Many thoughts ran through Clark's mind, as he kept the comic firm in his hand; as he knew that Takara and Peter made a few good points on being a coincidence. There was great tension in the room, regardless of any of the reasons that were given. The people present and those who decided to stay behind, to his knowledge, have gone through a long road of mental recovery. But, at the same time, the investigative journalist within him nagged at the signs of this place having committed shady practices.

He saw that Hagusa was growing tired, as it indeed was late. "You can go back to your room if you wish, Hagusa," Clark replies to the young man, rolling the comic up and placing it in his pocket. "regardless of our actual origins or multiverse theory, one thing can be cleared; this facility is damned liable and will be held accountable." The Kansas-Raised man's eyes turned to Micheal, as he knows that there are people who have the right to know. "If we can get to a phone, I can at least contact Lois to get Mister White to open up any kind of investigation into Raven Hill."

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"Top points to Mr. Kent. And I'll give you credit for effort, Mr. Hagusa," Elijah chuckled, seeming amused at the latter's words, but shaking his head lightly all the same.

"I brought it up because I just want you to think about it. Not just whether these other worlds exist, but also... if they're fiction. And is fiction inherently more valid an existence than... this world that we call "real?" We might think we're real, but... who's to say we're not fictional to someone else out there?" The man said, seeming to take a sudden turn for the abstract in his words.

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"Sorry, I slept through philosophy class in high school. Like Hagusa said, can you get to the point, or just stop bothering us?" Peter chimed in impatiently.

With a curt breath, Elijah took another second of silence, before raising his hand to his temple, tapping it slightly. "You believe super powers to be a creation of fiction. But if I told you I had super powers and showed it to be real... would that be something you accept as natural as the rest of real life? Or would that be... a piece of fiction encroaching on the natural world?"

"Yeah, I'm out of here. Now I know you're just making shit up; you never believed yourself to have powers. That wasn't part of the treatment."

"Oh, let's just say they're... newly gifted to me. I can see things, things that humans were never meant to know. Entire new layers of thought and reality granted to me by the person behind the screen," Elijah continued to speak cryptically. "I can see in the basement of the building. The good doctor is there, waiting like a program on standby. That's why I knew she wouldn't interrupt us. I can see behind the screen, the people logging in with the dead look in their eyes. I can see the future, and assure you that despite what Staple said, you will not be leaving tomorrow. She won't allow that to happen."

His expression suddenly turns gravely serious as he goes on. "She'll kill us before she lets that happen. And as long as you're your weak, worthless versions of you, you'll be powerless to do anything about it."

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"And let whoever that weirdo is outta our sight? Not likely," Fujiko said worriedly in response to Erin. Still, she couldn't help but give another dazed look at the dark hallway they were all in. She remembered taking the usual way to their bedchambers, but this wasn't where the path was supposed to lead, was it?

The shadowy figure only continued to stand in place for another moment, until Isaac directly approached the figure on the other side of the window. However, rather than say anything back immediately, the figure swiftly raised its fist and banged it against the window. The glass shook against the force, but held its ground.

"W-What... What do you want?!" Fujiko could only cry out.


The figure only wordlessly gave another pounding against the window, to no avail. Like a helpless child, it slapped its two palms onto the glass, and a muffled voice was finally heard coming from it.

"Wake... up... won't... you... leave..." was all anyone could decipher from the garbled words, regardless of whatever it meant to say.

"F-Forget this! I'm getting an orderly, get this freak out of here!" Fujiko exclaimed, before turning back toward the way they all came, and pushing the door open with all the force she had, threatening to topple through it before--


The woman let out a piercing shriek as loud thumping noises were heard, followed by additional pained groans from her. Behind the door was not the same hall the group would recognize, but rather, another dimly lit corridor, with... stairs right in front of it? Stairs that Fujiko fell down because she naturally hadn't seen them coming.

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[Dead?] She let the signing hang in the air for awhile before lowering her hands. Micheal figured this situation was serious but to kill them for it? She didn't recall if Peter knew sign language or not but the runner was too flustered by what Elijah shared to care. [And if he's right? You're just going to sit around when they drop a bullet in our heads? If Elijah's full of shit then trying to sneak out will just get us a slap on the wrist if we're caught. But if he's telling the truth...] With a heavy sighed she pulled her hand over her fact before continuing. [We need to get the others and get out of here. Now."]

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He squints at the wheelchair-bound man, furrowing his brows as he takes note of his head shake towards Hagusa. The Journalist then blinks when Elijah's words had seemingly taken a sudden turn for the abstract. It brought both confusion and concern to the Kansas-Raised man as if there was more than malpractice taking place at Raven Hill.

Clark was about to move his foot but stops when Peter chimed in once more, as he understood the young man had grown impatient. As he listens to the elderly man's words, as cryptic as they are, he couldn't help but ponder back to Steve Trevor's appearance and Doctor Staple's reaction. Elijah referred to her as a 'program on standby', which made the meeting in this room at such an hour make some sort of sense to him. Then, his brows raise when he mentioned 'people behind the screen' and the powers he has.

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"W-What!?" Panic rose in the journalist's tone, as the gravity of this situation begin to sink in. It went from possible malpractice and unethical methods to...well, an illusion or simulation where the victims trapped inside would die. If this wasn't real and Elijah spoke as if they were trapped in a computer program; they were in a place where they were all vulnerable. "Elijah, if what you're saying is true...then we and everyone back in the Activity Room are in danger!"

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"Are you sure you're not trying to start an existential crisis Old Man?" Hagusa sighed at Elijah's initial response, followed by his talk of how despite the group thinking they were real could be fictional to someone else.

Though as Elijah continued to speak, Hagusa's tired mind grew a bit more alert at his cryptic words. The man looked completely serious about what he said, and a chill went down the boy's spine momentarily as he grew uncomfortable at the thought of Dr. Staple trying to kill them for any reason.

"I...if she seriously planned to kill so many, or even to attempt to do so...eventually something like that would come to light, right?" He questioned hesitantly. There was still a bit of doubt.

He wondered, if he hadn't gotten out of the Tajima household and something happened, if he long before someone would know?

"And if Elijah is full of shit and we do successfully get out? Then what?" He asked Michelle specifically, clumsily signing with his free hand as best as he could, sure that his point was at least understandable while his other hand gave Takara's a small squeeze. He was still a bit doubtful, as this all was just...too much happening in the span of a day.

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Issac "Icarus" Clark

" I don't really think you can call that a Lovecraft horror special when it's a different author....but then again, I guess there's no rule that says that you can't. Though...boy that phrasing is certainly something.

Issac would raise an eyebrow and look over at her. "Randolph Carter, whose that?" He asked, looking over at her, not sure if the nickname was something that they had just came up with or if it was made up on the spot. Either way it was a little weird. "I mean, it would be nice to have some... maybe we can talk about this later. Lot of strange things happening."

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