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Name: Bronan, the Enslaved
Race: Hellion
Gender: Male, 6'6", 250 lbs

Bio: Bronan is a Darkling, a Hellion who was born and raised in the Dark Continent, and thrived in its harsh, evil environment. Bronan lived in the harsh, cold mountains of Everwinter, where he acted as chief of his own tribe. Ruling with a viscious iron fist and great will and stubborness, Bronan's reign of his tribe ended when his subjects used dishonorable tactics to weaken Bronan. With great fear of angering Conquest, instead of killing Bronan, they instead sold him to slavery, to a king who greatly desired a Darkling Hellion to act as his bodyguard.

During the boat ride to the kingdom, the ship was caught in a storm, and crashed into the coast of the Desert of the Lech. Bronan lifted himself from the wreckage, and surveyed his new environment, and with little hesitation, pursued his curiosity. "Who was this man who wanted my enslavement?" Bronan pondered, "And is he a worthy holder of a slave such as I?"

Motivations: Meeting with the king who bought him, and judging whether he's worthy of holding Bronan as a slave

Lived and thrived in a cold, harsh environment of pure evil, which hones the survivor's instinct, as well their physical strength and endurance. Bronan lived as a despotic chieftain for most of his life, which also gave him great skills of leadership, though his form of leadership is by way of light and fear, than charisma. Due to the evil culture he lived in, Bronan is no hero, and will do absolutely what he wishes, when he wants, with only threats of greater might and consequences dissuading him from acting as he rather would.
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