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Korelle's Characters

Discussion in 'Omniverse Character Profiles' started by Korelle, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Korelle

    Korelle New Member

    **Work in Progress

    Name: Tailin Riddari

    Gender: Female

    Age: 28

    Species: Lykain(Humanoid Alien)

    Home Planet: Lykaios

    Appearance: Tailin is tall, 5"11, with Auburn colored hair and hazel colored eyes. Her hair is short on the sides and a little longer on the top, which is constantly messy due to her running a hand through it. She has slightly tanned skinned from spending most of her day outdoors.

    Personality: She is family orientated and protective of them.

    Bio: Tailin is the third child born to the King of Lykaios. Her and her fraternal twin sister, Tahlia, are different but share a close bond. Tailin preferred to learn sword fighting and marksmanship, while Tahlia preferred more princessly pursuits. At the age of eighteen, Tailin joined the Lykian army. It was her dream to one become the General of the army and advise the future ruler of Lykaios. That dream was crushed on her Father's 60th birthday when he named her the heir to the throne. Tailin never thought her Father would choose her as his heir out of his six children, as is how the heir is chosen when the sitting ruler has more than one child.

    After that day, Tailin often shadowed her Father in meetings and sat with him in his study as read through papers of State. It was during these times in the study that he revealed to her why he chose her as the heir. She would continue the new way of life that her Grandfather started shortly after his reign began. The way of peace and forming alliances with other planets. Not war fair and conquering. It's why her Grandfather chose her Father as well.

    Abilities: Sword fighting and bow and arrow
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018

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