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I get to change my username on Halloween. There's going to be a full moon on Halloween. I want to change my username to include 'Wolfy'. Should I do it?
Hi guys. Sorry it's been so long.
I know I started working on an angel type thing in Nexus and I do still want to, just, not right now I have too much going on to draw up all the plans for the angel realm.

Though I would love to do a one on one thread if anyone is interested please PM me.
I just nearly dropped five planks of wood onto my foot, all at once... I'm rather silly sometimes, lol
Everyone knows bananas are yellow because of organic pigments called carotenoids, right? And as they ripen, chlorophyll (green pigment) begins to break down. If you shine a blacklight on a ripe banana, the chlorophyll breakdown makes the banana fluorescent blue! So if you're ever going to go to a blacklight party, be sure to take a few bananas along as snacks. ;)
Sometimes I wonder when the madness of school will settle down and give me a break. Then I remember that I still have a vibrant life outside of that.

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