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The Slums

Discussion in 'The Moon Level' started by Monster the Vamelfaer, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Monster the Vamelfaer

    Monster the Vamelfaer Sells all the Shubi

    The Slums

    Basically the polar opposite of the apartments in the Sun Level, the slums are exactly what they sound like. Run down, often rat-infested homes all clustered far too close together. Electric lighting is slim in this area, so most people still have to use gas lamps if they want sufficient lighting, which only serves to increase the odds of a fire breaking out. The people who live here are all poor, as anyone who has any amount of money lives up in the Sun Level. Those who prefer neither are forced to shelter with any gang they might be a part of, which, while slightly more comfortable, comes with its own myriad of dangers.
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  2. Glow

    Glow Punmaker Extrordinare

    Luna - The Slums
    The rat scuttled across the the dirty street, it's steely grey eyes glinting in the yellow glow of the fire in a nearby trash barrel. It drew closer to the barrel, seeming to savor the warmth radiating from it. The air down here was chilly; even more so now that the sun was gone.

    A grizzled old man stood by the barrel as well. He was huddled in a large dirty quilt and had a stick in his hand that he used to stoke the flames. He drove the stick into the fire, causing a shower of sparks to leap into the air and disappear into the night. The man set his stick down and turned around to make his way back to his makeshift shelter that consisted of several crates and another dirty quilt. He sat down with a groan, reached into the pocket of his tatterd breaches and pulled out a pipe, which he lit.

    That's when his eyes fell on the rat. His eyes narrowed and in a quick movement, he snatched a nearby bottle and threw it. The rat let out a squeel and scuttled away just in time. The bottle shattered, scattering hundreds of glass shards across the cobblestone pavement.

    "Bloody rodents," the man muttered.
    Then the rats eyes locked with his and he froze. The white rodent's eyes where glowing his mouth dropped open and his eyes glazed over. For several minutes, the rat held the man's gaze. Then it looked away and scrurried away. The man blinked, then laughed, and didn't stop laughing. Even as the rat scurried to the next street she could still hear the man's laughter echoing across the building. The rat's whiskers twitched and it scurried on.
  3. Glow

    Glow Punmaker Extrordinare

    Abram Mathers - The Slums

    A dirty gray-haired old man sat on the curb of a busy street with a treasure in his hand. It was worth more than all of Auroris' nobles combined. More beautiful than the rarest gem, more colorful than the Sun Level's finest gardens. It was one of the man's finest possessions.

    It was a rock.

    Only it wasn't just any rock. No, this was Abram Mathers' rock. He found it, no one else. It was the fifth one he had come across, but by far was the most beautiful, almost as beautiful as the rock, but not quite. It was so round, so smooth, so gray. And the smell! He brought the fist sized stone close to his nostrils and inhaled deeply; savoring its earthy and slightly metallic aroma. Then he tasted it. He slowly passed his tongue over every inch of the rock, then paused to swish the flavor around in his mouth and smack a couple of times.

    It tasted like dirt.

    Yes, dirt, shoes, and perhaps a hint of something else. But what was it? He licked the rock again; this time concentrating harder on the flavor.

    Ah! Yes, his first instinct was correct. It was horse manure, definitely horse manure.

    Abram grinned, very pleased with his conclusion. The ragged old beggar continued to examine the rock for a few more moments before carefully putting it in the pocket of his tattered pants. He reached for the tin beer mug at his side and rattled its contents. The sound of jingling coins caught the attention of a passerby who dug into his pockets and dropped a few coppers into the tin before hurrying on.

    "Thank you! Thank you, sir! The gods bless you!" The beggar called after the man. The man, of course, ignored him. Everyone knew not to talk to Abram. He was thought to be not quite right in the head, and a bit of a religious nut. But Abram didn't mind. As long as he got enough coppers to buy his bread and the occasional rock to taste, he was happy. He continued to rattle his mug and hum softly to himself; patting the pocket that held his latest treasure.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017

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