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Name: Ricardo Felipe Montomoya
\Nicknames/Titles/Aliases: Ricky
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Asexual - much too obsessed with research to think about that silly thing
Species: Human
Age: 28
Homeworld: Aer

Current Loyalty: None
Current Residence: Nomad
Hyadn Status: Yes

Name: Ophelius
Species/Object: Fire Horse
Appearance: Ophelius takes the form of a majestic stallion - though rather average in size. It has a rather bulky appearance with a sleek black coat. Instead of normal hair, however, it takes the form of flames protruding out of the skin of the horse. He has bright red eyes that shows, if not obvious with his mane and tail, that he is indeed a fire horse. When enraged, red tattoos start appearing all across his body and his flame mane and tail look much more aggressive.
Personality: Ophelius is calm and rational, a great balance to Ricardo's reckless behavior. He is respectful, first and foremost, but will not back down if challenged. He is prideful and will kick someone in the face if they badmouth him or his master. His loyalty lies with his master, and his master only. He is shown to be more intelligent than his fellow Fire Horses, close to learning the language these humanoids speak. It takes a great deal to actually agitate him - something only achieved when you hurt someone he cares for.
Unique Abilities: Unlike what most would think. Fire Horses don't actually control their fire. Their flaming manes and tails are usually harmless unless they become enraged. They are able to protect their masters from this, though. He is rather durable and is one of the fastest horses out there - managing to go on par with vehicles.

Appearance: Ricardo looks young and full of life. Standing at a height of 5'10/177 cm, he's rather average in terms of height and average in terms of weight as well. Most of it is simply toned muscles from his continues expeditions all around the galaxy. He usually has a bright smile adorning his face. He's rather handsome in terms of appearance with a mop of bright blonde hair that is usually messy - signalling some sort of childishness that makes him look approachable. He has gray eyes that sparkle with a sort of childish life and curiosity. In terms of scars and marks marring his skin, there are quite a few. Thanks to multiple expeditions, he has earned multiple nicks here and there. He has a scar running across the bridge of his nose and another one marring his left arm. He has a tattoo of intricate symbols that run from the bottom of his neck all the way down to his right hand.

In terms of clothing, Ricardo is rather simple. He wears the normal adventurer's clothing of a shirt, cargo pants and combat boots. Covering his shirt is a trench coat with multiple pockets to hold whatever he needs to hold. Of course, he isn't foolish enough to not wear armor. His clothing is weaved with magic by the usage of runes so as to strengthen them so they are able to take a hit. Ricardo regularly renews these runes so that they wouldn't suddenly fail on him. He typically wears gloves. He has a handyman toolbelt so which has vials on the right side and some other pockets containing Salt on the left.

Personality: Ricky had always been curious about things. Ranging from why an animals is what it is, up to how a machinery works - anything that happens in the world is something he wants to understand. This led to him becoming a researcher, though is more adept on dealing with animals than tinkering with machines. He's also a magical theorist - often sharing his theories to others for them to test. Do you think if you combine this and this, change the incantation with another word and then add this, what is the outcome? Things like that run through his head every single time. He is polite and friendly. He's the type of person you would look to if you have any questions amidst the crowd of strangers. He is generally empathetic - be it to another humanoid like him or to a beast. He is rather reckless at times, which causes him to blunder a whole lot and lead to injuries on his part. Despite this, he is actually quite smart. Look past his childishness and recklessness, you would actually meet quite a researcher.

If one were to visit his head, one would easily find that he is easily distracted. While he's talking with someone else, half of his mind wanders to some other topic while the other half stays on the topic of conversation. No one is sure how he can do this, but he does. He's quick to change a topic too - into a completely unrelated one. At one moment, you were talking about magical theories as to how Binding can be strengthened to actually cause immense pain, then you're suddenly on the topic of how Athena gives prophecies. Most are shaken by his quick paced thinking, and might even resent him for it, but just telling him to get back on track usually does the trick. Ricardo is not capable of sitting still. He has to be doing something - whether that is writing down something, tapping his finger, talking or whatever - as long as he's doing something, his body is satisfied.

History: Ricky was born and raised in Aer - in the small but advanced town of Esker, it was understandable how he grew up to be a curious person. He had a magical scientist for a father (someone who tests magical theories) and a scientist for a mother. He was encouraged to ask questions and create his own theories before running it through his parents. He had formal education, but it seems that it even restricted the amount of creativity in his mind so his parents pulled him out and taught him themselves. They took him on educational field trips constantly, moving from one planet to another even if he was young. Even after his younger sister, Elena, was born, they still went on trips every now and then. Ricky had his own personal library and testing area to practice his own magic.

Summoning came naturally to Ricky and he's been practicing it ever since. Animals had always been extraordinarily friendly to him, but that may be more special skill than anything. The skill to empathize with animals was something he had, though he never really understood so much about it as it came naturally to him. His parents died due to a freak accident when he was only seventeen years old, leaving him orphaned with his eleven year old younger sister. The two of them survived thanks to Ricky working with some researchers and Elena going around, trying to help however she can. But two young ones were still just that - young ones. Three years later, they were finally stable enough to settle down on another planet.

He began going on explorations once he knew that Elena could handle herself. Besides, they had met a nice family who decided to take the both of them in as long as they worked for it. Ricky went out to get treasures while Elena would help out in the house itself. He never failed to visit at least once every two months, as he misses her dearly. But now that he had no worries about their financial state and how Elena would end up in the future, he was able to fully immerse himself in various things - like his researches. He's been going around from planet to planet, documenting their various wildlife and whatnot.

Ricky's been known to stay at a planet for a month, immersing himself into the culture and then the wildlife. He's been able to tame wild beasts before, but hasn't been able to take them home because it was illegal.

Likes: Fauna, Machines, Magic, Research, The Unknown
Dislikes: Being restricted, Being told 'no', Not being able to think, Unimaginative people
Goals: To research and collect all the fauna in the world (flora is a bonus) and to be able to make up at least twenty successful magical theories. Learning all magical spells is right up there too. He's still young after all!
Fears: Dying early, Not being able to share his foundings with the world, losing his sister

Strengths: Agile and a quick-thinker
Greater Strengths: Magically proficient - moreso than others with a great deal of versatile spells and is quick to learn another spell
Weaknesses: Reckless and overly protective of those he holds dear
Greater Weaknesses: Is in no way as adept in normal fighting as he is with magic. He hesitates to kill.

Silver Tongue: Allows the user to speak and understand languages they would otherwise not be able to.

Bronze Tongue: Allows the user to understand the meaning behind the sounds and actions of an animal, as well ass communicate with them.

Bubble: Creates a bubble of breathable fluid around the user or target. Humans and Coeti can both breathe in the same fluid. Pushes most fluids and gasses away, but not solids. Taught to all children when they're six.

Binding: Holds the target in place, making movement impossible without great strength.

Iron Flesh: Increases the user's durability by a significant amount and numbs pain. Cheap on mana to maintain but extremely expensive to repair.

Polymorph: The caster changes the shape of the target living thing, often themselves to that of another plant or animal. Very experienced casters can polymorph completely unique traits onto the target. With repeated casting the target can permanently take on these traits. Quite costly on mana. Often used to cosmetically alter a person, and there is a market for people having this spell used for positive effects.

Combustion: Creates a short range blast of flame. Extremely quick to cast but lacking in offensive power.

Fireball: Projects a baseball-sized fireball which travels in a straight line. Holds decent concussive force and as hot as burning kerosene.

Immolate: Causes a target within arm's reach to ignite. Target will only remain on fire for as long as it would if ignited non magically - thus casting this on something non-flammable such as metal would do almost nothing.

Flame: Simply generates a gently burning flame, variations can be any color the user wishes. Burns at about room temperature. Used primarily for lighting and decoration. Can burn for a very long time with minimal mana being used.

Gust: Creates a strong gust of air with enough force to knock a child off their feet.

Freeze: The simplest ice spell, similar in function to combustion. Creates a region of intense cold that can put out fires or rapidly cool anything within. Akin to liquid nitrogen.

Armorium: Quite adept in this and has a rather nice supply in his own armorium.

Summoning: Being rather adept in this, he is able to summon three animals at once without getting extremely tired or drained. He mostly summons real life animals but, through intense research, can summon mythical creatures. He hasn't been able to study up if he can make humanoid summons. He's currently making magical theories surrounding this certain type of magic.

Mana Rope: More durable than the normal rope but still easily cut using a physical sharp object. The mana cost is dependent on how long the rope is. It can be rather useful in retrieving items or swinging from one point to another.

Shield: Depending on the amount of mana used to cast, a shield is able to protect the user from various sources - ranging from physical to magical. It is useful for anyone who seeks the thrill of the expedition and finds themselves trapped between two arrow traps as they can easily put up shields around them to escape unharmed.

Power Weaknesses: Given that he has an array of magical spells, he has mastered only one - summoning. Summoning takes concentration so he isn't able to move while he is summoning something. His summons are limited to that he knows of particularly well - one of the reasons why he's a researcher of animals. While he can use other spells for offense, he's not used to actually using them for fighting since he uses these spells for exploration (like Gust - instead of using it to knock out an enemy, he uses it to push away a certain object blocking his path

Weapon(s)/ Equipment:
Amulet of Mik'Har: An amulet which protects the user from magic debuffs. It takes the form of a simple silver chained, X shaped amulet. It is very unassuming but is very useful for any mage who stumbles across it. Ricky found it on one of his many expeditions in the tomb of Mik'Har, a man of unknown species. Along with the Amulet comes the note coming from Mik'Har, telling the one that discovered his tomb to be careful and to always keep his amulet near. By putting mana in it, it is able to cast a shield around the user when the user is in danger but is unaware of it.

Bronze Staff: It has no special name, but Ricardo makes sure that he carries it around with him all the time. It is around the same height as him and can be doubled as a boa staff. Sitting atop the staff is a crystal that lessens the chant time for a spell as it uses it as a catalyst for the spell. It is actually simply magic condensed - a form of Salt that allows magic to be amplified through it. It can be used to whack stuff too, and it works! Ricardo does have some muscle for the job but really, a mage can't really do all that much.


Mikaela - A Shad Skin that he keeps around just for fun. He encountered Mikaela when she was just a small animal. Ricardo was immediately in love with her and then took her in. Ophelius and himself weren't afraid, but other animals and sometimes even humans were, thanks to her grotesque appearance. She doesn't have any sort of special power nor does she have any sort of telepathic bond to Ricardo. They understand each other due to the years of being together, but nothing as grand as her being a familiar. She's around the size of a ferret, so she's able to slink around.

Vehicle(s): Nada - he's pretty much a stowaway if he can't pay for it
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