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Interest Check Warhammer 40k Group Nation/politicking RP?

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Lazzamore, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    "For much of our history, we believed that the old pagan gods formed us on Morphos, and that Human life began here, the truth of the matter long forgotten. These gods, infact, answer now to an even higher being: The Emporer of Mankind. This revelation was brought to us by his mighty 'angels' (beings clad in impossible technological marvels beyond our human grasp to understand; With guns capable of leveling lesser structures and reducing any of us to dust!)

    Though our saviors stayed only a short time after vanquishing the mis-beliefs and erroneous thinking about us, These beings whom the holy texts refer to as the 'Disciples of Dorn' left us with firm laws and teachings to guide us in our new hope; The 'Imperium' to protect us from threats beyond the stars. These Laws, called by many the Imperial Cult, was hard won in the hearts of the people. Much blood was shed to gather the World of Morphos under the true banner of Humankind.

    It has been 100 years since the Cult Age started, and today we remind ourselves of our roots for a new age has begun for Morphos; 'The Age of the Stars' will see us travel about the deep void to join our forefathers on the great mission; Live, Prosper, and Grow beyond what was ever thought imaginable!" (Great 'Bru-ha-ha's' resound) - Former Planetary governor Remdez initiating the Age of Stars ceremony

    Hello everyone. Been a bit since I poofed last; Sadly, school ate me. I died.

    ...But then I lived! And now I am back for a bit, and I have an idea for a game I would love to play with you guys, if anyone would like the idea.

    So here goes nothing: it's nation building and politicking, only we are all one nation: Each of us take control of a political figure and rule a minority group/region/political party on our planet, with one of us elected to be the Planetary Governor. I will play possibly a minor role in the planet but focus mostly on tossing stuff your way.

    All this would take place within the warhammer 40k setting (a Science-fantasy wargame), and considering ordinary people are pretty in-the-dark there anyways, you wouldn't need a 100% grasp on it to participate. See, our planet would be backwater enough that we would be sheltered from much of the rest of the galaxy. What you need to know/believe I'll summarize below:

    Morphos is our home world, which has been loosely declared part of the Imperium as a Mining World about 100 years ago. The planet then went through terrible wars to unite everyone under the Imperial Cult, and 100 years later is about to re-enter space to colonize and replenish it's resources.

    The mines and lumber yards have dried up and now the planet is mostly barren. Running out of resources and the imperium conveniently no-where to be seen, The planetary Governor deploys spacecraft for the first time since the planet was colonized ~20,000 years ago, but tragically dies shortly after. We will be playing political leaders and the next governor as all this happens.

    We are pretty much all "humans" to start, though lots of little evolution have occurred on this planet. Just be sure your more or less a Human, as the imperial cult condemns intelligence found outside the human race.

    Well, let me know what you guys think. Thank you!
  2. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    *Tips fedora.*

    Now, as a 40k-freak with a deep desire in redeeming myself in my own eyes(in two contexts) I really would love to be part of this 40k RP. Last time I did a 40k rp was 2 years ago and those rp partners that I had back then are now r/rpghorrorstory material.

    So, a barren world. Since you mention spacecrafts I assume there would be some degree of colonization or, at the very least, setting up stations for harvesting resources, correct? And can you give us some... limits as to what is allowed and what is not?
  3. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    Sure thing!

    Morphos itself is still fairly inhabitable, but since it's been exploited so much by local authorities, it's on the verge on collapse if our characters don't try to colonize. The planet of Morphos will have a very small fleet of space-faring vessels loaned to them a while ago by the Imperium, most likely we barely know how to use them (though for ease of game play we know enough to go places).

    We likely won't cover an amount of time that allows us to build our own 'real' spacecraft, to give an idea of time. But since this is an early idea and I like very theater-of-the-mind kind of RP's, I won't preclude anything.
  4. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Mhm, I see. Well, I personally would like to get some limits to what we can do because of my past with political 40k rps:

    I made stupid decisions constantly due to me not being sure what I want to do with 40k setting(too many things are cool in it) and made the groups fall apart.

    So yeah, I would really, REALLY enjoy having some limits so that I would not repeat history due to lack of limits. xD...
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  5. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    Oh, okay, I see what your saying now. Then to establish a basic power-level; Morphos has a diesel-punk level of tech. No where near the level of the imperium, if not for the fact that they left some spaceships behind from previous 'check-ups' and trained a basic PDF (Planetary Defense Force, for the uninitiated) to use them. We would be able to form basic sci-fantasy-esque weapons available to a "weird world war" sort of society (If your unfamiliar with that term; think sci-fantasy elements commonly associated with WW2, we have that sort of thing.) Mostly we have bullet weaponry and fairly fantastical diesel-powered vehicles.
  6. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Mhm. I see, so the fanciest and most advanced weaponry may be bolter or stubber, yes? I mean, from what I understood a lasgun is too fancy.

    Also, would a Adeptus Mechanicus faction be too far-fetched of a faction for a planet like Morphos?
  7. Lazzamore

    Lazzamore WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

    I never imagined the Mechanicus taking much an interest in this planet, Morphos is designed to be backwater and mostly left to itself. I would encourage anyone who wants to join to make up their own factions that might be logical.

    Also, sorry I've been away for a bit. Yesterday was busy.

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