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Mixed-genre roleplay forum for roleplays that don't fit into any of our other categories, or that fit into multiple categories. The roleplays here have already begun, please don't post in them unless you have been invited to. See the bulletin board is for joining roleplays.
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Coming back here and I don't even know where to start LOL I feel so out of touch with my rp side. I don't think those I was rping with are around anymore.
Sorry for dissapearing. This site got banned on the school computers and I never really found a good way or time to get back.
But. I think I'd like to come back. :)
I do miss this place and think about it a fair bit. Plus I've been wanting to try being creative and writing again so.. :3
I'm excited to get back into it and if any of my old friends are still around feel free to come say hi :)
see y'all around!! <3

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