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The Rules

Discussion in 'Chains of Retribution' started by Tiko, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Game Masters: Tiko and Dashmiel

    1. The Rules:

      • Maintain common civility towards your fellow players. Abusive behavior, harassment, deliberate exclusion, blatant sabotaging of each other's threads, and/or other similar acts of intolerance are grounds for removal from the roleplay. If you have a problem with something another player has done or may do, consult one of the GMs. Don't take it upon yourself to deal with it via any means necessary.

      • All posts should be written in past-tense third person. This is to maintain a sense of uniformity to the writing.

      • An effort to maintain correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation is required. We aren't grammar Nazis. Just make an effort.

      • Do not metagame. The use of out-of-character information that your character could not have known is regarded as cheating and is disrespectful to your fellow players.

      • Do not auto-hit. You may not force the resolution of an attack or action upon another player's character - or a location that belongs to another player - without the owner's permission. All characters that are the target of an attack or action must be allowed a response. This includes non combative forms of 'attacks' such as claims of your character having acquired sensitive information that isn't public knowledge without posting and thus disallowing the defending party the option of thwarting the attempt. Example: Breaking into someone's personal office and stealing important records. This restriction may be voided for the sake of story development with the consent of all players involved.

      • Do not use any of the IC areas for OOC content. Keep all out-of-character discussion to the OOC subforums, PMs, or the chatroom.

      • Actions require backing content to support them. It is your responsibility to provide this. Failure to establish your content may result in actions being voided. To clarify on this point, you may not in the middle of an encounter establish that your character - an hour ago - set explosive traps that now blow up and kill everyone unless you can reference an earlier post displaying that your character did indeed do so. Likewise you can't post that your character was spying on another player's character a week ago unless you posted your character doing so at the time, thus allowing the defending party an opportunity to respond if able. This rule may be voided for the sake of story development with the consent of all players involved.

      • Violent and graphic themes are permitted, as is alluding to sexual encounters, but graphically erotic writing is not.

      • We ask that you refrain from the use of color coding to distinguish dialogue in posts. It can be very difficult to read, and it also does not replace the need for using line breaks between changes in speakers. Readability is especially difficult when trying to juggle colors that are readable on multiple themes. A single solid color for the entire post is easier to read and when in doubt, the default color is the easiest to read and auto-adjusts for whatever theme the reader is using.

      • We also ask that you refrain from over fluffing your posts with aesthetic imagery and formatting. It's very distracting to the readers, and this is a collaborative writing roleplay. This means that we put emphasis on writing with words. To clarify on this point, occasional pictures for complimentary imagery is fine, but centered posts with sparkling banners and multicolored cursive font is unnecessarily.

    2. Not Rules but Recommendations/Things to avoid.

      • Avoid lengthening posts for the sake of length. Sometimes a post only calls for a sentence or two, and that's fine. Sometimes they call for five paragraphs. There's no one right post length for all contexts, and you should be comfortable with writing shorter posts if it's called for. Example: Heavy dialogue encounters are liable to result in shorter posts. If you open any book, dialogue is typically done with rapid one line exchanges to maintain a flow of conversation. Too much filler causes a reader to lose the rhythm and flow of the dialogue. Writing short dialogue posts is perfectly acceptable. Conversely, if you're engaged in a massive space siege encounter, you can expect a post to require much more substance to it so that the other players have something to work off with their own posts.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2018
  2. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Regarding Absentee Players

    We do our best to maintain a relatively low pressure roleplay environment, but we expect a certain amount of consideration in return. Be up front about your availability, and if you need to take time away from the roleplay just let us know so we can work something out in a way that allows other players to continue until you return. We will always do whatever is necessary to accommodate peoples ever changing lives and responsibilities. Most of us are parents, full-time employees, or students. We understand that some things come before roleplay.

    However. If you cannot extend this basic courtesy and keep us informed, then an absent player may be removed from the roleplay. Typically if this is done we'll find a way to simply explain that player's character out of the story and move forward. In the event of a plot crucial character that simply can't be explained out without destroying the roleplay, we reserve the right to hand that character over to another player for the sake of allowing the story to continue. This is a last resort option though, and we by all means would make full effort to contact an absentee player before making such a decision.

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