1x1 Some lovely plots

Ki Fish

Plot # 1
Muse A and Muse B have been together for a while Muse B often had their little hiccups, but they could easily be fixed by giving them some space or Muse A talking to them in a kind manner or even a hug. The two had found themselves being rather comfortable with the way things were and were even thinking about making a big leap. Until disaster struck resulting Muse B getting injured and hospitalized for a short while. Muse A was told that Muse B would be fine but began to second guess when they noticed Muse B having more Hiccups then normal and only getting harder to handle.

Will Muse A decide enough is enough and leave Muse B to recover and figure out things on their own or Will they stay with Muse B

Roleplay Genres
-slice of life
(Open to adding more)

Plot: 2

Worth it

Muse A had found himself leaning against the wall as he watched his lover sleep peacefully a little ways away. This wasn't done creepily but more as reassurance to know that they were safe and sound. Dispute his fondness for his partner he made sure to keep some type of distance between them not wanting to put them at risk.
Muse A sadly wasn't the man Muse B thought he was like most desperate souls Muse A had to enter a shady type of business left with no other choice. Of course this hadn't stopped Muse B from becoming the much needed light in his life. Of course he wanted the best for their relationship but he wasn't in the type of work he could just leave. Luckily for him he was never actually doing the crime but he was an inside man and he hoped that risking everything while partnering with the police to put an end their employers business.

The question was it worth the damage that it could to do what they already had would he risk destroying it for a step closer to a dream?