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Mixed-genre roleplay forum for roleplays that don't fit into any of our other categories, or that fit into multiple categories. The roleplays here have already begun, please don't post in them unless you have been invited to. See the bulletin board is for joining roleplays.

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Hey everyone! I’m so sorry for my lack of response for the last few days. My mom is having surgery today and I’ve been preparing for that. I will be on more regularly by tomorrow.
I think I am going to have to take a LOA (leave of absence). I barely have time to myself now. I feel like I just barely sit down to do a role play or to work on a project for role play and I am getting back up to get my kiddo more food. Now that I am homeschooling her I think my days are about to get even busier.
Thank you all for your patience with me as we try to figure out our family's new routines.
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In Alchemy, the moon is a she, the sun is a he, when both come together they represent both genders in one. The perfect being. So does that mean, to alchemists, bigender and intersex people are perfect beings? And if so, does that also mean that, to alchemists, genderneutral people are the most imperfect of beings? Hm...
booooorrrrrrrrrrrrred.... Might go to sleep at a reasonable time for once...

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