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South of the Border, West of the Sun
Asgardian Character Sheet


Name: Janne Bratvold

Age/Alias: 24

Character History:
Janne was born to a minor noble family loyal to the throne of Asgard. She was raised in luxury and the highest parts of Asgardian society. She always looked up to the valkyries in Asgardian history, looking up to the brave warrior women as soldiers and protectors. Janne trained most of her life, defying the wishes of her father to bear the family crest. Then, she was given the chance to join their ranks. She swore herself to the protection of the Asgardian throne.

Class: Valkyrie

Skill/Equipment: Being a Valkyrie, she carries a sword and spear and wears their armor. She also bears whatever magical abilities they have.
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