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Full Mages of Lerner 5/5

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by ChelonianCommander, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Made by @ChelonianCommander and @Mizzrym


    The RP takes place in a vast empire known as Lerner. The Empire is a prosperious, powerful and populous empire with a boom population of near 12 million people spread across its expansive territory with most of the population living in either large towns or small cities. The largest settlement in Lerner is known as Hardt, which is the empire's capital. The technology is primarily based on technology found in our early renaissance, but with no gunpowder weapons. In the population, everyone is capable of using magic to some extent, but it is usually no more then just lifting objects. Only a select few are able to use their talents for anything other thenminor telekinesis.

    In Lerner there are 3 major powers that run the government that is the Seat of the Emperor, the Mage Tower, and the Astralan Theocracy. The Seat of the Emperor is in charge of all domestic and military aspects within the Empire, officially led by Emperor Waltram, but in reality is being used by Lord Alwin. The Mage Tower is in charge of the training, deployment and acquisition of gifted children that are to be trained for military use. The Mage's Tower and all of its assets are commanded by Congressman Livina Stassen. Finally the last power is the Astralan Theocracy, who maintains the religious beliefs in the 8 Stars among Lerner's populous to prevent the apocalyptic return of the 11 Titans. The Astralan Theocracy is led by Grand Theoganist Baudin Braff.


    Lerner, an empire that had stood for more than 4000 years. With strong leaders, brave soldiers and a prosperous populous, the Empire had grown to become a beacon for the known world. However for this great empire, all three must be present for Lerner to remain a prosperous nation. Recently, in the year 5122, the Emperor Meinolf fell ill and swiftly died leaving only his heir, the newly crowned Emperor Waltram, a lad of no more than 10 years old was placed on the throne, but due to his naivety and inexperience, the young Emperor was easy influenced by his uncle who dreams of conquering the known world at any cost. He kept Emperor Waltram close and isolated from outside information, even going so far as to keeping Waltram from formally close family advisers. Lerner had the seas to the west and the mountains to the south, so the best options were to begin waging war on countries to their north and east which is both a costly and expensive endeavor and as such, it has been decreed that all children of the age of 2 or above who are capable of more than just lifting objects with their magic are to be taken from their families and be raised to become a vast army to serve the expansion of Lerner.

    To the Emperor Waltram, this was a fine way to help the Lerner empire prosper but to do so, his Uncle, Lord Alwin had his nephew imposing high taxes, and moving almost 70% of their military forces to their northernmost and easternmost borders, leaving many cities and towns drained of gold and food, and with no security or militia to enforce the law, organized criminal elements began to emerge from the wood works forming slaver gangs, bandit groups and drug cartels across the entire empire. All except for the Capital city of Hardt, who's people and surrounding lands live in relative peace and luxury, seemingly untouched by crime and brigands. That is because of the newly founded Mage Tower, a tall and grand tower made of metal, marble and held together with magic to reach impossible heights. A little under 10% of the Lerner army is stationed in and around the city, if only to guard this valuable piece of architecture. It is there that the youths of Lerner who have shown to be adept in the way of magic are taken, trained and indoctrinated to fuel the war machine that Lord Alwin had started. In here the brave and strong are cultivated into becoming fearless and cruel warriors to use against the northern kingdom of Rozhort and the western empire of Sebel. Hundreds are sent here every year, dozens leave every month but only one or two shall return home, venerated by Lerner as war heroes and champions of the people.

    Outside the royal palace's marble walls, and the walls of Hardt, Lerner's people cried and bled as they were drained for all they were worth, and all under Waltram’s orders. This made the people spiteful and filled with hate for the young prince, not knowing that all these laws were secretly proposed by Lord Alwin, who simply sat back and did what he wanted with no opposition or actual authority to bring him to justice while his nephew sat on the throne, taking all the blame.


    ----Notes and observations----
    1: Magic may be learned in any order save for the last two however there are negative effects to your magic and its uses should you skip-step and even risk to health.

    2: This list is Not all useable magic but rather a humble view into what opens up to the user once learned. how you use it and what you do with it is subject to your creative thinking.

    3: Power is not the flat measurement destructive capabilities but over all uses and level of control.

    4: Cast time is both words and actions needed to make the spell take effect, Subject to the players design.

    5: Mana is defined as the persons pool of raw magic before Overcasting occurs.

    6: Overcasting is to pay the cost of a spell with stamina, blood, spirit and any other part of physical/mental extension of the casting mage. Causes "mage scars" , some can die--it does greatly empower spell work.

    7: Conjuration, summoning and contracted magic may occur at any level but may only be a full-casting spell. All magic of this nature is massive in cost and often disallows other spells after use for a short time. All three will be referred as conjuration.
    Conjuration: To shape from your own mind or grant life into a artificial construct.
    Summoning: To call a creature from its elemental plane, able to bring a powerful creature but if lacking in the means to control it can attack you.
    Contracted: To cut a deal with a otherworldly being, its nature being up to the contract.

    ----Casting and Spell work----

    Mental : To simply think of your spell and cast it with appropriate actions. Weaker but much faster.

    Half-Casting : Saying a key word, normally its name, to cast a spell. This is base and is no more faster or stronger then what it is.

    Full-Casting: Speaking the full length of the spell, slower but much stronger.
    Note: The full length of the spell is up to the player but will be handled as a full action meaning its subject to countering. Something like "From the depths of hell! a flash rending scream--Firebolt!"

    Pre-Casting: Scrolls, mage stones, Magical items all have their cost of casting paid for but are paused or demand some sort of action to be used. Magical items can only be used once as they will burn away into nothing after use.

    Staffs: While able to be magic item, Staves, wands and other items of the like are designed to lessen the burden of casting and magic use, better control or even ward other types of magic.

    Runes: With the use of hardy, and rare materials, like Elder Wood or Mithril, and a few days of casting, along with a couple decades studying the intricacies of magic, one can create enchanted items that do not lose their effects after a single use. A desired effect is cast upon an item while a special carving is placed upon the item, trapping the effect, allowing it to stay on that item.​
    ----The Circle of Magic----

    The Circles Eye, Arcane: Pure non-elemental magic, endless uses. Easy to use, power is only reflected by its user.

    ----The Core Rings of Elements----

    Fire, Earth, Wind, Water: Only as they are, Water can not be Ice, Fire cant control its heat or consumption, Only earth-not metal or minerals, Only the movement and focus of wind not its temperature.

    ----Ring of Energy----

    Opens All other state of elements and combinations therein, Water can be ice, whatever you can think up.

    Lightning/Energy : Allows for the mage to combine elements to make up nearly anything, lightning itself is the single most costly magic but its power is often overwhelming but has steep counters.

    Sound: The amplification of energy within sound making it louder and command more kinetic power.

    ----The Deep Ring/ The Conjurers Ring----

    Mind: Construct illusions defend your mind from mental attacks and bestow an ego and intelligence into your conjured beings, Gives better control to magics.

    Body: Enforce the body, make Conjured beings more physically robust. command the flesh blood and bone of the dead and living, defend yourself from spells on a physical level.

    Soul: Rebuke magic and the unnatural, enslave souls and make conjured beings better at handling enemy mages

    ----Ring of Mortality----

    Life: protect and heal, care for life. defensive and healing spells are cheaper and empowered. Can empower others.

    Death: Kill and harm, Disdain for life. offensive and damaging spells are cheaper and empowered. Can drain others.

    Light and Shadow: Makes spell work radiant or dim, colorful or bleak while allowing changes to power, cost and casting ability within light or shadow empowered at the cost of harming one while in its counter. May command light or shadow.

    ----Aether Ring----

    Note: This Ring is mostly passive in effect and is subject to the mage, a wicked man who truly thinks he is just and is doing the right thing may command Heaven, Virtue and order. Truly it is the eye of the beholder.

    Note: These counter each other perfectly and must be used with creative flair to gain an upper hand.

    Heaven, Virtue and Order: Smite the wicked and punish the evil. Spells become merciful and kind but harsh on those the user views as evil. The mage starts to gain aspects of their virtues and slowly become more hardline within them with such being reflected in their magic. Balance and peace, you lose the power to over cast. all magic becomes weaker and cheaper but pin point accurate

    Hell, Vice and Chaos: Hate and malice and bask in their cries and suffering. Spells become cruel doing less sudden damage in exchange for empowered secondary effects (A blast of fire that would melt flesh and dust bones will instead bathe them in fire that slowly boils skin and flesh) Spells cost more and can become nearly impossible to control. Spell power is now reflected far deeper in the casters emotional state , over casting will empower the spell to a point where it cant be countered or controlled.​


    Within the towers, the students, willing or not, are taught the art of magic in all its forms and applications, primarily on how to maim and kill their enemies and how to heal and protect their allies. From the ages of 2-5, these children are taken from their families, off the streets or even sold to the empire to be taught as this military school, working their way through the various rings and schools of magic until they master each and every one, usually around the age of 40. Your characters are some of these students, who are currently attending this school, begrudgingly or otherwise, learning how to become soldiers of Lerner and fight off everything from Rozhorters and Sebelians to Lerneran Rebels. Whether your character supports what Lerner is doing, fighting the good fight against Rozhort and Sebel or secretly wishes to join up with the Rebellion and fight the oppression of the Lord and puppet Emperor is up to you.
    The Humans of Lerner are nothing that spectacular compared to the other races, that isImparic, Avid, Serp and Nermani. They are not the fastest or the strongest, but what they do have is knowledge and adaptability. They are versatile creatures, jack-of-all-trades really. This allows them to inhabit almost every environment. Before the wars against the northern and eastern countries, the humans of Lerner lived in relative luxury with most not fearing when their next meal was but now, in these trying times of attritional war, high taxes and corruption, the people of Lerner's quality of life had dropped considerably with now at least 21% of the population not being able to find a reliable source of food. It is important to note that most of the poverty lies on the outskirts of Lerner's territories as the core cities and settlements are often rich from the many tithes and taxes coming in from the outskirts.
    The Imparic were a tribal people found in the volcanic mountains of Kraag, their original homelands. The Imparic are easily identified by their red skin that darkens over time to the point where it’s near black, and their curling horns that grow from their foreheads and either curls backwards over the head or around the side of the head. They are the second most common race within Lerner, having their various tribes either annexed or conquered by Lerner during the early days of the Empire. Over the course of time, while most of the Imparic culture had been lost due to integration into Lerner but few traditions that were shared by all the tribes survived such as the idea that the longer one’s horns are the more respected they are in the community and that warriors and soldiers are the pinnacle of Imparic society. Many Imparic youths spend their days longing to join the front and in some censuses done by Lerner, around 60% of Imparics are currently enlisted in the Lerner military, making them the largest portion of the Lerner soldiers, around 40%.

    This aggression stems from their harsh volcanic homeland, where only the strong were allowed to take the most mates and horde the most food. Because of this the Imparic people tend to be stubborn, bull-headed and the younger Imparics tend to be more brash then they really should. However with age comes wisdom and when an Imparic reaches the age of a Long-Horn, they are given much respect by the Imparic community for keeping their horns intact enough to have it grow to such a size to show off skill and for reaching their 80th birthday, making them a well of wisdom.
    Avids are a humanoid bird like people that lived towards the southern mountains in small cities that are located near the top of the southern mountains. The Avids are identified by having paler then normal skin, near white in fact, and for having feathered wings for arms, used for gliding and avian legs that end in talons as well as feathery hair upon their head. The Avids are an industrious people, who have a large industry that is based around arts and craftsmen ship. They are a pragmatic people, but also an artistic one, using only what they need and making only what is required, but what they make tend to be very ornate and beautiful, down to the last spoon or hammer. This is because in the Avid homelands, there is little in the way of farmable lands, as well as minable resources as their bodies are not made for the hard labor and harsh conditions brought required for mining and anything the Avids make is made to last for centuries if made well, but also they are made beautiful as to increase their sell value to because resources are often sparse, only 45% of Avids actually live in the mountain cities, as the remaining 55% would rather live in the much more spacious, resource rich Lerner Empire.

    However before the migrations, the Avids the scarce resources and frequent shortages of food and resources made the Avid into a rather frugal when it comes to anything really, trying to make the most out of everything but at the same time make everything as expertly crafted as stylized as possible. The phrase ‘If you ask an Avid for some Stone Soup, they will only use 1 stone and begin to season the soup with pepper for flavor and dirt for texture’ became popular as the Avid immigrants became more common and more Avid children were being born in Lerner. This has allowed them to integrate into Lerner society primarily as artisans and relatively cheap skilled labor.
    The Serps are nomadic humanoid reptilians that live in the swamp lands to the east of Lerner. They are easily identified by having an appearance similar to a humanoid iguana or skink, with a hunched appearance, skin covered with scales, webbed hands and feet and finally a bony crest that sprouts from their heads. The Serps aren’t a common sight in Lerner territory as they have rather alien minds compared to everyone else, as they have limited emotional capacity and lack any sort of empathy. However even that is rather alien to most others. For example when a human is afraid, they may shake or freeze as their minds tell them that they are afraid and it is up to them to react according, such as run if they are able or fight if they must. To a Serp, they wouldn’t feel afraid should they encounter something that makes them afraid, instead they would just understand and react. If the Serp sees a dangerous creature they are ‘afraid’ of, they would simply understand the danger and leave if they are able.

    Along with this, Serps are also lacking in empathy, being completely incapable of seeing anyone else, even their own kin, as potential food. They do not mourn, they do not become afraid should their comrades die, they simply flee and come back later to either attack or consume the bodies as to not waste food. Even people that the Serps are ‘fond’ of are more or less people who help or improve the Serp in one way or another. This lack of empathy or emotions is due to the Serp’s harsh swamp environments, being near uninhabitable by near any other species, and it is because of this which makes them an unnerving and alien people.
    An aquatic race that is found anywhere where there is sea water, due to the fact that they live on mobile floating settlements that are scattered across the seas around Lerner and possibly beyond. The Nermani are identified by their humanoid torso, and instead of a leg, they have long scaled fish like tails, three times the length of a Nermani’s torso and a set of gills near their neck that allows them to stay submerged underwater for up to 3 hours at a time. The Nermani are a nomadic race, following schools of fish to hunt using harpoons and spears made of wood and bone. They are commonly encountered by merchants and fishermen whose craft often takes them out into the open ocean. Sometimes some individual Nermani become enamored by the stories about the dry lands and accompany these sailors as guests of honor, or even sometimes as husbands and wives.

    It has been a little over half a century since the first Nermani had first slithered onto the ports of Lerner. Contrary to popular belief, the Lerner are not locked to living in the water, and are in fact able to travel onto land, being able to hold their heads and torsos upright and move on land by slithering across the land, similar to land snakes. Since Nermani were relatively new to Lerner society, they have yet to fill a specific niche, currently simply working of fishing boats or as merchant guides since the Nermani need to keep their skin wet since they are able to dry out rather quickly, which can put their life in danger if untreated for more than a day.

    Gender: (M/F)
    Species: (Select from Human, Impric, Avid, Serp and Nermani.)
    Magic: (How does your character uses magic and which elements do they prefer? It's usually a good idea to specialize in at most 3 elements, to separate your character from others. Due to the age of the characters, you would start out with access to elements up to the Ring of Energy.)
    Appearance: (What does your character looks like? Either 3 sentences or a picture and 2 sentences.)
    Overview: (Your character's general personality, goals and backstory. Please write at least a paragraph, around 3-5 sentences.)

    1.) Site Rules apply to the RP.
    2.) Please try to write at least two sentences per posts.
    3.) No excessive gore. Blood and maiming is fine, but no detained descriptions of gore.
    4.) No overt sexual themes. Romance between players and NPCs are allowed, but nothing rated R. Keep it PG-13
    5.) Language will be monitored. You can still swear but no overdoing it. So there shouldn't be 13 F-Bombs and 21 S-Bombs per posts.
    6.) NPCs will be present. If they are named then you are NOT allowed to touch them. Unnamed NPCs can be touched but only if it makes sense. If your 14 year old character who has never been in a fight manages to beat up 6 hardened thugs then that is god modding.
    7.) We reserve the right to call RPers out on god modding or breaking site or RP rules. If you break them 3 times, you will be kicked.
    8.) If you have complaints, questions or grievances PLEASE come to the GMs first.
    9.) If you actually read the rules, send ChelonianCommander a PM with your character's name, race and age before you post your character.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  2. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    can vote me in.
  3. Spike1d23

    Spike1d23 Everyone's favorite turtle

    Returning from retirement I'm in.
  4. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    I would like to be in, but I would like to know what is the current status in the rp. What are our characters doing right now? Preparing for an exam or...?
  5. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    @Enki right now our characters are students in the Mage's Tower doing things that people in school do. Attend classes, do work, practice what we learned, but at the same time you are not allowed to leave so it is a very sheltered life.
  6. SedentaryCobra

    SedentaryCobra Outhouse Poet

    Hold me a spot, I'll have a character soon.
  7. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    So we got 4/5 peoples already. Neat.
  8. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    I am definitely interested....
  9. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Great to have you. :)

    Remember to read the CS and the Rules everyone before making your characters. :)
  10. SedentaryCobra

    SedentaryCobra Outhouse Poet

    Name: Sonor Tremus
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Magic: Sonor specializes in Earth, Wind, and Sound. He prefers to cast many small mental spells to accomplish tasks. Generally, he uses earth the most, followed by wind and sound last. Not only is he the least familiar with sound, but he finds it the least conducive to rapid mental casting.
    Appearance: Sonor is around 5'8", and is wiry and scrappy individual. His features are sharp, and his brow low. A mop of short cropped black hair crowns his head. Splashed around his body are several small mage scars, taking the appearance of minor, splotchy burn wounds. Most are hidden under long clothes, but several cover his hands and one scar edges up his neck.
    Overview: Sonor embodies the spirit of the competition, always up for a good game or challenge. Energetic and unafraid to speak his mind, Sonor finds himself in trouble regularly, though even in those times, a smile never leaves his face. He provides encouragement to others often, trying his best to act the part of a mentor when he can. When not pursuing the magical arts, he enjoys practicing music as a hobby, losing himself for hours on end playing or listening to music.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
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  11. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Name: Aymon Gibot
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Magic: Aymon specializes in summoning magic and has a preference of the elements fire, wind and lightning.
    Appearance: Aymon has short black hair and brown eyes. He wears white robes with green trim as well as a wide brim pointed hat with the same color scheme. At his hip is a satchel of alchemic and medical supplies.
    Overview: Aymon was given away by the Lerner Mage’s tower at the age of 1 under unknown circumstances. He never found out under which circumstances he was given to the mages tower, whether he was given willingly, sold by unfeeling parents, or even kidnapped by tower agents in the dead of night. Whatever the case, Aymon have long since put that part of his past behind him and had now begun focusing on the future.
    Aymon doesn't really like confrontation and tends to stay away from active fighting or conflicts, and thus he has specialized in summoning magic and is studying medicine and surgery to stay out of the front lines.
  12. Mizzrym

    Mizzrym Active Member

    Name: Marrick Cual
    Gender: Male
    Species: Impric
    Magic: Water, Wind and Magnetism to charge and sweeten his "honey" voice.

    Appearance: A sanguine hued youngster with lovely horns polished to an obsessive shine and adorn with humble iron. He Strides with a smutty smile welding a tear drop shaped lute enforced with steel and a long handle that looks far more able to convert a person into a grease stain than string a tune. Often with a loose fitted frilled robe brightly colored in red-orange-yellow-greensand lastly purples, he has modified the seam to a sharper V cut as to expose his chest. Fingers crown lengthy claw like nails that are cut to a point while gleaming with a abnormal shine.

    Overview: A desire to keep his lovely red skin, his peerless beauty captured by his horns and his smooth inviting voice Marrick learned the means to command water. Using it with no shame he made his horns glisten and skin shine as he learned how to sing and inspire his brothers with songs of war and victory, Being born within the walls of the empire his heart was filled with pride of it as well as the roll his people committed to it. His love for song and dance however does not reflect in his skill, for all his trying his visage was ruff and scared from bouts with other children while his voice could stir the dead and drive life out of the living--so horrid was it, was surely more suited for ritual hymns. Fighting as his brothers did but showing desires in...Other places he grew to be a bard of shorts before being forced to town the magi in their towers, While some what bothered by the ugly lust for war that seems to have taken ahold of his emperor he left feeling there was surely reason for it all. Rumors slowly spun in his head of the disarray from the world outside the tight vice of the mages tower making that once hardline love of his country spoil to quiet question. For now he distracts himself with life at the tower using the chance to aid his family back home in the wayward slums with coin.
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  13. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Name: Viransena(Vira) Nurvi
    Age: 20
    Gender: F
    Species: Avid
    Magic: Wind, mainly uses small mental spells to make upward drafts to help her fly with her and a staff she specially made, Metal, and Water(Specifically Ice)
    Appearance: Rather tall, thin and willowy. Her feathers are tinged with a light blue, and her talons are a very pale yellow. She tends to prefer dull colors for her clothing, her favorites being blues and grays and usually wears tighter more aerodynamic clothing to help her fly better using her wind magic.
    Overview: Rather solem seeming, due to being given away very early. She tries not to get attached to people, being emotionally unavailable but still working with others decently. She does try to find solace in small things, specifically in the small ice sculptures that she creates using her magic. Though all melt, she finds them very calming, and she collects the water in a bottle to drink. She has also spent a long time creating an ornate staff made out of a light metal she created to hold with her talons while flying. As for her name, she doesn’t like being called it, as it was given to her by her parents as a ornate and flowery name since they were performers who created art live. She much prefers Vira.
  14. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

  15. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Name: Viola d'Gigot-Anjou
    Gender: F
    Species: Human
    Magic: Fire, Energy and Arcane. She uses differing methods for casting the spells. When casting spells in a long range she uses full casting, like with fire. But closer range she has to be, more weaker spells she casts. First halfcasting, and then mental. As she is a mature woman, she has had several years to study Fire and Arcane and know how to mix them with Energy's powers, leading to her learning how to combine fire and telekinesis to the point of creating sort of flying flames in shapes of whips, tendrils and small animals like birds. She can use the mixture for utility purposes like lighting up her surroundings with a small flying fireball or firebird, or she can attack with a fire whip or with fire tendrils sprouting out from her body, depending on which ever is more strategic for the moment.
    Appearance: Viola is a woman suffering from an arrangement of genetic deformities. She has gentle albinism, resulting in her hiding her hands with dark horse leather gloves(no exact reason why dark horse leather specifically, just because) and her neck with a corset, with some make-up of white color to help cover her skin better, alongside with a Habsburg jaw that's visible when she smiles due to her roughly even line that forms from her upper teeth to her lower teeth, with no gab space in between. Her skull has also suffered a gentle elongation that is hidden by long black velvety hair reaching shoulders and gently dipping under the shoulders and neck. She has pale red eyes, reeking of her albinism.
    Overview: Viola is a woman belonging to the newly rising d'Gigot-Anjou family. The family has slowly grown more and more powerful with each generation due to marriages that it conducts with other families, though with the twist that they actively marry into other families over and over again, resulting in a couple of noble families going extinct and d'Gigot-Anjou family inheriting their wealth, land, legacy, everything. This has caused many negative connotations towards the family, yet the wealth of d-Gigot-Anjou family and general power of the family has resulted in some of the other noble families in weaker positions feel desperate enough to conduct the marriage deals with the family.

    Viola was born to a marriage that was just freshly formed between d'Gigot-Anjou and an another noble family, resulting in that due to the other noble family's genes her inbreeding is not as bad as her mother's is. She was the oldest (living) child of this marriage that was bound to inherit the lands and property of the other noble family, if the recent war and sudden conscription of little girls and boys into the army had not started. She was forcibly taken away from her family, and as an adult she has grown to admire this event as it saved her from the same fate as many others in her family suffered.

    During her time in the magic academy she was actively studying, but seeing other more normal students and less disfigured had slowly made her feel disgusted at her own appearance, getting a gentle inferiority complex with her appearance. She begun to actively hide her albino skin and started avoiding to show her own teeth and grew out her hair as she repositioned her robes' hood so that the hair does not make the elongated head so obvious. She enjoys reading and learning magic and is somewhat dedicated and diligent, despite her flaw.

    Viola's opinion about the war is the following: She does not like how the war is bringing down the nation and damaging it in the long run and will result in the kingdom being destroyed eventually, but she feels like the King is the rightful ruler of the kingdom. She just thinks that he needs a better regent than the uncle, as things are not currently going fine for the nation. She is atleast happy how the war allowed her to escape the hell that would have been her fate.
  16. Spike1d23

    Spike1d23 Everyone's favorite turtle

    Name: zeloni kallmoran/ zel for short
    Age: 17
    Gender: F
    Species: Imparic
    Magic: Zeloni specializes in using the water, wind, and fire elements with a heavy favor to water and wind. She prefers the use of pre-casting and full casting while using a staff to assist in her castings.
    Appearance: zel stands around five feet and six inches tall. She has bright red skin and soft sky blue eyes and long black hair. She wears a black robe with light red trimming as decoration and a black cloak to go over her robe with a hood outfitted to accommodate for her horns streching to the sides of her head. At her side is a satchel that hold pre casted spells and a small pouch on the other side for small vials for potions to carry around.
    Overview : zel is a very quite and introverted often keeping to herself about her opinions and trys to stay away from others as much as she can. She can easily be seen having a very gloomy and depressed attitude to life but if one gets to know her they will learn of her passion to magic and arts such as crafting and reading as well as potion making. For those who manage to get past her dark and gloomy walls will find a quite sweet and caring individual that will go to great lengths for those she deems freinds. Being a black sheep among her species she is often picked on for being the way she is. Unlike most impric who would be very quick to go and fight she prefers to plan ahead and her revenge will be swift and unexpected.
    Tidbits: zel loves to read book of any kind and is always reading somthing she is hardly seen without some kind of book.
    When's she not studying or reading a book zel will instead pass her time crafting potions or experimenting with pre casting spells as well as painting.
  17. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Well now that everyone as their characters, we shall start tomorrow. I spend the day writing up a basic plot and checkpoints so it should go smoothly.

    Several things however.

    1. There shall be no posting order.
    2. Please do an @Name for everyone involved in your character conversations.
    3. Please post at least 2 sentences.
    4. Have fun!
    5. Try to post at least once or twice a day.
  18. Rachel Rider

    Rachel Rider Smol Turtle Girl

    Okay! I'm hyped. :)
  19. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

  20. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    @Rachel Rider @Mizzrym @Spike1d23 @Enki @SedentaryCobra

    So guys, I'm sorry for the lack of posts, but we going to wait for Enki before I make my post and we can move on. I forgot to mention that this will be the first and only time we will have a 'round' where everyone posts once and waits for everyone else to post. If Enki doesn't post tomorrow, then we ill move on either way. If ANYONE doesn't post in a week, they will be kicked unless give me a reason why they are going to be gone beforehand. If 4 people leave the RP, I will shut down the RP.

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