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A place to advertise for 1x1 roleplays. All roleplays being advertised in the 1x1 Bulletin Board must be hosted through Storyteller's Circle's public IC-forums. No off-site or exclusively PM roleplays may be advertised in the bulletin board.

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I really need to get myself in order. I keep disappearing for extended periods of time without warning, then reappearing with the same lack of warning .-.
It's sea otter awareness month! I guess I should include some facts. They are endangered and internationally protected, a keystone species, the largest of the otter species at up to 5 feet long and 90 pounds (40 kg), live almost entirely in the water, have the thickest fur of any animal, can stay submerged around 5 minutes, and the oldest known otter died at 28 years old!
Happy library card sign-up month!
My moods to write/roleplay have been going up and down lately. But I am in the mood for something.
I really want to do a zombie apocalypse roleplay/story for some reason.

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