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Strength of Steel, Will of Iron
A prestigious college that teaches all subjects for all students of all ages in both specialized and general education. It takes hundreds of thousands of Slivers, roughly 670000, to send a person there for a year but is well worth the money should the student do well.
A new day comes as the sun rose from the west casing a slight orange glow in the Royals district. The day was cold and humid as spring had arrived in Unity just two days ago. The gardeners, butlers and servants had already began working and were the firsts to hear the criers make their rounds. The crier alerts the district of daybreak with their bells and shouts of important news.

"Important news! Two Grounders confirmed by the United Guard to be missing! A 42 year old Camberg Male with a Sand Fox Elemental named Johnathan Baker and a 25 year old Lucillo Woman with a Fire Beetle by the name of Mary Callai! Any information residents may have should be given over to the Guard HQ!"
Bryce sighed to himself as he hauled himself up and over the pointed fence to the rear of his school. Straightening up, he dusts his pants off before making sure to check that nowhere was dirty. He had learnt very quickly that even a minute speck of anything seemed to set both the students and teachers here off.

Grumbling a little as he straightened his tie, he kept an ear out for the marching of boots. The criers made things a bit awkward as the called out the names of two people he couldn't care less about. Groundlings like himself, but it's not like he knew the name of every groundling he'd met. Just two unfortunate people.

After a few minutes of leaning against the fence, he lets out a breath he had been holding before looking down at his hands. A flick of the wrist and a small necklace appeared in his gloved hands, made of gold and silver links with diamonds inbetween. Very nice. If a bit tacky.

Letting out a sharp whistle, he waits for just a second as Stanley's form floated over the fence as well. Opening his palm, he shows his friend the spoils, which elicits a happy grin from the turtle, who's body crackles with thunder as he headbuts Bryce.

Tucking the necklace back into his sleeve pocket, Bryce made his way around the building with Stanley lumbering just behind him. While shorter than him, the turtle's shape and size was enough to intimidate most other Elementals and if they weren't his aggressive attitude did.

Looking left and right as Bryce jogged his way into the courtyard, he waved at the cleaning staff, exchanging some news and pleasantries. While he didn't have many (See: Any, really) friends his age, he had made plenty with the staff here. Commoners and even some Groundlings, they enjoyed his different attitude to them than the rest of his peers while he just enjoyed having someone without a stick up their butts to talk to. And while it wasn't technically allowed to be on campus so early, no one mentions it as he waves goodbye.

Making his way through the main building of the school, he makes sure to ignore the life that pervaded the school. While they were nobles, the teens that went here were just that, teens. They had fun and mucked about, yet still managed to come off as privileged gits. It confused him to no end.

A small storm goes off behind him and Bryce laughs a little bit as he slows down to allow Stanley to catch up. "Okay, now you have to carry me." He states as he sits on his Elemental's rocky hide. Despite a few darker grumblings, the Wind elemental acquiesed to his requiest and sped the duo along through the nearly empty halls, all the way to Bryce's goal: The swimming pool.

The one thing he enjoyed the most about this school was its pool. An actual indoor, 50 metre long pool, just for the students and teachers. It was heated during the school hours by workers, but even without them Bryce found that it was the third most enjoyable thing in his life, behind theft and flying of course.

Arriving at the pool, he swiftly changes into a pair of swimming trunks he had hidden away in the changing rooms (No lockers here, and he didn't want a servant to carry his things like most others). Once that was done, he wastes no time diving into the pool and begins to swim, Stanley floating lazily on his on the sky above.
Unknown to him a man was already waiting for him there, hidden away in the shadows. The man was skulking around with an ice eagle perched on his shoulder. The man has his face hidden with a wide brim hat but he kept attention off him by how he was dressed, in an unassuming suit and tie. He walks up to the pool and watches as the boy inside swam about and waited for him to be done.
Bryce hauled himself up the stairs built into the side of the pool, bare chest showing toned abs and formed muscles as he shivers, quickly making his way over towards the stands where he had hung a towel and a change of clothes. Grabbing the towel, he wraps it arouns himself before speaking.

"You just... gonna stand there creepily or are ya gonna talk?" He asks the man with the ice eagle as he steps behind a barrier to maintain his privacy as he changed. A couple of seconds passed in silence before he speaks again. "If you are, it's a good idea ta start talkin' before Stanley gets annoyed. 'E's got a bigger temper than a fire elemental." He chuckles, throwing his uniform back on as he steps back out, arms crossed at the guy.

"What do ya want? Another jewel?"
"You really are a rather snarky one aren't you." Said the man, and he takes out a cigar and began to smoke. "Our mutual friend sent me to check on you. Make sure you don't try to stab her in the back if you know what I mean." He told Bryce. "So how do you like the school? Like the documents we got you? Find any blackmail-able secrets yet or seduce some prissy Royal gal or guy yet?"
Crossing his arms, Bryce smiles at the guy as Stanley floats over, not taking his glowing pits for eyes off of the man and his elemental. "Yeah," Bryce begins. "School's good. Learnin a bunch on how to manage, figured I could put it to use under the boss later when I get out. Documents worked, just as you said they were. Really, it's amazing just how quickly the principal accepted me. No luck on the chicks yet, but you know I can't stand their type. As for secrets..."

Bryce looks around, making sure out of sheer habit that no one was around as he closes the distance. "Two. The head of the Aldreich family, Sorin, has recently taken to long 'business trips'. It took me half a day to figure out who she was, the rest of the week on everything else." He passes the man a small square of folded paper from his inner pocket.

"As for the other, it's not as important but the son of the Lorein family was complaining about his fortunes. Apparently they've been having trouble with their business. Whether it's just bad luck or not, I dunno. I'm not that good. You have people for that anyways."

With that done, he pats the Eagle twice, wincing a bit at the sheer cold, before stepping back. "Anything else ya need?"
"Nothing much kid. You did well. She's going to be impressed about what you got." Said the man. "Anyways the boss got a new job for you. There's an rich girl in the park by the name of Ada....something or other. I don't really know. She's got a crystal Hedgehog however so keep your eyes out for a girl with a crystal Hedgehog. We wouldn't be doing this, but she's naive, her family's rich and you're in the right position for a kidnapping and ransom. You got the idea of it Royal?" The man said.
“Aye.” Nods Bryce as he glances at Stanley. The turtle had always had more of a problem with things like this, but usually Bryce was able to get him to see reason.

“Standard fare? Find her, knock her out, get her to you lot?” He questions as he begins to fix his tie and blazer, making sure it was immaculate.

“Oh, and when do you want it done by? Kinda wanna finish my school day, but I’m fine with skipping if that’s what ya need.”
"Na na. To messy and too many guards with their fingers dirty and their noses brown. We want you to take her there and we'll do the rest got it?" He told Bryce.
As dawn draws to a close, morning arrives and with it, some renewed festivities. A festival known as The Adoption Day held by Mary Jane's Home for Displaced Children is being started in the city square. Festivities, food, games and most importantly couples or parents looking to adopt are heavily encouraged to attend as the Home offers interviews with children in order to adopt.