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Zarek's Squad

Discussion in 'Omniverse Character Profiles' started by Zarek, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Zarek

    Zarek Roll for Initiative

    Name: Sarkova

    Age: N/A

    Race: Djinn

    Appearance: Sarkova is a creature of magic, being formed from the stuff and being able to directly manipulate it. Because of this, along with the fact that he doesn't really come from the same plane of existence as others, he has no physical firm of his own, and must create one. Often, this might be some fantastical creature, or a mutated version of something that already exists. Often, he shows as a tiger, with burning flame replacing the orange, growing in intensity based on his mood. Sometimes the tiger might be equipped with horns, and other times might have exceedingly dextrous paws.

    Often, however, he is commanded to appear as human, and so elects to take the form of a previous master, a witch doctor from long ago. He doesn't dress in shamanistic clothing, often choosing go appear in an informal suit, perhaps something akin to jeans if he feels like it. The hair is black and messy, often hiding a pair of horns, which, along with yellow eyes, are the only reminder that he isn't human.

    While those are Sarkova’s preferred forms, he can quite literally disguise himself as anything. However, exceedingly small or large creatures can cause issues, usually revolving around the sheer amount of magic needed to maintain the form.

    Personality: Sarkova’s personality is that of a rebellious servant, a creature which knows that it is bound into servitude, but doesn't like it. He looks for loopholes in commands given to him, or outright lies to his master if it is required; if given the opportunity, he will kill or harm them: he cannot be bound to a dead being. He isn't an easy being to anger, but can become violent should he feel cheated or wronged, especially as a result of a promise, something he takes very seriously.

    However, that isn't to say that he is incapable of forming a relationship with a master beyond that of being commanded, and may grow to respect the summoned if they impress him, or seem worthy of him viewing them as little more than greedy and ambitious, a view he defaults to on all mages.

    Abilities: Djinn are creatures of magic, and have great control over it. As such, Sarkova has dominion over the four elements to varying degrees, but also other magics which might take more time to prepare or be hard to maintain, such as making something appear as it is not. However, his magic is greatly limited by the nature of his existance: he doesn't like existing, it pains his essence, and is only here because he is summoned, bound to a sorcerer to do their bidding. He is unable to go against something they have said, and is particularly susceptible to any of his masters magics which might harm him. He also has something similar to an allergy to silver, or any metal bearing it as an alloy, it being as if he is holding a burning iron.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017

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