Shifting Ideas [1x1]


The Eager Rper
“Hey! Get back here!”

“You have to catch me first!”

So close. Holly almost had it. The wallet was almost gone without a trace. But nooo, someone had to point it out. Oh well, more fun for her. She looked back to see the men were still chasing her. A breathless giggle exited her mouth before she turned the corner, dodging people like a football player. One would’ve thought she would bump into someone at this point, but not when she was agile as a cat.

“Get over here!” the man shouted again. Holly couldn’t help but laugh - she was much faster, but having this much fun was too hard to give up. Turning another corner, Holly ran into a quieter and less crowded neighborhood. One that wasn’t very active with parents or children. As fast as she could, Holly hid behind someone’s car, crouching down to see the men’s feet while she crawled on the ground.

Slowly she crept around the vehicle while they frustratingly searched their surroundings.

“Where is that bitch?”

“She’s obviously not here. You want to call the cops already?” an apparent friend asked.

“No! She will be long gone by then,”

“Well, if we keep talking here, she’ll be long gone for sure.”

“Shut up man. Hurry up, keep moving,” the man said as he began to run again. Holly waited until the men were completely gone from sight, then chuckled to herself as she walked back out of the neighborhood street. Walking leisurely, the woman pulled out the wallet she stole to count the money she could’ve had.

“Hmmm, not bad. Wish it was a bit more, but beggars can’t be choosers,” Holly said with a shrug. She kept walking until…

“There you are, bitch!”

Holly turned her head to see the men having come back out to the main streets. Shit.

Time to run again.

Holly put the wallet in her small sack as she began to run, to make sure that it didn’t fall out. Her pace picked up to a full sprint, dodging people once more to make sure her stride didn’t falter.

Then the blaring sound of the train pierced the air. A smile came across Holly’s face. Hell yes! Her chance to get away! Immediately, Holly focused on the train that was nearby, hoping that she could make it in time. After two blocks, Holly saw the train tracks. Yes! She could be safe if she crossed it.

Holly looked both ways as she ran. Train was almost in position. She ran faster, taunting the men the whole time. The train was getting closer and closer, but Holly wasn’t stopping.

“Hey man! Stop!” she heard the second man cry out.

Holly kept running and running until she finally ducked under the barrier and leaped over the tracks, right in front of the incoming train as it blared its horn again. Finally. She was separated from the men. They watched with anger as the train divided them from their thief, and she gave a triumphant smile as she turned to walk away. The train that was passing though was a large freight train. Those easily had 100 cars to pull, which would take a while. She had all the time to walk away. And she did.

“Better luck next time!” Holly mockingly shouted behind the sounds of the train.
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The Dread Wolf★
Celestine left Victor’s office, clasping her hands behind her back as she held in her smug smile. It might’ve been obvious from the start that she’d one day become the new head of the Valerius Clan. But to hear it confirmed by the current head, left no lingering doubt in her mind. Weaving through the high-ceiling opulent corridors, she passed by various ranking members within the clan – and they regarded her with a slight nod or bow to acknowledge her own ranking. Although completely neutral, there was an energy about her the others picked up quickly.

She left to head back toward her own personal chambers on the far south side of the estate. Celestine was looking forward to Victor announcing it later on in the day. For now, she was to continue her usual routine, which was acting as the personal finance accountant/secretary of the clan’s assets and handling of state affairs. Once she returned to the large opulent bed chambers, she quickly blurred over to the large, comfortable black chair sitting in front of the oak desk. With her feet up on it, she was feeling all the hard work and patience of waiting nearly half a millennium to get what she wanted.

Celestine briefly revelled in the news before actually getting to work. You’d be surprised how much of work was actually waiting for a vampire, many stacks of it. And within an hour and a half, much of it would be gone. She was so focussed on working that she nearly forgot feeding time, which in her definition was actually just swallowing down pills of blood to stave off the hunger. Eventually, she’d need to feed properly on any of the consenting blood banks walking around, but was something she never looked forward to.

That is quite odd…’ She thought to herself, looking over some old transactions that were well hidden away in the many stacks of files. Celestine happened upon it when she accidentally knocked it over. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were transferred into accounts not found anywhere within their database, as far as she could remember. With more thorough digging through the stacks of folders and the database, Celestine found out someone was funnelling the estate’s money into off-shore accounts spread throughout Europe. It was a shame she wasn’t able to find the owner of the accounts since it was purposely redacted or blackened out.

Someone left these here purposely.’ She figured, narrowing her eyes at the last bank statement of nearly $300K being transferred into an account somewhere in Greece. Before she could get up to gather the evidence and show it to Victor, her best friend, Adelaide appeared out of thin air to tell her that the news was going to be shared soon.

She looked over at Adelaide, “I don’t think I will attend.” Celestine pointed to the others stacks of folders she’d still have to go through before the end of the week.

“Fine, I’ll tell Victor you won’t be attending then.” Adelaide stood up from the couch she was sitting upon. “What will he say when he hears this, I wonder?” She more asked herself than Celestine.

“I already know I will become the next head of the clan. Victor will understand why I was away. How else were you able to afford mortal designer clothing?” She arched a brow at her and gestured for her to leave the room.

“ be a dearie and shut the door. Can’t have more intruders now, can I?” She rhetorically asked. As asked, the door clicked shut behind Adelaide as she left.

Celestine turned back to the stacks at hand. She went through the rest of it to finally find a name on the last page. What was very suspicious and odd was that a werewolf was involved. ‘Of course...dogs could never play by themselves for long…’ She shut the folder and got up from her desk.


The Eager Rper
Holly walked off confidently with a smile on her face as she gradually left the blaring train behind her. Her grin was plastered on her face, for she knew that the train would hold up the cars that waited in the road and the pursuers who festered with anger for at least another 3 minutes. By then she would be long gone and her pursuers would either have to follow her trail or give up and go back to where they were in the first place.

Even so she didn't want to take any more chances on a longer pursuit, so she decided to pick up the pace and be on her way. After nearly 5 minutes of walking down the sidewalk Holly realized that she was on the other side of the train tracks.... The part of town where many citizens were vampires.

Shit. Holly got so caught up in her chase that she forgot where she was heading. It wasn't illegal for her to be on this side of the tracks, it was just more difficult to feel comfortable. Shifters and werewolves were not really looked on upon rather than nicely by their more stronger and less mortal counterparts.

But she couldn't help but notice how much more nicer this side was. Colorful trees decorated the sidewalks, and open patches of land gave the atmosphere a sort of... Half wild look, as if nature was still clinging on to life despite their modern surroundings. Holly let out a solemn sigh, wishing that humanity wasn't so hellbent on destroying nature.

Nevermind. Time to go get something to eat, and then a trip to the library. Crossing the street, Holly kept her head down as she walked under the trees down the path, relishing the shade that it provided. She looked to her right to see the string of bushes that stood alongside the sidewalk, smiling as she remembered hiding in them when she was younger.


The Dread Wolf★
Contrary to popular belief, Vampires didn’t vaporise under the sun’s reign, not anymore. With new technology built in modern times, they could easily adapt to humanity’s world – and work their way around the sun. Whilst still more likely to appear in the night than daytime, it wasn’t entirely out of the norm to see a Vampire out and about. It was more than not, younger members of a certain clan that were sent out to do duties from the higher-up’s. The higher-up a vampire was, the less likely they were to appear out in public – out of safety and cautionary reason.

Celestine left the large Victorian-like estate, driving a heavily dark tinted rolls royce down the interminable driveway up to the steel gates. She hit a button to open them up and slowly peel out of the gated community. It took a while since their estate was the largest, near the ocean front with a view most mortals would die for. All along the road, other mansions were far between, manicured front lawns, and expensive vehicles sat out in the open. It’s what set them apart from the other Vampires – half-vampires that were the middle-class, and those rarely in poverty located in the inner-city slums.

She finally broke away from the community, leaving the last set of security gates. Celestine looked over at the paper on the passenger’s side again—lupus commutabilis—was the identified species. But it was the address that went all the way on the other side of the city, literally into the wolf’s den. A name she wasn’t familiar with, then again werewolves multiplied like rabbits, only the important ones were worth knowing – those who nearly killed her father. Revenge was a powerful motivation to get one to kill.

It was a bit irritating that she’d have to make a house call, and to do it under the table. Wouldn’t make a good impression to have matters like this slip out into the clan’s rumour mill. Celestine put in some Erik Satie, letting it play throughout her speakers and put her mind at ease. She looked back out at the road, following the GPS’ directions. It would be at least an hour's drive with the amount of mortals packing up the roads like canned sardines.