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Ocean The Boiling Pot


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A volcanic island located in a stretch of water known as the Boiling Pot, known for having a large network of underwater volcanoes that erupts with enough force to destroy entire ships, or kill entire crews with scalding hot water and air. On the East side of the island however is a safe stretch of water, created when the crew of the Fortune Slave dropped a number of weighted sea mines onto the underwater volcanoes creating a thin safe passage to the island. On the island is a natural cave that is large, deep and dark enough for the Fortune Slave to enter and hide in, and inside the cave is the entrance to a network of large tunnels and chambers that had been transformed into the crew’s base of operations when on the island. The island itself never goes below 80*F due to the active volcanoes on and around the island.

Fenzon Orchid: An exotic but dangerous flower. The flower is bright orange, yellow and blue with pistils covered in black pollen. When the pollen is inhaled, the victim goes into a deadly rage.
Gossy Weed: A weed discovered by the Fortune Slave’s Arsenal Commander, that is dark green and grows in soot filled soil. The Weed itself has been found to be rather decent for smoking.
Midas Willow: A strange tree, that is extremely rare, with currently only two being found on the island. They have golden, fragile leaves, but hard shimmering bark. When tapped into the tree leaks an amber sap to produce some of the sweetest syrup imaginable.
Fortune Slave Hawks: A species of Hawks that have black coloring with yellow spots and a red head and beak. They’re known for catching fish and are attracted to shiny objects.
Therapy Toad: Rubbery and squishy toads found on the island, usually buried in the sand. They are grey with white bellies. Their rhythmic croaking has been found to be quite soothing.
Blackstone Crawdad: Crawfish found in the saltwater tide pools, they are completely black in color to blend into the dark rock and make a rather flavorful snack or meal.
Jeweled Hornets: A deadly hornet, rarely found only on the island. The hornets tend to be multiple colors of red, gold, blue, purple, green and orange, and nests on Midas Willows.
Ironscale Marlin: Red eyed Marlins, with hard dark grey scales found swimming around the island. The Marlins tend to thrash around when caught, trying to impale their captors, but makes for a hearty feast.
Magmaforge Dragons: Deep in the volcano lies a brood of Magmaforge Dragons.These dragons are but infants, despite the fact they are the size of horses. They feed of magma and lava and have been seen flying around, circling the volcano’s crater. They’re known to be very deadly as they will gang up and attack any and all who gets to close to their crater home.
(Credit to Chelonian Commander)
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