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    Returning User Title

    Emptiness casts us into a dark abyss where we cannot see. We outstretch our arms and search for a path to guide us, yet there is nothing; not even our hands are visible to us when they are inches from our face. It is after this emptiness becomes our entire world and existence do we truly begin...
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    Maria Cooper/friendA

    Hey, just a heads up, you need to be accepted before posting your character in the archives :P
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    Departing Well Summer's End

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    The Isthmus of Souls

    Anthony Gilman Anthony groaned as the lunch bell pierced through the silence in the classroom. Mathematics was never his strong suit, and sitting down with problems in front of him for too long was damaging to his brain. Thankfully, he had finished his English homework earlier in the morning, so...
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    2 more days until AP tests are finished >.< Persevere Qane!

    2 more days until AP tests are finished >.< Persevere Qane!
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    Just bolds

    Just bolds
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    Life hurts ;-;

    Life hurts ;-;
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    The Isthmus of Souls

    Eli Wilheim "How's progress?" A cheery voice sounded from above Eli. Eli glanced up tiredly. She had nested her hands in between her palms in hopes that she could pull off a couple minutes of rest from the grueling research she was doing before the voice had jolted her awake. This was Jane, who...
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    We the Unwanted

    Eli Vondale (Impregnable Fortress, Geraldis) Eli hastily slipped on his armor as he walked down the halls. He decided that he was going to accompany the band to sabotage the enemy supplies. Besides, it was his area of expertise-- stealth. Eli couldn't claim to be good friends with Illya-- that...
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    The Isthmus of Souls Lore

    Information Brokers Information brokers can be human and keepers alike. They report or relay information to other keepers for a price— either money, resources, information, or other established methods. Popular brokers often are under sworn protection by the regular members, and it is difficult...
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    The Isthmus of Souls Lore

    Syndicates Groups that are either composed entirely of or have members that are keepers. Syndicates are highly known groups that use the abilities of familiars to their advantage. Syndicates are very versatile and usually hunt in packs. Many of them lead criminal operations with little...
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    The Isthmus of Souls Lore

    Civilian Defense Department Against the Supernatural The Civilian Defense Department Against the Supernatural (CDDAS) is a government organization that was formed following the unusual influx of unexplained activities that followed the manifestation of familiars. Mostly comprised of familiars...
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    The Isthmus of Souls Lore

    The Ferrigan Aberrants Johannes Ferrigan Wilheim Johannes Ferrigan Wilheim was a researcher that dedicated himself in searching for solutions to his unexplained predicament following his meeting with his familiar. A detester of violence, Johannes preferred to find means to sustain his familiar...
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