are, feel free to pick one of the smaller ones. You'll owe me for it later."

A bright smile bloomed across Fena's expression, eyes bright as she leaned over the counter to kiss the woman on the cheek.

"Love you babulya." She called, grabbing the sucker and tripping over to the corner that housed her favorite hobby.

Model planes, trains, cars, and everything model dominated the small corner, the one thing Fena spent enough money on in the store to keep it's shelves stocked with more. She looked hungerly over the new models, debating mentally on what one she wanted. She smiled, settling as she picked up the small Messerschmitt P1111 model plane. The picture on the front was examined closely before she flipped it to mentally catalog the parts, making her way through memory back to the front desk.

"Find something?" Lilithan spared her a glance.

Fena answered with a noncommittal hum, still reading. The old woman shook her head at the blue haired woman, smiling to herself as she stuffed the last of the bills into the drawer and shut it. Turning to Fena, it was Lilithan's turn to prop her chin in her hand, waiting patiently for the girl to confirm her choice.

She never did pick up one she didn't want.

Finally the girl nodded, smile spreading across her lips as she looked up from reading the parts.

"Thank you baba." She grinned, tucking the box under an arm so she could pull the wrapper off the sucker. Stuffing the sweet into one cheek, she handed the wrapper to the waiting hand and started making her way out. "Dedulya should be stopping by sometime this week to restock, I saw him a couple of days ago and he looked far too excited to be going anywhere else..." Fena's words trailed off as she caught sight of the sign in the window, eyes widening in surprise. She snatched the faded card up, flipping it to confirm it had the same thing printed on the other side. A firm hand filched it from hers as she turned to face the now grumpy looking old woman. Well, grumpier.

"Not a word."

"You know Zoia would be more than wiling to help-" Cherry-wood eyes flashed, thick lips curled in distaste.

"That's a lie and you know it. She'd get sick of it after three days and be a pain to work with after that. I need someone that's going to stick around, at least till the end of this semester." Lilithan explained, staring Fena down. The girl hesitated for a moment, meeting the gaze with one of her own. "Not. A. Word." Lilithan repeated and Fena relented, holding her hands up in surrender.

"Fine, but don't blame me if she complains that you didn't ask her first." The blue haired girl sighed, backing towards the door. Her serious expression relaxed into a grin once again as the shop keep tucked the sign roughly back into it's place, huffing her displeasure. Fena lifted the box from under her arm, waving it slightly to get Lilithan's attention. "You have my number if you need to get ahold of me for that favor, otherwise I'm off." The earth sorceress nodded, already starting back towards the desk, waving one uncaring hand, wooden and clay beads of her bracelets knocking together as she dismissed Fena.

"Yes, yes. Now get out of my shop." She huffed, already ignoring the younger woman. Fena smiled and ducked out, the small clay bells jingling her exit.


The 26 year old half skipped out of the shop, switching the cheek her lolly was tucked into before making her way to her lovely bike Sashia.

"Hello lovely." She purred in Russian, gaze soft as she stroked a hand across the handlebars. Sighing and done with her greeting, Fena flicked open the saddle bag closest to her, slipping the model airplane into the endless bag before latching it again and stepping away from the black bike and blue bike. "Be back in a bit, I'm feeling a bit peckish." She explained, slipping her wallet out to glance at what she had on hand. She'd been paid the day before, so she knew she should be fine, she just couldn't remember how much Zoia had said she'd borrowed.

Agrafena's lips quirked.

She had fifty dollars left.

She needed to talk to Zo.

Sighing, Fena shrugged. She had more than enough for a meal. She tucked her wallet back in her pocket, the chain that latched it to her belt chattering as she started her walk to The Bar.

It was her regular haunt, along with the wand repair shop and Lilithan's general store. She hadn't been to The Bar in a couple days though and she was craving their bread sticks. A smile curled plush lips when it came into view, her thin form slipping through the door as someone else left. Fena found her place in line, standing behind a guy that smelled like her dedulya's place. She smiled slightly to herself, assuming he must work with animals to smell like that.

She shifted her leather jacket, covered in patches and badges from her history with various biker gangs, a small patch on her right lapel bearing the symbol of the Vitam et Mortem. It was a little warmer in here than it had been outside and she was starting to feel the effects. A delicately fingered hand lifted, fiddling with her mother's dog-tags in a habitual motion as she looked around the restaurant. The cork board in the corner drew her eye like it always did, Fena noticing a new flyer pinned to the loaded bulletin board. She was close enough she could read it and decided to, already knowing what she wanted to order and not needing to look at the menu.

A thin brow arched, lips pursing thoughtfully as she tugged lightly on the dog-tags. 'A boarding offer? I could really use a new place... I'm pretty sure Vahn was thinking about moving out too.' She thought, tossing the idea around in her head as the line moved steadily forward, Fena following without really paying attention. 'The old place was ok, but I really need to get out of that neighborhood. The landlord is a bitch.' She scoffed to herself.

Pausing for a moment she snapped a picture of the flyer, ignoring the man grumbling irritably behind her about holding up the line. She looked down at the picture, reading the phone number once through before repeating it to herself as she typed it into her contacts, labeling the new entry 'Potential Roomie' before closing her phone and glancing up at The Bar's front counter. She smiled, nodding at the old man before rocking on her heels, waiting her turn so she could get those damned bread sticks already.

She'd give the potential roomie a call when she left.

(dedulya/deda : grandfather or old man babulya/baba : grandmother or old woman)


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Chloe Summers

Chloe watched her friend's face carefully, explaining as casually as she could manage, "They're my bar results." But she saw that Trix had already figured it out. When the other woman's face fell, Chloe swallowed hard, a finger dusting across her desk. It would all be gone, snatched away by her own arrogance. She had studied and worked so hard. Her eyes blinking rapidly, she felt her throat closing, tight.

She had failed. She wasn't sure how it had happened, but it had. Sure, she could take it again... but the embarrassment that would follow? How could she live with herself? And her parents would be so embarrassed. Her boss, too. He had very low tolerance for failure. All this was going through her head, so fast, so quick... she was near hyperventilating when Trix's words pierced through her panic.

"I... you... what?" She felt like she was going to vomit, for a moment but that was quickly followed by overwhelming relief. Her dream, it was still in tact. She was a lawyer. A board certified leader. She let out a breath and a watery chuckle, slouching in her seat for a second. The motion, though, felt too strange and she quickly straightened back up. "You're a terrible person, Trixie." Muttered Chloe, pulling out the nickname reserved for when she was mad (but not really mad) at the artist. Her frown lasted shortly and a rare smile graced her features. "We should celebrate tonight, yes?" Work hard, play hard.

Alex Morgan

While she was waiting for her coffee a small line had begun to form behind her. The detective shifted restlessly from one foot to the other. Finally the waitress made her way over. "Sorry, Alex." She smiled. "We're a little short staffed today. We were supposed to have someone else come in today, but..." She shrugged and handed over the drinks. Alex managed a smile for Mimi. She was a sweet, plump, old woman and didn't deserve her ire. It certainly wasn't her fault.

"No problem, Mimi." She dropped a $5 into the Tip Jar and moved out of the way, but her movements were off and she bumped into the guy standing in line behind her. "Oof!" She her arms went up, hoping to prevent the spill of coffee. "Sorry," She apologized, though her first instinct was to make sure the gun on her hip and hadn't been damaged. There were no spills and so then she looked up to see the sandy haired guy that she'd run into. "Sorry," she repeated again, stepping out of the way. His face was vaguely familiar and after a moment she realized he was as much of a regular as she was, though that wasn't unusual considering the size of Occultatum.

Alex realized she was standing around, quite awkwardly, and after a second to clear breathe in and clear her head she headed for the door of the bar, jogging back across the street. She was barely inside when Captain Rogers pulled her aside, "Alex."

"Captain," sighed the detective, warily.

"We have a transfer detective coming in today." He looked at Alex expectantly but the detective said nothing and Captain Rogers sighed before continuing, "I'd like for her to shadow you and Luis for a time. She might be added to your team. She's recently been promoted so she's being sent over from the South Philadelphia Precinct. Alex bit back her own sigh and nodded.

"Sure thing, Captain, but uh, I got a suspect in interrogation one so..." And then she turned, hurrying off to the interrogation room. She entered into the right side of the two-way mirror and set Luis' coffee down, sipping at her own. As far as she could tell, Luis hadn't moved, but the suspect was yammering on about Luis' clothes and anything he thought might get the other detective to break. Luis hardly looked up and Alex looked on, proud of her partner. She knocked on the glass real quick and he leaned up off the wall heading out to insults about running as soon as he was summoned.

"A real piece of work, that one." Muttered Luis as he picked up his coffee.

"We've got ourselves another partner," Alex returned and her current partner made a face. "Guess we will be splitting up soon, then."

Xavier Kent

The nurse was quick to put in his breakfast order, occasionally watching the people in the line that was forming. He saw as the detective bumped into the guy behind her and caught the glance over her shoulder back at him. Smiling to himself he turned to the cup of coffee that had just been placed in front of him. Never mind that he was planning on heading to bed after his trip here. He needs the coffee. He is the coffee. The coffee is him.


He really needs sleep because he's getting delirious in his mind.


Lady of the Forest
Tildy Garnuckle

Tildy Garnuckle sat silently in the corner of the room, the Captain aware of her presence with nervous twitches near his eyes and mouth, always half glancing in his direction but never pinning her with his eyes. She smiled with a sharp twist of thin lips, amused at his lack of ability. Of course, she was completely layered in her magic, cloaked thickly in magic that forced the eyes from the subject and helped her blend seamlessly with her surroundings.

She let out a soft breath, causing the Captain to flinch again.


Tildy looked up, paying closer attention when Rogers called a name, half stepping out of his office to call the athletic woman in. She listened quietly brow arching at the tone the woman had taken, already guessing at exactly how their relationship would play out. And to think she hadn't met the other detective yet.

The young sorceress couldn't wait to be by herself and not have to worry about keeping good relations with others. It was just a hassle in her opinion and something she wanted to move past.

The shorter woman padded quietly after her new partner, following her to the observation room. She'd heard this Alex mention a suspect in interrogation, her curiosity piqued now that she finally found something interesting.

Slipping in the door behind Alex, Tildy gazed through the one way mirror, expression souring at who she saw there.

This man had been in the news recently, his crimes made public as he flaunted them. Sure, his actual face had been absent from all broadcasts, but Tildy's instincts were screaming dark magic. The man looked too cocky to be anyone but the killer that had made himself so public recently.

Stormy eyes watched as another man in the room stood, Tildy automatically assuming him to be her second partner. She shifted to make space when he too stepped into the small observation room, peaking eagerly between them while standing on bare toes, both of her partners taller than her and wide shouldered. The small woman was almost pouting.

She found herself silently agreeing with the man when he mentioned what a piece of work the suspect was, a frown cementing on thin rose petal lips when Alex mentioned her joining them as a partner, and them splitting up. Tildy huffed, deciding to finally blow her cover.

"It's not like I wanted a partner, let alone two." She grumbled, airy voice grumpy sounding as she strained to get another glimpse at her new target, the shadow magic killer. She'd spoken loud enough that both detectives would have heard her, Tildy readying herself for their surprised reactions.

She wasn't stupid enough to sneak up on two detectives and startle them, she was expecting a reaction.


Fena hummed lightly to herself, playing with the wind while she waited and the line moved slowly forward, flicking the focus here and there to make the papers on the cork board flutter. She stepped back warily when a detective nearly spilled on the guy in front of her, jaw clenching as she braced for unwelcome heat.

A sigh left her when the crisis was averted, the woman relaxing again and going back to her tedium.

Fena couldn't help feeling bad for the staff, overhearing one of the waitresses explain to the detective before she left that they were short handed. It made her wonder if that late person would loose their job, knowing that many places didn't tolerate such things from their employees. That brought her mind back to Lilithan's new opening, and her sister's lack of a job. Biting her lip she slipped her wand inside her jacket and pulled her phone back out of her pocket, waking it up and unlocking it. The roomie add she'd saved stared up at her, Fena debating for a second before shooting a text.

Don't mean to bother you if you're busy, but I saw your add and wanted to state my interest.
VeM certified, single, I make more than enough, and I meet the age requirement.
Text back with any questions at your own convenience, or call. Either works for me.
OH, this is Fena by the way.

She typed out, the messages sending one after the other before she winced at how many she'd sent.

Sorry for spamming you.

She added, waiting a second before sending it, feeling bad and wondering if she'd made a bad impression. Sighing and leaving it to the fates, Fena switched over to her sister's contact information, a smirk settling on her lips as she started her message.

Hey sestrenka, you find a job yet?

She sent, brow arching as she continued. Fena shuffled forward with the line as the next customer was served, the sounds of The Bar fading into the background as she focused on what she was doing.

-Baba is hiring. Weird, I know.
-Had to happen eventually though, guess the stress was too much for her finally.
-Deda's going to get in so much trouble for teasing her, tell me how it goes.
-If you go with that is, I know he has to go soon.
-Getting bread sticks at The Bar, what you up to?

Here was a person Fena didn't care about spamming. Her smile grew as her phone buzzed, Zoia's name popping up on the screen, slim fingers flying over the screen to tap out a response.

(Continued in Chestnut Hill thread)
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Crazy Cat Lady

"S'what you get for coming up with that nickname at Altsoba," she grinned self-deprecatingly before sitting back in the chair a bit, "though I suppose 'Trixie'," she gave a little wince at the name, "is at least somewhat better than what you could have called me just now. I would not have blamed you after my little stunt. As for celebration, it may be a little bittersweet. Though I def wanted to come see you in your new office, I am actually here as a client."

The patchwork quilted bag was snagged from the next chair, and she pulled the drawstring and pulled out a slightly curled manila folder which she placed carefully on Chloe's desk. The bag, however, was tossed back into the chair. "So, backstory," she folded her hands together on top of the folder and lifted her green eyes to Chloe's, a pretty solemn expression on a face which usually sported friendly, welcoming smiles. "Well, you know how I've been talking for about a year now about this idea of enchanted ink tattoos? I finally got a business loan, bought a studio, and I am just days away from the grande opening...you should have received an invitation, by the way. Anyway, yesterday I received this." Opening up the folder, she carefully lifted a legal-looking document and passed it across the table to Chloe. "A cease and desist letter explaining I cannot use my very own idea of these enchanted inks because my ex-boyfriend of six months, Trent, has opened a shop using them. MY idea. Mine. And he's stolen it."

The urge to cry was there in the burning at the corners of her eyes and the fact that she had to clench her teeth upon the insides of her lips to keep them from wobbling all over the place.

Another sheet was removed from the folder and offered, "This is my pending patent for the enchanted inks. I don't know if Trent sent in a patent for them. Is there anything you can do, Chloe? This is my dream."


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Liam Al-Hashim

He wasn't going to lie, he was getting a little bit impatient waiting in that queue. At this rate, he'd have to speed to get there on time. He found himself wishing often that he'd payed better attention in his high school Magical Transportations classes. Had he not been thinking of the class that he barely listened in, he might have been able to move out of the way of the woman as she stepped backwards. "Sorry," he said out of impulse, taking a late step backwards. He managed a smile in his irritated state. "It's no problem," he said.

He stepped up to the counter when the space was clear. "Iced coffee, please. To go," he said to the barista, whose name he didn't know, despite coming to The Bar every day, just about. Once he had the drink, he was really going to run short on time. He paid, tipped, then jogged out of The Bar. He jogged down Sparks Path towards his apartment building, his silver Seat Ibiza parked just a couple yards past that. It was an old car, but it had been cheap and it kept him far away from public transport, and he loved it for that.

He jumped in the car and started off down the road, on the car journey that he would now shave down to twenty minutes.


Lady of the Forest

The blue haired sorcerer sniggered to herself as her sister grumped off via text, most likely thinking of another flower arrangement to send her. Grey eyes flitted up to meet those of her server, turning to watch the fleeing figure of the man that had been in front of her. Mimi looked a little impatient, and Fena wanted to see if she could fix that. A loose smile curved plush lips as Fena cocked a hip against the counter.

"Come here often?" She asked in her sultriest tone, arching a brow as she waited for Mimi to giggle at her horrible attempt at humor. Fena was rewarded with a wary chuckle, the other woman obviously tired from the non-stop pace. She ducked her head in a respective nod once Mimi arched an expectant brow at her, listing off her order of bread sticks and a lavender chai tea. She was only held up a few moments before the waitress returned, handing her the small basket with her beloved bread sticks. Fena immediately started munching on one before tucking the basket closer to herself so she could accept the steaming hot mug of water, a freshly mixed tea bag floating in it and already spreading a delicious aroma. Crumb covered lips curled in a satisfied grin. "Thank you so much Mimi, I hope your day gets better." The Russian wished her well, balancing the bread once more to slip the girl her payment and decent tip before stepping to the side to be out of the way of the next customer.

Agrafena wandered towards the back of the restaurant then, most of the seats closest to the counter filled up with chattering customers. Humming lightly to herself and licking her lips, Fena took a spot further from the door, but up against a window.

"Perfect." She murmured to herself, one cheek full of the snack she'd absolutely had to have as her hands curled around the mug to steal it's warmth. She settled into her booth, grey eyes flicking to watch the people passing in the alley way. She was content. She had her bread, her tea, and a nice spot to watch the world go by. Pulling out her wand as she munched on the contents of her basket, Fena circled it above her mug, stirring it with magic while also summoning a small localized wind to cool the beverage so she could drink it once it had steeped enough.

Still humming as she nibbled, Fena looked out the window. She'd give the tea a few minutes, she did like it strong.

In the meantime, she shot a picture of her 'meal' and sent it to her sister. Just to annoy her. Fena smiled wickedly.


Lady of the Forest

The bread sticks were nearly gone, her tea mug running dangerously low as well when Fena's phone buzzed with another text. A slim brow arched, red tongue sneaking out to catch a drop of liquid that had settled on her lip as she moved to grab her phone. Wiping a hand on her jeans, the blue haired sorceress unlocked the device, eyes skimming the message before she smiled.

-Didn't mean to bother you, and I'd be totally fine with another person.
-As long as there's room for all of us of course.

She giggled, thinking that if it really boiled down to it, she probably wouldn't mind taking the couch. It honestly wouldn't be the first time, and she tended to be out of her current appartment a lot too. she doubted that behavior would change when she moved, something she'd have to check with her possible room mates to make sure it would be ok. She didn't really come in at that odd of hours, always doing her best to be quiet and warn Vahn if she was either way. It should be fine, and Fena hoped she'd have a new place to live sooner rather than later.

-This evening should be just fine, shoot me a time and a place and I'll be there?

She tapped out, gathering her things as she waited for the phone to buzz with a response. The wind sorceress collected her used dishes, piling them into a small spot in the center of the table so it was easier for the buss boy or girl to clean when they got to her table. Humming to herself, Fena made her way out of the restaurant, hips swinging to the song in her head and hand lifting to fare Mimi well as she walked out the door.

The blue haired woman made her way slowly back to her bike, hands in the pockets of her biking jacket as she meandered down the walkway, eyes watching the people and feet wandering where they wished. She was in no hurry to get anywhere, so she had all the time in the world.


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Alex Morgan

The detective was leaning casually, but she straightened immediately, her wand pointed at the newcomer almost immediately, when her so-called partner revealed herself. Luis hadn't been as lucky. He'd been in the middle of taking a sip and, his instincts not quite as honed, had jumped, spilling the coffee over himself. Which was probably better, because it prevented him from reacting violently to the surprise. He was cursing violently instead. Alex tucked her wand back away when she realized that there wasn't an actual threat. "Hm." She appraised the new detective, giving her a quick once over, eyeing the way she held herself. Her assessment? The girl was arrogant.

"In what world did you think that you would be a detective without a partner, particularly just starting out." The woman's eyes would narrow at the newcomer. She'd been open to the idea, even if it wasn't her ideal situation, but she felt the girl needed to be taken down a notch. "Here's the thing, about partnerships. It's not that we're exclusive with who we work with, but Luis and I have been working together for several years now. We work well together. We think differently, so we see things differently, which is good. He knows my strengths and I know his. More importantly, I know where his weaknesses lie and he knows where mine lie. It's a balancing act between the two of us. Throwing another person, a new person, into that mix.. it requires adjustment, it requires growing new trust. When you're out there with your partner, you are trusting that person--or those people--with your life."

She shifted her stance, picking up her coffee to take a sip. "It's not that we are opposed to working with new people, it's just that it requires an adjustment period, and a bit of fear. Because until that trust is built, we're going to have to rely on a stranger, regardless." Alex's eyes would narrow slightly, "Sneaking in and eavesdropping on your new partners? Not exactly a good way to build trust or rapport." With that, she'd exit the viewing room, taking her coffee with her as she entered into the interrogation room.

"Trust is a big thing with Morgan," Luis murmured. He was a little sour about the spilled coffee, but otherwise he was generally not quite as uptight as his colleague. "Luis," he offered his hand.

Inside the interrogation room Alex would throw the folder she'd snagged on her way in onto the table. The suspect leered at her and she paid him no attention, sipping at her coffee as she tossed open the front of the folder. "Didn't think I'd be seeing you again," he'd say, leaning forward. Still she didn't look up, instead picking up the first three things in the folder and setting her coffee down so she could lay them in front of him, one at a time.

The first paper was slammed down and then slid across to the man. "Your sperm taken off the victim." She said, looking him square in the eye. The paper was filled with several words, official looking. "Seems you're not quite as good at cleaning up as you'd thought." The next paper was slammed down, "A witness who saw you with the victim just a few hours before her body showed up." At this the suspect scoffed. The third piece of evidence was tossed in front of him, "Your face exiting the alley where she was caught." At this, the man paled.

"The convenient store across the street just had the cameras fixed the day before and one of them happened to be pointing in the right direction." Now Alex would sit, having the upper hand. "This folder?" She pushed the envelope across the table to him, "You can look through it. It's all the evidence we've been gathering on you. See, you thought you've been getting away with it all this time. In reality? We've been carefully putting a case together, waiting for the right moment to pick you up. We've got enough evidence to get the indictment. So," she leaned back and folded her arms across her chest, "we can get the confession put together and maybe your sentence won't be so light, or--"

"I want a lawyer."

Alex pressed her lips together. She could talk to him, but at this point she wouldn't be able to question him. Still, she took it as a good sign that he was now ready to ask for a lawyer. "Alright." And she stood, collecting up the evidence so she could make the arrangements, exiting the interrogation room at an even pace.

Chloe Summers

She turned in her chair, pretending to rearrange a few things on her desk. The truth was she needed a moment to get it together after that scare. A few deep breaths and a quick internal pep talk and when she turned back to Trix, she was once more composed, the usual firm features back in place. At the mention of business, though, the transformation was almost immediate. The transition happened without thought; there was a gentle, sincere smile upon her visage, a look of equal parts concern and confidence; her face said 'I'm here for you, I'm compassionate about your problem, but I'll also fight viciously on your behalf.' It was a look she'd been perfecting over the years, practiced daily in the mirror until she could shift into effortlessly, without thought. There was something a little... eerie about the quick change that took place on her face.

She nodded as Trix spoke. Her dear friend had been talking about opening up a tattoo parlor for as long as she could remember and the idea of the enchantments had been a recent addition to the dream. She knew that Trix had bought a place and had been working on perfecting it, "Yeah, I got the invite." She murmured, absently. "Sent my RSVP this morning, but I'll be there, of course." The cease and desist letter was collected and the Official!Lawyer read over it quickly. When she caught note of the firm who had helped prepare it, she snorted.

"This is a joke," The blonde muttered, but she was talking more to herself than she was to Trix. She collected the pending patent paperwork, too, grabbing a legal pad from the drawer to her right, and reaching for a pen from the mesh cup. Very quickly she was taking notes, murmuring a few things to herself.

When she put the pen up, she'd look up at her friend, a real smile in place of the well practiced one. "This shouldn't be too difficult. I need to make copies of this paperwork and you can have this back. I can find out easily enough if he's also put in a patent and when, but in the meantime if you have any evidence--e-mails, text messages, things of that nature--anything to document how long you've had this idea, anything to show that you discussed it with him, too. Any notes that you have from when you first started thinking it up. If he hasn't put in a patent, it should be easy enough but if his patent was put in before or around the same time as yours we might have an issue and I'd like to be prepared." She offered her friend the box of tissues, "I'll get this handled."

Even if she had to make the patent disappear. Not that she'd tell Trix that part, though.
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Tildy Garnuckle

A subtly arched nose wrinkled slightly when the wand was pointed at her, Tildy holding her ground stubbornly even as she was given the evil eye by both her new partners. She did feel a little bad about the man spilling his coffee on himself, but it was a confidence boost that he hadn't noticed her at all. Giving up the ghost, she shrugged off the remainder of her cloaking spells, revealing her entire 4'9" frame, hidden by her cloak with only her bare feat sticking out under the dark material.

Arrogance flowed through her as Alex gave her a once over, Tildy tilting her head so her eyes shown from under the hood, jaw set as her fists clenched unseen in the long sleeves of her robes. She held firm under Alex's comment, no more than a twinge of embarrassment dragging at her before she brushed it off, holding still as the older woman continued. Tildy listened, keeping herself from sighing at the speech and making more trouble for herself later. She understood the points that were being listed, but still stood firm with her ideas, thin lips held in a tight line as she waited for the lecture to end.

She'd heard more interesting ones in college.

When Alex spoke about trusting each other with lives, it did get to Tildy a little though, and she tipped her chin down to hide her weakened expression from the assertive female. The young detective stayed silent as Alex left the room, watching her with hidden eyes as she entered the interrogation room. Stormy blues flicked over to her male partner, freezing for a moment as with everything Alex had said, she'd nearly forgotten he was there. She hesitated for but a moment when he lifted his hand towards her, sighing as she made her decision and pulled her hood back so it pooled around her neck.

"Tildy Garnuckle." She said, delicately structured hand reaching out to grip his and shake. Her palm would reveal callouses from hard work and paper pushing, her grip holding a hidden strength that was contrary to the image she presented. She eyed his ruined clothing. "I didn't mean to startle you, I thought you realized I was there." She explained sheepishly, starting to feel bad about what must have surely been a scalding spill. "Here." She motioned, holding a small handkerchief for him to dab at the mess with. As Alex sat down in the interrogation room, Tildy offered Luis an apologetic smile, glad the man wasn't as standoffish as his partner. Though Tildy had to admit, she wasn't much different from Alex in that respect.

The small detective watched her new partner work, expression souring as the criminal taunted her and wincing specific nature of the DNA evidence was brought up. She had a hate for sexual offenders, they were the worst of the worst, foul beasts that defiled their prey in all the worst ways possible. Dehumanizing the victim and scarring them mentally if they weren't killed after the fact. It was disgusting, and Tildy was sorely glad they had such strong evidence against this man. His face was priceless.

Now all they would have to do was pin the other murders on him, something that would be easier now that he couldn't get away.

The small woman gained a respect for the brave and determined face Alex showed the creep, her earlier actions starting to drag on her a little so that when Alex moved to leave the interrogation room, Tildy moved to meet her outside.

Moving back enough that the suspect wouldn't see her while the interrogation room door was still open, Tildy held up a hand to stop Alex from moving past her.

"Please, a moment." She spoke quietly, a pinch of humility coloring her tone as roses took up residence in her cheeks. "I'm sorry." Tildy bit her lip, fidgeting in her spot for a second before continuing. "I don't.... get along well with people." She looked away, shuffling her feet. "I never have. I understand the need for a partner and the practicality of having someone watching your back at all times, but I've never found anyone I work well with." She crossed her arms, the long sleeves of her robe shifting quietly. "I don't seek out or look forward to partners, I want to be alone because few wish to work with me...." She trailed off, huffing quietly before thrusting a hand out for the detective to shake while childishly refusing to look the woman in the eye. "My name is Tildy Garnuckle, I'll be working.. I'll be working with you from now on." She stated simply, stance nervous as she realized exactly how much of a mistake her behavior before might have been.

It's not that she exactly regretted it, but more realized that she should have been nicer to the people she was going to have to work with every day until the far future. That and she knew it wasn't the right way to act, and that she was in poor form for acting that way. It was just confusing to her in general, never having really had anyone stand up to her about her actions like that. Most people would brush her off and leave it at that. She felt awkward because of what Alex had said, and she hoped this solved it. And quickly.

After all, Detective Morgan was known for taking on more dangerous cases, and it wouldn't do to have the woman thinking she couldn't trust Tildy with her back.
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Crazy Cat Lady

Steepling long, delicate fingers tipped in blue, Beatrix leaned forward to press her chin on top and silently watch her friend assess the situation. She was respectful in the fact she did not just blatantly stare at Chloe or ask annoying questions despite really wanting to do both of those things. Instead, she simply watched and waited.

Head tilted slightly and eyes refocused at friend's snort and amused tone, "A joke? The letter looks pretty real to me." She quieted though when Chloe began taking notes and she mentally shrugged thinking she maybe misheard Chloe or perhaps her friend had only been talking to herself.

And then the brightest smile transformed Chloe's pretty face making her light up the room and causing Trix to sit up a little straighter and lift her chin from her fingers. She would have given into the relief she could feel just at the back of her mind, but she would not allow herself any sort of reprieve until this matter was done, and she could safely open for business. "You can keep them. The patent is just a print off anyway. I'll go print off all this other stuff and bring it to you soon. So, celebrating your awesome adulting job tonight! Where and when shall I meet you?"


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Chloe Summers

"Not the letter, the firm that sent it. They're... well, it will be an easy case." She was almost disappointed about that, but since it was her best friend she'd be content that it wasn't something more challenging. No reason to put the beautiful blue-haired artist that sat before her through anymore suffering than could be avoided.

The papers for her case were quietly tucked away into a file that she marked with Beatrix's name and then leaned forward on the desk, eyes sparkling. She's a lawyer now. It was... surreal. She needed to remember to go tell her boss since he'd been bugging her all day to just open the damn letter already. "We could go to The Bar or he could go somewhere downtown?" It just depended on how much and what kind of fun they were looking to have.

Alex Morgan

Alex shut the door behind her only to find Tildy already standing there. Her expression remained neutral as the other girl approached. It is a strong personality that can come forward and apology after being embarrassed and called out.

She'd remind herself of that in order to keep an open mind and actually hear Tildy's apology. "I appreciate the apology, but with me words don't matter much. It's about actions. I'd like for this partnership to work, I'd like another good detective on the force. I'd like another person that I can trust with my life. So, I'm willing to overlook what happened in there, move on or start over. Whatever. But what I need from you? Is for you to show me that you're willing to act as a partner." She'd cock her head to the side, appraising her new partner.

A brief pause would pass and she'd offer her hand, "Detective Alex Morgan, pleasure to meet you."


Crazy Cat Lady

"Thank the Gods for small miracles," said the tattoo artist, flipping a strand of deep blue hair back over one slender shoulder. "And thank the Gods for you, friend."

She watched as her friend worked and then crossed one leg over the other, her lips kicking up into a reluctant smile at the happiness shining in Chloe's eyes. Her friend had been working on getting this far for years! At Chloe's question, her smile turned into a full-blow grin, and her eyes became quite mischievous, "Weeeellll....wherever we can have the most fun, meet the most boys, and drink the most liquor." She waggled her brows suggestively.


Lady of the Forest
Tildy Garnuckle

The smaller sorceress shifted, embarrassed as she gripped Alex's hand firmly and shook it.

"I'll do my best to show you just that. If you need me to do something just ask." She looked up then, her calm expression back in place as she'd found a topic she was comfortable with. "I'll be your eyes in the dark alley, the presence behind an armed criminal that diverts their shot. If you need me somewhere, put me there. I'll gladly do my job." She offered up, gaze level as she looked up at the older woman. "Now," She started, giving the door Alex had just exited a sour look. "Is there anything I can be doing to help now?" She asked, itching to do something. She'd only been out on a couple runs at her last precinct, the other sorcerers not believing her capable of anything besides good research. She'd been either stuck as a desk jockey, or given tasks so simple a newbie should have been handling them. She was no newbie. And she was tired of taking jobs she shouldn't have to handle.

She had a chance to actually do something now, and she was desperate.

"Even another case would be ok, I'm just tired of sitting still." She nearly pleaded, eyes flicking to the side as pink dusted her cheeks once more. She moved to the side slightly, making room if Alex wanted to walk past her. She dropped her hand, the sleeve of her robe covering the delicate appendage once more. "Put me to work Morgan, I'll do as asked." She stated simply.
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Lady of the Forest

Her phone buzzed, pulling Fena's attention from where she'd been staring down a pair of soft leather gloves, debating replacing the worn out pair she used currently. They weren't that warm anymore, and had far more holes than was fashionable. It was really time that she replaced them, and she'd had her eye on this specific pair for quite a while now. Her expression soured. 'If only I had my paycheck, no wait! My sister borrowed it.' She thought to herself, grumbling under her breath as she slipped the cell out of her pocket. She changed the song that she had playing through her ear buds, switching to something with more of a beat before opening the message.

Possible Roomie
-It's a pretty decent sized 3 bedroom. I think we could manage :p
-I can meet you in OA at The Bar? 8p?

Fena grinned, wondering if she'd be up for more bread sticks when she went back to the bar for the meeting. She didn't have anything specific to do around that time, so it should work.

-That works fine for me, I'll be the one with the short blue hair and the biker jacket.

She texted back, smiling as she started humming along to the song she had playing. Hopefully this meeting would go great and she could meet her other possible roomie sometime soon as well. She had lived with her sister for the first half of her life, she could handle living with civilized, adult, strangers.

This would be a cinch.