1. Atomic Knight

    Side Story [Side Story/Sandbox] Grimalkin Sign-Ups

    The MEU, or the Coven as they have come to be referred to lately, saw a prestigious school of science in Avalon and thought, hey, why isn't there a school dedicated to magic here? Enter Grimalkin. With the advent of the Coalition's disbanding and a bright new multiverse before them, the MEU...
  2. Atomic Knight

    School of Power | In-Character

    OOC thread here. Character Directory here. Tuesday, October 14, 2042 Ever since Arthur Gray’s School of Power began to usher out graduates, it has worked closely with the New Guard, a Seattle-based and government-sponsored superhero group, in order to train promising students to be defenders...
  3. Atomic Knight

    Open School of Power | You Guessed It, A Super Power School RP

    This RP will be starting on the 27th! Welcome to the Out-Of-Character thread for “School of Power,” an RP set in an academy dedicated to teaching students who have superpowers. In this RP, players will be making students who are in their final year at this school. Much of the focus will be on...
  4. Ushieku

    Open I need a partner who won’t ditch me!

    I need someone to help me write these stories out, so please look through them and see if you are interested! Story 1 “Boy’s Love” (My Character) is one of the popular kids at his school, but incredibly different then the others, because he loves to help whenever he can! He surrounds himself...
  5. Faithy

    Open Lockdown at Cordova [Can you escape before being decimated.]

    Cordova was like any other normal High School. The kids complained about being bored and the teachers complained about the misbehaving students. It had been this way for eons and all assumed it would remain this way for years to come. That all changed however one autumn day when it was least...

    The Six Paths that lead to One

    Yello Story teller’s circle! Please read this took lots of time effort and some research to put together! Sorry if my style is gruff in the first few paragraphs ! I’m here to offer you yet Another High school super power setting. However I’ve got several twists on the formula. A proper...
  7. ChelonianCommander

    Akori Academy for a Better Future (Reboot)

    @will30358 has convinced me to reboot this. In the early 1900s, a virus was created in order to cull the population of the world, a design of one mad Dr. Navix. Before the virus could be perfected, it was released prematurely due to a violent earthquake cased all of the doctor's work to spill...
  8. Anaee

    Sakura Academy - OCC - Now Accepting

    “ A Quote Either About or ‘from’ the character “ [ Image of character here if applicable ] Full Name: Nickname/Alias: (Optional) Birthdate: Age: Gender: Orientation: Which Branch?: Star Ranking: (Choose depending on opinion on ability & age for character) Alice: (Try and make it different from...
  9. Crow

    School Omnitrix Club!!!

    Yeah yeah, I know, I know. In an unspecified Japanese School which hosts levels from Middle to High School, three students will be pulled together by fate. These students have two things in common - they wish to join the Paranormal Interest & Investigations Club (or the Paranormal Club for...
  10. Maluon

    School for the Enchanted OOC

    OOC thread for School for the Enchanted Roleplay
  11. Kin no Keifu

    Deadman's High [0/14]

    A new boarding school has opened up in the cold mountains, one that calls itself Scelus High. It is an extremely exclusive boarding school, inviting in only students they find most promising. It's funded by an anonymous source, and the first batch has only fourteen available slots. It preaches a...
  12. Kin no Keifu

    Yume no Gakuen

    In an unspecified part of the world, there's a school. It's a big one, big enough that all the students have dorms, and it boasts one thing and one thing only above all. It's a school where special people go to learn. Everyone at this school has an anime plot surrounding them. Just last year a...
  13. BrookeDi

    Altsoba School of Sorcery

    The History: Magic has always existed, but it has always remained just beneath the surface of society. Religion and people refusing to accept that which was different from them prevented people with magic from stepping into the spotlight. In this magical underworld there exists two beings...
  14. Southpaw

    E.U.C.L.I.D: Elite Undercover Collegiate Investigative Division - OOC & Sign-ups (OPEN!)

    New Victoria. Metro Population: 10 million. Taxis bustle about the crowded streets. The sounds of bodega salesman and street performers' instruments flood the cracks between car horns. People make their way to work, to play, to live....but also, to learn. In the center of the city, tucked into...