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Outside of Avalon

I am looking for about 3 to 4 role-players for an adventure roleplay. For post length I expect around 5 lines on average but, if it is shorter or longer than that is fine too. No need to write a lot of fluff to get a certain post length. The post order would be round-base. So everyone would post once every round unless otherwise specified. I prefer when people talk to me so we can adjust things when necessary. The OOC chat will be on the discord. If you have any questions or remarks let me know, I am happy to help you.


A long time ago only fairies roamed the island of Avalon but after Camelot fell Arthur and a small group of other humans moved to the island. After years and years that small group of humans has grown to a significant amount. They live in the old castle of King Arthur that the fairies had built for him and the village around it. The fairies live in the forest around that but, still heavily control the humans, forbidding them to wander too far off.

The plot

The humans outside of Avalon got more and more technologically advanced over the years. So much so that they started to pick up on the existence of Avalon and it won’t take long before they would discover the island. the technology level is about the same as the modern-day.) Panicked the fairies already start to reinforce their defence.

Meanwhile, the son of the current human king of Avalon got adventurous and wanted to see the rest of the world. Eager to claim back what was once from his ancestor(King Arthur). With the help of some others from the castle and the village, he made a plan to explore the rest of the world. In the roleplay, I will roleplay the son and you would play the people he travels with (fairies or human).

We will start off with the group sneaking out and getting into the woods of the fairies. Later on, they would go outside of Avalon to find Excalibur still left somewhere outside of Avalon.

They mostly are still stuck with the same technology from Arthurian time. But, they do have access to a lot of the magic of the fairies. Mostly in the form of potions or enchanted objects. There are some fairies living in the castle as well for protection as well as some fairies that got an interest in the humans. But, they mostly stay in the gardens.

I took some freedom as in what I call a fairy getting inspiration from mostly stories about elves. Fairies in this roleplay are born out of flowers and when born are as big as a human hand. Their childhood is a little longer reaching the end of puberty at about 20 on average. They don’t show any signs of becoming old intel they 160 when they start declining and usually die at about 200 years old.

As an adult they look similar to humans but, they are all slender and on average a little smaller. For more specifics about their appearance see the character sheet. Most fairies prefer being outside and in nature and can’t stand being inside separated from spirits.

The magic of the fairies is derived by their connections with spirits. They basically ask them to do certain things for them. There are different kinds of spirits that can do different things(mostly element base). Spirits are both more powerful and plentiful in Avalon. Near a certain element, you would also see more spirits from that type that are also more powerful. All fairies can communicate with all kind of spirits some fairies get more done from the spirits than others. In general, the spirits tend to have more respect for older fairies. Some fairies are also better able to communicate with the spirits.

The fairies also have a wide knowledge of the plants growing in Avalon and can make different powerful potions sometimes also helped by certain spirits. It is also possible to enchant objects with the help of spirits. If necessary for the roleplay we can go in deeper detail about the spirits. The humans living in Avalon are unaware of the exitance of spirits and the magic of the fairies are a big mystery to them.

Character sheet:


Full name :

(fairies or human)





(picture or a couple of lines of text)

Eye colour:

(fairies: common: blue, green less common: light brown remark: the colour is on average a little brighter than that of humans)

Hair colour:

(fairies: white-blond to dark brown, or green, blue or purple in all shades)

Skin colour:

(fairies: same as humans, but, the light brownish colours are most common)


(fairies: about 4 inches smaller on average than humans)



(min. 3)

Weakness: (min.3)


Blue winter rose

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Draco Shadowdragon
Thank you for your interest. I think that kind of depends on how many people I can attract to this and how active the rest is. If the rest reacts rather quickly and we end up waiting for days for one person I fear the rest lose interests. I did intend this to have shorter posts at times and be a little faster pace. (like one post every 2/4 days)but, that also depends on where we are in the roleplay. When they are communicating post would be shorter and hopefully also a bit quicker. I think writing twice a week would be acceptable but, I feel like once a week would hold up the roleplay and cause it to bleed to death. sorry, I don't like turning people down. I hope I make sense
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