What's your current mood?


Music for the soul
I'd suppose I'd say I'm overall pretty happy all things considered. It's partially my natural upbeat demeanor getting me through the roughest of times and because I need to look strong/stay optimistic to support my family given I'm the only one working at the moment. When everyone else seems down in the dumps/giving into despair, I gotta walk in with a smile and assure that things will be okay.

Even if they'll be difficult/hard, a smile and an attempt at a happy attitude is the way to go. At least in my opinion.

Yun Lee

MC MasterMind
The Convergence Series GM
Annoyed, but only because my dogs are being ridiculous right now. We had to put them in their room since I cleaned the kitchen floor and it's currently drying, and they won't stop banging against it.


I feel anxiety but in a good way, I guess. I feel like out of all the little bad or depressing that have happened in my life, something good will happen soon. I'm tired of being negative, feeling sad, and getting angry with myself, I just want to be happy for once. If I had one wish, it would be to be happy for the rest of my life, with myself, others, and the world.


Storyteller's Devil
Relaxed! Helps that I keep both a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp and Essential Oil Diffuser with Lavender in my room. I try not let my mind overcome me. It’s important to be in control.


Feeling pretty good. This seems like a cool site, just poking around some of the forums. I’m going out with some friends tonight, so they should be by soon and that’ll be fun. But for the moment, I have a good book and chips with salsa, so I really can’t complain.


Well currently I am not doing too well because I ran out of my antidepressants a few days ago, but I am excited because I will be getting a refill on Monday and this week I will be doing all of the paperwork to get my emotional support cat! I am so excited to have a cat at my apartment, I even have a cat in mind who is really looking for a family. All of her kittens have been adopted and she was left behind :(. If you want any information on my soon to be new cat, message me!


Happy as a clam! While wondering exactly how happy clams are. Who knows how happy they are? Do marine biologists have a way to talk to clams and see how happy they are?
So I suppose I am happy and curious.

Draco Red2

God of Evil
My current mood right now I pretty excited to be back on StorytellerCircle. I can’t wait to start role playing with everyone.