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Raffias characters

Discussion in 'Omniverse Character Profiles' started by Raffia Kiryuin, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Raffia Kiryuin

    Raffia Kiryuin Nothing to see here humans The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Name: Mizumi Ichikawa
    Nicknames/Titles/Alliases [Optional]:
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation [What gender are they into?]: Bisexual though prefers the ladies
    Species: Human/elemental spirit fusion
    Age: 19
    Homeworld: Aer
    Current Loyalty: independant
    Current Residence: None
    Hyadn Status [Whether or not they're a Hyadn, yes or no]: Yes

    Name: Titania
    Species/Object: Arcane AI known as a Magius engine
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Compliant and helpful but can be a stubborn ass when she want to have her way very strongly.
    Unique Abilities : ability to animate and inhabit any object she inhabits or has been attached to

    Appearance: As a human she appears to be wearing an oriental style kimono and an four eyed mask that had been enchanted to blink in unison with its wearer. She has a pair of fox like ears and five fluffy tails. However all that will change once Platinum shift comes into play. She is a really short girl just barely over 134 CM in height she sports a nicely athletic body. Although there isn't much muscle mass her appearance deceives people from her true physical strength. Lastly she has a deeply tanned skin tone and black hair. her eye color and facial features are unknown as she has never taken off her mask in public.

    Personality: She is a sleepy looking emotionless looking girl that has troubles of forcing even the faintest of smiles. However that does not mean Mizumi is an anti social freak...She enjoys being around people and interacting with them but doesn't show it outwardly and doesn't speak much either as she likes to observe and learn instead.
    History: Classified

    Likes: Likes the color of pink and ancient technologies
    Dislikes: Hates being called short
    Goals: Restoring Titania to her full glory
    Fears: She is afraid of Leppi and Zhis due to their bug and lizard like appearance and nature

    Strengths: great at magic and long range engagements
    Greater Strengths [Optional]: attuned with magic to the point she is considered a hyadn
    Weaknesses: Absolutely sucks at mele combat. if you can get close to her
    Greater Weaknesses [Optional]: A glass cannon.

    Power Weaknesses: Each element has its own weaknesses like fire is weak against water for example. the limit of her powers depends on just how much mana she can dump into a spell that she casts using movements. if she cant move she cant cast anything either.

    MAGIC/POWERS/WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: ((Had to combine these two due to the nature of the platinum shift and what i intend to do with the character.))
    Weapon(s)/ Equipment: Platinum shift is a conceptual weapon that lives on the spiritual level but the so called weapon is in reality a vessel that holds weakened or simply weak elemental spirits in a sealed state and once activated forces the elemental spirit to poses its user thus making them an elemental themselves. the spirit is too weak to take over the users mind and is stuck serving as the bridge between the user and an element of their choosing. however once platinum shift has been activated for the first time to enter a full form mode she can never go back to her human form as it is permanently destroyed in the process. the element count is not limited to the 4 basic elements but rather on the spirits she catches or are already sealed within the platinum shift upon its creation and its previous users.

    this also allows for fusion elements like ice and magma by activating more than 1 elemental spirit at a time. however the spirits have 0 intentions of letting the user live so she has to be extra be careful as the more spirits she unseals the heavier the strain is on her mentally and physically.
    Then there is fusion mode where she can access all elements at a time and her body constantly changes as the spirits battle for dominance. as minutes pass she will slowly loose it and her flickering invisible at random intervals is a sign that shes about to loose it. if she hasn't disengaged from fusion mode by then the chance of her going berserk increases exponentially.
    once berserk she looses all common sense and will attack anything that moves, be it human animal alien or just a random light like a laser pointer. if it moves it dead. she will keep going like this until she drops from exhaustion is defeated or somehow ends up killing herself... the latter would not be preferred.

    Four basic elements....there will be too many to name as the story goes on and Mizumi evolves.

    Earth = Tank: A classic tank role capable of taking stupendous amount of damage and has the stamina to keep running for days. her body becomes made from stone. Can hit REALLY hard due to the weight but is also considerably slower thanks to it.

    Water = allrounder: Water is capable of soaking up some damage and can deal it out at shorter ranges too. Due tot he body becoming slime like its difficult to damage her with swords but those will still wear down on her stamina.

    Air = stealth: Unable to deliver any sort of a punch only capable gusts of wind and if really put her mind to it make a small tornado. her body becomes intangible like air and can fly freely.

    Fire = DPS glass cannon: This is the strongest of her starting forms and can dish out ridiculous amounts of damage as her body becomes like that of an fire elemental she is susceptible to fire extinguishers and can be nulled by them. She cant take a solid hit so she has to remain on the move at all times. fire spells will just fuel he fire form so be careful. this form also is capable of light but in limited amounts of time as it burns allot of mana to fly using just fire.

    None of the forms except fire generate their elements. they have to use whats around them. if theres no air the air form will be useless. if theres no water the water form cant be used. the same applies to earth. each form has its own respective weaknesses that apply to that element. simple logic will reveal all her weaknesses in her current form.

    Vehicle(s) [Name, appearance, functionality]: small fighter...that is all that remains from the original Yamato class ship.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018

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