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1x1 Plot Haven~ {MxM, Completely redone- 9/24/19}

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by LadyDovahkiin, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    None yet...

    -First I am a Multi-Para Rper, doing around 500+ words or 4+ paragraphs each post. Please be able to match this or go above, no less.
    -For character form please do a CS, which if you need one I can send through PM. The physical description can be a face-claim but everything else needs to be written out.
    -Gary-sue aren't allowed, perfect and flawless characters will be rejected. Honestly, personality is way more important to me than your character appearance.
    - Please no extremely anti-social. (Anti-social is allowed but, if your character refuses to interact with mine then we have a problem!!!)

    When it comes to smut the ratio for me is 10:90. For me, the plot is the most important part of RPing. I'm just not really into sex scenes, that said I do love fluff! Also when it does come to 'position' I prefer both of us being Switches. But in some RP, like 'Friendship's that last a Lifetime' I do lean towards a more submissive personality with my character. So just expect to be of Switch personality and stuff unless I mark/mention otherwise.
    Lastly, there is a possibility of Cross-dressing, Twins, and threesome's in certain Rps. I'll mark which one's have what.

    {If you have any question's feel free to ask them here or through PMs.}
    (Oh, and I'll mark the ones I really want to do at the moment with '~~~")

    Is it too late? (Cross-dressing) ~~~
    Your guy is the King's personal bodyguard and childhood friend. He is the one that came up with the idea of calling the King his ‘Queen’ after the prince tried on a dress in private. Not knowing that his best friend had been watching. The two have feelings for each other but the council does not approve of him and insist on the 'Queen' marrying another ruler. Can your guy convince the King to ignore the council's will?
    Friendship's that last a Lifetime ~~~
    As a child, your character was very lonely. He was a prince with no siblings and no true friends. Then one day while exploring the nearby forest he stumbled across a boy, a Neko. He was fascinated because Neko's were thought to have died off centuries ago. The Neko- Arthur, was severely injured and distrustful at first but, as time went by the two become the best of friends. Day after day the prince would go to the forest and play with his friend, coming back to the palace, later on, talking nonstop about Arthur. Of course, the adults and others played along believing the Neko to be a figment of the young prince's imagination. Finally having enough of being told he was making the boy up, he brought his family and others to meet him. However, it was discovered that only the prince could see the Neko.

    Devastated and harassed even more for 'lying', the boy yelled at Art to leave and never come back. So, it did. Now many years later, the prince was ambushed on a routine patrol and wakes to find himself face to face with the Neko from so many years before.

    Dragon realm plots- (I'll Rp the Dragon King (who has a dragon form and a human form)
    The Wonders of Magic and Dragons
    #1. Your character is a human who lives in a realm of no magic whatsoever. Magic is nothing but stories that children are read every night. One day they find themselves tumbling through a portal and ends up in the realm of Dragons. What will their reaction be to have suddenly found a realm of pure magic? What about the mysterious Dragon king who agrees to help you return home. But, after a while will your character even want to go home?
    World's Apart
    #2. The humans were originally magicless. They were oppressed by the other races because of their inability to really compete and stand up for themselves without magic. Eventually, they came to the dragons- who were akin to gods in terms of status at the time, and begged for power of some kind. They were gifted spells, allowing them to be on semi-equal terms with the werewolves, demons, vampires, angels, and other races.

    As time went on, the races began to specialize more and more. The freedom of magic became limited due to their desire for classification. Light and Dark magic were the only specializations. Even humans, who had the capacity to do so much more, succumbed to those ideals, having mages who were either Light or Dark. The dragons, seeing as how they wouldn't submit to the new standards for magic, were soon enough shunned. The Dragon King then showed up and designed a new realm for his people, effectively abandoning both the humans who had once worshipped them and the other races they'd once been allied with.

    With the dragons now gone, there was room for a new race to claim the title of the most powerful. It started out as a cold war and grew into something more. Now, they're all finally making declarations of war against one another. The humans are caught in the middle, with neither Light nor Dark creatures wishing to ally with them. So, your character (a human) is sent to negotiate with the Dragon King but, unknown to them there is a price to gaining the Dragons' help.

    Free Yourself
    #3. Magic is forbidden, feared and dangerous. Your character was born 'cursed' with magic since they were young they had to wear chains that kept their magic back. Shunned and always in pain because of their magic being held back. At eighteen their magic grows overwhelmingly and explodes, teleporting them to a realm of magic.
    #4. Choosing this you can suggest a plot that to me, that if I like we can do. There are rules though; no modern setting's and your character must be from another realm.
    Other information-
    ~The Dragon realm is strictly Dragon-Only.
    ~Every dragon person has an element they can control, though mastery of this skill varied. Most beings believe that fire was just that, fire. But, for the Dragonborn people, it is far from being that simple.
    ~There are four types of dragons; water/healing, earth/growth, air/storm, and of course fire. If you are a water dragon then when you breathe fire it is a deep blue that doesn’t burn but rather freezes- in human form, you can manipulate water and use it to heal wounds. Earth dragons can’t breathe fire but instead, their spirits connect to the earth beneath them and they create various objects for weapons or to grow food and find water sources. Air dragons breathe wind, bending it to cause wind storms or bring blizzard/rain storms to their aid. Lastly, you have the fire element. This original element that all beings know of, it is surprisingly the rarest and the most dangerous of them all. Unlike the other elements, fire causes nothing but destruction as it is the hardest to fully control. There are only three known dragons with this ability, one of which is the Dragon King himself.
    What makes it special is that there are several separate floating masses of land. Four different floating islands specifically tied to each dragon type; below those is a land with endless mountains and forests. For the most part, everything seems normal, much like the mix-raced realm. But what makes it stand out with its trees and plants. The trees have silver bark, snow-white leaves, and bare golden fruit. While the flowers when at full bloom seem to glow with magic. There are also caves with rare to common gems. Most dragons nest on the lower land, while the floating islands are where they go to strengthen/restore their magic and where a guardian (the most powerful of their dragon-type) who watches over the rest of the dragons live. Also on the lower land is where the Dragon-king's castle is, with the islands floating above it in a circle.

    Death and Love
    Our characters are top assassins, they are feared by everyone and they deeply respect each other. For many years now they've danced around each other, their feelings expressed through their taunting of each other. However, not once have they actually admitted or acted on their feelings. But now a common enemy has attacked both of them multiple times; during one of these attacks, my guy vanished. Now a year later your guy has tracked down mine. Upon finding my guy, yours finds out that my guy now lives life as a Highschool teacher. Why? How will he react to the answers he receives?
    Your character has been trained as an assassin since they were very young- around twelve years old. They’d been trained by the world’s most notorious assassin who was only eighteen themselves at that time. The two met when your character was saved by mine. When your character turned twenty their mentor announced they had nothing left to teach them and sent them on their way.

    #1. (This is set at the time that my character told yours that their training was over) With training officially over and your character now a full-fledged assassin, they confess their long-held feelings to their mentor. {Feel free to add suggestions to flesh out this idea}
    Return of the Legend
    #2. Your character has been trained as an assassin since they were very young- around ten years old. They’d been trained by the world’s most notorious assassin (My character) who was only sixteen themselves at that time. The two met when your character was saved by mine. When your character turned sixteeen their mentor announced they had nothing left to teach them and sent them on their way.
    Eight long years have passed and he has become rather famous among their peers but, recently they’ve found themselves in a stump. Everything has become dreadfully boring and they’ve even slipped up on some assignments. So, hearing that his mentor has returned after a seven-year disappearance, he goes to investigate. Will long-held feeling reappear? Why and where has his former mentor been all these years? What is this assignment that he was rumored to be on? After all, a seven-year-long assignment is ridiculous.
    Other Information-
    For all Rps the assassin's be will part of an organization of Assassin's called 'The Crimson Council'. My character will be a member and founder (which is unknown to everyone). There is a top ten actual council of the organization that my character will be apart of, called the 'Reaper's'. The actual ranking of each of the ten is unknown (My guy is the founder, but that is not known outside the Reaper's).

    Flower's and their Secrets (Cross-dressing) ~~~
    Your guy is a Delivery Man who picks up flowers from various shops and takes them to be sold in bigger stores. But there is one store in particular that has gotten your attention. It is run by a young man around your guy's same age and they are very soft-spoken but very knowledgeable on plants of all kinds, though flowers are an obvious favorite. They have been wanting to ask them out for a few weeks, but then the other week they went in to finally ask them out, they weren't there someone else was. They were told that my guy was out of town for a while, no idea how long. Now about a month later he is back but something is troubling him. There are bruises on his skin and he isn't as smiley as usual. Will he find out what happened? What about asking him on a date?

    A Winter Time Romance ~~~
    Winter has come yet again. Your character works at a Cafe, they'd been working there for several years now. Starting from janitorial work to now being the Cafe Manager. They are very social and have many regular customers. One day a few Winter's ago, a man dressed in a fancy suit and a strange metal mask appeared. Every day from the last day of November to the first day of February he would come in and sit in a corner next to the window, ordering the same drink and sweet. He'd sit there for a few hours, taking his time with his order and gazing out of the window at the people passing by. Once done, he leaves the exact change for his order and a generous tip.
    Not once did the man come in any other time of the year, only during winter and no time past that. Your character had always been intrigued by this mystery man and has in the past tried striking up a conversation... with no luck. While the man wasn't rude, he answered the question in a polite but curt manner; never saying more than a few words. The sixth-year came and the man didn't appear as he had in the past, not once during that winter or year. Now it is the next years and low and behold, the man comes waltzing in. How will your character react? Where was the man last year? Can your character finally get more than just a few words from him?

    Poems, Understanding, Love? ~~~
    So, my guy is in love with the ever-popular guy in college (your guy). However my guy is extremely skittish and quiet, so he started writing love poems, light, happy, dark, sad and he put them in the guy locker. Always signing his poems as anonymous. After weeks of receiving mysterious poems your guy really, really wants to know who was putting these poems in his locker. So one day, fate is with him when he sees a person, clearly male, in a hoodie put one in. Then leave. He follows my guy and he finally confronts my guy when he was sure that they both were alone. What'll happen next?
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019


    Still looking? I’d be happy to have a long time rp buddy!
  3. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Sorry for the delay! Would you still like to RP?


    Of course!
  5. LadyDovahkiin

    LadyDovahkiin DragonFanatic

    Would anyone like to do 'Return of the Legend' with me? ^-^

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