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looking for new roleplay partners

Discussion in '1x1 Bulletin Board' started by Blue winter rose, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    I am a 23-year-old woman and I am looking for a long-term-RP partner. Here is a short summary of what I am looking for/what I can offer.

    -post length: depending on the RP everything between 5/6 lines to around 5 paragraphs. Although I find myself usually making posts around the 2 paragraphs. Depending on the RP and how much my RP partner writes.

    -frequency of posting: Almost every day. Please at least give a sign of life at least 3/4 times a week or something. When it is less sometimes that is fine, but please let me know. I am even ok with less if you tell me upfront what I can expect. Post length also plays a role in this, I understand longer posts take more time.

    -kind of characters: I only RP with OC's(it is fine if you want to use a canon character though), my OC's are usually stubborn tomboyish girls around the 17-21 years old but, I have a wider variety of OC's. I would be very ok with roleplaying a male as well.

    -Rp style: I prefer to plan a little ahead, so we have a sort of idea of where we were heading. We don't have to plan every little detail and it can still change but, it is nice to have some sort of idea where we are heading.

    -Rp time period: If we are going for the genre fantasy than medieval time period would be preferred and for science fiction, we could go for futuristic/post-apocalyptic kind of style. Again I am open for other input.

    -Rp idea: I would like to world build but, is not a necessity. I like to have romance as a subplot but, if it doesn't work with the things we come up with that's fine as well. I have some ideas written down below. I am also open to other ideas. If I don't like it I will say so :). I do really prefer if my RP-partner also thinks long with ideas, I love brainstorming. Also if I come up with something completely stupid then please tell me so.

    Here are the ideas:
    There is a world where some people have magic(elemental) because they are bound with a spirit. They bound with this spirit with the help of a special ceremony at a certain age. Depending on with what spirit they bound they can control, water, air, fire, earth or nature(we can change this to our liking.) There is a lot of different plots possible from a princess that ends up not bind a spirit and being cast away from the castle, to a couple of young people protecting the world against a dark spirit. We can even have our characters live in a school to learn those elements. it is even possible to do this in a modern setting a have our characters end up with those spirits and need to save the world from climate change. Maybe we are yet in another world where people who are bind with a spirit are hunted on. So many possibilities.

    We can have one of our characters end up in the world of the other character. So either from this world to a fantasy world or possibly the other way around. Although I am now more into having a human going to a fantasy world.

    We can have a character that time-travelled and ends up in the past. it can go to any time but, I prefer second world war. I have a specific idea about a Jewish girl ending up near a young German soldier that was forced into the war(not every German wanted the war). And then he needs to make a decision what to with her and somehow keep her save maybe he decides to let her stay in his house. That maybe give very interesting scenes. I would like to play the Jewish girl in this plotline. Again if you have another time you want to explore or other combinations of characters feel free to share with me.

    I normally don't do fandoms, but, I would be open to Rp the following fandoms: (Note, I don't play canon characters)
    -harry potter
    -the maze runner
    - hunger games
    - a song of ice and fire (game of thrones)
    -walking death
    -lord of the rings
    -death note
    -Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams(although I am not sure that one is really popular
    -Avatar(the last Airbender/legend of Kora (I only saw bits and pieces but, I have done research)
    -The avatar (those with the blue aliens),

    Some fantasy characters I would like to include (if we do a fantasy RP of course)
    - A hyperactive, extremely positive, slightly naive character don't worry I do give them emotional depth. bonus points if that character is small, maybe a fairy or something. Could be a side character or I double up with a more serious character.
    -Dragons or humans morphing into dragons. We can also think of a plot for this.

    -OOC chat: really important especially for the worldbuilding/plot-planning but also just chatting about not RP related stuff would be cool.
    If you are in my timezone or a timezone closeby, that would be amazing. (I live in the Netherlands so I am in central Europe time)

    please please communicate with me, I understand IRL happens and sometimes partners just don't match. That is ok, please contact me if you wouldn't be around for a long time or when you don't want to continue with the RP. Don't just poof, I promise I won't poof as well. Also when something is bothering you please tell me. I can't fix a problem, that I don't know is there.

    (this is an example of a starters post, mid rp my post usually get shorter,)
    Jordan was standing in a small room. He wore the bright orange robes, symbolising he is there as a trialist, not a prince. He took a deep breath as he looked at the closed door in front of him. Today he officially starts the trails to prove all the training was worth it. He had to succeed the trails. Not just for him, for the entire kingdom.

    Behind the door in the large throne room, he heard the voices of the higher ranked lords their families and knights. For them everything he was a hero. Or at least they expect him to become one. They believe fully in the words of the priests. He would train, somehow get through the trails and then as by magic force the ice king to his knees.

    Deep breaths, Jordan stay calm first thing first. Today would be a celebration day. Tomorrow he would worry about the trails. His hand dived in his pockets clinching around the dark red roots, he would need it tonight.
    “Prince Jordan Phoenix the second” the high priest's voice reached through the door and, a young girl opened the door of his safe room. That was him, he needed to step in the room now. Jordan took a deep breath and walked inside the great hall. As he walked complete silence fell over the room, as everyone stared in his direction. There were close to a hundred people packed in the spacious throne room.

    Right in front of him was the impressive throne of his father, faced to the left side. The king although still broad looked like a shadow of the man he was seven years ago. The man looked chronically tired and with his pepper and salt beard, deep wrinkles and nearly bald head he seemed older than he really was. He didn’t seem proud of his son in the slightest. Not that Jordan expected him too. But, the cold, uncaring way his father looked at his hurt him every time. Like he personally had killed his mother.

    At the left side of the king stood another throne, slightly smaller his, painfully empty, his mothers' throne. At the right side stood the high priests in front of another throne. “Come forward,” he spoke in a cold monotone voice. Jordan nodded shortly and kneeled in front of the high priest and the king. “I answer you,” he spoke respectfully.
  2. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    Hello Blue Winter Rose,

    I'm Shadras, as can be seen, and you've piqued my interest with the spirits idea. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can begin world building. Sadly, I'm in US Mountain Time so our zones don't match, but I imagine we will be able to work around it. I hope to hear from you,

  3. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    I am so sorry for taking forever to respond. I wanted to think for a bit if I had time to take up a new Rp and then I completely forgot. I am now writing this at midnight to make sure I don't forget. But, for now, I am not able to start up anymore roleplays. I am sorry for letting you wait this long and then saying no. Maybe in the future we can. Damn I hate turning down roleplay partners but, sadly I can't write all the roleplays at once, manage all those different characters etcetc.
  4. Shadras

    Shadras Illogical

    No worries. Thanks for getting back to me and I hope your other RPs work out well!


    If you still need. A partner I am game. I like to make others happy, and I'm open for most anything. So his about that dragon shifting ?

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