The Arrangement


The Dread Wolf★
— ⊱ The Arrangement ⊰ —

To quash the brewing tensions between The Elven Empire and The Human Nations, an arranged marriage is proposed by both rivalries. No one wishes to admit it, but to continue the prosperity and peace that they live in, they must do this. The Elves have always lived and reigned in the North with respective borders among The Human Nations. The Humans have always reigned in the South and are no stranger to war, but in times like now they wish to continue to rebuild their recent war-torn lands. An arranged marriage is what they need between their chosen heirs, but it’s not without opposition from their own peoples. The chosen heirs must first journey across the lands to learn more about one another’s culture, customs, and languages - if they wish to keep the peace. What they don’t know is that there’s a darkness just lurking outside their borders, coming to dash the hopes and dreams of said arranged marriage.

— ⊱ World of Gaia & Its Ruling Empires ⊰ —

— ⊱ The Elven Empire ⊰ —

The Elven Empire comprises 4 ruling Kingdoms: The North, South, West, and East. Unlike Humans, who are a stickler for labels, the Elves only go by the directions their factions are in or by the land they claim. All Kingdoms have control over their factions, but the Main Kingdom has control over all factions and is trusted with the power to lead the Elven people to greatness. Elves have adapted well within their environments; they coalesce with their environments and don’t disrespect what nature has given them – making them perfect rivals with The Humans. Unlike the non-magical humans, the Elves are blessed with natural magic that is taught and prospered among the nations like candy. What makes the entire Elven Empire unique is their own guardians tasked with protecting each faction from evil and harm—even if it’s from the Kingdoms. It is unknown how the Guardians have come to co-exist along the Elves, but it’s rumoured that they were once Giants, but it’s only rumour.

— ⊱ Kingdom of Lynlore ⊰ —
Northern Royalty | Main Kingdom | Kingdom of Lynlore
  • In the North, The Elves in this faction have access to both the sea and land, giving them dominant power over the other Kingdoms in the area. They’re the biggest hub of Elves in all the Elven Empire. They’re essentially the law of the land. Elves of this Kingdom live far longer than those of the other factions.

Royal Family of Lynlore
  • King Kolvar Blaric
  • Queen Zestarri Blaric
  • Prince Katyr Blaric / 35 / 1st Prince / Son / Married to Sarya / Has 1 son named Lyklore
  • Princess Naexi Blaric / 29 / 1st Princess / Daughter / Betrothed to Strolvac
  • Prince Aiduin Blaric / 23 / 2nd Prince / Son / Jester
  • Princess Elora Blaric / 22 / 2nd Princess / Youngest Daughter / Betrothed to Prince Archie Lennox

Guardian of the North: Onyx (Oh-nyx)
Onyx is a rather unique guardian, he comprises many elements, but he’s a giant just like the other Guardians. He has a rivalry with Ebony. It’s rumoured that he is the brother of Ebony, but is entirely unknown. Like the other guardians, he watches and protects over the Northern faction, but unlike the others, he guards from two distinct elements: the land and water. He’s rarely seen by the Elves living in this faction, he’s only seen whenever he’s summoned – other than that he’s largely known to be away from its civilians.

— ⊱ Kingdom of Cylarius ⊰ —

Western Royalty | Snow Mountain Elves | Kingdom of Cylarius
  • In the Western Faction, the Snow Mountain Elves live within the enormous mountain that looms over all lands of the west. They also have access to unlimited gaian minerals – rare and common – which makes them quite powerful. They also have access to the strongest metals in all the lands, giving them the strongest armour among the Elven armies.

Royal Family of Cylarius
  • Queen Alaisanna

Other Personnel
  • Kedori / Handmaiden

Guardian of the West: Petri (peh-tree)
Petri is a Snow Giant, she’s the guardian of the Western Faction and lives atop the Wight Mountain. Out of all the guardians, she’s only known to have clashed with Ebony, but she’s the most peaceful amongst the guardians.

— ⊱ Kingdom of Uenora ⊰ —

Eastern Royalty | Wood Elves | Kingdom of Uenora
  • The Wood Elves live in the largest amount of forest existing in the Empire, making them a favourable ally with other Kingdoms. They’re also known to harbour a rare and special type of wood, known to not burn yet burn with a special fire that’s highly sought after by those with evil intentions. Their tall Kingdom lives in the heart of the Enchanted Forest, existing high off the ground gives them unique defences against those that are familiar with fighting on the ground. The Elves of this faction also have the most amount of spies and are skilled at archery. Their army is not one to take lightly.

Royal Family of Uenora
  • King Uluc
  • Prince Strolvac / Betrothed to Naexi Blaric

Other Personnel
  • Advisor Dholtos / Half-Brother of Strolvac

Guardian of the East: Sapphire (Saff-fire)
Sapphire is a giant wooden guardian. She protects and lives over the Eastern Faction. Her age is unknown, but she’s always outlived her Monarchs.

— ⊱ Kingdom of Galana ⊰ —
Southern Royalty | Dark Elves | Kingdom of Galana
  • The Dark Elves are a unique breed and very rare. They live to the South, where their Kingdom lives within the Gaia, itself. In honesty, not much is known about them, but they’re quite brutish and have recently finished a civil war over a century ago. The current ruler is not to be messed with. King of this realm has lived past many civil wars and was the last Elf out of this war that was started by his own clan. The Dark Elves have rare gaian metals and dark magic that’s usually only called for whenever evil harbours on the outskirts of all of their lands. It’s said that they result from the ancient race of Draconian and Elves mating, but it’s just that, a rumour.

Royal Family of Galana
  • King Grykail
  • Princess Sarya / Married to Katyr / Has a son named Lyklore

Other Personnel
  • Cerci / Assistant of King Grykail

Guardian of the South: Ebony (Eh-boh-knee)
Ebony is a unique guardian, his current species is unknown, but he’s a dark giant that protects the realm of the Dark Elves. He’s the oldest of the Guardians and had clashed, at least once, with all the Guardians in the past. He currently has a rivalry with Onyx for unknown reasons.

— ⊱ The Human Empire ⊰ —
Unlike the Elves, the Humans only have Two Kingdoms with smaller factions ruled by Noble Houses. The Main Kingdom is ruled by the Lennox House, and the Second Kingdom is ruled by the Delafontaine House. Although they lack in magical ability, they make that up in their large frames, muscle mass, and unique ability of war, unseen by any other species on Gaia.

Lennox House | Northern/Main Kingdom

  • The Lennox House is the only known House to have over one surviving heir to the throne. It is also the only House to have over two children surviving as it’s rarely common among nobility, let alone the Main Kingdoms.

Royal Family of Lennox Kingdom
  • Alistair Lennox / 52 / King / Ruler of Human Nations / Figurehead
  • Calliope Lennox (née Delafontaine) / 42 / Queen / Royal Consort
  • Archie Lennox / 24 / Crown Prince / Fraternal Twin to Anastasia (Older by 6 mins.) / Soldier / Trainer / Betrothed to Elora Blaric (Arranged Marriage)
  • Anastasia Lennox / 24 / Crown & Only Princess / Fraternal Twin to Archie / Scholar / Witch
  • Leo Lennox / 23 / 2nd Prince / Adventurer
  • Landon Lennox / 21 / 3rd Prince / Scholar
  • Levian Lennox / 20 / 4th Prince / Adventurer
  • Lysander Lennox / 18 / 5th Prince / Soldier
  • Lorcan Lennox / 15 / Last Heir to the Throne / 6th Prince

— ⊱ Kingdom of Delafontaine ⊰ —

Delafontaine House | Southern Kingdom
  • The Delafontaine House has always been the only known ruler in the South. In fact, they laid claims to the lands before they ever produced an official Kingdom. The Delafontaine’s have only bred and wedded with the Main Kingdom. It’s rare for any of the heirs of this House to marry outside of The Main Kingdom – which has only happened twice in the past.

Royal Family of Delafontaine Kingdom
  • Pierre Delafontaine / 76 / King / Ascended to the throne at age twelve
  • Emeligne Delafontaine (née Montgomery) / 42 / Queen / Royal Consort / 2nd Wife of Pierre Delafontaine
  • Lily Delafontaine / 24 / Heir to Delafontaine Kingdom / Princess / Betrothed to Colby Beaumont / Half-Sister to Calliope Lennox

— ⊱ East & West Noble Houses ⊰ —
Ruling Houses of the West
  • The ruling nobility of the West are split into 3 houses and 3 regions. The Blackburn House is in a most unforgiving region; the Sonari Region, mostly known for its cold and snow. The Beaumont House is in the scorching Solaris Sands. The Valmaris House is most unusual nobility, making up of Halflings, and they live in the Sarralei Jungle.

Blackburn House
  • In the Sonrai region, Blackburn’s Nobility live high on a cliff side. Rarely will you see a sunny day here. Most of the people here are rarely seen living the region, and no one knows why.

Blackburn Noble Family
  • Aston Blackburn / Diplomat of King Alistair / Part of Alistair's Council

Beaumont House

  • Although the Beaumont House lives in the Solaris Sands, they claim a rich part of the sands that was once a jungle with palm trees here and there. They built their fortress around a large lake that provides water to its citizens. The lake connects to the ocean, making them a valuable house to trade with via their ports.

Beaumont Noble Family
  • Colby Beaumont / Heir to Beaumont House / Betrothed to Lily Delafontaine

Valmaris House
  • Living in the Sarralei Jungle, the Valmaris Nobility unusually live high in the trees. This House comprises halflings – half human, half elf. They rarely wear footwear, only when in the presence of other nobles. Most of its citizens are halflings or refugees kicked from other Human Houses. Among the nobility, the Valmaris are the most kind.

Ruling Houses of the East
  • The ruling nobility of the East are spilt into 3 Houses and 3 regions. The Montgomery House rules in the rolling and envious green hills of Esperia. Calliwell House is in the Kerois Plains; they grow the most food out of all the lands in the Human Realms. Mao House lives in the Quoin Mountains, making them the largest miners and provider of steel to all armies in the Human Realms.

Montgomery House
  • In rich soils and rolling hills, they have the perfect plots of lands to grow wine and provide food that grows in abundance. Only 30 days a year will they never see the sun, which is the downfall to their harvests if not grown before then.

Montgomery Noble Family
  • Emeligne Delafontaine / 2nd Wife of Pierre Delafontaine / Current Queen of Delafontaine Kingdom

Calliwell House
  • Living in the Kerois Plains, their Nobility are mostly farmers and grow food in great abundance to provide to most civilians across the Human Realm.

Mao House
  • Living in a mountainous region, the Mao Nobility live high off the grounds from the other humans. From their mountains they boast some of the cleanest air/water quality in Gaia. They also hold some of the rarest minerals known to Humans – making them quite rich in mining areas.
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Elora Blaric
From the Northern Elven Kingdom
Elora was born the fourth child of the king and queen to the Northern Kingdom. She is an outspoken person and is very caring. She prefers reading and dancing over socializing and enjoy's spending her time sitting amongst the beaches. She can sometimes be very blunt but is only trying to be honest.
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The Dread Wolf★
Name: Archie Lennox

Age: 24
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 170 lbs
Species/Race: Human/Gaian
Place of Birth: Kingdom Lennox, Gaia
Occupation: Prince, Soldier, & Trainer
Title: Prince of Lennox House & Heir to the throne.
Status: Betrothed to Princess Elora Blaric

Personality: Archie is very charismatic Prince, able to charm an audience with his looks alone. He’s able to read the room in a single glance, and knows how to communicate with reason, emotion, passion, and restraint. Despite being of nobility, he’s rather quite fond of his people, and exceptionally reliable – he’d hate to let down anyone or any cause he strongly believes in. He can be counted on to see any situation through, even under heavy and tense circumstances. He has an unyielding desire to do good for his people, his community, and is genuine about his beliefs of bringing people together to do good.

However, even he can be too idealistic, and may be caught off guard when people fight against them and defy the principles he’s adopted, however good intentioned they may be. Archie is likely to feel pity rather than anger, and has earned a rep. of being naïve. Although, he’s rather good-willed, he needs to be reminded that even he can be buried under hopeful promises, and problems of others’ – spreading himself too thin, will leave him unable to help anyone. Archie is rather overly sensitive, sometimes criticism might be taken quite literally to the heart. This can leave him to define his self-esteem based upon whether he lived up his ideals, and might resort to seek out criticism out of his insecurity than out of confidence.

Archie can be hard on himself, if he’s unable to help someone else that he made a promise to, which leaves his self-confidence in a puddle of shame. Archie, however—the ideal Prince of his people—can be stricken with paralysis when stuck between a rock, and a hard place. Even he, struggles to make tough decisions as he experienced during the recent civil war.

History: Born as Archie Lennox to Alistair and Calliope Lennox, in the Northern Kingdom of the Human Nations. He’s the eldest among seven children—and is six minutes older than his fraternal twin, Anastasia Lennox, who is the complete opposite of him in looks and personality. Despite this, he was named the heir to the throne of the North and would be given proper education to befit a future king of the humans. He’s been burdened by this fact since he could talk, but has always pushed through with a smile because he has many relying on his leadership long after his father's death.

Despite being an heir and Prince, he’s learned to pick up a sword, and was trained like a soldier. In the House of Lennox, it was always a firm belief that the heir should get experience among the soldiers who put their lives on the line to ensure safety, prosperity, and peace in the lands of the North. Since adolescence, he’s excelled within the ranks, Archie has proven more than once that he was worthy to rule the Kingdom. So, when a civil war broke out in the lands between the North East lands, he was deployed with the Royal Army to quell the rebels. The Civil War would last half a decade, Archie learned what is was like to lose comrades, and to cut down your own people in the name of peace.

Whilst on the battlefields, he nearly had his skull split in two, which is where his large scar comes from. Despite the violence and death, he’s experienced, he’s always held hope in the people who rebelled against the Kingdom in the first place. Archie returned home after the war to continue his training in combat and in being the leader of the Humans.


  • His popularity among the people has only grown since his time in the civil war.
  • Archie hopes that one day, peace and prosperity could be felt in all the lands across the human realm.
  • Despite being a noble, he enjoys the local food and drink and can be found in the city (sometimes)
  • Has a fraternal twin, who is second-in-line to the throne.
  • He has five younger brothers, with his twin being the only daughter in the entire Lennox House.
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At first light, a white falcon disembarks from the lands of Lynlore, the reigning Elven Kingdom of the North. It screeches across the lands as its wings span across 9 ft, soaring across the lands with an urgent message caught in its talons. With the help of Elven magic, it’s directed on the path towards the Kingdom of House Lennox, the reigning Human Kingdom of the North, located in the southern region of Gaia. The light fully extends across the Elven Realms by the time the falcon reaches the realm of the Humans. Such a unique and elegant creature, native to the Northern regions of Gaia, is a messenger between the two dominant species of the lands: Humans and Elves.

For as long as the two could recall, they’ve always been at odds with one another. Neither of them thought highly of each other, even having spiteful nicknames for each other. They were like two siblings, eternally in a rivalry that might just do more harm than good, should it continue unchecked. The white falcon reached the House of Lennox, being called in by a special tune from a flute by the messenger boy who stood on the tall walls that surrounded the Castle. It flew in, landing on the gauntlet of the boy’s arm, letting out a screech and is rewarded with a treat for braving the winds today. When the boy pulls the scroll from its talons, his eyes grow wide at the golden seal; adorning the royal symbol of Lynlore. Without hesitation, he hands the message off to another messenger, telling him to deliver without perturbation from outside forces, even if his life relied on it.

The other younger messenger went flying through the corridors of the castle, making with a full sprint down the spiralling stairs, going down three more floors before finding the war room. His lungs nearly give out, he stops for a quick drink of water from the maid. The enormous steel doors open with a rumble against the marble floors, gaining attention of King Alistair, and the council of his most trusted advisors.

The older King wears an expression of annoyance, turning his glare to the younger boy, “What is it, child?” His irritation prominent in his tone of voice.

“M-message from K-King Blaric of the E-elven E-empire.” The boy nearly collapses, his trembling knees nearly giving in as he presents the scroll to his King.

Alistair snatches the scroll from the boy’s hands, causing him to jump at his cruel action. Though the human King has no time for such trivial matters, with a wave of his calloused hand he dismisses him. The child scampers away, out the doors again, for them to close with a groaning thud.

“The Elves? What do the knife ears want?” His War Commander inquires, he strokes his long, greying beard.

Alistair spares no remark, he rips the seal off and unrolls the scroll, his pale-blue eyes read across the elegant handwriting at a fast pace. He sees the last message with the signing by Kolvar Blaric, King of Lynlore & The Elven Empire.

“Well, what does it say?” His Spymaster asks, she’s nearly on the edge of her seat trying to read the scroll.

Alistair gazes up from the parchment, looks around at his council and announces, “He wishes to amend our…disdain for one another.”

“Bah! Has to be a sick joke!” His Diplomat speaks, he has an air of tact elegance about him.

“…and to share the fruits of our labour; minerals, rare materials, magic ability, and…he goes on about how he wants to ensure the peace is kept between our realms and Gaia.” Alistair, despite his opposition to the selfish Elves in the North, was making an appealing opportunity.

“I say we send back a ‘present’ of why we don’t deal with those damn slimy, selfish pricks!” The War Commander continued, his brows furrowed, “We can’t—”

“But think about the opportunity it would present us if we sent our own people in.” The Spymaster interjected, arching a sculpted eyebrow.

“Enough!” Alistair shouts, making his advisors grow silent. His aged eyes and growing tired state of always being at war. The King wanted to respond, “I will think about the circumstances of this letter, but as of now, we must quell the rumours of demons lurking on our borders. What’s the report beyond the mountains?”

“Some of my people have gone missing beyond the point of it. I’ve been unable to receive reports from beyond the forest as well.” His Spymaster reports, sitting up in the wooden chair.

“And what do the people make of these rumours?” Alistair turns his gaze to his Diplomat.

“You know how the rumour mill works; it keeps on spinning.” He retorts, making a gesture of a wheel spinning.

“And the rebels?”

“Quiet, my lord. Too quiet.” The War Commander spits in suspicion.

“I’ll need a scribe immediately. The deal the Elf mentions a proposal.” Alistair says, flicking his wrist to bring him a scribe.

“And…what sort of proposal might this be?” The voice of his first love and Wife sounds through the large room, echoing through the silence.

Alistair turns to see his Wife leaning against the stone wall, “An arranged marriage between chosen heirs.” He finally says.
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Lynlore was a bustle of life that morning, the ports closest to the kingdom's castle were crowded from the various shipments going to and from. King Kolvar Blaric looked out his window towards the port. His people were happy and always bursting with life, yet that didn't stop him from worrying about his kingdom and the people that inhabited it.

"Kolvar my love, what ails you?" The king's first and only wife Zestarri looked at him from their bed gently lifting herself to walk and stand by his side.

"There are many threats to this kingdom besides the pleb- I mean humans, my love. I am much too old to continue fighting with the magicless children." He sighed and Zastarri placed a hand over his. He looked down at her gently and placed a kiss on her cheek before looking towards the maid in near the door of the room. "Tell the messenger to gather my advisers. quickly! and bring me parchment."

The King turned as the maid scurried out of the room. Zestarri moved from her husband and gathered her own clothes changing before moving to assist him with his. Once they were dressed she followed him to the meeting room.

The maid had run down the hall scurrying off, she whispered the request to a nearby messenger. The messenger nodded before sending a butler to each of the advisors' rooms to gather them. They were staying in the castle to discuss matters of all four corners of the Elven kingdom. By the time the King and Queen walked through the door all three advisors sat at the oval table talking matters of each area.

The King walked in his wife trailing behind him, as he did so his advisors stood and bowed politely until he reached the head of the table and they all sat. Zestarri stood patiently by his side smiling and nodding her head in acknowledgment to the officials.

"To what do we owe this honor, Your Majesty?" The advisor for the Western Elves, dressed in light armor but with a rugged look that seemed always ready for battle, asked him turning everyone's focus of Kolvar.

"I am here to propose a truce between Humans ad Elves. For far too long we have been at war, bickering and fighting uselessly. I have grown far too tired of the countless battles." His advisors looked at him.

"Make peace with those rabbits? For them to have access to our resources and bleed us dry like the leeches they are!" A dark green-haired elf that represented the eastern elves argued confidently. The rugged copper-haired elf from earlier grunted and nodded in agreement. A black-haired elf, from the southern nation, gave a curt nod before speaking.

"Sire, we don't mean to object too strongly but, humans are rather...uncooperative. We would have to offer all of our resources and propose some sort of seal to ensure peace for all time."

The King folded his hands together and nodded solemnly, "Marriage is in fact the only way to secure land. We propose marriage and then choose to suitable heirs to wed from each side." His wife laid a gentle hand on her husband's shoulder before turning to speak to the advisors.

"This could be much to our advantage, there are many threats other than the humans, and though they lack magic they have other resources we need. An equal exchange simply means more power in favor against common enemies."

The men chatter amongst themselves before looking to their king and giving a series of curt nods, having the agreement he grabbed the parchment beside him and began to write. Once they were sure that their words held meaning they sent the bird off to deliver their message. They only hoped those barbarians would agree.


It was late noon by the time the bird returned with a response, a butler fetched the letter from the messenger boy. The boy ran and stopped just in front of the King's office door. He knocked gently and a booming but muffled voice told him to enter. The boy walked through the dor bowing and holding the letter out, The king had no need to as for her saw to seal of Lennox on the paper. Zestari walked over and peered at the letter, "Open it, my love." The King opened it with little hesitation his eyes scanning the paper.

"By the heavens Zesta, the barbarians agreed." He continued reading they would meet in between the two kingdoms near a city that lined the border, there was a shop there and it was mutual territory for them. He immediately made plans to leave. This meant that soon the two kingdoms would be at ease, but fro which child they'd wed that in itself was something that needed to be discussed.
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By mid afternoon, rumours of joining up with the Elves were already whispering among the servants and soldiers in the barracks. Alistair couldn’t stop the rumours even if he wanted to, such a significant event unfolding between two Empires, would not go unnoticed by its citizens. It wouldn’t be right to leave the House of Delafontaine out of the loop. The King ensured that they would be getting an invitation to the table—if there would be one. Calliope stormed out of the war room after the letter left. She heavily scrutinised his actions, and this left them on bad terms for the moment. She was hanging out on the back lawn, where a large garden was kept, and a natural waterfall cascaded down the cliff it was perched on. Alistair was up in his chambers, looking out from the glass-stained window, upon the many buildings that harboured his citizens. The people looked up to their King, happy to lend a helping hand in the wars that were fought in defending their homelands.

While he remained there, he thought of whom would make his best offer. Which of his children would be strong enough, willing, and unbiased in this peace-keeping opportunity? He shifted his gaze over to the extensive building towards the east, it’s where all the soldiers are accommodated, and where their training would continue. Under the beat down of the sun’s rays, a certain fair-haired male, eyes resembling that of his father’s, and an unquenched thirst to do good in this world, was training. Or more like he was training fresh recruits who joined the Royal Army nearly a fortnight ago.

With a swoop of his leg, the recruit landed on his back in the dirt. A loud ‘oof!’ could be heard as Archie’s sword was now pointing at the recruit’s neck. The Prince sheathed his sword and help the male to his feet. He dusted him off, “You need to work on your stance. Your posture is all wrong. If this would’ve been a real fight, you’d be dead in the first minute.” He gave pointers.

The recruit took it to heart, nodding his head and gave a smile, “You really don’t seem like our future King.” The young male remarks.

He flashes the boy a grin, and pats him on the back, “Let’s get you sparring with junior over here. Practice what I said, and you’ll improve in no time.” He said. The recruit departs to join the other recruit to spar in the pit.

“They’re getting fiercer.” A rough, soft-spoken voice speaks besides the Prince, startling him for a moment.

“Just what we need.” Archie retorts, “Never know when an actual war might start. Gotta be ready.” He spares a glance to his best friend, Rolant.

“You hear the rumours that your father’s crazy enough to join with the saplings in the North.” Rolant brings up.

Archie shakes his head, “I’m not here to stand and gossip like the maids.” He looks out as the two recruits butt swords together; the clanging of steel continues. “Besides, my father can’t be foolish enough to join up ‘em, anyhow. Our recent war on the border is proof enough of not to join with the chin folk.”

“Tell that to him when you see him.” Rolant crosses his arms, he yells at the recruit to fix his stance again.

Archie lets out a smile. He looks to the sun, using his hand to shield from its glare. Several gulls flew in the air, a flock of birds just flying overhead. The sounds of grunts, metal clanging, and yells from Rolant remained throughout the remaining of his afternoon.

“Preposterous!” King of Delafontaine yelled. He tossed the scroll to his second-in-command. The smaller male took it, reading over the contents, handwritten in scrawl by the King’s very hand.

“I don’t understand. Why so sudden?” His second-in-command inquires, looking over as his Lord storms around the table.

“He’s been losing his wits about him lately. Alistair, proposing to align ourselves with the-the- those spineless twigs in the North!” His King was frustrated and slumped into the chair at the head of the table. His head throbbed just by thinking about allying with those knife ears that lurked on his borders. Just a few months ago, he sent some of his best soldiers to die by the hand of those tree hippies—they were ambushed before they even knew what hit them. They had to repair the border recently because of those darned elves, who had the upper hand with their innate ability to magic, magic!

The second-in-command poured his Lord a goblet of the fine wine, placing it in front of him. He took the seat beside him; he placed the parchment to the side and looked to King Delafontaine.

“We should look at the benefits it suggests. The Elves propose sharing natural minerals from their end of the realm, training our soldiers techniques we’ve not known for a long time, and even magical ability to—”

“Goddess’ in hell!” His King interrupted, tossing the goblet aside as his advice. He wore a face of disgust, wrinkles apparent. “There’s no way on Gaia, the knife ears don’t have some plan of attack. This might as well be like the time during Azu’s time on the throne when he, stupidly, took the damn presents without checking them first. The damn tree huggers were in the boxes. I mean, it’s clever. I’ll give ‘em that, but we’ve been disputing as long as the Goddess gave us life.”

“But think about the families of the soldiers who fought for your cause. The citizens who unquestioningly send their sons to fight for your wars just so they can get some semblance of peace.” His second-in-command is already pouring him another goblet of wine and bringing it over. “And you know the rumours about the darkness coming back.”

He retook his seat when his Lord drew in a long sip of his wine, giving his adviser a look. “I went to look for myself.”

He nearly choked on his drink, “W’dya mean?!”

“Just beyond the Haunted Forest, there’s a lake that exists in the heart of it.” He recalls as the memory plays back in his mind.

He was with an entourage of six—himself and five soldiers. They trekked through the thicket of the Haunted Forest for two days and took shelter on the second night. During the night, they heard nothing, not a sound of the insects, or even the animals that supposedly lived within the vicinity. Then, the sound of something cracking in the distance. One of the soldiers left to check it out, but he never returned. The Adviser was awakened to find three spooked soldiers, and two missing. In the morning, he sent the soldiers back on horses, taking the remains of the soldiers that went missing and continued on his own. It might’ve been a foolish move, but he knew he’d rather not get more sad faces of mothers who lost their children to an unknown entity. He continued for another day and finally reached the heart of the forest.

“The Lake was black, darker than a starless night, and darker than the dungeons.” He recalled.

In the lake, something moved beneath the surface, disturbing it with a splash to the right. His head snapped in that direction, only to find nothing there. The Adviser continued on foot since his horse didn’t budge from its spot.

“I continued, even as I was frightened of what lurked in that lake. I knelt beside the bank, trying to find the source of the disturbance.”

The memory played; he was kneeling besides the bank of the black lake. His chocolate irises searching its surface, only to find nothing. He stood, the eerie feeling of being watched wasn’t going away. Even as he was ready to turn away from the lake, something jumped out of it. He struggled against the black, slimy appendage that latched itself onto his arm. The second-in-command yanked his arm back with enough force to go flying into the ground, near ten feet from the lake. He looked up in time to see the thing sliding back beneath the black, murky lake’s surface.

The Adviser rolled up the sleeve on his right arm, revealing circular, black spots seeping into his veins, “Whatever that thing was, it was not of this world.”

The King nearly jumped out of his chair at the way it looked. “What the—”

“And whatever it was, the darkness is getting closer each time we leave the Haunted Forest unguarded.” The Adviser rolls his sleeve back down, “Please, my lord, we need to ally ourselves with the Elves. I’ve been reading the medical books, trying to find a cure for the poison that’s in my arm and have found none. I don’t wish to alarm you, sir, but I feel I may not make it before the semi-annual ball. I know how much it means to your daughter should I attend and have a first dance with her.”

The King knows he’s right, and he accepts the love that’s clear between the two. His Adviser came from House Beaumont, one of the more prestigious noble houses that controlled parts of the Eastern realms. And his family held large sway within the court, and with King Alistair. His death would not look good on his resume nor his kingdom.

“Fine, fine.” The King finished the rest of his wine, “Get me a damn scribe! I’m going to get you that cure, one way or another.” The Older Delafontaine said as he locked gazes with the Beaumont heir.

“Thank you, my lord.” He gives a small, warming smile. The darkness was just one of many of the enemies that wished to see their Kingdoms turned to dust. And if this alignment with the dew drinkers gave them more resources and power, then he wouldn’t be opposed to it. Besides, he already had his own spies lurking in the halls of Kingdom of Uenora, and the Wood Elves were having their own problems against the shadows that were making a comeback from beneath the locked seal of six.
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By the time The King had sent out the letter to the human's talk had already spread through the castle. The maids that had spent their time bringing the King and his advisor's refreshments, had also been listening. Though the advisors didn't enjoy the company of humans they had still agreed, which was a big feat considering all the recent troubles caused by humans.


Zestarri sat across from her husband, they had much to discuss before they left. Each advisor made their way back to their own territories to advise the nobles. Of course, she knew the Kingdom of Galana would pitch a fit, but, her husband's words were absolute to them. They held the most power and had been governing the affairs of all the kingdoms for quite some time. The question that stood fresh in her mind was which child wold they sacrifice for peace to be given. They only had two daughters, normally the eldest daughter would be given. But, Zesta knew that her eldest daughter Naexi was in love with Uenora's crowned prince.

"While it would be natural for us to give them Naexi she would rather die than forsake her love for Lord Uluc's son, Strolvac." These words were from the King himself, pulling Zestarri from her similar thoughts.

"We are only blessed with one other daughter...But, she is young. And rather headstrong. She would not agree to such terms." Saying this Zestarri moved to stand behind her husband. He was overlooking the city that stood just before the port. This peace treaty would ease the minds of his people and heal wounds that had only grown as time passed.

"My darling Queen, she has no choice in this matter. She cares for the people of this Kingdom, but, I will leave her with no chance to deny this request. We will simply tell her once the matter has been dealt with. You know better than I how to soothe her anger." He gave his wife a small smile and turned to look outside once more. There his youngest child Elora was dancing in the fields with the maids, his younger son Aiduin teasing her off to the side.


"Tell my sister dearest, do you plan to dance like a wild animal on your wedding day too?" The light blue-haired prince looked at his younger sister with a pound laugh. The girl huffed and turned her head prancing still around the maids she had gathered to dance with her.

"On my wedding day, why brother you jest. There's no way I marrying some bumbling idiot. Especially not if he's like you." Elora stuck out her tongue placing her hands on her hips. "I'll be surprised if anyone would want to marry you! You're so rude you'd probably make her run on first sight." The maids snickered and Aiduin frowned at his sister, he felt bad for whoever married this wild beast of a sister.


"Kolvar must have lost his mind. Now that these plebs have agreed we will be thrown back into the dark ages because of these-these cavemen!" Grykail, lord of the dark elves, sighed rubbing his temples. There was no telling what the humans would try with this treaty, though it seemed for the best he couldn't help but feel frustrated. He laid the letter from his king and placed it in his drawer. He was sure the other Lord's felt the same discontent, but they all understood that there was something much more threatening than the humans.

Grykail had felt the disturbance of nature a while back. Something sinister and dark lurked through the lands, and he knew that it wouldn't be long until Elves and Humans alike were in danger.


Lord Uluc, of Uenora, read over the letter for the third time. "An agreement, with these sniveling children. This must be a joke Dholtos." Uluc looked up at his advisor, and the green-haired man only shook his head. Uluc scoffed and sat backcrossing his arms, "There are many other things we should worry about besides peace with these insects!"

Dholtos flinched at his King's accusing tone, "Sir, with the humans help we'd have more weapons and resources, not to mention the military personnel."

"I only hope for Strolvac's sake he chose another heir to marry off to the trolls."
With that said he huffed, yes they could benefit but was this really the time to worry about such things.


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Riding on horseback, the soldier raced down the road. The sounds of the horse’s hooves and his insistent yelling to the animal were all that could be heard. The soldier’s armour clattered; the male was sweating under the sun. The seasons recently changed towards summer. The humidity was just the beginning of what lay in the coming days. He drew closer towards the grey castle—it was smaller compared to that of the Kingdom of Lennox—with an important message coming from the House of Delafontaine. It would’ve been easier to send a raven, but they tasked the sender with such an urgent message containing a letter straight from the Heir of Beaumont.

The dust left in the horse's wake of galloping towards the Beaumont Castle; the soldier was without sleep for two nights and half a day. By time he reached the gates, another soldier intercepted him, donning the armour and insignia belonging to the Beaumont’s small army.

“Halt!” He said from atop the large, wooden gate.

The soldier’s horse stopped at the reins being pulled back, his blood-shot eyes looked to the other soldier, “I come…” He takes a huge intake of air, “…bringing a message from—” He’s unable to finish just as an arrow comes flying out of nowhere. The arrow hits the soldier in the back of the head, killing him on the spot.

“Rebels!” The soldier atop the gate yells, a blow horn is sounded.

Wild-looking men and women come running from the thicket of bushes nearby, yelling out in a cacophony of sounds as they brandish their axes, clubs, and more blunt-wielding weapons. Their armour is made of leather with lightweight chain links hiding beneath the exterior. The rebels are from the East-South direction, these rebels are familiar with attacking smaller villages that laid within the region. Some of the stronger rebels were deserters from the Delafontaine Army after experiencing wars with the elves on the border, they decided living was better than dying for a cause that was lost in the fray.

Archers are ready on the enormous walls, notching their arrows, and pulling them back. On the mark of their Captain, they release the arrows, joining into a group as they zip through the air. One of the rebels notices and yells to build a wall with their bronze shields. Like out of training in the army, the rebels build up a wall and shield each other from the arrows. Some rebels in the front are taken out, the holes in the wall are quickly refilled with another. They continue like this until the arrows are past them, then they break apart towards the main gate.

“Load the trebuchets!” The Captain orders, the small-built trebuchets are standing on the corners of the walls, with soldiers coming to load the rock-wielding slings. Ready to quell the thoughtless rebels to attack a well-built fortress.

Back at the Castle of Lennox, Alistair is back in his study. His calloused hand is wrapped around an intricately made quill, the feather of an eagle hangs on its end. He writes a letter back to the King of Lynlore, as follows;

Writing to King Blaric of Lynlore & The Elven Empire,

Your proposal is most appealing in such times as now. But you know that this deal will not be taken lightly to my peoples. The wars on the borders have quelled recently, partially because of the rebuilding of said wall – which was broken by the Elves that live on the other side. It may have ceased at the moment, but many of my soldiers in the South wish to continue to avenge their brothers. I promise to keep their swords sheathed, but I cannot the say the same of their words. As they are entitled to their own opinions and free will is a human right, I wish to keep protected and safe-guarded.

Among those, I should confine in you a secret that’s been most troublesome. On my end of the realm, there have been reports of the “darkness” coming back. Recently, an entourage of my soldiers have entered the forest – we call it the “Haunted Forest” – and have not returned from it. In order for I, to earn your trust, I also admit of spies in your midst. The Elves that border our own, Wood Elves? We have findings of this “shadow” lurking in their lands. It might cause you paranoia, trying to learn of whom our spies are, but we only did so in the recent events of protecting our own kind. Wouldn’t you do the same?

Besides supposed darkness, I have another proposal of where we can hold a meeting. I may have accepted, but other rulers in my realm wish to have a seat at the table. On the borders, I propose we build an infrastructure to hold the meetings there. What of your opinion on this? It is neutral territory of where I suggest – and would play an unbiased approach to the deal you made. Let me know as soon as you are able.

I grow tired of the thought of wars and protecting my people of unknown entities. I can only assume you are of the same state. Here’s to our future peace and prosperity.

The King of Lennox & The Human Nations,
Alistair Lennox.

P.S. I’ve chosen the heir in which I wish to arrange this marriage of. It will be the first of many, I just hope they do not risk a grand event of a chance at peace and prosperity. My chosen heir is my eldest son, Archie Lennox. If it helps with your chosen heir, he’s a good man and has experienced first hand of war. As for the rest of my son, I’ll leave that up to when you officially meet him.

He finishes the letter by rolling the scroll up and placing the waxed seal of his house’s insignia on it. He calls for a messenger and has it sent out with the falcon that would be the sole middle-bird between the two empires. As of now, the proposed building of an infrastructure would be best, but he would have to wait and see on the Elves’ part.
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"Father you must be joking." Elora looked at her father from across his office as though he had gone mad. "You wish for me to give up my freedom to marry a-a magicless twat, the humans are practically babies father! They walk around with such arrogance, stumbling with every step! So I cannot see why you would even suggest-"

"Enough Elora!"
Her father rubbed his temples, he was getting a headache from hearing his daughter yell. Of course, she had heard the news, it was no surprise seeing as though she hung around with the gossiping women he called maids more often than not. He let out a heavy sigh, his daughter had burst in his study with a rage that matched her mothers. One he didn't wish to argue with. "Elora this si for the greater good of our people. They are offering their own son, they have stated he is a good and skilled man. This is not a choice, you are the only other daughter I have. Would you rather your sister give up her marriage to Strolvac?" His tone was accusing and caused his daughter to wince in response.

She bit her lip, he was right. She cared for her people more than she valued herself. And she refused to have her sister's happiness sacrificed because she wanted to be selfish. "I suppose you are right, father. Since I am left with no choice I will comply. But, do not expect me to bow down to the whims of those pheasants."

"I wouldn't wish for it any other way my bluebird." The King responded with a low chuckle and walked over to his daughter kissing her on the forehead before she decided to leave. She had the right to be angry, but for the sake of the kingdom's he knew she would do it.

Letting out a small breath of relief as she left he move to sit back at his desk grabbing the letter once more to finish reading it over. He had been interrupted by his dear daughter and ha barely made it past the first few sentences before she started yelling at him. He couldn't argue with the letter stating the grief between both sides may be an issue. Unlike humans the elves were a little more understanding, they would hold their swords as well as their tongues. Though the kindness they show to humans otherwise he could not promise. When he continued his brows furrowed.

"The darkness? Why that's just preposterous. We eradicated any traces of that ages ago."

Kolvar mumbled to himself and thought, both Lord's Uluc and Grykail had voiced their concerns about the disturbances of magic they had felt most recently. Maybe the darkness returning could be what they had felt. If so this posed quite the problems for the humans and elves alike. The spies in his territory concerned him but he couldn't say he hadn't done the same at one point. Ignoring the thought he moved on, so his officials disliked the idea. He couldn't say that his own Lord's did not feel the same, but, unlike the humans, they had trust in his decisions. Though a mutual meeting between all parties would benefit. He had received a letter from each side of the kingdoms in regard to his decision early that day.

The Lord of Clyarius, Alaisanna, had voiced that though she did not favor the humans she thought it would be prosperous for both sides. Thus she gave her full support and wished well-bearing for the peace to come. Lord Uluc, of Uenora, had only written that he hoped this treaty did not affect the status between Strolvac and Naexi. And that though he believed the humans weak it would do good to use them for their resources and weaponry for the military. The final letter was from Lord Grykail, of Galana, he voiced that he thought the humans were cavemen. That they held very little knowledge of anything and it would set back their advancements by having to teach them. Other than his many complaints about the intelligence of the humans he gave his blessing as well. Though even though the paper Kolvar could feel his reluctance. With the agreement from all parties, and having finished the letter he began his response.

In response to King Alistair of Lennox & the corresponding Human Nation,

I must say that we were rather surprised that you chose to agree with us, though I can say that I am also tired of this nonsensical fighting between our two countries. I will not fault your people for resentment, just as I hope you will not fault mine. The will sheath their swords and hold their tongues, but the kindness they show to their own kind is something that may not be reciprocated for quite some time. There is much animosity between our kinds that I hope to quell with this treaty.

As for the darkness, though I was certain my kind has eradicated this problem many years prior to this. I cannot say that my own noblemen have not voiced concerns in the disturbance of magics. I will ignore the mention of spies, I cannot say I haven't done the same. That aside once this treaty is sealed I will have my advisors send scouts to look at this 'Haunted Forest' and gauge the level of concern.

Regarding the place to meet, I find that a grand idea. It wouldn't take us long to build such a place, the woodland elves have a knack for building. I can have them begin construction as soon as tomorrow.

The Lord's of each corner in this kingdom has given their approval, but they would be eager to host a meeting with your officials as well. It may help to clear the air and ease any tension forthcoming.

On another note, I have also chosen an heir. My youngest child Elora. Please do not be offended, my firstborn daughter is betrothed and we do not put the needs of our kingdom over her own happiness. Be at ease, my daughter has already agreed to the betrothal. I hope to have her meet your son, during this meeting. Rather than have them marry each other as strangers to ease some distress from both sides they need to know each other a little better. Do not fear, my daughter may be headstrong but she is a sweet child. She cares more for the people of this kingdom than anyone and would not back out of this agreement. If it will help your son I have attached a small photo of my daughter. So you won't suspect me of marrying your son off to a troll. She is quite beautiful, no?

With great regards to the oncoming peace between nations,

The King of Lynlore & Neighboring Elven Territories
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King Alistair put the parchment down at the head of the table, alongside with the other letters sent from the nobility and Delafontaine’s. Half were opposed to the alliance and the other half were in agreement. In a unique circumstance such as this, the King commended the nobility to choose a Kingdom to be represented by. It came at no surprise that the Western Nobles wanted to be represented by the House of Lennox and the Eastern Nobles by the House of Delafontaine. It would make it easier on their part to just have the two rulers at the table with the Elves. Besides that, many of the nobility still weren’t fond of sharing the same space with what they called, “Knife Ears,” – and many other unkind nicknames they’ve given to their counterparts.

With the spring of this peacekeeping deal, more troubles were brewing in the Southern and Eastern factions. Rebels attacked the Beaumont House on grounds of wanting their treasures and to get payback for their fallen brothers. The noble house quashed the rebels, not without losing some soldiers in the commotion. They were calling for more aid of sparing soldiers, but most of them were already stationed along rebel-hit places, and a large portion of them remained at his Kingdom, in case of a larger attack. In the North, his Kingdom housed most of the civilians within the human realm, making him more critical of decisions such as these. If he could be reborn human again, he wished he weren’t of ruling. That way he can live free, in peace without plague of daily headaches. King Alistair was getting older, and he knew he wouldn’t have long before he’d hand his throne off to one of his many heirs.

“Summon Hallr and Hulda. I’ll be needing their council. Don’t summon Aston, I don’t need his sniding remarks for this.” He commanded from his lackey butler.

With a bow and excusing from his Lord, the butler went from place to place. After Hallr, he was back to the kitchens, where he would prepare refreshments for the Advisors and his King. His War Commander and Spymaster met half-ways from their quarters, the older of the two quirking a brow, “No Aston, huh?” Hallr commented.

“This must not regard the Nobles and Diplomats at the moment, if his Grace hasn’t summoned our elegant bootlicker.” Hulda retorts.

For a spymaster, she’s rather tall (5’10”), almost as tall as Hallr (6’4”), who has another foot over her height. She’s wearing elegant clothing, you wouldn’t recognise the armour beneath the exterior of her attire. Or the fact she’s always armed to the teeth. As for Hallr, he always carries his dual axes, both sheathed on his back. He’s the very definition of a rough, muscular older male with his greying beard and a tangled mess of hair that’s tied back into a leather band. Hulda is younger than her male counterpart and is full of youthful looks; black hair tied into a braid down her back, she has one green eye and the other is milky white at the result of blindness, except for scars donning her face, she always has a playful look about her.

Hallr laughs at her latest nickname for Aston. Those two were always at odds with one another. Hulda’s advice was always taken more seriously over Aston’s, but that didn’t give her any more power over him.

“Hmm, His Grace…what do you think of his acceptance on the knife ears?” He inquired. They still had a long walk to the War Room.

“I know you think I oppose to his decision, but I respect his wishes. Things haven’t been…smooth to the south and east factions. My reports have been varying in what has been happening lately.” She retorts, pondering about how many of her Agents were faring.

“Aye. 10 pieces says the rebels have finally made their move.” Hallr says, usually something always happened after he took notice of the rebel’s quietness.

She smiles, “I’ll hold you to that. But who do you think he chose as his heir?” This was the biggest decision. With so many heirs to choose from, this was a decision she was glad she didn’t have to make.

“My bet’s on that Archie. Boy’s been through hell and back.” Hallr strokes his beard, reminiscing on the civil-war days.

“Archie? I was thinking about Landon. He’s recently turned twenty-one harvest seasons, and he’s quite excelled in all of his studies, though I can’t say the same with the sword.” Hulda decides not to remark on Landon’s weak arm.

“Ha! Archie’s going to be the chosen heir. By the Goddess’ blessing, he will be. There’s no other heir that’s good-willed as him. Not to dismiss the other children, but a good portion of them are still whelps.”

Hulda smacks his chest plate, “Anastasia is not a whelp.”

“Forgot the lass existed. Where is she, anyhow?”

“She’s getting an education at the College of Scribes and Scholars in the Southern region.”

They finally make it to the war room, getting announced just as the butler sets out their favourable treats and drinks. He takes his place besides the King and hides in the shadows. The two advisors take their respective spots and Alistair speaks, “I’ve named Archie as my chosen heir to wed their youngest daughter, Elora.” He produces the photo, giving it to Hallr, who passes it to Hulda.

“Guess I owe you that drink.” Hulda says, her finger going over the photo of the beautiful elf maiden.

“Aye. Are the rebels making racket, my Grace?” Hallr’s eyes flicker from the Spymaster to Alistair.

“Yes. Though the Beaumont’s managed to quiet them before they breached their gates.” He reports, pointing at the letters.

“Getting ballsy, are they?” Hulda pushes the photo back to Alistair, who takes it and places it back among the letters.

“You want me to send out some of my finest soldiers to weed out the rebels?”

Alistair shakes his head, “No. We’re spread thin as is, and more of the reserves are still getting trained by my son and the Captain. The Beaumont’s can hold out on their own.” He continued, “…and the Elves accepted my proposal of building an infrastructure on the border. Apparently, the Wood Elves are quite adept at building.”

“They’ll finally get to rebuild our side that they destroyed. I don’t oppose this decision.” Hallr nods, taking a sip of his ale.

“They also accept the fact that this ‘darkness’ is coming back. The Elves, it seems, are no stranger to the dangers that lurked on our respective lands for eons.” Alistair says as he pulls out an old journal, its pages are yellowed in age, and the edges are curling in.

“Is that King Azu’s personal journal?” It surprises Hulda. Her eyes light with interest.

He places his hand atop the journal, “Yes. Back during his reign, he helped the Elves seal this darkness away. It’s not in any official records or recorded history as he had this temporary alliance struck from it. Any scribe trying to tell the truth was immediately quieted. It’s been quiet all this time, but the question remains is why its return. I shall find this out for myself during the summit.”

“The Summit? Alliance with Elves in the past?” Hulda blinks, dumbfounded by this piece of recent information.

“Yes. The Summit. I’m officially going to call it, The Summit of Gaia, though I know not if the Elves will accept such a title. Perhaps they will have a different name for it in their own respective tongue."

Hallr has been quiet this entire time, thinking pensively about this. Whenever he thinks, he always strokes his beard. By the tenth stroke, he was gone in his own mind, likely thinking of his youthful days. He’s brought back to the present with his own opinion, “I still think this alliance is a ruse, but I respect your decision.”

“Thank you, Hallr and Hulda. I plan to send another letter which will confirm their extended help of building it. I’ll have to add some conditions to it, though.”

“How do you propose to spring this news on your son?” Hulda asks suddenly.

“I won’t lie, I’ll need his Mother to deliver the blow. An arranged marriage was bound to happen sometime down the road, but to an Elf? I’m unsure of how he’ll take to this news.” Alistair admits his son has changed tunes after the war. Though his golden heart remained through the facade of an ever-smiling man.

Archie came storming into the Castle, the double-doors slamming into the stone with a hard thud. This was only the surface of his brewing anger. “Where is my father?!” He demanded from the servants. Few ever saw his anger, and in this moment he cared not what they thought of him.

“This way, young Lord.” The Butler spoke softly.

With the slaps of his boots against the marbled floors, he followed after the butler towards the gardens in the back. The Butler asked if he wanted refreshments, which were met with a silent glare and then a nod before glimpsing his parents. They were walking through the roses of various colours, talking with one another. Archie yelled, “Old Man!”

It caught Alistair’s attention, who stopped in his tracks, letting his hand slip from his Wife’s own. He let Calliope walk away, probably further into the gardens to let her boys speak. The King of Lennox offered a smile that didn’t reach his eyes as his son stormed over in long strides to reach where he was.

The first thing his son did was ask, “Why?”

“You know why, my son.” Alistair retorts, looking a peculiar yellow rose.

He clenched his fists, his puffing anger had deflated in the presence of his King. Archie ran a hand through his chin-length, platinum locks. “I wish you told me, not Mother. I prefer this to be man-to-man, but you couldn’t even respect that.”

“I’m here now. Speak your mind, boy.” Alistair retorts.

“I knew I was to wed a noble sometime in my lifetime. I just didn’t think it would an…Elf. Of all people on this plane of existence, I’d rather marry my boot.”

“Well, your good intentions say otherwise, yeah?” Alistair points to the yellow rose, plucks it out and brandishes it to his son. Alongside the photo of his bride-to-be. “Her name’s Elora Blaric. She’s the youngest of four to the King of Lynlore. She already accepted the proposal, who wishes to see her Kingdom at peace. I think if the Divine were destining you towards an equal partner, she’d be the one. What do you think?”

“She’s quite beautiful, but when are the elves not? They’ve been blessed with attractive features since the dawn of their kind. I will make my opinion once I am to formally meet her. If she is like you say, I don’t oppose to the marriage. I’d put my people above my happiness. You can write that in your next letter to the Elven King. But I must return to training.” Archie’s tucked the photo into his pocket with the rose. He’s already out of the Castle before the Butler prepares the Prince’s favourites.

The King returns to his study to write a letter of acceptance;

To King Blaric of Lynlore & All of Elven Kin,

I’ve no comment of the latter, but I remain the same in this treaty. It has come to my recent findings, the King Azu of an era long gone, had a temporary alliance with your people at one point. I’ve found his personal accounting of the incidents that were occurring in all lands across Gaia – and for the sake of safety of my and your people at the time, the expressed temporary alliance lasted until it sealed away this darkness. Unfortunately, the history of this time was struck from our official records. I will find what else I can of this darkness. I recommend you do the same on your end, I’m positive you’ll find more on this “shadows” in detail in your own history. And regarding sending scouts to the Haunted Forest, I accept. The Black Lake (We renamed it recently) is allocated in the heart of it. The Heir of Beaumont came across it in his own findings and as of his result, he has become poisoned with an unknown black liquid clear across his forearm. I can only inquire if you have such a cure for this poison? I would like to know in advance. The Heir of Beaumont is to wed the daughter of the Kingdom of Delafontaine. I hope it’s not too selfish to ask if your medicines are more advance than ours.

I accept your offer to build the infrastructure. I only hope this includes the border on my end. I’ve no qualms against your people constantly destroying our side of the border, but surly they can accept this in a part of the recent war on the borders. Which might I add, what shall we call this event? I was thinking, “The Summit of Gaia.” Though I seek your opinion on this matter - do you oppose to such a title? Do you have a better one?

There will only be my council of advisors, I, and the King of Delafontaine with his personal Adviser attending. Either of us would rather represent the other nobles as they still hold resentment towards your kind, which I can apologise for in person.

I’ve no personal comment on your daughter’s beauty, but my son thinks she’s beautiful. Though it was met with anger, he ultimately accepted the proposal without further opposition. Whether they meet officially will be of their own doing. I’ve no hand in puppeteering, I will let it play out naturally. But I do agree they should grow familiar with one another. I feel our children might be cut from the same fabric of good will, my son puts his own happiness under his people. In my findings of trying to find a most recent photo of him, I could only find one of him from his youth – around age 20 or younger. The photo doesn’t reflect what he looks like today, but he has a large scar across his face as the result of a civil war that happened several years prior. I do not know if you consider scars to be an unattractive feature, but over here we were them as badges of honour. I hope Archie is of somewhat appeasing to the Elves’ eyes or scale of what beauty is.

Do let me know when the construction is finished. For now, I will continue with exchanging letters.

Regards Met with Equal Peace & Prosperity,
King Alistair of Lennox & Human Nations.
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"Elora I must say, for a bowl eared pleb, he is rather handsome is he not?" Naexi jested at her sister as she braided her own silver-colored hair. "Father even said he has a nice scar right alongside his face, isn't that dashing?"

Elora scoffed and rolled her eyes at her sister, "Handsome as he may be. You only jest like this because you don't have to wed a brute."

"Aye Elora. I don't, I am to wed my darling Strolvac. Father said Lord Uluc has already agreed...Besides that little sister, you agreed to this. did you not?"
Naexi turned in her chair to eye her sister with a teasing look before standing and moving beside Elora to push her in the chair she had been sitting in.

Elora frowned in the mirror placed in front of her, "I did agree, though I can say it wasn't much of a choice to make." She scoffed again crossing her arms, "I love this kingdom and its people with my entire heart. Though I did not think I'd have to wed to secure their safety."

"You did the right thing, Elora. Plus this prince, he is handsome and looks rather strong doesn't he?"
Naexi shoved her sister playfully before continuing to brush her hair.

Elora flushed at her sister's word and held the picture, "Aye. I just hope for my sake we hold the same values."


"My lord the ages stationed on the southern border of the forest have claimed they felt a strange surge of dark power recently."
Grykail's acting commander in their military spoke a little nervously as he watched his lord.

Grykail lifted his cup of dark liquor and took a small sip. King Kolvar had sent him writing of what the humans claimed to be the return of darkness, which led him to drink since mid-noon. Swallowing the warm liquid he sighed and looked at his acting commander. "King Blaric has said it may be the darkness returning. I would advise you to keep it silent until we can scout the human territory ourselves. Simply tell the mages to increase the safety of the barrier."

"Yes, M'lord."
The soldier walked off with urgency and left his lord to his thoughts. Though he knew it would take time, he only hoped Uluc worked fast.


Prince Strolvac was overseeing the building of the commonplace, his father had left him in charge of the duty, as amends for the northern kingdom having to wed their youngest daughter. Thanks to their ability to manipulate earth the building was going rather smooth. Building a place that had preferences of both humans and elves was the difficult part. Strolvac, like most of the elves, had no concern or care for the humans. But, due to his father and the King's command her would do his best. He was, after all, doing this for his lovely Naexi.

They had managed to finish the base of the building and had started on the outer works, for now, he would only place a simple table and chairs for the meeting. He saw no need to stress the little details as of yet. The building was to be a type of lodging house, where elves and humans alike could stay in between travels for both kingdoms. Once Strolvac was sure that the building process was going well he moved on to the men overseeing the restructuring of the human's wall. This action itself was a lot less enjoyable for his comrades. They all felt no need to rebuild a wall they had so carelessly destroyed in a means of war.

"Prince Strolvac, I still don't see the need to rebuild this wall. The humans have done far worse in times." The man was sighing as he looked at his prince. Strolvac placed a hand on his shoulder and gave a small smile.

"Yes. But, we must let these things go in order to move forward. Now think, you're children can live in a time of peace. A not fear whether they will lose you in the next battle." The man nodded firmly at this hoisting his supplies over his shoulder feeling a sense of urgency rush over him.


"Father...I have written a letter to this prince of humans. Though I may not be in agreement...I do wish to know him better. I must know if our goals are the same."
Elora gently placed the letter in front of her father and kissed his cheek.

The King glanced at the letter and considered reading it, but, he also knew his daughter regardless of her feelings was a respectable lady. He placed her letter to the side and began writing his own, in response to his fellow king.

To King Alistair & The Human Nations,

I hope this letter finds you well, it has been a hectic progression of events. I am surprised to hear this is your first knowledge of King Azu and our kind aligning. This is common knowledge for any lord in our kingdoms. The alliance though sort proved effective, if this darkness you speak of is from eons before, then the alliance may be a better idea than we first believed. We have various records of this time and everything before and after in Cylarius. Lord Alisanna holds the records, I will be sure to ask her to bring them once we have the chance to meet.

On that note, Lord Uluc of the wood elves has informed me that the building of your wall and the commonplace for the meeting is progressing fairly well. His son Strolvac is overseeing the operation, the boy is very understanding. And unlike many who don't agree with this treaty he has made peace with it and seen the best outcome. He has stated that the wall shouldn't take much longer and that the building is nearly finished.

While I am on the subject of the meeting, all four lords of the land will be attending. Though they hold resentment they understand the necessity of this treaty and only wish to ease their minds and questions. There is no need for apologies, for the resentment is fair and understood from the sides. Though I hope one day they will come around.

My daughter has made no personal comment on your son's appearance. But my eldest daughter says Elora finds no fault in his features. Assuming my daughter would be too embarrassed to say herself. I do not know what you mean by standards of beauty but we find no fault in scars. Scars are merely a part of life, I must say plenty of men in this country including myself carry them. Treating them as badges of honors gives the most respect, not merely as unattractive as you think. In regards to your son, my daughter has sent him a letter. I am not aware of its contents for I value her privacy, she is a respectable lady and would not state anything to offend you or your family.

Best regards to the Human nation and families

King Blaric and the Elven Nations


To Prince Lennox

I hope this letter fairs you well. We have not formally met, but, I am Elora Lyn Blaric. The youngest daughter of the Nothern Elven Kingdom, and your betrothed. I will honestly admit to you that I was not pleased with hearing of this arrangement. I had little choice in the matter...But, if it will keep my people out of harm I am willing. I do not hate your people, but I hold discontent. As I am sure you do as well, I only hope that we may overcome this by at least becoming friends.

I was told that you have a scar over your face..This must be a quite touchy subject considering how you may have gotten it. But I do not think a scar makes you any less attractive. Not that I'm saying you're attractive.

Ignore my prior sentence, I was writing without thinking clearly. Regardless I am writing to get to know you. I would be grateful if you might tell me some things about yourself.

In best regards,
Your Bethrothed, Princess Elora Blaric
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The Captain drank from his waterskin, relishing the cool liquid sliding down his throat to reinvigorate his energy. He wiped the remains from his lips, placing the cap back on top to secure its contents. Those stationed along the southern border were watching the Elves on the other side. The Soldiers that held no problem showing their xenophobia were letting their tongues wag, hoping to provoke the Woodland Elves as they worked on constructing their wall and building an infrastructure of sorts. Whenever one of his underlings got too close to the workers, the Captain would order them back or send them to clean out the toiletry stations. They gave him explicit orders to not disturb the Elves, despite his own dislike of the magical folk.

One of the Archers watched from the guard’s post built in the tree line. He had no qualms with the Elves, in fact he was with the humans who were for the peace. The Archer was the last of his name and he only joined the Delafontaine Army to get close enough to the border to exchange letters with his beloved. Halflings have always existed, though there were fewer in current times after they built the wall. He looked down at the photo grasped in his fingers, a photo of his Elf Maiden posing with their son happily. He couldn’t join them yet, and when the peace would be sealed he knew he wanted to live with his family on the other side.

Tucking the photo back into his breast pocket, he retook his post and sent a friendly wave to the Elves who spared a glance his way. The Archer was lucky to still be alive, to be living in a monumental time.

Back at the Delafontaine Castle, the King was writing a letter of his own to address the Elven King. Alistair advised he get acquainted with their new allies on the North of the border, they were about to get extra cosy in the days to come. But, he just couldn’t bring himself to place ink to the parchment paper, his Quill dripped it in splats. When he finally put a sentence down, it was only the title to addressing this Blaric. When his messenger came in, he placed the quill down, finding it the perfect excuse to get away from a blank piece of parchment staring back at him.

“Message from Lady Blackburn, my Lord.” The Older male presented the message on a literal silver platter.

He plucked it off the platter, thanked the boy, and dismissed him from his study. Once the door closed behind him, Delafontaine cut open the letter, reading it with an intense sense of alarm. Lady Blackburn’s own son had fallen ill with a mysterious plague after coming from the Haunted Forest. This would only be one problem which would grow into a mountain over the next few days.

Alistair had his fisted hand resting beneath his chin, looking over the new letter from King Blaric. He had a minor lock box to place the letters in, likely for his own safekeeping and to go in the history books – should they ever need them. The new day was met with stranger reports and headaches coming from different ends of his Kingdom. The Haunted Forest was being guarded with the dispatched Knights of Gaia—an order formed under King Azu’s reign—tasked with keeping civilians out and to keep the Darkness out. He murmured a small prayer to the Goddess before opening his eyes and grabbed his quill to start another response;

In response to the Elven Empire’s Humble King,

I shan’t lie, seeing messages have attributed to the immense head ache that refuses to leave. Regarding yours, I find it quite well among the other parchments awaiting my response. Yes, it was a bit of a shock that only grew the further I delved into the archives involving this darkness. I do not know why it was struck from the records in the first place, but I assume it’s because of the major war that was happening at the time. King Azu, forgive me, held the most resentment towards your kind. From my own ranks, there was a temporary order of Knights formed – from both realms – to seal away this, “Shades of Orcus.” Does this name hold any meaning to you? I’ve dispatched Agents in task of finding any Knights or descendants from said Knights. Turns out the order never died out. There are those who still practiced it in secrecy. I re-established the order as of this morning and had some Knights, willing enough to guard the Haunted Forest. There’s more that I’ve found, I shall bring them.

As I’ve been informed by King Delafontaine. His soldiers remain on the outskirts of the border, I guess his distrust is as transparent than I’d hoped it’d be, and understandable. I’ll leave the rest up to you. If any of my soldiers fall out of line, report it to me ASAP and I’ll handle it on the spot.

I, too, wish to see my nobles to recognise your people as equals. Though time will tell if this treaty will be upheld. I cannot hide my eagerness to meet your Lords, they sound strong mentally. I will fault none of them for holding resentment for my kind.

A-ha! That’s good! I feel we are growing more accustomed to one another in writing. I hope we have more similarities. What do you think? As is commending of you, like over here we value privacy and free-will. Whether she wishes to state anything offensive to my family or I, is understanding. I can only assume she didn’t find herself wedding so soon. A day gone and my son has found time to respond to your daughter’s letter. I propose we just let them send letters until the Summit is to be held.

Which brings me to ask again, what did you think of the title I chose; The Summit of Gaia. Is it too much? Do you oppose?

To Prosperity and peace,
King Lennox & The Human Nations.

He placed his quill down and overlooked it for any mistakes. He fetched his messenger in to go after Archie’s letter. The young heir should’ve been done by now.

The Messenger dispatched from the Castle, running across the Kingdom towards the barracks. He’s nearly breathless by the time he reaches the front gate and calls for Archie. He’s met with his best friend, Rolant, who escorts him into the barracks and guides him through the corridors. The door opens to see Archie leaning back lazily in his wooden chair; the parchment is folded into a bird and he sends it flying right in between the boy’s eyes, nicking him in the forehead. The bird shape lands in his hands. Rolant gives a playful smirk as he claps his large hand over the boy’s shoulder, “Best you head back to his Majesty’s Castle now.”

The boy nods furiously and goes zooming down the corridors. He had a keen eye for directions and soon found himself outside of the smelly barracks and back towards the castle. Rolant looks to Archie and wiggles his thick brows at him.

“What will your fair, elven maiden say to your poetically romantic side?” He jested.

He cracked a smile, “I don’t know if Elora is one for romance novels, she seems…strong headed in her letter. Oh, and my father sent her a photo of me. I have taken little photos, but I sent her a more accurate one of me. I might’ve mentioned you as the thorn in my side.”

“We’ll see before the summit, aye?” Rolant retorts, “Are you up for some night sparring?”
Archie gets off his chair, sending it sliding into his bed, and is already halfway down the corridor. Rolant closes the door and laughs, running after him after Archie provoked him with a bet.

To the Elven Maiden,
Princess Elora Blaric,

[Attached: Photo of Rolant and Archie are posed in a tavern, posing with huge tankards filled to the brim with local ale that foams over. He’s smiling with a large scar present over his face and his hair reaches to his chin, albeit unkempt with shining blue opals of happiness]

Do not mention to your father, but my father is not good at organising. Here’s a more accurate photo of what I look like today. You can keep it, I have another copy I plan on stealing from my best friend, Rolant – that ugly mug standing next to me. I quite agree, I knew I was going to be marrying a noble sometime down the line in my lifetime, I just didn’t think it’d be to you – that was a surprise. Do not be offended, I am only agreeing in the name of peace and prosperity. I’ve seen what wars can do to innocents simply trying to live.

I do hope we grow familiar with one another in the days to come. And if it helps in your curiosity, I do rather find you quite attractive – just don’t let it go to your head. I was told you are strong headed, does that mean you know how to butt heads? Do elves have hard front skulls? I jest, if there are some things you should know;

  • I have a twin, though she’s fraternal, and her name is Anastasia. She’s 6 minutes younger than I. I haven’t seen her in 5 years.
  • Besides Anastasia, I have no other sisters. Though I have 5 other brothers. Many of whom I’ve not come into contact with until recently.
  • Though I am birthed into nobility, I find the local food and drink to fare better than the foreign foods served at the castle. I don’t live at the castle; I live at the barracks where I help train the recruits and soldiers.
  • I grow to like this new form of activity that helps pass the time; Origami. Did you notice the bird shape this letter came in?

That’s all I can write at the moment. My time training does not let me wander far from the fields or recruits. Don’t be surprised if I can’t send letters till late in the evening.

To your prosperity in health and prolonged life,
Your (Jester) Betrothed,
Prince Archie Lennox

P.S. You don’t have to be so formal. I hope we can become more informal, though that will be unlikely, right? I also find your middle name interesting. I wasn’t given one.
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Strolvac let the Elves work until nightfall, he watched as the human soldiers mocked their efforts. He couldn't blame them, the tension ran deep between the two nations. But, he also couldn't help notice the few that were kind enough to send smiles their way rather than glares. Strolvac knew from a few close friends in the military, that many Halflings roamed both countries. And they were the one most grateful for this oncoming peace.

Strolvac was sure by nightfall of the next day, the wall would be finished as well as the lodge, and all would be a rest. For the most part, he was just eager to see his beloved by the time this was over. Naexi had explicitly stated that she would be staying by her sister's side until the treaty had been signed. A loyal and kind sister to a fault, but Strolvac couldn't blame her. Naexi's caring heart was what drew him to her after all. He only hoped this prince would be as kind to Elora as he was to his dearest.


Alaisanna stared at the letters before her, "Requesting such old documents, what a bore. Here I was thinking he was ready for the meeting. I swear to Gaia Uluc chooses to send his son hoping the progressions move slowly." The Queen huffed and looked outside to the snow-covered mountains that graced her lands. She watched her soldier's train, the best soldiers in all of the kingdoms if she had to say so, and rubbed her temples.

"My lady, you shouldn't speak like that. I am sure Uluc is doing all he can, you worry for no reason. And, tend to be a bit impatient when it comes to things." Kedori, Alaisanna's only friend (besides the lords and their troubles) and handmaiden, spoke to her as if scolding her. The queen stifled a chuckled and turned to her friend.

"You sound like a mother scolding their child. I suppose I will talk no more ill of men and their qualms. Though I am interested in why Kolvar would need those documents. Though I have no problems handing them over to him, giving them to the same insects that would rather us dead bothers me." Alaisanna frowned and cracked her neck walking over to the large bookshelf that adorned her office.

Kedori gave her dear friend a half-hearted smile, "There is nothing that can be helped, you have already given your consent. You are bringing them to the summit are you not? May you decide once you arrive whether or not the human is worthy of such documents." This resulted in a wicked smile in the queen's ivory-colored eyes.

"Why yes. Kedori I must say you are brilliant."


"Is that a picture of your beloved prince sister?"
Aiduin snickered teasing his sister and snatching the picture from her hands. Elora had been staring at it for quite some time. When her brother snatched it from her she scurried to stand hiking up her skirt to chase him.

"You are insufferable Aiduin! Give it back!" She huffed moving to grab it from her hands. He smirked and lifted it into the air out of her reach as he looked at the picture.

"Well well sister, it seems like you've caught yourself a soldier. And my oh my, you've been staring at this picture for hours do you fancy-" His words were cut short as Elora gave him a firm kick to the shin. He dropped the picture and held his shin hissing in pain. "Ouch! Have ya gone mad Elora?! I was only teasing you. Does your betrothed know you're a brute?"

Elora glared at him and went to kick him again before an all too familiar head of silver-red hair walked behind Aiduin. Her glare softened and turned into a wide smile. "Katyr!" Elora shoved Aiduin out of her way and ran towards her elder brother until he scooped her into his arms and spun her.

"Elora, my have you grown! It's been nearly three years since I last saw you." He placed her on the ground and she smiled hugging him.

"Have you come to visit again? Is Sarya here?" Elora looked around for her beloved sister in law and then back to her brother who had a smile on his face.

"I'm afraid not Elora, for she is with child. And much too fragile to last the long trip from our home." Elora's face lit up in delight, she had all but forgot about Aiduin until he spoke.

"Katyr, you must have come in response to the peace treaty. Our dearest little sister is betrothed to a pleb." Aiduin pricked the picture from between Elora's hands holding it out to Katyr, who tenderly took it and examined the picture. "Your dearest sister has been staring at the picture all morning, like a lovesick maiden." Elora's ears burned and she felt the urge to kick him again.

Katyr ruffled his younger siblings' hair and sighed, "I am sure Aiduin is just terribly afraid he is going to lose his sister to another man. You are the only one who will tolerate him." Katyr laughed and hugged his siblings, "He is not bad looking. But, he had better treat you with the utmost respect. Now come, let us go tell father my grand news!"


Grykail had come to visit his King in hopes to find out more of the darkness the humans feared. Walking into his meeting room he took a seat and smiled. "Hello, Kolvar, any news on this darkness the humans fear?" This simple statement resorted in a sigh that escaped Kolvar's lips, he folded his hands together and met his gaze with a serious look.

"The King has said it is the Seal of Orcus. I am afraid my dear friend that this is no simple matter. I have already asked Alaisanna to send up the records of King Azu's time for the humans to look over. But knowing her bitterness she will most likely take this as a game before handing them over...Strolvac is nearly finished with the building, as of this morning the wall is also nearly complete. I am afraid as the days pass its darkness grows. I have urged Uluc to take some of my men to help with the wall and construction. The sooner we finish, the fewer worries we can have for the strength of this darkness."

A grave look passed over their faces, a silent exchange as they both noted this. While their comrades were building walls, and pulling records. Grykail would gather his elite mages and Kolvar would pull his own Knights of darkness, though King Alistair could find the humans, finding their elven counterparts may prove to be difficult. But Kolvar knew precisely where to find them. The two men chatted more about their plans before Grykail took his leave. Once Grykail left he began his response, sending a maid to collect the letter he was sure his daughter had written.

A response to the Human's kind King,

The Shades of Orcus, I suppose I will start there. The queen of the western elves has agreed to bring the document. Though I will warn you she tends to jest, she finds humor in teasing people so please do not take it to heart. The Shades of Orcus is old darkness, a monster in a sense. In olden times, something far beyond our power had created itself. A demon of sorts, as though it dragged itself through the pits of hell. It is slow like poison, infecting its victim. We elves have curated a cure for such poison, though the process itself is no easy feat. I would suggest you warn your countrymen to stay far from this forest, the more it consumes the stronger it will be. According to Lord Uluc, the wall should be finished by this day's nightfall, if not early morning. My lords are holding their wits together in order to help.

I have taken my own measures on the elven side to gather the Knights of Darkness. In our Kingdom locating them does not prove nearly as difficult. But, I will send them as well to join the forces you found.

As for Lord Delafontaine, I do not judge his concern. Trust is something that must be earned, and both parties will do all the must to prove it. As I've stated before my people will not raise a hand. And Prince Strolvac of Uenora is a kind and understanding boy. He will squash any anger his men have.

I believe we have many similarities, my wife Zestarri jests that I spend more time writing letters than diplomating. The name for the summit as well no one in the kingdoms finds any fault in it. I think it a grand name.

I think your son may have swooned into my daughter's head, my elder children have said she reads his letter repetitively and can't stop sharing at his picture. I am happy she has taken an interest in your son, though it saddens me to watch my youngest daughter grow up. I'm sure you can understand, I hear you have a daughter of your own. I am just pleased all is going well, please indulge me on your customs. If we are to be brothers I only hope to know more about your country.

To Longevity and peace,
King Blaric and the Elven Kingdoms

The maid that had been sent to Elora's room rushed down the halls with grace, trying to duck and avoid the butlers bringing the Queen and the eldest son snacks as they talked about the good news. By the time she had made it to Elora's room, she was nearly breathless and exhaustedly knocked on the door. Hearing a small voice behind the door she stepped in and took a moment to collect herself before speaking.

"I am here to collect you letter to the human kingdom. Per, his Majesties wish." Elora smiled at the girl and handed her a rough little paper folded into a messy flower, she had spent the day reading the Prince's letter and trying to learn the origami he had spoken of. His own letter came in a delightful bird folding, that she had received in awe.

"Here. Come drink this water before you leave." She poured the tired maid a glass of water, allowing her to drink before scurrying off towards the King's office. Elora plopped on her bed chewing her lip, "I feel as though I might just make a fool of myself." Sighing she stood and moved herself to meet with her siblings in her mother's study to discuss the new addition to the family.


To the Human Jester,
Prince Archie Lennox,

I dare not tell my father anything, he is terrible at planning things. Were it not for my mother I fear he might have lost his head at some point. My brothers have teased me relentlessly about your photo. Not of your face, but I have been studying it for quite some time this morning, which makes me the blunt of their mockery. If it eases your thoughts- I think you are rather attractive, though I hope this does not go to your head.

I am strong headed, my brother Aiduin and I knock heads a lot. He is insufferable sometimes. I heard you are a good man, are all humans as humorous as you. Or is that what makes you different.

I am pleased that we share the same values, it eases the worry in my head. Not that I have many. I will try my best to be more informal, but I make no promises...I am rather jealous of you having a friend. My elder siblings are a bit overprotective and I am told I have a strong will that makes it hard to make friends...

To be fair I will tell you some things about myself as well;
  • I have three older siblings: a sister Naexi (she is the second born), Aiduin (the third born and insufferable), and my eldest sibling Katyr (He has come to visit, I am to be an aunt soon.)
  • I am the youngest of the four children.
  • I like to explore the town, I find the people there very nice and the sweets delightful. I daresay they serve the best cakes
  • I tried your origami, hopelessly reading books and trying to mock the pictures. I did a pretty terrible job so please try not to laugh.
  • I pass my time dancing, though more with the maids than in a ballroom.

Are you going to the summit? I plan to join my father in order to explore the new border.

I almost forgot to ask, you said you don't have a middle name. Is this the case for all of your countrymen? I was given the name after our Kingdom Lynlore, as were my siblings though the names differ.

I have sent a recent picture as well. You may keep it I have another copy, try not to laugh. My brother loves to jest.

To the oncoming peace of nations,
Your Bethrothed,
Princess Elora

[Attached is a picture of Elora and her sister Naexi sitting beside each other in the flower fields for a picnic. While Naexi was smiling, Elora scowling at her brother Aiduin going to shove him with a devilish smile as he jumped in the frame.]
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Calliope peaked her head into her husband’s study, seeing her love hunched over his desk with a quill in hand. A soft smile fell onto her lips. She quietly padded into the room with lithe steps, finally appearing behind Alistair. The perfume of Jasmine enveloped the old King, knowing it was his Queen to come check up on him, “Dearie, are you writing your new found kin?” She teased.

He looks up at her, her platinum, curly locks unfurl around her like a waterfall as they exchange a lover’s kiss. Her fingers secure into his shoulders, she massages the knots out of his back; he groans in pleasure from her expertise into massages. “How have I been fortunate enough to land a Wife like you?” He asks, feeling his muscles relax beneath his love’s slender fingers.

A soft chuckle sounds from her, “Well, I can ask my father what he thought when you wedded me. This arrangement has me reminiscing about when we first were arranged to marry. Do you remember how opposed you were?” She lowly chuckles again, “Now, look at us. Hard to believe we were rivals at one point.”

“You were a fire hard to tame.” He comments, groaning out again as her fingers undo the last knot in his shoulders.

“I could say that same of you. I heard Archie’s exchanging letters with this Elora. What do you think of our daughter-to-be?” Calliope had concluded that she’d have to accept her no matter what. Just like she had to accept her husband as her betrothed back in the day when her own arrangement occurred.

“I haven’t officially met her, but my opinion is not fully formed on her yet. I just worry it will lock the two into a loveless marriage because of this peace treaty.” Alistair’s dark brows furrow.

“Fear not, my love. I believe the two will come to love one another when the time is right. If not, then they’re doing what is asked of them. And if you’re correct about this treaty, it will help us, perhaps, come to know an era of peace and without war.” Calliope softly speaks to him, her chin resting on his shoulder.

“I hope you are right, my Queen.” His hands find its way into hers, locking their hands together as they sit there, in comforting silence. Though it’s broken when three knocks sound out from the sleek door.

“Come in!” His voice booms out.

Calliope untangles herself from her husband and bounds to the door, opening it to see a dishevelled messenger holding out a green envelope. She opens the door wider to let the boy in and hand it to her husband, who plucks it out of his hands. Calliope shows the messenger out and calls for a cup of water for the poor child. She soon closes the door behind her as she steps back out to return to her own duties. You’d be surprised at the amount of work which required of a royal consort. As of recent, they handed her the less important matters to handle by Alistair and to seek advice from the Council of Advisors if she had any pressing questions.

Alistair cut the envelope open. It was a hastily written letter, what looked more or less like chicken scratch;

To His Majesty,

Forgive me for writing so messy and to not addressing you formally, but this is of urgent matter. Another of the noble’s heirs has fallen to this mysterious poison. It’s not just the Beaumont’s heir, but the Blackburn’s own heir. Please, I urge you to hold the summit earlier than proposed. If the Elves have the cure to this black ichor, I’ll need it immediately. I don’t know how much time they have, but the Blackburn’s heir is already bedridden and is frail.

Forgive me again,
Doctor Emerson

The moment of bliss content gone the second he finishes reading the letter. A dull headache already starting to formulate at the back of his skull. He calls his Butler over, who emerges from the other side, and orders him to bring him a cup of chamomile tea. ‘This is going to another long day of aches.’ He grumbles to himself as he pulls out another inkwell to dip his quill into and starts with a response to the King of Elves;

To King Blaric,

I apologise for such a brief letter, but I will need that cure sooner, if possible. It seems this plague is already starting to spread. Some of my nobles’ heirs have already fallen ill to its described, “ichor” of sorts. I will leave everything up to you at this point. Send your guard as soon as you are able and I will grant them permission to enter my lands.

Did you know King Delafontaine is actually my father-in-law? I know, it’s ( probably) surprising, but it’s common for our Kingdoms to wed our heirs to one another, if that’s helpful. I have this book on our customs and etiquette. I hope it helps you more than I can explain over letter.

Yes, I do, in fact. Her name is Anastasia, though she’s my only daughter. I have been blessed with 6 sons. Though most of my children are still very young, I haven’t been blessed with any grandchildren as of yet. Are you close with your children? I’m close with all of mine as I try to be there for them when I am able. Archie is the fraternal twin to Anastasia – do you have any twins?

Oh, and I have had a History of Lennox & Delafontaine’s History attached. Hopefully, you can read up on our respective kingdoms.

To Our Futures,
King Lennox & Corresponding Human Nations

[Attached in a package is the 3 mentioned books along with the letter]

He has it immediately sent out, and he only hopes to help his befallen brethren. Alistair has left Archie to his own devices, alongside with an eagle that would carry his messages to the Kingdom of Lynlore on his own will. He thought it better this way since his son lives in the barracks.

Archie is in the Raven’s Tavern, tossing another knife into a paper dart board, attached to the wooden wall with a nail to hold it in place. It lands right in the middle of the board and the entire tavern erupts into cheers, the patrons with tankards stomp their feet and ale on the table. The Lennox Heir had just landed another free round of drinks on Rolant’s coin. Archie throws his hands up into the air as one of the stockier soldiers lifts him into the air. It fills the air with song and excitement while his deflated best friend sulks off to the bar to hand the rest of his coin to the bartender.

“Aw, c’mon Rolant! You shouldn’t have betted against me! You lose every time!” Archie yells over the boisterous crowd. He’s let down, and he joins his friend at the bar.

Rolant scoffs, taking a quick quaff of his ale, suddenly not wanting to drink anymore. “As if! I was merely testing your throwing arm. You’ve grown rusty since last year.” He wrinkles his nose.

He laughs and claps his shoulder, “It’s okay to admit defeat, my dear friend.” He leans into his ear and whispers, “I already paid the tab.” He slips his own pouch off and places it besides him, “I was testing your temper, you’ve grown soft.” He jested back.

A wry smile breaks out onto his lips, “Aye. We’re truly friends now!” He knocks his tankard into Archie’s, who already had his raised to cheer to.

The evening stretches into morning. They partied over the recruits, finally breaking the mould of being afraid to hurt Archie’s pride. One of the junior recruits finally bested Archie, and that resulted into what was a large celebration for all the new recruits. Archie and Rolant stumbled their way back into the barracks, breaking out into song as they did so. Archie found his way back into his room, he stumbled into bed and fell asleep fast. In the evening, he awoke with a splitting headache and with a weird-looking flower hitting his forehead when Rolant came barrelling into his room like he wasn’t hungover.

“Wake up, pretty boy! The Elf messaged you again!” His yells not welcomed as he groaned and turned over in his bed, pulling the blanket over his head to block out the sun spilling into his room.

Rolant ripped the blanket off him, “Get yer ass outta bed! You’ve been sleeping since afternoon. It’s past four in the evening now. Go write your lass or I might just do it for you, and I know you don’t like it when I write for you.

Archie sat up in bed, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes as he did so. Rolant slammed the door shut after placing a nice cup of tea on his nightstand. He lifted a brow at the flower; he twirled it in between his rough fingers and opened it. Leaning back into the bedpost, he had an arm resting behind his head and the other holding the parchment. A smile graced his lips, his finger moved, and a photo fell out of it. He picked it off his chest and looked at the trio of Elven siblings in a beautiful setting. After getting ready for his evening training, he sat at his desk and wrote Elora back;

To Her Majesty Graciousness,
Princess of Kingdom of Lynlore
Fourth Child of King & Queen Blaric,
Elven Maiden with the Strong Head,
Princess Elora Lyn Blaric,

I read our parents are alike, perhaps. My mother keeps my father on his toes as well. Though I feel with age, he has grown soft on his own. Ah, so I was correct in assuming you thought of me handsome. I can picture your blushing face already. Did your elven heart thump like a galloping of a thousand horses? I cannot promise this will not go to my head. I hear having an inflated ego helps pride grow.

I read somewhere that your skulls are rather fragile compared to human skulls, so I suggest you do not butt heads with your dear brother, Aiduin. I do not think of myself as a good man, I only do what is asked of me. I wish to see my people no longer worry if they have a future to grow old with their loved ones. Me, humorous? Never! I jest yet again. I don’t think I’m different from the people I protect; I think of us as equal – though I think my friend can testify against this. I wouldn’t know.

In your head? Can I look inside your head? What did you think of when you saw Rolant? I can agree with your siblings. Younger ones are taken advantage of, so don’t be offended of them wanting to protect you – I admire that. I am the eldest out of seven children, so I know not of the troubles that befalls a younger sibling. And you shan’t be jealous of Rolant, he’s rather more trouble than good, if I say so myself.

So…there are 3 others I will have to watch out for when we meet in person. Yes, as asked of by my father. I am to attend the Summit of Gaia (as he calls it) for this treaty to be secured with your hand in marriage. I’ve seen your wilted flower, it is rather kind of you to learn a new skill, perhaps I can give you secrets of shaping an origami when we meet. Does this mean you know the town folk in your kingdom? I know most of the ones that I hang around in – their vendors and taverns alike. Elora, you might best me at dancing, for I have had no lessons since I was about seventeen.

Hmmm…I think I might be the “special” case. Most countrymen do have a middle name that is unique to identify them better by. My siblings all have middle names, even two or three. I guess my mother just wanted to name me quickly alongside my twin.

I’ve read some letters from my brothers (have yet to hear from my sister) and they’re already calling you “Sister.” I can believe they’ve already accepted you as a part of the family. My brothers always wanted another sister, but my mother and father are far too busy to produce another child. Will you be opposed to gaining 5 more brothers? Anastasia might be reluctant, though I haven’t heard from her. I hear from my father that she’s been studying furiously at the College of Scholars and Scribes in the South.

For your information (& Others if you share it);

  • Anastasia Emeligne Lennox / 24 & Fraternal Twin (by 6 mins)
  • Leo Pierre Hakon Lennox / 23, 3rd Child
  • Landon Macrath Lennox / 21, Has a poor sword arm
  • Levian Oswin Haileye Lennox / 20, He’s an excellent bowman and is a bit of a flirt (apologies in advance)
  • Lysander Lyndon Lennox / 18, I think my parents got bored with naming this one.
  • Lorcan Shelton Luella Lennox / 15, I see this one daily to help train him alongside the recruits.
  • The King of Delafontaine is named Pierre Delafontaine, and he’s my grandfather.
  • Emeligne Delafontaine is my father’s aunt, I think I’m her nephew – unsure.
  • Lily Delafontaine is also my aunt, she’s the heir to the Delafontaine Kingdom.
  • My mother’s name is Calliope – if you were wondering and she’s the daughter of my grandfather.
Congrats on becoming an aunt, though I can’t say the same for myself since most of my siblings are not to wed for a while, I believe. If this reaches you by evening, blame it on Rolant he took me out to celebrate the recruits in finally besting me in combat. I’m writing this to you while I ready for my evening training.

I am also curious. Do you happen to like tea? Over here it is shared as a basic commodity to dispel headaches and pain. I am finishing up my own cup of…chamomile tea? I think that’s what it’s called. Anyway, despite my nulling headache and hangover, it’s off topic, but I was given a personal messenger – I’m talking an eagle. I guess my father does not wish to exhaust his own messengers to run back and forth between the barracks and castle.

What do you think of us meeting in person? Are you short? That just makes me wonder about what you are like in person. If you allow me in person, I would like to touch your ears. Elven ears have always been a curiosity of mine. They’re very pointy, can you cut cheese with them? Do your maids cut your food when they have no knives present? I’m only joking, of course. But I am dead serious about wanting to touch yours. Only if you allow me, otherwise I will not.

I nearly forgot - a yellow rose from my parents’ gardens. The gardens have various colours of roses in it.

[Strung to the shape of a rose, itself, is the other rose next to it]

To Our Future Together,
Your Humble Jester,
Future Husband-to-be,
& Heir to the Lennox Throne,
Prince Archie Lennox

P.S. Your most graciousness, I hope you like your new titles. I will come up with more if my mind will allow it.
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Zestarri and her husband were strolling the flower fields when a small pink-haired maid came rushing over to them. Zestarri laid a hand on her husband's arm to motion him to stop as the small girl went towards them. "I believe I shall take my leave darling. I must write to my dearest sister, I shall leave the diplomating to you, dear." She gave a light chuckle and gave him a small kiss, before turning, her white hair falling around her shoulders as she walked off. Kolvar watched his wife as she walked away before looking at the maid.

"S-sire, t-this is from King Lennox. I-it came urgently. I l-left the books in your study, my lord." Kolvar sighed and gently took the note before dismissing the maid who ran back towards the castle. Kolvar opened the letter his brows furrowing and then easing as he continued to read.

"I must send word to Grykail urgently." Kolvar clenched the letter in his hands and briskly walked towards the castle, he made his way down the winding hall making no effort to return the greetings to the butlers or maids. Once he reached his office her quickly sat and grabbed a pen to write Lord Grykail.

Lord Grykail,

My dear friend, these are grave times. It seems the poison has already begun to spread amongst the humans. Before we suffer from greater losses I am requesting that you send your mages to help heal the humans. I am aware that the treaty is not yet discussed, but there are little options left. We must do all we can to quell this sickness before it spreads, I will not let innocent men, elves or human alike, die at the mercy of this darkness. I urge you to move with haste, dear friend, I am not aware of how long these humans have been afflicted with these shadows.

With great haste,
Your dear friend King Blaric

The King shouted for his nearest attendant to come to his study, "Send this letter to Lord Grykail with great haste, it is of the utmost importance." The boy nodded and left nearly tripping over his own feet but catching himself before the fall. Kolvar watched the boy leave with a small sigh of relief, once he had taken a moment to collect himself he grabbed another piece of parchment.

To King Alistair,

I have sent word to Lord Grykail of the Southern nation to get you assistance with the shadows that plague your nation. By the time you receive this letter, I am sure he will be near your gates. Lord Grykail has the best mages and is well versed to dispel this darkness that plagues your lands.

On a lighter note, I was not aware that Lord Delafontaine was your father in law. A wedding between nobles is common here as well, though less common among Kings and their heirs. I have no relation to my countrymen other than Queen Alaisanna being my beloved wife's twin sister. We were wed rather young, and her sister and she thankfully does not look as similar as you'd think. My sister in law has a rather devilish personality and is much like a playfully little sister to me and great friend, though often times I think she'd hold my head on a platter for her own amusement.

As for children I'd say we are rather close, my eldest son is to be a father soon and has come for a visit. Much to my wife and other children's enjoyment. He is married to Lord Grykail's only child Sarya, she is such a sweet lass. As for twins, I have none of my own. My wife being a twin is as far as that reaches. Though I am sure one of my children's heirs will prove doubled.

As you have provided me with your culture and history I shall do the same, I have sent a book of the Lynlore lineage and another about our cultures and traditions. I do hope you find interest and time among all this chaos.

To A better future,
King Kolvar Blaric


Grykail received the letter in the midst of a meeting with his mages, he read over the letter and gave a heavy breath. He turned and walked backed to his mages.

"Cerci, gather your materials and meet me at the stables. The rest of you are dismissed please be sure to study." Grykail nodded as each of them left, waiting for his class to disperse before leaving his classroom. He moved with urgency as he went back to his study, he looked around making sure no one was near before opening the secret compartment that held the ingredients for the antidote. Holding it tight and placing it in his pocket he moved to grab the old texts that laid beside it and placed that in a satchel. Once he had gathered his things he grabbed his dark red cloak and made his way to the stables. Cerci, a tall midnight blue-haired male, was the best mage and his closest student. He had trained Cerci personally and knew he was more than capable to help him. Once they had each grabbed a suitable horse for their journey they took off with great speed. As Kolvar said, a little after there letter had reached the Lennox estate, Grkail and Cerci were in tow towards the gates.


Elora was roaming the street of the town again, she was hoping to find a suitable color for the soon to be a new addition to the family. Her fingertips grazed over beautiful silk with a grass-like green color. Her hands continued until she reached a light blue, it reminded her of the color of Archie's eyes. She flushed and pulled her hand away, what on earth was she thinking? Elora swear she had gone mad, she barely knew this boy and yet she was thinking about him throughout her day. Elora shook her head to shake the thoughts and smiled at the attendant.

"Marin, may I have this green. I hope to make a dress shirt for my brother's child. And this color seems lovely." Marin, a fair-skinned elf with lovely orange curls chuckled and nodded.

"Of course Elora. Anything for you, you are my best customer after all. Though I'm surprised you hadn't picked the blue. From the look you had I say it was reminding you of someone you fancy?" Marin looked up at the princess teasing her a bit as she cut off some of the fabric. The maid that accompanied Elora chuckled and smiled at her princess as well.

"F-fancy? W-why no I wou-wouldn't say that Marin-I barely know him-I mean not that there is anyone." Elora's face flushed once again and she pouted a bit feeling defeated. Marin covered her mouth and laughed.

"The princess has been starting at the picture of the humans crowned prince for quite some time. She says he is most sweet in his writing." The maid beside her glanced at her flushing princess, the teasing was harmless Elora just felt flustered.

"I'm only teasing Elora, you are so innocent and get flustered so easily when it comes to the affairs of the heart. I will add in this blue color as a gift. Make something sweet for your beloved." Marin handed Elora the green fabric wrapped in a smooth paper to protect it and cut the blue fabric as well doing the same. Elora's ears burned but she dare not refuse the gift, she thanked Marin and paid the girl before leaving the shop. As she walked through the town she smiled and waved stopping by various shops in order to gather items for her elder brother on his trip back.

By the time she had made it home, it was early afternoon. She decided she would spend the rest of the day making her gifts. When she and her maid arrived back to the castle she had hoped to receive a letter but when no notice came she only kept in mind that he was a soldier. Elora felt only a bit disappointed, before asking herself why she had the slightest bit of disappointment. They had only exchanged two letters, why was she so eager.

Elora settled herself on her bed, after tying up her long snow-colored hair, she took out the fabric. She pulled out the two fabrics and glanced at the blue before deciding to grab the green. It took her until late afternoon to make two small cute shirts for the baby to come. She had stitched some golden leaves along the collar of the shirt and was happy with the outcome. She carefully folded it placing it to the side. It was then she had grabbed the blue fabric staring at it. Biting her lip she smiled to herself, she should make him a shirt as well. She didn't know his exact measurement's but she was a good guess when it came to these things.

She lifted herself off her bed walking to the small mahogany desk that sat in the corner of her room and pulled the picture of Archie and Rolant from her drawer bringing it to the bed. It was then she started making a shirt for him, by nightfall she had finished just as a butler came and delivered his message to her. She smiled at the rose folded paper and sniffed the flower with great care. She laid the shirt to the side as she placed the flower in a vase, she would ask her mother to frost it over tomorrow. As she read the letter and smile graced her lips, he was pleasant and his letters brought joy in her life. She lifted the blue silk shirt that matched his eyes, unlike the green she had lined this one with intricate silver designs along the collar and cuffs, it truly looks fit for a prince. Elora carefully folded it and walked over to her desk grabbing a piece of paper and dipping her quill in ink before writing.

Dear Humorous Jester,
Prince to Lennox,
Brave Knight of Humans,
Eldest Son of the Lennox families,
Prince Archie Lennox,

I'd be careful dear prince, I've heard pride can be a dangerous thing. My elder brother Katyr says too much pride stunts your growth. And as for my heart drumming, I dare not say. Though my maids and even sister would be delighted to tell you should you ever meet. You know, us elven maidens are known to be mysterious. Don't you think?

I think it is noble of you to care for your people like that. Though I do hope the same for my own, I have seen many families, children even affected by what these wars have taken. Their husbands, brothers...So I am just as pleased to tell them that peace is near.

On the note of my brother Aiduin, if you should have the misfortune of meeting him you will understand my frustrations. We are close in age and therefore he teases me quite often. But, I love him still. He is a wonderful brother, though don't tell him that he would never let me hear the end of it. I am sure you both would get along great.

You are truly humble to think of yourself as equal, though I suppose I do the same. The townsfolk call me by name, I dislike the troublesome titles. So I try to not let it interfere with our conversations. I only wish I could get a bit closer to them, hopefully, make more friends. What do you say? Shall I join the military and jest like you? I only tease, my father would never allow it even if I wanted.

Look inside my head? What are you hoping to find, dear prince?

In regards to your friend Rolant, I find his face pleasant? He seems as much as a jester as you, if not a womanizer like Aiduin. But, I can tell he is a great companion of yours. You two seem very close, though he seems rather silly in his picture.

As time passes, being the youngest comes with fewer problems. My eldest brother Katyr is wed and moved away from home some time ago. My eldest sister is betrothed and often in Uenora with her beloved. Were it not for Aiduin I think my days would be very lonely and tiresome. I worry when I leave he will be bored without someone to tease.

I would very much love to learn the secrets of origami, though I will admit I am not very good at it. But I can sow very well and play the piano. I was at the market today shopping for my brother's child and found these beautiful fabrics. I made a nice Green silk shirt for the baby to wear once it arrives....And well, I found a beautiful color that reminded me of your eyes. Marin (the marketplace tailor) gave me the color for free...And I have made you a shirt as well. Though I am sure you prefer less dress like clothes meant for soldiers I do hope you like it. Please tell me if it fits nicely.

I dare not enter a tavern, my mother might wring me by my neck or have my head if I did. My parents tend to shelter me from the vulgarities of this world as they call it. Though I hope one day I might be able to sneak away and enjoy the late-night festivities.

Even if you knew dancing well, I am certain I would still best you.

Having more brother's sounds like pleasure, I would no longer be the youngest. Can you relay that I would be delighted to meet them? I can understand your sister's reluctance, Katyr was like that as well. Though he only hopes you will treat me well. He wishes the best for all his siblings.

I find it amazing your sister is a scholar, she must be brilliant. I hope to meet her, though I only hope she will enjoy my company as well.

I do not mind the late letters, though please tell Rolant that I hope he does not steal you away every day. I hope to write to you many letters. I look forward to them throughout my day. Does your training become tiresome?

I adore tea, my kingdom has tea with sweet berry flavors. We use herbs or magic for illness or ailments. Did you ask because you hope to share afternoon tea with me?

An eagle? How amazing, my father has graced me with a dove to deliver letters. The messengers imbued it with magic so she does not tire on her journey. I have named her Honey. What have you named your eagle?

I will admit, I am rather nervous to meet. But I am rather excited as well. I stand at 5"4', I am 22 summers if I haven't already said. You are two summer's older than me, how interesting. Will you teach me your wise ways? I jest, I hope to tour your parent's gardens with you.

And prince, I must say. You are rather bold asking to touch an Elven maiden's ears. Though we cannot cut cheese, we are very good listeners. It helps when exploring nature, you can enjoy all it has to offer...But, our ears are very sensitive. How do I put it? Touching a maiden's ears is a rather intimate interaction...Though I daresay, if you wish to touch mine I will allow it.

To Longing Peace,
Your Mysterious Maiden,
& Youngest child of Lynlore,
Princess Elora Blaric

[Attached it the note tied to the shirt, the shirt laced with Elora's faint scent of lavender and berries]


The Dread Wolf★
With a bitter resolute, Pierre placed his quill to the side, ‘This should go well with the knife ears.’ He rolled up the parchment and had it sent out via his own black, large falcon to brave against the humidity and take it towards the North. The old croon emerged from the dark confines of his chambers, finding himself heading out onto the back lawn. They placed several stone statues up in the memory of fallen Delafontaine members. He brought himself to overlook the valley that rolled out in hills and then straight plains as far as the eye can see. Beyond what he could see lie the recently renamed Haunted Forest and Black Lake. He is determined to fight back the Seal of Orcus that was seeping into his lands. His emerald hues shifted towards the bustling town below. They were just as normal as usual.

Pierre had his own Agents dispatched to keep the citizens in ignorant bliss, with a wind of peace and to veil the darkness away from them. He figured he would make an announcement if it were spreading faster than he can recount on. For an Old King, he saw all the shades of ugly and good faces of ruling on a throne. For him, it was all he’d known. Old Pierre ascended to the throne at just age twelve, when his only parent—his father—died in the wars against the Elves. He harboured great resentment towards the spineless hippies in the North. His long, grown beard was split into two, braided to keep out of his way of his duties. He never shaved, finding himself to like his long, frail mop attached to his chin and face.

The King of Delafontaine was staring at the statue of his father for a while now, then he turned his back on him. Pierre felt like he did that in a sense of what his ancestors had fought for all these years. It was going against what he firmly believed in, but he felt this was a better approach to another century of a peaceful era. Pierre would have his peaceful state of mind once he joined the others in the afterlife. He walked away from the statue as birds flocked over ahead. The sounds of their songs ringing out as he made his way back into the castle;

To The Elven Empire,

I’m officially writing to you in the name of peace, though my ancestors are likely rolling in their graves as I put the quill to the parchment. If it were my way, I would have never written this letter, but the King of my peoples’ urges me to do so. King Alistair is still a young ruler, I can sense the great good-will he wishes to seek in these times. I’m an old King myself and I grow tired of seeing crying mothers and children of soldiers who might never return from the battle. You Elves have the upper-hand with your…unholy magic ability.

I’d rather keep communication short and curt, if possible. I am a man of being blunt and honest, do not be surprised when I plan on speaking at the summit. I hold an entire lifetime’s worth of resentment towards your kind; you were the ones who took away my most precious parent figure—the only parent figure I had when I was but twelve harvest seasons.

I still strongly oppose this proposed “alignment” of yours. You are safe regarding King Alistair ruling over the human nations and not I. I cannot promise I will familiarise myself with you elves, but I will try my best to learn of what you wish to exchange and help in prospering together.

King Pierre Delafontaine.

Riding on the back of a carriage, the young scholar made her way from the lands of the southern realm. She had a cloak drawn over her. She looked up at the skies to see ominous clouds rolling in. Sniffing the air to already find a gaianly smell up in the air. She rumbled in the back, with the snapping of her escort’s yells over the carriage’s loud wheels hitting the cobbled roads. Her luggage kept her enclosed and safe, she insisted on taking the back of a merchant’s carriage towards her former home; Lennox Kingdom. The young Princess had a lot happen to her throughout the years she’s been staying at the College of Scholars and Scribes, making her wonder what her parents would think of her when they finally get to see her.

As the carriage made it through the lands, the merchant kept her company with small talk. Though he wasn’t no elite in the education department, he held local stories that kept Anastasia on her toes. The Merchant finally announced they were entering the sprawling Kingdom of Lennox. She pulled her black hood over her head, hiding her face from the crowds and people looking their way. The horses were near out of breath when they finally came up to the outside, golden gates that locked out them from the main Castle. They stationed guards at the front, one of them coming over to ask who it was and to state their business.

“Is my father so paranoid to not allow his only daughter into the castle?” Her voice rang out. Stopping the Merchant from answering the guard.

Anastasia produced an heirloom, her family’s insignia on the end as it dangled in the air. The Guard ordered to open the gates to let them both through. The carriage wheeled on through the long front lawn and towards the entrance of the castle. Once there, the Merchant got off to undo the back of the carriage and help the Princess down. A Butler emerged from the depths of the castle, he right away noted the Lennox symbol dangling around the cloaked individual’s neck. The Butler ordered maids and other butlers to grab her luggage and to prepare her room.

“My Lady, will you follow me this way?” The Butler inquired, not wanting to upset her.

“I’m afraid I will need your guidance.” Anastasia spoke, pulling her hood back to reveal a silver crown/mask of sorts, carefully crafted to shield half of her face. Her raven hair sprawled out in waves, lengthy pieces framed her face and a loose braid that spilled down her back, stopping just before her waist.

“Forgive my rudeness, my Lady.” He said as he held his arm out and guided her left hand to grip his arm.

“None taken, you are only doing your job.” She retorts.

They guide Anastasia up the stairs and going through what feels like a maze of corridors before she’s lead into a large, opulent room. The first thing she hears is a cry from her mother’s familiar voice ring out.

“My baby girl!” Calliope rings out as she comes over, her arms wrapping around her daughter and pulls back, “What has happened to your eyesight?”

It was a touchy subject she’d rather not bring up, “Let’s talk about the summit, Mother. It has been far too long since I’ve graced the halls of the castle. Tell me of this Elora I hear of from the servant’s mouths. Who is she?”

Calliope guides her daughter onto a plush seat, and pushes a cup of tea into her dainty hands, taking her own to sit right beside her. While the announcement of Anastasia’s return makes its way throughout the Kingdom, it reaches the ear of her father and brothers in the Kingdom. This sends Archie and young Lorcan racing against one another through the town, pushing each other as they finally burst through the front entrance and both yell out at once.


The King hears his eldest and youngest from the front foyer, dismisses it as he turns back to his own letter in response to Blaric;

Dearest New Ally,

Thank you. I hope to return the same kindness you’ve shown just by my letter. I will send permissible orders to let them through without further delay. Though some Knights of Gaia will accompany them, if you don’t mind.

I believe my kin might be much larger than yours. I hope I can meet them all under more familiar settings to their own will. My sister-in-law is very much the same, though she’s wedding soon to Colby Beaumont and inherit the throne whenever King Pierre passes—I hope not for a long time. Which brings up the topic of King Delafontaine. Has he written to you yet? I shan’t pressure him to write to you sooner than the summit can come—he’s had a rough upbringing. Pierre has sat atop his throne since twelve harvest seasons. I hope you can understand his reluctance and…bold words of honesty he might exchange over a letter or in person. The only parent figure he had was killed in the War of Elves on the borders and was forced to grow up fairly quickly.

He’s interrupted by Anastasia being guided into his study, which causes him to drop his quill and look to her. His eyes soften in sadness at the state she’s in, “My, how you’ve grown.” His fatherly voice atoned. He was most protective of his daughter, and he wept for the first time when she went away to the south.

Alistair rose and embraced her. Without knowing it, Anastasia started crying as she embraced him back, the silent tears rolling from out underneath the half-mask she wore. Alistair wiped them away. He kissed the top of her head, “It is good to see you back in my arms, my dear daughter.”

“I…I…” Anastasia’s voice broke. She started crying in her father’s arms again, finding them on the ground of his study as he tried to comfort her. He started singing her favourite childhood tune, rocking her back and forth in his arms. They remained like that for a while, him comforting his only daughter in his arms, and she grows quiet while remembering the comfort of her father’s arms and tunes.

They were always the closest in terms of bonds; the strongest with his daughter. Memories flipped through her head like her fingers gracing through an ancient book, the echoes of her father’s laughter ringing throughout her ears. Flashes of memory, those in faint that she could recall of being the happiest in her life, were with her family. Anastasia went through a long and enduring hardship. With her father no longer being there to soften the critical marks from her teachers, she’d learn to internalise her feelings. She grew into one of the more well-known scholar students; she excelled in her studies even now, as she had to learn through the words of another’s sight. Her mind was as sharp as ever, losing her eyesight was just one of many things she’d lose while at the College.

All the pent-up feelings over the years came crawling back. The floodgate broke open once she was back in her father’s embrace. She felt asphyxiated, her words nowhere to be found, but her silent tears where all that Alistair needed to know that his daughter went through a hard journey to become the person she is today. When her favourite tune died out, he resorted to stroking her silky, raven hair that fell around her shoulders like a waterfall. The rocking never subsiding as she reluctantly pulled back from her father’s hug.

“I’m proud of you, my daughter. No words need express of the hardship you endured while in the South. Your tears are all that I need to know. Did you have a shock when you learned your brother would be married soon?” He says.

She sniffles, nodding her head and laughs out her nerves, “Look at me, I’ve become a puddle in your arms, Father.”

There were knocks on the door, Alistair helped his Princess to her feet. He made her look presentable while he went to open the door. In the frame were his two sons, “Anastasia, I believe your brothers wish to reminisce with you.”

Archie stood there, the light in his eyes were as bright as the ones shining in his brother’s. Before he could even speak, his twin turned around to reveal her wearing a mask, “Hello, my dear brothers. I apologise for being away for so long, but I promise…I’ve returned for the moment. Why don’t we exchange stories in the salon?”

Archie’s smile fell. He felt a twinge of sadness in his heart for his dear sister - even more so as he was her twin. “Can you see, dear sister?” He had to ask, not out of curiosity, though he was wondering what happened to her, but out of respect and to see if he had to guide her.

She shakes her head, “I’ve lost my sight, I’m afraid. But don’t worry, I can still picture your ugly mug in my mind.” She joked, lightening the mood.

“Ha-ha! She called you ugly! Ana!” Lorcan raced in, a small ‘oof!’ coming from Ana as his arms embraced her around the waist. He was still growing and still smaller than his sister.

Her hands find their way around his shoulders, returning the hug, “Let me guide you to the salon. There’s much to tell, dear sister.” Archie says as he makes his way over.

Ana can tell her twin has grown in the last years since they’ve seen each other in person. She locked her arms around his enormous forearm, “You’ve grown, haven’t you? Not at all the small stump you used to be when we were in our adolescence.” She remarked.

A smile graced his lips again, “And you’re still a stump, yourself.”

Alistair watched as three out of seven children disappeared back out into the corridor. His fatherly heart growing fond and full of love in that moment. He shut his door and returned to the letter;

My dear daughter has returned from the South. I should mention this before the summit. It seems she’s lost her sight. Do not be afraid when you see her, she will likely sport a mask of sorts. It’s a touchy subject I dare not ask as to make her familiar again in her former home.

Congratulations on your newborn grandchild.

And I’ve retrieved your books, I’ve been reading the Lynlore Lineage since this morning. I’ve only stopped in the middle to write this letter. And again, I apologise for the brief letter yesterday. I hope you find our grand game of horse racing and gladiator arena’s entertaining. Though the latter can be rather brutal, we only use it as a source of entertainment for those willing to risk their hide—we pay the winners an enormous sum for braving death in the face.

To Our Future,
King Lennox

Though it was a short afternoon's spending with his siblings, Archie left the castle feeling renewed and invigorated with a sense of bliss he hadn’t felt in a while. He had to leave to return to training, though he promised them that he’d be back for dinner, even if it was a short one. They were very animated and pleasantly passionate about the paths they’ve chosen in life—especially Anastasia, even as she spoke about the hardships of not being able to see longer. He returned to the barracks with a skip in his step, and a smile on his face. Making his way through corridors to grab his sword from his own chambers, he found a recent letter sitting on his desk and his eagle sitting on the handmade limb jutting outside the window. Rolant must’ve heard the birds’ cries as it swooped into his friend’s chambers and fed it, because now the eagle was asleep on said limb.

He looked down at the package; something wrapped in a brown paper, a string to hold it together with whatever was inside. Though his curiosity piqued, he grabbed his sword, switched into a light chain link armour to hide beneath his clothes and headed back outside to the pit. His opponent today was the same recruit who bested him in combat between two days ago.

“Alright, let’s see if you’ve improved.” Archie spoke to the recruit, getting into his own stance.

Their steel clanged together out for two hours until the recruit got tired, Archie still had a lot of energy left in him. He gave his opponent the signal to return to his chambers and get some much-needed rest. He wiped the dirt from his face, though it didn’t do much, but give him more dirt marks to sport. Archie started sparring with the dummy, landing blows and slices to it as the humidity snuck up on him. Another hour gone by until he returned to his own chambers to change into something less dirty. He cleaned himself up under a cool shower in the water tower next to the barracks. He just had to pump it out by pressing down on the lever. Archie returned to his room with only his lower attire on; across his torso were scars littering about from the front and back of his upper body. He remembered the package still sitting on his desk; he pulled the chair out and took a seat, putting on a white tunic, the collar in a V-shape and strings attached to tie it together. It was left open to reveal a smooth, yet scarred chest.

He opened the package, revealing another letter from his betrothed and… “A shirt?” He questioned.

He unfolded it, his eyes widening at the rich, intricate details sewn into the blue silk. His calloused fingers went over the silver on the cuffs and collar. It felt rich and soft, something unlike him. With care, he replaced his white tunic with the shirt that felt like air on him, barely noticing the fabric that laid against his skin. In the body-length mirror he looked himself over. It would best to wear this to the summit as he had no finer clothing existing in his wardrobe. What surprised him most was how the heck did she get his measurements right?

Archie changed back into his tunic and placed the shirt on a hanger in his wardrobe, closing the oak doors to return to the letter to write a response of his own. He had a few more hours to burn before the dinner;

To the Mysterious Elven Seamstress,

Do you know it might be scandalous if it were to come to fruit that a seamstress and a Prince—an heir to the Human Nations, no less—would cause an uproar? Katyr might just be right, that’s why your growth is stunted, is it not? I jest, my mysterious Elven Maiden. I will shield you from the gossipers and onlookers when it comes to light that I am in a locked marriage to said seamstress.

Ah, yes. I am glad our morals align. Though it’s not rather noble, just an action to be taken at the moment. I must tell you though, I was on my deathbed more than a dozen times; it is a wonder that I’m still alive and breathing. Though with Rolant’s insistent of dragging me to the tavern, I might be on my deathbed once again with a failing liver, no?

I do not know. Perhaps I might join your brother in teasing you? We shall see at the summit when we exchange pleasantries. I will tell him you think of him as a wondrous sibling. On the subject of siblings, I have met up with my twin today, Anastasia. To be serious at the moment, I was rather shocked to hear of her returning home—it has been quite a while since I saw her in person, about seven harvest seasons or more. I had to leave home at age seventeen to fight in the civil war, so it was a sobering moment to be reunited with siblings that I thought I would never see again. Though it saddens me…she can no longer see. Anastasia has lost her sight though I know not when, it’s a touchy subject for her, I could tell the moment I saw her wearing a silver mask that covers only half of her face. Although that was a shocking fact, Anastasia is still the same sister I remember and quite humorous than I last exchanged pleasantries with her in person.

Yes, the titles are bothersome in my case. Many like to flaunt them, though I tell them not to and just call me by my first name—they oblige. It would surprise you at the many…um, what are those- pet names! The maidens in my Kingdom call me all sorts, though I do not know why?

If you have the heart and spirit of a warrior princess, then why not? I can give you pointers, we can do so in secrecy. Just imagine my arms around your arms to guide you in holding a sword right or to get your posture correct. You’d be surprise at how many recruits don’t know the proper stance when fighting or wielding a sword. Oh, ho-ho-ho! I told you I never jest, it must be your eyes. Did you get them checked?

I am hoping to find you imagining me as your beloved husband in the forest, perhaps. Do you guys jump from tree to tree? On the southern border, I once glimpsed those Woodland Elves moving with deft precision on the tree’s limbs.

Ah, he is a womaniser, that heart breaker! Tell me, are his dashing excellent looks better than mine? Women flock more to him because of the “mysterious brooding” type he seems to give off. Though it might be those bright green eyes of his that reeled you in, no? I will have to make your heart not wander from mine. It seems I haven’t done a splendid job of that.

You might be closer to my brother, Landon. Though Lorcan has fears of us older ones abandoning him. In this sense, having more brothers to have around and tease you and Aiduin might appeal, no?

Wow! A true Princess! I have received your shirt; it surprised me to find such a finely tailored shirt. It was all by hand? Though it is rather suspicious how you were accurate in my measurements. I will be sure to bat my eyes at you from across the room in an attempt to make your heart swoon at the summit! Nonsense, if you wish for me to dress more like a Prince and less like a soldier, I will do so just to appease you.

I understand your parents’ fierce protection. My parents were like that until I returned from the war. It quite surprised my father when I could hold my liquor after three tankards. Though this makes me want to whisk you away from that Kingdom of yours and have you try the ale here. Your first cup will be delicious, I promise.

Yes, I’ve no opposition to that statement. Would you care to educate me in that dancing lesson again? There’s a ballroom here we haven’t used in quite a while. Do you have ballrooms at your palace?

I cannot promise Rolant won’t take me away longer just to tease you. Though I plan on staying away from the taverns for the time being. I don’t wish to look like a straggler waltzing into the summit and disrespecting your father or mine—I’d be out of a Kingdom if I did so. And yes and no, I enjoy training. It keeps me on my toes and in shape.

Yes, actually. My mother had a salon installed in the Castle here. You can get a view of the ocean and the sun spills through the gigantic glass windows. I’d also like to see if you’re like my mother, who chides me in not holding a tea cup right. She did it this afternoon when I was enjoying tea with my dear siblings.

A dove, just like you—pretty! I’ve named my eagle, ‘Egg,’ because he looks like one. Though I don’t think he likes the name because he always gives me a disapproving look. Honey is such a wonderful name.

Ah, I knew it! Your pride has stunted your growth. That’s okay, I can hoist you up in the air and get the pride flowing out of your strong head. You’re very young, I must admit, though I do not care of age. I’m 5’11”—if that helps with your imagination (wink). I will teach you all my wise ways, though lessons will only be held in private attendance, if you get my gist. Even in the gardens, we can hold the lessons there.

Oh? I was not aware. Is it as intimate as a lover’s kiss? If so, I do not wish to take away your innocence yet. I jest, of course. I am an expert in the lover’s kiss. If you wish to learn the correct way, let me know. I will be happy to oblige in that area.

A seamstress shan’t be exchanging letters with a Prince. What if your tabloid news people catch wind of this? So scandalous!

From Your Prince,
Beloved in Secret,
Prince Archie Lennox

P.S. I must bring up the fact that there was a scent of lavender and berries in the shirt. Is that what you smell like? If so, your scent is rather lovely.
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Grykail walked up to the gate, climbing off his horse and urging Cerci to follow his lead as they arrived closer. When they reached the gates, Grykail's tall form loomed over the guards. His raven-colored hair flowed over his shoulders, and his deep ruby-colored eyes looked down at the human soldiers. Cerci looked like an angel compared to him. Grykail gave the men a small smile, "I am King Grykail, from the Kingdom of Galana. I was sent to cure the poison that plagues your lands." Grykail paid no mind to what the soldier's said, he cared not for their words. He was pleased when he was led through the gate, with Cerci close behind he walked behind the gates leaving his horses behind. When they were needed they would come.

Not too long after they walked through the gates they were met with an attendant. The attendant mumbled some awkward welcomes before explaining that he was taking them to the king. Grykail nodded at this and looked at Cerci. Cerci curiously gazed around the human lands. He wasn't nearly as tall as Grykail but was tall just the same. His long hair and frail features made him look more feminine than masculine. He trailed behind his lord with curiosity etched into his features. As they passed by attendants, Grykail made no move to hide his disinterest, but Cerci smiled politely bowing his head to each person. He wasn't against the peace, he saw no need for the wars to continue. Cerci had lost his family to the war and had no plan to continue to lose his people to pointless wars. He had joined Grykail's mages in order to find a way to secure peace. And now that time had come.

It wasn't long before they reached the King's study, the attendant knocked on the door and soon enough they entered. Grykail walked in behind the attendant Cerci in tow. Once the attendant left Grykail bowed his head to King Alistair giving a small smile. "Greetings King Alistair. It is a pleasure to make acquaintance, though under unfortunate circumstances. This is my assistant Cerci, we are prepared to extract the shadows that plague your people. Please lead me to them."


Strolac gazed at the rebuilt wall and solid structure of the lodge that stood near it. It had been a troublesome task, but they had done it. Now that the wall and the lodge were finished the summit could be held and peace could be fostered between the two species. He had sent the men home as soon as the construction was finished, they would be able to spread the good news and drink until they passed out. By the time they woke he hope the treaty would be signed.

He had already sent word to King Blaric, not only could he tell the King he was done he was also able to tell his beloved that they could soon wed. Of course not until a while after Elora's own wedding out of respect. He hummed and walked down the streets of Uenora pleased with himself. He had accomplished his task, his late mother would be proud of him. And his father, though slightly displeased with the treaty, would be as well.


Kolvar read over the letter from lord Delafontaine over once more, the man's unhappiness was clear. Though the letter is was justifiably so. Kolvar had no response to give to the letter. Not one that could appease the man's anger, many people in his country including almost all of the lords had lost their loved ones to the hands of humans. Kolvar sighed and laid the letter on his desk picking up King Alistair's letter and reading it over. He smiled at the man's kind words and was grateful for the sudden relief it gave him. He was sure they would bond over more besides their children. Sighing he decided to respond to King Delafontaine first, the most difficult of tasks always needed to be handled at the forefront.

To The Kingdom of Delafontaine,

Though I agree that my ancestors would be most displeased with this agreement, they would prefer it to the constant death and despair our people have endured. I can say that I am also tired of this devastation war causes. That being said, please do not refer to our magic as unholy. We have been gifted these gifts from the goddess herself, and nature graces us with added strengths. It is a great insult to my people, though I will let this pass because you were not aware.

I give my sympathies to your late father, even if it falls on deaf ears. I apologize for the tragedies that my people have caused you. I have no opposition to you speaking, the lords of my nations may say their peace as well. I understand your displeasure and will also keep this curt. And look forward to your presence at the summit.

In best regards,
King Blaric of Lynlore

Kolvar sighed placing his quill down and rubbing his eyes, that was by far the most excruciating letter he ever wrote in this lifetime. He would let the man's comment of his people's magic pass as ignorance but it was more than obvious that this man would hold no favor towards them. Placing his hands on his desk he folded the letter placing his seal over it before sitting it to the side. Picking up another paper he dipped his quill in ink and begun writing to his new friend.

To my newest comrade,

I suffice to say that I have had the pleasure of Lord Delafontaine's letter. Though it wasn't my most pleasant task, I have responded to him, will very little ill will. I give my condolences to your daughter as well and do not worry. We will not mention her lack of sight, in our lands losing one sense makes a person stronger in other ways. Many strong warriors we have suffered from this as well.

Thankfully Strolvac has advised me that the construction is finished, we may hold the summit once Grykil has finished his tasks. The cleansing takes no more than a few hours. I was thinking that tomorrow we can hold the summit. If you agree I will send out word immediately.

Though we do not participate in gladiator competitions, we do share the sport of horse racing. We also fair well in hunting matches and more cautious festivities like festivals.

This letter will prove shorter than the rest. Writing your lord has drained my energy quite a bit, and I hope to retire for the day and speak with my eldest son. He has been gone from home for quite some time and I hope to educate him on fatherhood before the babe s born.

To the great peace,
King Blaric


Sarya took the maid's tender hand helping her out of the carriage and through the front doors of the Blaric castle. Her belly was swollen from the child she carried, and she had taken the long trip despite her husband's objections. She missed her husband, and she had been feeling a tightening in her stomach since this morning. She feared the baby would come and her husband would be absent. Her dark hair matched her father's, Lord Grykail, and was braided neatly laying over her shoulder. Her walk was more of a waddle and she took deep breaths to calm herself.

It wasn't long until she had finally stumbled upon a family member. Zestarri looked at her daughter in law and smiled big rushing over to her. "Oh, my beloved Sarya. Why have you come, it's not safe for you to travel alone, least traveling while you're so full with child."

Sarya smiled and gave a small chuckle wincing at the tightening in her stomach. "Of course mother, but I fear the child will come soon. And I would rather be surrounded by happiness and Katyr's loving gaze. Then be home alone."

Zestarri sighed and took Sarya's arm leading her into the study, "At the moment Katyr is speaking with Kolvar about the struggles of fatherhood. I suppose it is a good time for them to bond. For now, I only hope you don't mind my company to pass the time."

"Of course not mother I-" Sarya jolted as a pain shot up her muscles and she stifled a cry. Zestarri's eyes widened and she looked at Sarya. "My dear I fear they may not be much time left before the child wishes to welcome itself. Quickly Maids send for Prince Katyr immediately as well as the Midwife! And move with haste!" Zestarri took Sarya's hand and held it tightly. "Do not fear daughter. All will be well, I have sent for help do not worry and just breathe."


"Lord Archie- no, no that's not quite right. Prince of len-Well that seems too formal."
Elora sighed and lifted her leg to complete her Arabesque, she held the position for a moment before returning to plié. Elora sighed, she had decided to practice ballet in the ballroom as well as her introductions to the Human Prince. Her father had informed her that they summit would be held tomorrow if not the morning after. Elora couldn't help but feel nervous, but dancing helped ease her worries. And Ballet was something she had secretly enjoyed for quite some time, not that anyone would mind. But, she felt Aiduin would tease her endlessly about being ladylike. Letting out a frustrated sigh she rose herself into a relevé before attempting her introduction practice again.

"Hello- no hello seems a bit boring." Her posture was still, the result of countless nights of practice. "Good Morning, Prince Archie." Huffing she positioned herself to piroutté holding the turn in cou-de-pied before performing it an dedans. As she turned with speed she furrowed her brows. "If it's not morning what shall I say then? And he did suggest I be more informal. Oh, this is such a chore!" Her last word came out as a frustrated yelp as she completed a sauté across the ballroom. When she landed she moved her feet to position herself in en pointe. She lowered herself into Attitude croisée derriere, as she stretched out her hand to meet her foot she looked up. An image of Archie's smiling picture flashed before her eyes and she blushed.

"This boy has consumed my thoughts. This is becoming troublesome. How am I supposed to keep composure when I can barely think of him without my face burning." Elora lifted herself up stretching out her leg and folding it behind her slightly to perform a promenade, she left her arms outstretched before her trying to shake the thoughts from her head. She was sure to make a fool of herself when she saw him. Elora stopped turning and lifted her back leg high above her, a perfect penché. "He seems so free and spirited. What if he doesn't like the gift I made? W-what if he doesn't like me?" Her words and thoughts were muddled by her fears and worries. She lowered her leg positioning herself in a plie and letting out a worried breath of air. Elora looked at herself in the mirror, giving her fake audience a rèvèrence. Relaxing she ran her hands through her hair and sighed once more. Stressing over the situation would do her no good.

She walked to a small door in the corner of the room, that was put there to change if needed. She changed out of her practicing clothes and walked back out. Elora walked down the corridor's once she left the ballroom, she noticed the maids and other attendants rushing through the halls. She saw no sign of her brothers or parents, she stopped walking and stopped a maid running past to see what the excitement was about. It was then she had learned that her dear sister in law had arrived at the castle and given birth to a son. Elora was delighted by the news and had the maid quickly lead her to the room they were in.

When she made it to the room she found her family surrounding a bed Sarya was laid on. Elora made her way over and was delighted to see the small handsome babe in Sarya's arms. "Oh he is most handsome, and he shares both of your features so well." After a long few moments of fawning over the infant, Elora was finally permitted to hold the babe. She was in awe at his small hands and soft skin, he was so small he felt like a feather in her arms. She looked at her nephew lovingly and wondered what her own children might look like as she returned him. This caused her face to burn a most delightful red as her brothers teased her expression.

She excused herself to allow the newborn child and parents to rest and to read Archie's latest letter. She had just been informed that it had arrived. Elora rushed to her quarters with excitement and grabbed the letter from her desk opening it with haste. She blushed at the prince's bold words and chewed her lip as she thought of a response. After rereading the letter several more times she responded and felt pleased with herself. if not only slightly embarrassed by her bold choice of words.

To My Royal Court Jester,

I daresay, I think our nations are in a state of shock now. They may pitch a fuss when they learn that their beloved princess is wed to the Court's Jester. But, no worries I will defend you from the mockery of the country people. I'm sure they will allow this union so long as they are entertained.

I must admit, I am pleased that you have not fallen in death's hands. Though I would warn Rolant not to kill you before we've met. (or at all for that matter.) We have plenty ailments to cleanse the alcohol from one's body though none pleasant. I hope once we are wed he does not steal you away every night. I'd feel rather lonely.

Aiduin might favor you if you join in teasing, though I will spare you no punches if I feel the need. I jest, I promise I will hit you softly.

On the note of your sister, I give my regards to her health. Elves take blindness as a means of strength, some of our strongest warriors have lost their sights. At least that is what my father has told me. But, there is no need to worry. I will not bring up her pains. I only hope that we can get along well. My elder sister Naexi is often too busy with her betrothed. They met when she was young and he has consumed the mass of her time. A sister closer in age seems more in my favor, I am excited to be able to meet her. Is she a lot like you?

My siblings will be coming to the summit as well, including my brother's wife Sarya, and their newborn babe. (It was a boy, they have named him Lyklor after my mother's father.) He is so small I fear he might break when I hold him. But, he is precious all the same.

The maidens? Daresay I that you are a womanizer dear prince? Shall I have any young maidens fight me for your affections? I jest, even if there may be any maidens I will bring your affections to me and me alone.

I have never held a sword before, but I am skilled with a bow and arrow. We sometimes use them for festivities though my father prefers me not to handle weaponry. I would be pleased if you could teach me. Though from your words it seems as though your only wish is to embrace me. And i say, my eyes work rather well. If they did not could I see you as handsome?

I imagine things aplenty, but yes, you shall be a delirious tree monkey. I jest. My brave beloved soldier perhaps. Do you fancy the name?

I'm afraid I cannot gracefully glide through the treetops. The people of Uenora live in dense forests and were built for doing such activities. The Kingdom of Lynlore is built by the sea. We have many major ports surrounding the cities. I may not be able to swing from the branches, but I can swim under the waters swiftly.

Is that jealousy I sense? I jest, don't worry your mind. I find you much more charming, he looks like a scoundrel, though a sweet one he looks far too "brooding" for my tastes. I much prefer the blue of your eyes to the forest color of his. My heart will not wander, I am a committed lady. And I fear I may have already committed myself to you.

Aiduin only has my sister and I. My brother left not too long into his adolescence. Having other boys to jest with would make him happy. I'm sure he's tired of participating in my girlish antics. I'm pleased to have more siblings, I love my grand family and I'm sure I will love yours all the same.

Yes, every stitch and design was woven together by my hands. I am delighted you like it, I was almost afraid it may not be to your tastes. My heart swoons most often as of late, you've taken over my thoughts. I almost lost myself while dancing ballet this afternoon.

I only wish that you wear what you like, though if they are to be dress clothing, may they all be by my design? Can you permit them to be worn while you are by my side only? I'm afraid another maiden might steal you away if not.

I feel as though I will have no tolerance for ale, I'm afraid my face would redden like the dawn morning if I did. I wouldn't mind you stealing me away, though there is no need.

I would be delighted to teach you to dance, though my brother says I'm a horrid teacher. We do have ballrooms, I have my own to practice. And we have another to play pianos, and then one for festivities of course. They look the best during the spring festivities they are lit with bright colors and decorations fill the halls. Do they have such festivities in the barracks, or at all in your kingdom?

I won't chide you...much. I tease. My mother is very strict on mannerisms, my aunt Queen Alaisanna would chide me senseless when I was young on posture, and mannerisms. They are strict but loving women.

Why you compliment me too much, I fear my pride is rather large from them. Egg is a rather unusual name. But, If you'd permit I can take the time to have a name for your dear bird if you bring him to the summit.

You are as tall as Aiduin, both giants compared to my small frame. I will try not to gaze up at you too mysteriously, you might become faint of heart if I do. (I jest again)

Private lessons, why the country is sure to be in an uproar. A court jester and a princess alone together, how absurd. I am eager to look at your gardens, I am fond of the flower you gave me. My mother has incased it in a frost that will make it last forever. A gift the snow elves possess.

Aye, it is as intimate as a kiss indeed. Though I will warn that I have never kissed a lad in my lifetime. I am, what you would say inexperienced in those areas of intimacy.

You mention my scent, well if your shirt smells of such things then it must be. When we meet you will find out.

I say, will it be as scandalous as the court jester and a princess meeting in secret?

Your Beloved Seamstress,
Spirited Elven Princess,
Princess Elora Blaric


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Archie was dusting his hands off, a habit of his as he adds chalk dust to adjust his grip to the hilt of his sword—for better traction and wielding. He swings it twice, practising his stances before starting to get into his battle stance again. The male before him was taller than him. He wielded a spear instead of a sword—the recruit wanted a chance to best the Prince. They were going at each other as soon as the recruit pointed an obvious strike towards his abdomen; he blocked it easily with his sword, shoving him backward. The recruit’s stance out of place, causing him to readjust himself again, and retake a different stance. Archie could see the cogs working in the adolescent male’s eyes, looking for vulnerabilities in his own stance. The two would continue to spar, Archie barely giving it his all to test the recruit’s arm and then getting full on serious in the last half of the second hour of training before calling it quits. The recruit was given pointers to adjust his stance, posture, and how to strike correctly before leaving back to the barracks.

For the Princely Soldier, he would continue to practise on a dummy. The sun was beating down on him, his muscles screaming. Sweat clung to his body until a voice sounded out.

“My dear brother, you keep striking that dummy as if it offended you for existing.” A teasing, familiar voice rang out.

Archie stopped mid-attack, turned to see, “Leo! You scoundrel, what’re you doing here?”
Leo’s leaning against the wall, his arms crossed, “Oh you know…came by the neighbourhood wanted to see if my older brother needed help properly wielding a sword.”

“Last I check your sword arm was poorer than Landon’s, don’t even tempt me.” A wry smile came across his own face.

“Times changed, haven’t they? I could best you before I turned sixteen harvests. Now, look at you. The Knight in Shining Armour coming to save us all from the Elves in the North.” His blue eyes shining alight with meticulous intentions.

“You keep jesting like that and I might just have your tongue cut off.” Archie jested back.

“That’s too cruel for your soft, aching heart.” Leo retorts, pushing off the wall to show up to Archie. Only his younger brother was still shorter than him by several inches.

“Oh, dear brother, you have such a large bark for such a small dog.”

Leo smacks his back, “I’m jesting, Arch. Or are you too serious these days?”

“Never.” His smile never waning as he puts his sword into its scabbard. “Come, we must exchange stories.”

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” Leo retorts, not objecting to the idea as his eldest brother puts a strong around his shoulders and guides him away from the training yard.

They make their way towards the Raven Tavern, the Prince already breaking his written promise to Elora that he’d likely stay away from taverns this week. But what’s a little harm in having drinks with a dear brother who he hasn’t seen in quite a while.

King Alistair was putting his quill to the parchment, writing a response to King Blaric;

To Peace and Prolonged Prosperity,

Do not apologise for having graced even a single letter from Lord Delafontaine, he has that effect on everyone and anyone. I would apologise on his behalf, though I assume it’d mean much better in person and from his Lordship’s own mouth. I must admit that I’m surprised he even wrote to you, though I believe it will be his last personal letter towards you—Pierre will probably only respond to business letters after the summit.

Aye, they have sent me word of his arrival at the borders. I assume

Knocks sound out from his door, prompting the old ruler to place his quill down and cover the letter with a book. In walked two Elves; one small and one tall. He could only assume one of them was Lord Grykail, and as if reading his mind, the taller one introduced himself, along with the smaller one being his assistant. The King stood, straightening out his robes as he did so, “Welcome to my Kingdom, Lord Grykail. I hope all has been to your expectations, but I must ask you to wait a little longer. I received word hours ago from both Noble Houses that they were riding on horseback and carriage at the highest speeds by either animals.” He gave a slight smile, “While you wait, would you wish for a room to be prepared for your…procedures to be done?” He asked in a polite tone.

They stationed the entourage that escorted the Elves into the castle outside King Alistair’s study, watching for danger and lurking wanderers. More of them being from the higher ranks rather than the usual Royal Guard that guarded the castle during the day and night. Here, it couldn’t be known that Elves were let into the lands before the treaty was even agreed on either side. Though this was more of an important matter, it didn’t matter to those who opposed to this upcoming treaty—and likely peaceful era.

On horseback, Colby Beaumont was in front, behind him a larger soldier donning the Delafontaine Insignia on his chest plate. The Soldier has the reigns in either gloved hand, yells, and whipping are all but muffled to the sick heir’s ear. He was struggling to even look, only to have his eyes roll back into his head again. The black ichor escalated throughout the night. It was growing aggressive since his run in with that octopus-like creature living in Black Lake. It consumed his arm whole, making its way into his neck and likely brain.

The other heir of Blackburn was riding by carriage. He was constantly having his head swiped away by a handkerchief. His own symptoms were unique, the Doctor travelling with him was given a medicinal drink of sorts. The Blackburn’s held this knowledge in secrecy that there was a way to stave off the poison long enough to cure it—if possible. Though the medicinal drink only felt like the sick male’s veins were on fire. His cries and yells could be heard, he was mumbling incoherent words beneath his breath.

“Just a little further, young Master.” Dr Emerson said, dabbing a cool cloth across his forehead.

Their carriage was rumbling carelessly against the cobbled road laid out, the main road heading towards the Kingdom of Lennox. Before either heir departed from their posts, a letter arrived to be read in secrecy. The Elves had the cure, they’ve always had the cure. Though the Doctor was grateful, the Elves held the cure, he could only wonder how much more medical knowledge they held. Emerson was among the human population that wanted to see the peaceful era, to see the discrimination end—and perhaps the walls to be torn down.

As they carried on, racing against time towards the Kingdom. There was another who pondered if he should return to the Kingdom. The young eighteen-year-old Lennox male, sixth-in-line to the Lennox throne, and unlikely to inherit it in his lifetime, which he didn’t mind. Whenever he came into a new village with the Royal Army, he was always mistaken for his eldest brother, Archie. The two were near spitting images of one another. Only Archie’s hair was platinum blond, and his was dirty blond.

Lysander looked down at the paper, a neatly yet badly scrawled message from Archie;

Dearest Lysander,

How does the army treat you? Well, I hope. In your last letter, you mentioned you weren’t sure if you could come back. I understand your situation and if you wish not to come back due to the things you’ve seen. I’ve heard you were among the few who cleared out rebels in the South-East regions. I wanted to compliment you on braving yourself against looking death in the face.

If you ever wish to return to see this momentous event, The Summit of Gaia, then let me know. I still hold a lot of sway in the army, and I’m sure your commanding officer wouldn’t mind lending you to me.

Though that is only if you wish to return. I bet you’re growing quick. Lorcan misses you a lot, he’s terribly lonely at the castle as he nags me every day. I’m positive the others have already written you, haven’t they?

If not, there is one critical but sad news I must bring to you via letter. Our dear sister has lost her eyesight. I don’t know when, but it’s best if you don’t ask her about the subject.

When you come back to the Kingdom, I will be married. Can’t you believe that? Her name is Elora Blaric, and she’s to become your new sister-in-law. Don’t be offended, but she’s my arranged marriage on this peace pact. You know me; I want to see our peoples no longer suffering.

Write soon,

- A

He crumpled the letter in his tightening grip. His brother has only been at the Kingdom for a year now, but things transformed in the lands. It wasn’t only rebels that were cause for concern, but there was a band of Elves that were in their lands. Lysander could still recall that young female elf’s pleas even as he sunk his sword further into her neck. The gargling of her blood as she died slowly and painfully. Those bright, violet hues void of life as they stared at him. No, things only seem to get worse since the border wars. Somehow, some way, the elves were slipping unnoticed into their lands, conducting illegal businesses that dealt with substances that got their users addicted.

Lysander tossed the letter aside, got up from his chair, and emerged from his pitched tent. His opal blues looking towards the sun, glaring at it before moving on. His armour clinked with each step towards the make-shift bar that sat in the middle of the camp. They were in the South-West lands, sweeping the area to quell rebels, and if any more of the knife ears slipped by. As he neared the bar stools put out, a soldier sitting at the bar fell back onto the ground. This stopped him in his tracks, Lysander ran over as the man started thrashing and wailing.

“Hold him!” He ordered the nearby soldiers.

The man was clawing at his neck, Lysander tore off the collar. He jumped back, falling onto his ass at what he saw. The others leaned in before being told to stand back. An older, commanding officer’s voice rang out above the commotion, “Get back!”

The ring of his sword as he unsheathed his long sword. He walked over casually and sank the sword into the soldier’s neck, killing him. Black ichor poured out from the wound, it was searching to grab anyone or anything nearby. His face screwed up in disgust as he poured left over ale on the dead soldier’s body and tossed a torch onto it. His body was screaming, quite literally, as the black ichor was dying in the flame.

“What the fuck was that?” One soldier finally asked.

The Commanding Officer turned back, “Death.” Lysander could read the anger and worry in his commanding officer’s eyes. He had a hunch that it wasn’t his first-time taking care of an infected host.

“One of you lousy newbies clean this mess up. Bury him, we have to get going by tonight. And someone get me a damn scribe!” He yelled over his shoulder as he was returning to his own tent.

What the fuck was that?’ Lysander repeated the soldier’s words in his mind.

Archie returned in a drunken stupor to his quarters later that evening. Rolant had to carry the newly engaged soldier and lay him to bed, even while he spouts weird nonsense. His best friend would dismiss them as thoughts he wished to keep to himself. Though he couldn’t help himself and reply back to him. It’s not like the Prince would remember what he was saying in the morning anyhow.

“Would it be better if I were dead, Rolant?” Archie asked out of the blue.

“No.” He spoke in a low-voice, “You shouldn’t ask things you don’t mean.”

Archie was laying in his bed, looking up at his best friend as he finished laying out fresh clothes for him. Sometimes Rolant felt more like his maid rather than his friend at times like these. He pulled the chair out from the desk and took a seat beside the Prince’s bed.

“B-but I do—hic—mean it.” Archie was well passed what he normally drank. He was stupider than usual, if that were possible.

“Why do you want to die, Arch?” He asked back.

“I have a lot…onmy…shoulders, yanno?” Archie retorts in a drunken slur.

“Alright, Archie.”

He dramatically raises his arms in the air, “Elora’s wonderful.” His head turns on the pillow to turn to him. “She’s like me, caresfor…her…people, but—” He started hiccuping.

“Yeah? You tell that fair maiden you broke your promise then. The Summit’s happening soon.” Rolant said the wall was complete and so was the building that would rest between the borders, high off the grounds.

Archie snorts, “Those saplings—hic—are really going—hic—through with it.”

“Quit acting like you’re not excited, your majesty.” Rolant teased. He got up off the chair and placed it back in its original spot.

Archie raised a finger at him, “Hey! You don’t go having fun…”

Rolant gives him a smile and walks out as the Prince finally goes to sleep, his arm falls to the bed. He closes the door and emerges on the other side, finding his next quest to conquer for the night.

In the early afternoon, Archie awakes with a headache. A letter sits on his desk with a steaming cup of tea and a brief note in front of it;

Your fair maiden awaits – R

“That sod.” He murmured, grabbing the tea and drinks it. While he lays in bed, the soldier reads over Elora’s letter, remarking on the bold choice of words written on it. After finishing, he places it aside and continues to lie like that for another ten minutes while he finished his tea. Then, he finally gets up and changes into a less smell inducing attire. Though his headache lingers, he sits himself down in the chair and grabs his quill. With a single glance out to the sun ahead, a flock of birds soar by as he finally puts ink to the parchment;

Her Majesty Graciousness,
Queen of Jestering,
One with the Strong Headed-Elves,
Seamstress of My Dreams,
The Boldly Flirtress,

You are quite the jester, yourself. Are you sure the situations aren’t the opposite of what you write? I must bring up a fact, recall to a letter or two ago when I said I would avoid taverns? Well, I have failed to keep that promise. My brother, Leo, visited me in the pit yesterday and we spent most of the late evening drinking at the Raven Tavern. Now, I pay dearly for it with a headache.

Will this be our last letter to one another before the summit? I heard they finished the construction. Though it wasn’t Rolant who took me away, but my brother. I shall be there to dispel any loneliness from your heart, even while we aren’t married yet.

Even if you hit me hard, it won’t be as much as the punch you packed into my heart. I think there’s a hole there that needs to be filled. What do you think? Can you fill that hole for me?

I can only imagine what it’s like to be blind. She has told me little of the upsides to it; like heightened senses. She could smell the pastries from the kitchens while we talked in the salon that day. I feel you may have to find that out for yourself when we meet (wink)

I know four out of seven of my family will attend (not including my parents). My brothers, Landon and Lysander are rather busy. Levian, who is most like my father in terms of personality, will come on the day of the summit—he was rather blunt of not wanting to waste time on reminiscing with the family. Landon, that sod is off on an expedition somewhere far, so that’s understandable that he won’t be able to attend at all. Lysander is…sweeping the lands with the Royal Army. I won’t lie and say I worry for Lysander. The army can be an unforgiving choice of a career. I can only hope he has not changed after he returns. And congrats, again, on becoming an aunt.

Which…if we were to have children, what would they look like? I know our sons would look handsome thanks to my dashing looks that have you yearning for me, even through letter.

Is that a hint of jealousy, dear Seamstress? Worry not, wrinkles form when you do. I will not lie, I’m a bit of a flirt, but now that I’ve been promised to you, I shan’t be on the end of your wrath. You women are rather scarier when you’re angered.

Ah, so you read my words as wanting to embrace rather quickly, did you, my dear Elven Maiden? But if you’re not interested, that’s quite understanding. So, you’re skilled with wood and stone, how daunting. We should duel one another one day. Don’t worry, I will go light on you. And you find me handsome? I think I can agree to that. I look at myself over a hundred times an hour! I try to keep my long, flowing luscious locks in place, but the Goddess wants to see it all, I guess. I’m jesting, I’m not fixated on my looks.

Very much so, though I rather fancy you more. Say, do you have a library at your palace? I wish to see what histories you hide away to collect dust—if it collects dust at all. Does that mean you’ll save me from the bath if I were to drown under it? What if I fell into a one-inch puddle, would you dive in heroically and save me?

Don’t mock my jealousy, it is just, is it not? Though I would like you to meet Rolant, he’s an exemplary man. I say he’s much more of a womaniser than I. I mean, he’s the one who seems to be most excited to read the letters meant for me. He has glimpsed your writing; he thinks it’s elegant. Don’t mention it when you meet. Why, for a seamstress, you’re quite bold in letter. Were those words meant to make my heart swoon? Because I’ll tell you, it’s going to take much more than a poetic choice of words to do that.

Ah, what poses are your favourite in this ballet? I should like to see soon. Though I will not lie, it’s an excuse just to see how your form is. Why might I take your thoughts? Your heart swooning, already? Here, I thought it would take more than a badly written scripture to capture your heart. Though it seems I won’t have to do much, right? I jest. I will not lie, though I keep my thoughts to myself most of the time, you may have appeared once or thrice in my dreams—even daydreams.

Those dainty hands shan’t know callousness. Are you sure you’re up for the challenge into weaving me such fine clothes? My, my, you’re worrying that pretty little elven head over nothing. After they announced my betrothal, I am less swooned over by the local maidens in my Kingdom. I won’t lie, I may like the attention, but I’m searching for a love like my parents’—you should see them when they’re together. I’ve never seen such two people in love, it makes me envious to not have one yet. Will our love bloom? I hope so.

Speaking of family, my grandmother Emeligne would likely love your mother and aunt in such strict lessons. Though of what happened in the wars, she’s likely to be like my grandfather and minimise their activity with your people.

Is that why your skull is so long and large? I shall call you my big-headed wife once the wedding ceremonies are over. Just wait till we make PA’s to the public, will they like the nickname? I know not if they will permit me to bring him, but I will try if I can.

It looks like I have competition in the height department. Tell Aiduin I will duel him in the standing comparing battle. Tell him to be ready at dawn. I jest, do not tell him. Why, if I become faint of heart, then you shall know a lover’s kiss rather earlier than you expected.

My colossal headed betrothed. You give yourself too much credit. The people don’t want their Prince off to an outclassed seamstress. Then, I shall show you all the gardens. My mother is fond of many flowers and gardening—she tends to it when our gardener needs a day off.

Lucky for you, I am an expert in the lover’s kiss lesson. Do not worry, I shall be gentle as the feather falling from a bird’s back.

Look for the mad-sniffing Prince with his nose up in the air as I sniff out your scent. Those lavenders and berries will not hide from me forever!

Ah, yes. I will meet you in one of the many dark storage closets in your palace. It will take you all night, but I shall wait for you. Don’t keep me waiting too long.

Your Court Jester,
Narcissistic Dashing Prince,
Handsome Husband-to-be,
Embracer and Professor in the Lover’s Kiss,
Prince Archie Lennox
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Grykail smiled, "Everything is to my imagination and as grand as hoped, no worries. A room would be nice, if possible as far from listening ears. The sounds will not be pleasant and it is a sacred ritual, I only wish the physicians to be present during this." Grykail's face held a serious glaze as he spoke.
"The procedure itself would take around two hours. Though I ask that we not be disturbed, and no one is around. I will move as quickly as I can. I am all too aware of how this darkness spreads...My late wife succumbed to the darkness many years ago, we had reached her by the time it was too late. May I ask how long they have been afflicted with suck shadows?" Grykail looked at Cerci who was quiet the entire time, the boy had bowed his head in respect to King Alistair but had made no sign that he would speak. Grykail placed a hand on the boy's shoulder and moved him so he would stand beside him.
"This is Cerci, my most skilled mage. I assure you we will not harm your people. We look for peace, especially Cerci. I am not sure of how much My dear friend Blaric has told you about our magic. But Cerci can give you a brief explanation."
Cerci looked at his lord in mock horror, he had never spoken to a royal other than Grykail himself, and even then Grykail had treated him more as a son than a student. Cerci nervously turned to King Alistair before bowing his head again and speaking. His voice was light and shaky as he spoke.
"K-King Alistair, if I may. We dark elves, as you call us. S-specialize i-in healing magics. Y-yes some in the past have divulged in the d-dark arts. But-but we use them for the good of the people. T-the darkness in your land- it-uhm- well its essence can be extracted, for it is a living virus. Rather than a curse- it feeds on it hosts and then spreads itself once the host is-uhm-of no use to it. The cure is from-from all four nations magics. Combined it has healing properties that one magic alone cannot sustain. Mixed with herbs and well, your own human will is usually enough to fight it." Cerci cleared his throat and shuffled his feet feeling overwhelmed.


Alaisanna rode to her sister's home with great speed as the news of Katyr's nephew spread and the wall had been finished. She had her entourage in tow, dressed in their armor. She had informed them they could dress at ease, but there was little she could do. Her men respected her, and she would never command them to do anything they didn't permit. When she reached the gates, the soldiers stationed their opened them and guided her to the castle. She jumped off her horse and looked around, her eyes were clear as the dawn. The misfortune of being born blind. Of course, her family magic had overcome such misfortune granting her sight, but her eyes would remain this color forever. She wore it proudly, the best-known warrior in all the lands. Dismissing her soldiers to patrol the town and only having Kedori by her side.

Zestarri had gotten word from her sister about the arrival and waited for her twin patiently at the steps before the entrance. When she spotted the familiar wild silver hair that matched her own she bunched the folds of her dress and ran towards her. "Alaisanna!" Alaisanna smiled as she saw her sister and chuckled opening her arms and hugging her tightly. "Zestarri I've missed you sister!" Alaisanna pushed her sister back holding her shoulders to examine her. "My you've grown. I remember when you were married off, we were only seventeen summers." Alaisanna smiled gently at her sister, feeling tears pool in her eyes. She had missed her sister for quite some time, Kedori smiled at the pair chuckling lightly.
"I see you've all but forgotten my presence, Aye?" Zestarri turned to Kedori and broke out in a smile once more as Alaisanna laughed at the girl's jest.
"I see you're still stuck with my sister Kedori. I've missed you as well!" Zestarri engulfed Kedori in a hug and held her close before grabbing Alaisanna to join them. The three embraced for quite a while before letting go. They each wiped the tears from the corners of their eyes.

"I must say, at the word of Katyr's son being born I feel rather old now. Was it not just yesterday he was running about the castle bare-bottomed?" The girls laughed as they made their way into the castle chatting about the times they've missed being apart.


Katyr looked at his beautiful wife and their newborn son with adoration. He could welcome his son into a reign of peace and prosperity. He was happy his son would never know the pain war caused. He walked over and kissed his wife's sleeping head, the process of birth tired her greatly. He walked over to the small white bassinet his son was in and peered down at the small creature. From the first moment, he saw the child he loved him more than anything in Gaia and the heavens above. He smiled down at the baby before missing his fingertips and placing it gently to his son's head so as not to wake him. Afterward, he made his way out of the room quietly to let the pair rest. He thought he might talk to his sister before the evening faded.

He funds Elora sitting in the flower fields reading what he could only assume was the Prince's letter. His sister seemed frustrated and had fallen back to lay in the flowers as though it was snow. Katyr walked over and sat in the field beside his sister, she lifted her head startled and smiled before sighing and laying back down.

"Lyklor is handsome brother, he will surely capture all the young maidens hearts when he is older." She rolled and leaned so her arm rested on her hand and smiled at her brother. Katyr leaned back on his arms and looked at his sister returning her smile, "Will he be anything like your Prince Elora?" Katyr smirked as Elora blushed and muttered a swear under her breath.

"Maybe...But, Katyr I worry that these letters- well that I may have swooned for this prince while knowing naught of his history." She glanced at the letter she held in her hand. "He seems very charming but equally mysterious. And he is handsome, but what if these letters are all a jest to him...I am not as...experienced as he is. And I fear that I may have fallen out of myself being naive." Elora hugged her knees and Katyr hesitated before patting her head. He looked at his sister gently.

"Well Elora, that is something you'll have to find out isn't it? I would doubt he'd respond to your letter's after the first if this was all a jest. Even though you are not experienced does not mean he will not like your purity. You are the kindest soul I have ever met Elora." Katyr smiled at her and laughed, "And if he doesn't cherish you. Well, Aiduin and I shall have his head on a pike."

The serious warning in her brother's eyes had her simply nod and hug him tightly. Elora kissed her brother's cheek and pushed herself off the groin shaking the dirt from her dress as she did. Walking to her room she sat at her desk and fiddled her quill before writing to her dear prince.

Royal Soldier,
King of Big Egos,
With the Strong-Willed humans,

I believe your headache is punishment enough, but I will send you some herbs that will help with the pain. I will admit I was not meant to keep you from the taverns, being with family is a great pleasure so I will not fault you for it. Though I am grateful for your honesty.

I believe it may, As soon as my father gives word we will make our way to leave. I am pleased that you hope to rid me of loneliness, while my family is overcome with tasks these days I have found myself bored.

I only hope that I would be enough to fill the heart, though I assume some of it may be from your narcissism. I shall ease the aching pain with some ointment, and a hug perhaps?

Truth be told, my aunt Alaisanna was born blind. She told me it was a scary thing, their father helped build the magic which brought her sights back, though she was a lot younger than your sister. On another note, I am fond of pastries!

Thank you for the congratulations, though I can only imagine what your brother Lysander must be feeling in this moment. Only Katyr has known of war, sometimes I feel he puts on a brave face to hide the reality of the things he has done...Though after marrying Sarya and now that his son is born, I can see the familiar expressions he used to make. It is such a great thing.

You speak of children already, you sound like my grandfather at Katyr's wedding. He boomed asking during the reception is they were already with child. My grandmother had to rush over before he continued speaking. And what about daughters?

But, would they not look as charming as me? Have I not made it that far in your heart? I must work hard during the summit until your thoughts are only of me and nothing else.

I know not of this jealousy you speak. But, I am glad you won't cross me. my father says I have my mother's rage, she is quite the villain when angry.

I don't mind your embrace, I am sure you are warm and smell nice. Though challenge me with a bow and you will lose dear prince. Though if I place a mirror in front of you, you might fail.

I will not mock your jealousy, it is cute. I will gladly meet him, and I will not mention him reading my letters, though I welcome the compliment.

I say, did you swoon at all, they were meant for pleasantries. Though making you swoon isn't such a terrible idea.

My favorite poses you ask? Well the Arabesque, and doing several Pirouette's are my favorite. I say my form is perfect, I have practiced since I could walk. My mother had me try many different things to help find this passion.

Though you swarm my thoughts, if I m being honest I am fearful of our meeting. I have never courted before, so I am unsure of how to proceed in terms of romance. I feel as though I am much too inexperienced for your tastes. Though your words aren't as badly written as you think, I quite like them. May I hear more of these thoughts?

My hands may be dainty, but they will know no harm. I would adore being able to make your fine clothes, it would be the most vigorous task.

As for love, I look for one like the love anyone in my family has. My mother forsakes her throne for my father giving it to my aunt. And my brother would meet Sarya in secret before gaining Lord Grykail's favor. Strolvac and Naexi were childhood sweethearts. They all suffocate me with their romance, but I have always been curious as to what it is like. Naexi says it is slow and burning, like a flame. And Katyr says it is sweet and hits like a truck. I only wonder what our love would be like as well.

My father's parents would likely be the same, they hold no favor but are pleased with the peace. I think my brothers would have your head. I jest. they are kind, and I will ask my father if he may ask yours for it to be allowed. I am sure they will agree.

My brother will gladly duel, you are very alike from what it seems. He knows of the sword though he may not be as skilled as you.

I wonder if your mother would allow me to help, I was gifted with many gifts. My sister says I am more of nature than an elf at this point. I fear my own garden may falter when I leave.

You jest, I shall look for the man who appears mad. And so long as you are gentle I shall permit it.

I shall leave now then, and finish writing to start my search. I shall be most disappointed should you not be there.

Your Seamstress,
Lovely elven Maiden,
Student of a lover's kiss,


Elora placed her quill down and whistled calling Honey to deliver her letter with speed, Elora thought she might bathe before, it would tea some time before her letter reached him. Enough for her to bather and change. Once she had changed into her nightdress she peeked her head out of her room before sneaking down the halls and started her search for her beloved prince.
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Alistair nods, “Ah, there’s going to be one with the Blackburn heir. Dr Emerson has been keeping a close eye on him. There’s been a way to stave off the poison, though I’m not sure how.” He says as he calls for his butler, who emerges from the shadows.

“Yes, My Lord?” He bows his head to the guests as well.

“Take them to the infirmary wing. I believe there’s an old room not in use. Make sure no one talks about this. Not even the servants. Don’t want them to get spooked now.” He ordered.

The Butler nods, “As you wish. Whenever your Lordship and his apprentice are ready to leave. I shall wait outside the door.” He says, turning to leave the room and wait outside with the guards. He relayed the information to them. The corridors were immediately cleared out as the Elves and Alistair continued their talk.

“I am most sorry about your wife’s passing, Lord Grykail.” Alistair meant it, he couldn’t imagine himself living without his own wife. His eyes flickered from the tall Elf to the smaller one, who was meek and shy by the looks of it. Alistair offered a warm smile, placing a warm, comforting hand on the male’s shoulder and squeezed.

“Thank you for coming to my lands, Cerci. I know it must be out of your comfortable zone. I promise no harm will come to your Lord or you while under my care. It would look bad on my resume to King Blaric, no?” He half-heartedly joked, letting his hand fall to his side once more.

Lysander’s eyes are shielded against the sun, he watches as his raven soars out against the blaring sun. His response is tied to the raven’s leg, after they rid of the soldier’s body. The Commander had to write his own letter of apologies to the family he left behind and another urgent letter heading towards King Alistair. Things were just getting started. It was a mystery how the hell the soldier contracted the plague. Was he near the Haunted Forest? That was impossible seeing as they were far from the South, they were in between the regions. Surly, it couldn’t have seeped farther than they initially thought?

The Commander leaned back into his chair; he recalled briefly reading The Dark Ages era. It was mentioned scarcely in his books as a young student, the Commander barely had enough coin to learn from a low-ranking school. He knew the plague was mentioned, however small it was, it was enough to know that it matched with what it warned. During his training with the Knights of Gaia, some Knights mentioned the ichor making its way across the lands.

He grabbed his tankard, emptying its contents, and got up to pack away his own things. The other soldiers were just getting ready to do the same. The shock of a fallen brother’s death, however, weighed on everyone in the encampment.

Across from the South-West, the wagons carried on as the Kingdom came both into view for either escort. The Soldier bringing Colby was telling him to hang just a little longer. The horse picked up speed; the yells continuing as he nearly drove the horse into the ground. The other heir continued to murmur incomprehensible words in low, hoarse whispers. His own carriage rumbling as the driver up front announced they would be in the lands of Kingdom Lennox soon. Doctor Emerson continued to treat the plague, his opticals pushed up on the bridge of his nose as he watched the black ichor remain in its place. It was like it had a mind of its own.

He silently prayed to the Goddess, hoping this plague would not curse his family next.

“Look what the cat dragged out of bed.” Rolant spoke loudly in the dining hall as Archie entered.

Archie waved a hand at him, dismisses his comment as he joins his best friend at the table. Long tables grace the hall, near wall to wall. It was mostly empty now, but dinner was coming up soon. He decided to have an early dinner alongside his best friend.

“How’s the head?” He asked, taking a bite of the mush in the bowl.

“So-so.” He retorts, it was mostly gone by now. Though he was still having a minor panging at the base of his skull.

He slurps up the noodles, “So, did you swoon over your bride-to-be?” He waggled his eyebrows at him.

Archie takes a bite of his own mush, “Something like that. Though we shall see what she’s like in person. They finished the construction on the wall and where the summit is to be held.” He retorts.

“You plan on wearing that finely made tunic to the summit?” Rolant asked, a wry smile on his lips.

“Yeah. It’s not like I’m packing any more fine fabrics.” He admitted, slurping up more noodles.

“Really? Not even in your wardrobe at the castle?”

“My father had my room renovated into a study of sorts. Anyway, he uses it as his own, so I don’t really have a room anymore. When I sleep at the Castle, it’s usually in one of my younger brothers’ rooms.” He admits further.

“Wow. It’s like your father was ready to be rid of you.” Rolant remarks.

“I mean, I was gone for half a decade. Couldn’t have been easy not knowing if I was coming back or not. Guess he was just preparing himself for the worst.” Archie shrugs his shoulders.

“Right. And I was waiting for my father to show.” Rolant rolls his eyes. Surly his father couldn’t have been that cold.

They bicker back and forth like this for the rest of their food session. Rolant was being suspiciously adamant about questioning his own opinion about Elora. Perhaps he just wished to push his buttons, to see if he was already swooning over the Elven Princess. In fact, the Soldier was correct as he grabbed the male by the collar and sucker punched him in the shoulder. Rolant started teasing him. The Prince put his utensils away towards the end of the bar, thanking the cook before heading back into his own chambers. He slams the door shut. A raven came flying in, disturbing the Falcon from its sleep.

“Lysander?” He murmured, walking over to break the seal.

His eyebrows raising, “What the hell is the plague?” Archie was wracking his brain for answers but couldn’t seem to place anything worth noting. ‘I’ll just tell my dad later, I guess.’ He thought to himself as another bird entered. It was the white dove, he felt like a bird man with three different distinct birds sitting in his room now. He fed them—the raven and dove—their respective food choices while his own messenger went back to sleep. A lopsided smirk worked its way onto his lips as he sat at his desk, pulling out another scroll and quill;

Hello, hello?

I received your herbs, though I’m afraid they arrived too late. The headache mostly subsided, I will be sure to use these the next time I’m in a tavern. I believe this is a start to building bridges of trust within the relationship it means us to have, don’t you think?

You will wish you were bored once you’ve met me, I can assure you. If that is true, then I believe this is my last letter to you. I will no longer need to rely on quill and ink to get my message across. I wonder what your voice sounds like. I’m guessing strong and hoarse like your thick, fragile skull.

You’re quite the humorous elf. Though I must admit another thing, it might inflate your ego once more. Rolant teased me at dinner tonight. I can only give you an insinuation at who.

That’s amazing. I wonder if…never mind. Oh, what sorts of pastries? You must tell me in person (wink)

His most recent letter was…vague and rather cryptic. Though it is a private matter, I should inquire, did you learn anything in your lessons about a black plague? He says something about it, but it’s something I cannot recall from my memory.

Hm…then we can opt to have pets instead. Our daughters would be charming and beautiful, just like…me (wink) Do not worry, I will share only my best sides (wink, again)

You’re quite adamant, dear seamstress. I must imagine you wearing a mask at the summit, though. Otherwise, the countries would be in uproar when our love comes to light.

Hah! My mother has an anger that can have the underworld shudder. Oh, I like to think our mothers are suspiciously alike in some ways. My father still cowers under her eye, even if he doesn’t express it.

Well, that was most expected. I can see you soon, trying to hide your sneaking glances from across the room. Don’t worry, I shall mention you find him dashing (wink)

I do not know of how to swoon. You might be the first woman to do so. Though I should warn you, I’m rather desensitised to most attempted affections (wink) What can Elven Maidens provide?

Does this mean your mother kicked you from her womb learning ballet before you could see? I can picture it now. A stunted Elven babe kicked from her mother’s womb! I jest.

Though I’m pleasant in ink, I will try to do my best in person. Do not worry your pretty little head, I won’t do anything to make you uncomfortable with. I can be a Prince, if that’s what you desire. I can be the gentlest wind on a spring morning. After that one thought, it will now cost 500 gold for more thoughts. You can be added to my mailing list. I gave you a 50% discount just for being my betrothed (wink)

We shall see in the days to come, no? So, you’ve experienced love from the outside looking in? Interesting. My parents’ are the only one I’ve come to know. The others were on the road when a soldier returned to his loved one. I do not know of it either, so you can say I’m inexperienced in that area.

I welcome the attempt to duel me. I shall show Aiduin that we can be equal, then I shall give him pointers. In person, I shall see for myself how your family fares, just as you might say the same of mine, no?

She will if you nestle your way into her heart. I will not lie, she’s been rather opposed to this arranged marriage and peace treaty since the beginning. She’s only squandering her qualms because she wishes to see my father’s one deal to come to fruit.

Am I jesting, though? I shall be sure to bring the hounds to help me in finding such a lovely scent!

Unfortunately, I will not be there. You owe me 20 coppers when you do not find me waiting for you in the end closet of the corridor in that marvellous palace of yours.

A Tired and Jestering Messenger,

Prince Archie Lennox

P.S. The titles elude me this time. Though I will call you by your nickname in person, after the pleasantries are exchanged, of course. My dear strong-headed Elf. See you soon!
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