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Full Akori Academy for a Better Future (Reboot)

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by ChelonianCommander, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    @will30358 has convinced me to reboot this.

    In the early 1900s, a virus was created in order to cull the population of the world, a design of one mad Dr. Navix. Before the virus could be perfected, it was released prematurely due to a violent earthquake cased all of the doctor's work to spill upon his floor, before spreading across to nearby population centers then in but a year, infecting the entire world. The Doctor was sadly, or thankfully killed by his creation, but had only somewhat failed to cull the human population. 8% of those infected by the Gene Plague, died while the remaining 91.8% had no effect and were simply carriers. However the remaining .2% were forever changed. During puberty, teenagers who were infected by the Gene Plague had the virus attach to their protein sequences and caused major changes to their DNA creating great mutations practically overnight. While most of the people affected, around 99.7% had mutations that were usually harmless and unnoticeable, a few extra toes or different eye colors, but .3% had mutations that manifested in what can be considered super powers. Some gained bestial traits, others gained the power to control the elements and others still had gained extra ordinary strength and speed.

    In this cruel world, these mutants were hunted down and were often taken to be used for the benifit of a select few or kept in cages as collector's items and those were the more lucky ones as the more unfortunate mutants were gathered up by extremists groups and were often executed en mass. It was only due to the intervention of the governments around the world that put an end of these horrendous acts. Mutants with unique powers were quickly isolated from the general populous and were often studied in labs and controlled environments, while a few were rapidly employed by their governments and used in wars against one another. However due to the unpredictable nature and powers of these mutants, casualties of both combatants and civilians skyrocketed as did the structural damages caused by more powerful mutants, the UN had decided to abolish the use of mutants in warfare and simply placed in laws to give the mutants the same rights and protections as the general people.

    After several decades mutants were still being found, usually at random and the original mutant population had nearly died out. A new generation had come around and while mutants were still persecuted, there are programs and private organizations who are slowly changing this. One of which is known as Aorki Academy for a Better Future. This Academy takes students who are at least 15 years of age, and train them to control and use their powers for the benefit of humanity as real world superheroes. The Academy also provides them with everything they need to blossom as individuals and give them the best in education, as the Academy does provide high school and college level education.

    Right now the college is only allowed, by the UN to take in at MOST 10 students and after a difficult process they were able to find the most suitable candidates and perhaps not a moment too soon. Around the world mutants had been disappearing from their homes and from public areas, and there has been whispers of a top secret government project involving them....but all that is nothing more then rumors...right?


    In this world mutants can have any sort of power, fire manipulation, shape shifting, consume concrete and spit it out of their finger tips etc. Let your minds roam free, just make sure your powers are at least on par with everyone else and try not to make them too much weaker or stronger then everyone else.
    1. No God Modding
    2 No OP characters or powers. All powers have their strength and weaknesses and they are at least young adults so they are not all that powerful yet. Develop their powers and skills as the RP goes on.
    3. Keep things PG-13, no extremely sexual themes or gore
    4. Try to give notice if you are going to be gone for longer then a week.
    5. Please try to write at least a paragraph per post, at least 3 moderately long sentences.
    6. I have a 3 strike policy. Break the rules 3 times and you are kicked.

    Character Sheet (Every person is allowed to have 2 characters MAX.)

    Full Name:
    Alias: (What hero name they have)
    Age: (15-20)
    Gender: Male/Female
    Appearance: (At least 3 sentences about your character or a picture and 2 sentences.)
    Powers: (Include their strengths and weaknesses)
    Personality: (No lists. At least 3 sentences)
    Backstory: (Include their childhood, teenage life, what happened when they got their powers and why they wanted to go to Aorki Acadamy for a Better Future. Write at least 5 sentences)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
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  2. Draco Shadowdragon

    Draco Shadowdragon Unknown Entity

    I'm interested. I'll make a character in a little bit
  3. Making character sheet, would this school have a set uniform?
  4. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Sounds great.

    No it doesn't.
  5. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    I guess I'm obligated to come back to this. Might drop a CS sooner or later.
  6. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    If you really wish to.
  7. Full Name: Alexis Linvert

    Alias: Mineral

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Her strain of mutation didn't just alter what she could do, but her body as well, turning her dark skin blue and her once brown curls into a white wild mess of long hair she eventually tamed by turning it into a ponytail. Most said it made her look like a smurf, she preferred to pretend it made her look more demonic, wearing a shirt and vest combo to hopefully make her 'look more devilish' (Instead, this just made her look like a criminal). Her eyes and the rest of that stayed relatively human, green eyes, cut lips, a goatee drawn onto her chin and an athletic build hiding under it all.

    Powers: With her power, she can take an object and absorb it's material into her body, converting her flesh to other materials and at the same time give that property to another object. She can grab an iron block and drain it until her arm turns to iron, reducing the block to dust, then project that material onto a rope, turning the rope into a chain. She can only do this with objects she can grip, so no turning her body into water or fire... Yet.

    Personality: Belligerent, blunt, boastful, there are many words to describe Alexis. She thinks highly of herself and ain't afraid to tell others about it with some tone deafness and some self awareness. She is a orime example of someone who could have probably shown some smarts, but just preferred to keep it simple because simple is a good pace for her. Thinking too much just gets your mind wrapped up in enough small implications to hold yourself hostage for a few hours.

    Backstory: Some say life is best to start at the bottom, because if you start on the top you'll find it harder to deal with the mud after you plummet off your perch. If you're born with comfort, discomfort comes as the apocalypse. So, in some ways, Alexis was happy to start at the bottom and let the dirt teach her a few life lessons. Scrounging around the muck and disbanded for her own way to live, especially when her parents weren't off on the best foot themselves health-wise. Of course, growing up, she found that super powers slowly became more and more helpful for monetary gain. Don't need to buy fresh materials when you can absorb ones in poorer condition and project the good parts onto something else. Yes, she certainly had a bit of a criminal streak before she was placed in the academy, from small time shoplifting to car jacking.

    Of course, she was caught eventually, but even in jail she could only think of how to better use her powers. But it's like the saying goes, one door closing just means someone's opened another one...
  8. SedentaryCobra

    SedentaryCobra Outhouse Poet

    Full Name: Artyom Rybak
    Alias: Anvil
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Artyom's appearance remained remarkably unscathed, despite his development of superpowers. Taller than average, with blue eyes and light brown hair, Artyom has an athletic build from his years spent playing hockey. While capable of growing a scraggly goatee, Artyom keeps himself clean shaven. Normally, he wears boots, cargo pants, a simple shirt and a light jacket no matter the weather, though he has a suit he will wear on occasion. He has no current superhero costume.
    Powers: Mass Control - Artyom is capable of changing the mass of objects by touching them. This allows for him to lighten objects for easier carrying, throw things farther, jump higher and so forth. It also allows for him to speed things up, then massively increase their mass to deliver ludicrous amounts of force. The change in mass only lasts for so long once he releases an object, however. The duration shortens the more massive the change in weight. The amount of weight is also currently limited by his experience with the power. It is also incredibly difficult to use on other people.
    Personality: Artyom is a timid bull, in many ways. He is mindful of stepping on other's toes, though he has a deep streak of determination, willing to go a remarkable distance to accomplish his goals. Despite a fairly polite exterior, he holds a well hidden vein of caustic, cynical humor. Artyom is fairly headstrong, and prefers to let his heart guide his decisions more than anything.
    Backstory: Artyom first discovered his powers as a young child when he set down a coloring book on a glass table as a child, having accidentally increased the mass of the coloring book enough to shatter the table completely. Still, it took until he was nearly thirteen to stop using the power completely instinctively. For a long while, he stopped using the power completely, occupying his time with sports and music. Fortunately, Artyom lived with accepting and nurturing parents, and was encouraged to apply to the Akori Academy. Studying hard in school, and working hard to practice his powers, Artyom was glad to hear of his acceptance.
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  9. Draco Shadowdragon

    Draco Shadowdragon Unknown Entity

    Full Name: Zadkiel Gosner (prefers to be called Zad)
    Alias: Leech
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    He usually wears a loose black button down shirt with baggy black cargo pants. He usually wears skating shoes of some kind and gloves on his hands. He is heterochromatic, with one light brown eye and one grey eye. He prefers to have his hair styled loosely in a neat mess
    Powers: Zadkiel can drain the energy of anyone he touches, but it has to be direct contact. He gains strength from any energy gained. The amount of strength depends on the amount of energy drained. If he touches more than one person the amount of energy drained is halved for each other person he’s touching. If he drains too much he can put someone to sleep, or if he drains way too much he could potentially kill someone.
    Personality: Zadkiel is probably ironically, given what his power is, quite energetic. He loves to talk, whether it be with someone else or to himself. He has a dark sense of humor and rarely uses it. He is protective (but not overly) of his friends and family. He likes sweets and dislikes salty foods.
    Backstory: Zadkiel had an average childhood. His powers didn't manifest until his early teens. He first found out about his powers when he accidentally bumped into his mom and drained some of her energy and drained some more when he helped her back up, leaving her too tired to do just about anything. After that he became scared to touch people so he started wearing gloves. When he heard that the Academy down the road was accepting applications he put an application in hopes of learning how to control his powers.
  10. Ailis

    Ailis resident chicken nugget

    I'm interested! I'll get a character up later tonight :)
  11. Ailis

    Ailis resident chicken nugget


    Full Name: Elizabeth "Eli" Baranowski
    Alias: Sunder
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Below average height with a lithe build. She walks on her toes with the poise of a dancer, and often has her long, wavy brown hair is often tied back in a loose bun, with loose strands framing her face. Her features are gentle and kind, and she's normally seen with a big smile on her face. She's quite fond of the combination of turtle necks and mom jeans, and is often found wearing mismatched sneakers.
    Powers: Self-Duplication. Eli possesses the ability to create clones of herself. These clones do not have free will, or thoughts and feelings, and only follow the will of the original Eli, whether that be cleaning her room, acting as decoys, or fighting. They only have the abilities that Eli has herself, and due to this, she is trained heavily in most martial arts, which is projected into her clones. Each clone only has a fragment of Eli's power; the more clones, the less power spread through each, and the less power she has. The clones are also able to withstand a certain amount of damage before they crumble away into dust, and that is something that Eli is currently working on (along with making them more realistic representations of herself, since they tend to randomly fall over and can't really speak other than curse words). When a clone does "die", she also takes a hit. The more clones to die, the more frail and sickly she'll become until she's able to rest.
    Personality: Eli likes seeing everyone happy, and has a hard time saying no to people. She also has a strong sense of justice, and whenever she sees anyone being wronged or anyone in danger, she tends to jump in, even though it has often led to her being in precarious situations. She's relatively intelligent, but tends to act impulsively. Can be loud and blunt, but also knows when to bite her tongue and hold back.
    Backstory: Both of her parents were mutants, her father sprouting horns and bull-like strength, and her mother able to manipulate the earth. So when Eli developed her powers at the young age of six when her mother was trying to teach her how to clean her room, her parents, needless to say, were quite accepting. They helped to foster her powers, while trying their best to keep her from the cruel world that hated them. Eventually, she saw that cruelty. When she was ten, she witnessed a half-deer girl being bullied by a couple of older kids, and that's where her sense of justice developed, and where she learned the effects that her powers had on her own body. Her intense feelings split her body into four clones, but before she could do anything the strain of creating four copies of herself sent her collapsing to the ground. It freaked the bullies out enough that they ran away though, so in the end she still succeeded in her goal. After that day, her parents enrolled her into martial arts to help her body strengthen, and she's been working on her powers ever since.
    When she heard about Aorki Academy for a Better Future, she was naturally drawn to the idea of becoming something more than just a mutant, to become someone that would truly be able to help others. Her parents were accepting of the idea and she immediately applied.​
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018
  12. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Grand return.

    Full Name

    Kylie Heidrich




    18 years old





    A girl of 5'5, Kylie's height does little to emphasize her youth when her rough facial features make her look a decent deal older. She has purple eyes, holds a slender yet firm build, pale to fair skin, and blonde hair tied into a long ponytail, probably her most noticeable feature. Her casual attire generally consists of a black dress shirt over a white t-shirt and a pair of short shorts, along with thigh-high socks.


    • Enhancement - Kylie's most prominent power. The term is broad and refers to a great many implications, but the basic gist of her power is that she is able to make herself stronger or her abilities more potent in some manner to an unknown extent (as none of her limits have ever been properly tested yet due to more enhancement requiring more concentration) in different ways or "classes," the effect being visible and demonstrated through the "enhanced" area taking on a more metallic, almost armored look.
      • Concrete - The most obvious application of her power. Kylie can use Enhancement to make any part of her body stronger and / or more efficient, which can include enhancing her arms to provide her with superhuman strength, her legs to provide speed and jump at great heights, her eyes for superhuman sight, or evenly distribute her power all around her body for enhanced durability. In this regard, her power manifests in the form of a sort of metallic "armor." She can also use her power on other people, though it should be noted that she is weakened for as long as the other party uses her power, as though she had loaned it and needs it to be "given back" once its use is fulfilled.
      • Abstract - The other "class" of enhancement. Kylie can also, if so desired, enhance more abstract parts of herself, including enhancing her reflexes, perception, thinking speed, healing factor, and so on. This is significantly more difficult for Kylie to perform than the "concrete" class, but with enough practice, she hopes to be able to hone this well enough. As she is now though, she prefers not to use it very much for the time being.
    On top of Kylie's power being able to tire her out if she overuses it in a given time, at least as a novice with her power, depending on how much energy she outputs, she is generally able to only able to significantly enhance one area at a time, as in, she can either be strong enough to pick up a car or be fast enough to outrun a car at a given time, but she can't have both. However, she can easily distribute her power in this manner if the degree of enhancement is not as intensive, essentially striking a moderate balance if needed.

    Also, if faced with enough resistance, a given reinforced part of her body may end up shattering and her powers are susceptible to being disabled for a period of time. For example, Kylie may enhance her body to the degree that she can withstand bullets, but if she were blasted with a grenade launcher, the "armor" built up around her body would shatter and be disabled temporarily. On top of that, as her enhancement acts as an additional layer of skin, or it can be described as such, her "armor" can be bypassed by those who might be able to target her internal systems.


    Kylie has a serious, no-nonsense attitude; a practical thinker who prefers to think logically and distance herself emotionally. Indeed, she is often emotionally distant when interacting with others. The only emotion she does seem to be comfortable expressing outwardly is anger or any degree of irritation, her face often twisted into a scowl.

    Despite her efforts to fancy herself a logical, detached person, she can also be an easy target to get a rise out of if one knows what buttons of hers to push, whether when she feels directly insulted or when she witnesses any form of prejudice against mutants like herself.


    It would be difficult for anyone at the school to believe it, but for the first several years of her life, Kylie Heidrich was your average, wide-eyed adolescent girl, more smiley and bubbly in her youth than any one of her fellow students could ever dare imagine today.

    Kylie was born to a German father and an American mother (a mutant at that), growing up alongside an older brother. Both Kylie and her brother turned out mutants as well, developing their powers at an early age. Between financial struggles and the stigma of being a mutant, life was never exactly easy for Kylie, especially in a place like America where such prejudices ran high, but she had always tried to power through with a smile on her face for the sake of her family, her brother more notably demonstrating an openly cynical persona toward humans.

    However, the only thing that rewarded her optimism came in the form of a tragedy, when Kylie was 12. As it was known within her community that she and her family were mutants save for her father, they had always faced a degree of persecution and prejudice, but everything had changed when her mother was killed at the height of such tensions, a hate crime as it were. Almost immediately following that, her brother became a runaway, leaving behind Kylie and their father in the midst of their grief. To this day, Kylie does not know what became of him.

    These rapid chain of events created a drastic shift in Kylie's personality, causing her to become far more angry and emotionally withdrawn. Her relationship with her father, the only family member still around now, even soured as the two of them became distant from each other, not quite helped as Kylie began acting out at school, progressively getting into more and more fights as well.

    When Kylie came of age, her father wasted little time in letting her go off to to the Aorki Academy upon discovering the new school for mutants without much of an explanation, as though he were eager to get her away from him, or at least, that's the way she sees it.​
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  13. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

    Full Name: Eugene Holtz
    Alias: Animalia
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Eugene is a slightly muscular white male with short black hair and blue eyes. He stands roughly 6'1 and usually wears baggy cargo pants, sandals, and a hoodie in order to easily remove them in case of a quick getaway. He also has rather fine black hair, similar to that of a moth's antennae. Eugene also has rather strange skin, as it is somewhat smooth and glossy like that of a clam's shell. He also has a long tongue that has a venomous stinger hidden on the inside.
    Powers: Eugene has the power to absorb the genetic material of fauna if he eats roughly a pound of the material and permanently add it to his own genetic material over the course of several days, as in the effects don't show themselves until after a couple days. He can choose and direct his body's metamorphosis in order to most efficiently add the power to his body. However every time he adds a trait to his body, it is indeed essentially permanent whether he likes it or not, and he is unable to turn off the ability so he needs to be rather careful what he eats and has eventually gone vegan to avoid an unnecessary additions to his body, as unless he is consciously consuming the genetic material, he won't be able consciously add the power to arsenal. NOTE. He will gain the powers of the MALE version of the animal. There is a way to reset his powers however and that is the consumption of humans, which he has only done that once. Below are the powers that Eugene has in his arsenal.
    -Husky: Eugene has gained the power of the Husky's incredible stamina, allowing him to run and move for days at a time. This consumes a lot of calories however so he needs to eat a lot before, after or during the run.
    -Abalone: After eating raw Abalone, Eugene's skin to hardened into becoming as tough as the animal's shell. It is as strong as steel and can protect against even against direct hits from small caliber rounds and glancing hits from larger calibers. NOTE: It doesn't stop the blows from hurting. If he gets hit with a bat, he won't be internally or externally hurt but he'll feel the impact against his skin.
    -Moth: Eating a couple hundred moths, has allowed Eugene to actually sniff out people using his hair, more effective on people of the opposite sex but can still work on other males, from up to 12 miles away. 10 miles for other men. The range is halved when in foggy or raining weather. Non-existent when in stormy weather.
    -Cone Snail: Eating several cone snails has granted Eugene the Cone Snail's venomous sting, replacing his tongue. The sting is also extremely venomous, being able to cause paralysis within several seconds and/or death in a few minutes. He only has enough poison for four stings and replenish the stings every 2 hours. Eugene can create venom depending on what he wants to do, a non-lethal paralyzing venom for non-lethal attacks, a killing venom that acts quicker then a man can react, something in between, or something to simply impair someone's physical senses, but to do so with full venom glands require him to expel already existing venom, which he does by spitting it out.
    -Rhino: Eating a piece of Rhino Eugene has gained incredibly dense bones and muscles, allowing him to lift around 1600 pounds, pull around 4000 pounds and hit with the force of 3000 psi with a full contact punch.
    Personality: Eugene is rather egotistical, bordering on narcissism. Because of this he usually has trouble with authority. He likes to think that he can handle everything, and would usually try to argue against or act sarcastic towards authoritative figures. However this only extends so far as if Eugene truly believes that he is in the right, he's liable to undermine or disobey an order. Still even with this egotistical, anti-authoritative trait, Eugene isn't a bad person. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and also have
    Backstory: Eugene was born to a pair of unknown parents, but was orphaned when he was born. Whether his parents are simply dead or gave him up is not known as their was no way to contact or track them. At the age of 12 Eugene discovered his power when he ate a poorly cooked pork steak and gained the pig's sensitive sense of smell. After some experimentation and research, Eugene came to the conclusion that he can gain the powers of animals when eating them and after some experimentation to discover the limit of his powers. At the age of 13, he looked more monster then human as he had eaten creatures like grasshoppers, rats and flies gaining their biology at random. The teenager had kept his features hidden but was soon found out, as he didn't even resemble a human anymore and was thrown out of the orphanage.

    Now on the streets, Eugene roamed the city picking up scraps from garbage cans, sewer grates, anything he can to fill his stomach, earning him the name the Chimera of Alnar, due to the fact that he looked to be an amalgamation of various animals and resided in the city of Alnar. At the age of 15, he had gained a bit of fame from people trying to spot him, but one day in the dead of night he was ambushed by some men in black and after a short chase, he was tranquilized and taken to a strange facility where he was kept isolated, only interacting with people when doctors collected blood and skin from Eugene for a year before finally actually meeting with the young boy to give him two choices and a parting gift. He could either go to the school known as Aorki's Acadamy for a better future or stay in the facility, locked in a room. Eugene obviously took the former as he didn't much like the idea of staying in a room for the rest of his life. As a parting gift, the facility gave Eugene a slab of raw mystery meat, which caused him to turn back to normal as well as five animals of his choose to eat in order to have some powers for him to use while at Aorki. After some prep and newly freed, Eugene now starts his freed life in Aorki, not that he had much of a choice.
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  14. ChelonianCommander

    ChelonianCommander Strength of Steel, Will of Iron

  15. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

    Full name: Luna Bella Severa Seth
    Nickname: Scarlet
    Age (15-20): 16
    Grade: 10th
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Scarlet is 5'7, pretty tall for a girl her age, and weighs 135 lbs. with a very average build. Scarlet's custom outfit is very unique - by hardening the material in the fabric, she makes her blue sleeve similar to hardened armor. She also dons a yellow sleeveless shirt that bares her midriff and a red/pink/blue collar. Scarlet's hair is red, long and wavy, and her eyes are a muddy yellow. Finally, she has a scar over her right eye.
    Power (include strengths and weaknesses): Scarlet has the ability to harden materials, enough to compress them into hard or softer material, like she did with her clothes. However, it complies with Newton's Third Law of Motion - for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction depending on how much force you exert. Because of this, small things are easier to harden and soften.
    Personality: She is constantly trying to get a lead on something new - she knows she’s overshadowed by her other two team members, so she always goes one hundred percent in everything. She tries to impress others by showing them new ways to do things, and she is the “thinker” of the group.
    Scarlet can get very mad very easily. She does not like things that either confuse her or don’t make sense, and always tries to make sense of a situation. However, when it gets so big that she knows things are going to get strange, she tends to lay off and let things happen. Though she doesn’t like it when things don’t go according to plan, she can deal with a surprise or two every now and then.
    Though you wouldn’t notice at first glance, Scarlet is not the best at interacting with new people - when it comes to relationships, she prefers to let things go with the flow. Though when pieces come together on their own, she can handle it, but the only reason she’ll talk to you if you’re not her friend is because you’re doing something wrong.
    Following up on that subject, Scarlet hates it when she (or anyone, for that matter) messes up with something simple or presents a threat to the situation at hand.
    Though with details above, you might get the idea that she is an introvert - however, that is false. She is a very loud person who is never afraid to voice her opinions. She is also very courageous - she is willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good if necessary.
    Scarlet was born to Dawn and Julius Seth, two ordinary people (though her father had her mutant gene). Though Scarlet was always prone to throwing fits when she was younger, they were a generally generic and happy family.
    Scarlet was joked to have OCD in school, reasonably - she could not handle people doing things that were so simple to her wrong, earning her a “clean freak”-esque reputation in school. But Scarlet didn’t ever worry about that - it was elementary school, things never got too bad with bullying there. She was one of the best in her classes, and though she wasn’t the smartest, she got good grades.
    However, Scarlet was smacked upside in the head by life when all of her success came burning down… literally. She was on one of her mother’s errands on a fairly average day to the bank to make a deposit. Scarlet, who thought about being a banker when she was older, decided to take notes on what one does.
    Her notes were destroyed in the fire.
    Suddenly, the bank was bombed by a terrorist, who was also attacking the city with a group, demanding that government should get toned down to only protecting the area around them or that they shouldn’t be existing at all. The walls came crumbling down, and Dawn managed to help her daughter escape, caught in the destruction. Though she asked for Scarlet to tell her father she loved him, Scarlet would never see her dad again as she fled.
    Scarlet ran and ran and ran away from the carnage mess of a bank, the catastrophe leaving a scar burn on her eye. For she was far away, she didn’t know how to get home, and did all that she could - cry. However, after a few days of being hopelessly lost, she witnessed a gang of thieves talking about a school for mutants. The nine-year-old Scarlet, knowing this would be her only option to get off the streets, she went to them and asked them if she could join. They were a bit confused, but being mistreated mutants themselves, they gave her directions, and they sent her on her way.
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  16. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

    Full Name: Ethan Beryl Gaius
    Alias: Stormbreaker
    Age: (15-20): 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ethan is a young man standing at 5'9, and weighing 150 lbs. He has slightly straight/slightly curly orange hair that spikes upwards, along with lime-green eyes. He commonly wears a green short-sleeved shirt with a yellow lightning bolt on it and khakis.
    Powers: Ethan has the ability to generate and release electricity in and from his body. He can generate his own static electricity, use electricity to amplify his muscles, and shock someone for a prank. When on carpet, this can be seen as a "charging station" because it refills him. He can paralyze people, but only with the risk of paralyzing himself (approximately a 1/3 chance he will), and if overused, he will be paralyzed himself for an hour at worst.
    Personality: Ethan is a very optimistic boy, always trying to make the people around him smile. He can also be a bit snarky and is a huge joker, going for a generally humorous feeling. He doesn't take a lot of things seriously, which can cause him to not really realize when he's in hot water. When he does, however... he tries to end the problem as quickly as possible. He has a right over might attitude, generally wanting to to the correct thing over the thing that benefits him.
    Backstory: (Include their childhood, teenage life, what happened when they got their powers and why they wanted to go to Aorki Academy for a Better Future. Write at least 5 sentences): TBA​
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    So...been quiet. How is everyone?
  18. I'm good, I just thought we had a post order sorta deal
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    May I still join this?

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