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Raynar Saassin

Multiverse RP'er
Ultra Dimension
Histoire and Plutia

After the ending of Re;birth 3, Neptune was finally returned to her home dimension of Hyper Dimension, having said her goodbyes to everyone in the Ultra Dimension, including the smaller Histoire and Planeptune's CPU, Plutia.

A few months after these events, Histoire had been experimenting since she finally had some down-time. She had been curious as to how they generated a portal to return Neptune home, and wanted to replicate it to maybe perfect it and make it a common utility. After a while of research, she finally got round to utilising Planeptune's Shares to create the Dimensional Portal. However, she created it entirely on accident, and was unable to determine where it went.

"Plutia, can you come in here please? ^_^ I need some help." "Coming~!"

"How can I help you, Histy?--- Woah! Is that a portal?" "Indeed, Plutia... I accidentally created it after my curiosity about how Neptune returned home ^_^ However... I don't know exactly where this goes... Can you go and check it out for me?" "Can I transform for this...?" "As much as your form terrifies me, I believe it's for the greater good... O_O" "Yaaaay~!" And such, Plutia transformed into her Sadistic Goddess form; Iris Heart.

"Hmhm~ You better not use this to get rid of me, Histoire~ Otherwise I may have to take matters into my own hands~" And so, Iris Heart stepped into the portal...

When Iris Heart arrived through the portal, she discovered she wasn't exactly in any Gamindustri anymore... In fact, on closer observation, she discovered she was on top of a wall in some kind of large city:

It looked very strong and well looked after, and appeared to have quite a few guards actively patrolling it's walls. On even closer inspection, a few of them appeared to have some kind of symbol on their uniform, which might indicate they serve a specific general or something along those lines. She decided to walk along the walls despite there being many guards, not giving a care in the world if she was detected or not, as she talked to herself while doing so.

"Hm hm hm~ What a beautiful little town~ Certainly looks a lot better from this elevation. I bet there must be some people here who could probably take quite a beating~ Perhaps I shall enjoy myself here, finally under my own freedom instead of bound to restraints."

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