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Side Story The Order of Hippocrates


dune agenda

There was once a disease that spread throughout the Multiverse, a threat larger than life itself. It was called the Metamorphose Parasite. The multiverse was ill-prepared for something like that. It was taken down by none other than a couple of rag-tag rebels whose main goal was to take down Elliot and the Revanchist's schemes.

The disease has since faded and died, but the lasting effects of the disease had not. In the wake of the disease, the ODMA dedicated a portion of it’s medical department in order to monitor the multiverse for any potential threats similar to Metamorphose, and one had come up... rhe Blue Death.

The Blue Death's effects are felt almost instantly. Nausea, ringing ears, dilated pupils, and blue skin, it's tell-tale sign, is felt a day in by patients. It takes around three days for the virus to work its way towards the respiratory system, and from then, it's practically doomed.

However, it almost fully reanimates a person following death. Although they retain their blue skin, they almost completely return to life, even regaining cognition. However, the personality will always be that of a sadist, someone who wants to cause as much pain as possible

Now, the MHO has gathered doctors from across the multiverse in order to help stop the virus before it is too late.

1. All STC rules apply.
2. No Godmodding
3. No OoC talk in the IC thread, keep that to the Discord.
4. 3 images per post, please

Your character can be a pre-existing character or an OC, however, they must be doctors in the field of medicine. They must also be at most street level in strength, meaning nobody too overpowered. We can't just have someone snap all the virus away, that would be no fun.

An image is fine



If unknown put "Unknown"



Short Bio

A wiki link is fine

Other Info
Anything else you want me to know about your character. Optional

@Lucky as Lorenzo Clark (Original Character)
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But We Were Happy

(Face claim: Alexander Becht)
He has sandy blonder hair that is styled in a certain way and light blue almost gray eyes that seem to be incredibly lifeless and is clean shaven. He typically wears a pair of black jeans like his brother and a red muscle with a black leather blazer jacket. He has a scar on his right arm. He also wears sneakers and stands at six feet 10 inches, towering most people he know. He also wears a silver watch. He has a golden ring on his hand

Name: Dr. Lorenzo Johnathan Clark


Canon: OC

He carries a scalpel, a bag of medical supplies with his meds and a pocket knife.

Short Bio:
Coming from a household where being abused was about as normal as the blood coming out your body being red, Lorenzo dealt with an incredibly bipolar father and an extremely alcoholic mother, he practically raised himself,learning from a young age that the world was cruel..... but he wasn't. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't help but care for his siblings. ( The only thing his parents were better at than being abusive humans was being always horny and unprotective about it) He learned medicine through research and the second he could, he went to medical school as well as adopting all his siblings and taking them with him. ( Even the new ones. Thank god for menopause) Out of his thirty siblings, all of them turned out okay..... but he was not. He got his father's bipolar disorder around his first year as a resident doctor. When he heard of a disease that made people worse than his parents, he dragged himself and all his siblings to help with the blue Death. Hope ODMA got some good babysitters.

Other Info: Lorenzo is pan and suffers from bi polar disorder.