1. Yuuna Ishikawa

    Yuuna Ishikawa

  2. Ver

    Illusion Looking Glass

    Link to sign-ups. Prologue "Through the Looking Glass" "I have to say, I'm very pleased with the progress you all have made during your time here. Each and every one of you has come a long way since you first came here, and if all continues to go well, you may even be discharged as early as...
  3. Ver

    Illusion Looking Glass Sign-Ups

    "My name is Dr. Ellie Staple, and I'm a psychiatrist. My work concerns a particular type of delusion of grandeur. It's a growing field. I specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes." ... "You may not remember it very well, but you were admitted to this institution some...
  4. MarronQuillnest

    Oscar’s Academy for troubled children

    Tw: Some things in this RP might be triggering or 13+. If that is uncomfortable for you please don't read! Cs: https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/oscars-academy-for-troubled-children.9417/ Interest check...
  5. Atomic Knight

    School of Power | In-Character

    OOC thread here. Character Directory here. Tuesday, October 14, 2042 Ever since Arthur Gray’s School of Power began to usher out graduates, it has worked closely with the New Guard, a Seattle-based and government-sponsored superhero group, in order to train promising students to be defenders...
  6. Atomic Knight

    Open School of Power | You Guessed It, A Super Power School RP

    This RP will be starting on the 27th! Welcome to the Out-Of-Character thread for “School of Power,” an RP set in an academy dedicated to teaching students who have superpowers. In this RP, players will be making students who are in their final year at this school. Much of the focus will be on...
  7. T

    Lewis High: Sign Ups (Player and GM Applications!)

    It's 2002, the air was still hot from the past summer, the birds still chirping loudly as the rays of sun hit the faces of the youth. This wasn't just another summer, however. This was the summer going into your first year of High School. Parents have always talked about the high school...
  8. Ver

    Fanfiction Between the Lines

    Between the Lines Premise Fighting of the Spirit was only one side of the story. As the Revanchist War drove the multiverse into a state of emergency, countless people and organizations across the multiverse were thoroughly impacted by the mastermind's ambitions. In this companion piece to...
  9. Saarai

    Interest Check The Long Night

    An Endless Vendetta In the city of Prague, Czech Republic, two very old and prominent vampire families, the upper-class Bartas and the more down-home Sokols, ruled the city together in relative peace for longer than anyone could remember. Until the day a betrayal lead to the two families and...
  10. Lucky

    Non-Canon Afflictions Of the Heart (A non-cannon Valentine's Day RP)

    Eros had never been the most patient of the gods. He could have told you that, if his demeanor didn't already give it away. Tapping his foot anxiously, he wondered how long it would take before someone answered his invitation. It had taken a ton of energy to send it across the multiverse and he...
  11. Jeremi

    Non-Canon This is Our Story

    It had been four months since the Melding and life continued on for everyone as well as it could. It had been much the same for the Greil Mercenary force, some would call them heroes of their world but here they were much like anyone else. Survivors. A lot of their forces had gone missing during...
  12. RebornRainbow

    Looking Within

    Premise: What is a soul? Is it ones emotions? How about the memories of someone? Or a much more powerful being? People have existed since the beginning of time, they have lived, and laughed. They build families and relationships, basking in their positive and negative emotions, until...
  13. Jeremi

    Non-Canon The Question

    It has been 4 months since the Melding and the Rebellion against the Eggman/Wily coalition. Outposts have been set up all around the world and most of them work autonomously from each other. That way if any Rebellion cell ever gets compromised then less information will be delivered to the...
  14. Yun Lee

    Side Story Last Train Home

    Helix Securities Mission Report Mission Personnel: Fareeha Amari Mission Allies (if applicable): Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army, The Coalition, The United Nations Mission Objective: Escort two former Overwatch operatives by train to Busan. Mission Status: Her hands leave the keyboard...
  15. BrookeDi

    [CLOSED] Seeking: Political Intrigue? Royal Drama? Adventure?

    Ilvoran was once a thriving country. The nation is ruled by a monarchy and in current power is the Devereaux family. The Devereaux's have been in power for the last several hundred years, and the nation has been fairly prosperous under their rule, particularly in recent years. All great...
  16. Crow

    Non-Canon Divine Blade Crossing

    As each day passed, her clock ticked, and the time to face her newfound rival drew closer. "Kusanagi Godou," the girl utters underneath her breath, "I wonder if you will be prepared when we meet again. Then again..." The girl takes the final bite of a candied apple and twirls the stick about...
  17. Gummi Bunnies

    Non-Canon The Misguided Eternal Portrait

    (Taking place in a later stage of "I'm Home".) Golden butterflies fluttered away once it was clear that they arrived at their destination for their first mission. Walking distance away, a towering crystalline structure stood before them, appearing as if it was reaching for the highest peak...
  18. Macy Moretti

    Non-Canon Dream Drop Divergence

    Arendelle A cold nation in the winter that learned to create warmth in its hearts. A strong winter froze the lakes and rivers, bringing Arendelle a fresh supply of their greatest export: Ice. Winter also brought with it joy for all the childeen and sentient snowmen abound. The kingdom was...
  19. Neko Shogun

    1x1 Sun and Moon

    A 1x1 roleplay between @Takumi and myself featuring Pokemon Trainer Sora as she helps the mysterious girl Ilona. Logs: -----
  20. Atomic Knight

    Main Event Dead or Lie

    Prologue "Penal Colony" There's no memory of what happened, no matter how hard one thought on it. There had just been one moment and then the next. Barely even a moment even, for it could have been described as blinking and finding oneself in a new world entirely. It felt like nothing at all...