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Main Event Dead or Lie

Discussion in 'Main Event Archives' started by Atomic Knight, Sep 21, 2018.

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  1. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    "Penal Colony"

    There's no memory of what happened, no matter how hard one thought on it. There had just been one moment and then the next. Barely even a moment even, for it could have been described as blinking and finding oneself in a new world entirely. It felt like nothing at all had happened, yet it had hurt in some manner. Feelings and sensations had hit every synapse in succession rapidly, faster than a second. A whole world of experience in one small moment that barely could be perceived.

    Bodies were waking, groggy and out of it from sleep, feeling almost as if they had been drugged. Whatever powers they uniquely had, not a single one knew where they were or they had gotten there. Nothing felt entirely right, at least not in the first few seconds of waking. Life had been turned upside-down entirely.

    It was dark, almost too dark to see, but flashing red lights stretched from down a long hallway in front of those who were waking up. They could have tried to get a better look, but found bars blocking their paths as if they were in prison cells. The bars resisted all manner of strength, vexing even the strongest among the group.

    The prison cells themselves were dank and dilapidated as if they hadn't been in use for a very long time, though they were large enough to fit even the biggest and most mechanical of the group. The condition of the hallway connecting the cells was in a similarly run-down condition, with broken metal, soiled sheets, and dead leaves covering the rusty metal floor. A search of them revealed nothing of use and no windows existed to give a view of the outside. For whatever reason, everyone was missing their weapons and belongings, whatever those may have been.

    While everyone was wearing clothing familiar to them, it was hard to miss they all wore bracelets on their left wrists. The bracelets looked small and featured electronic displays, but seemed deactivated. They would not turn on no matter how much one messed with them. Even worse, they would not come off, attached to everyone's arms in some sort of matter

    The cells lined the hallway on each side, allowing the prisoners to easily see the individuals trapped across from them. It was harder to see who were in the cells further down and even harder to speak with them.

    The order of the cells was...

    1 13
    2 14
    3 15
    4 16
    5 17
    6 18
    7 19
    8 20
    9 21
    10 22
    11 23
    12 24

    Cell 1 - Larxene
    Cell 2 - Doomfist
    Cell 3 - Albert Wesker
    Cell 4 - Lucy
    Cell 5 - Thaal Sinestro
    Cell 6 - Sally Boyle
    Cell 7 - Isa
    Cell 8 - Cinder Fall
    Cell 9 - Nathan Prescott
    Cell 10 - Megatron
    Cell 11 - Empty
    Cell 12 - Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama
    Cell 13 - Dhaos
    Cell 14 - RK-900
    Cell 15 - Esdeath
    Cell 16 - Loki Laufeyson
    Cell 17 - Dagran
    Cell 18 - Izuru Kamukura
    Cell 19 - Envy
    Cell 20 - Colonel Radec
    Cell 21 - Sera Himeura
    Cell 22 - Pyke
    Cell 23 - Hela
    Cell 24 - Ashe Bradley
    Cell 25 - Candi Cottonswirl

    @Yun Lee as Akande Ogundimu/Doomfist [Overwatch]
    @Gummi Bunnies as Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama [Yakuza]
    @ShadowCoyote0 as Albert Wesker [Resident Evil]
    @Crimson Spartan as Ashe Bradley [Witch's Heart]
    @will30358 as Candi Cottonswirl [Original Character]
    @York as Cinder Fall [RWBY]
    @dark as Colonel Radec [Killzone]
    @Takumi as Dagran [The Last Story]
    @Jeremi as Dhaos [Tales of Phantasia]
    @Xelian as Envy [Fullmetal Alchemist]
    @Minerva as Esdeath [Akame ga Kill]
    @Siege as Hela [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
    @Atomic Knight as Isa [Kingdom Hearts]
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Izuru Kamukura [Danganronpa]
    @MelodyMeister as Kaede/Lucy [Elfen Lied]
    @Ver as Larxene [Kingdom Hearts]
    @Cheese_Pizza as Loki Laufeyson [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
    @Crow as Megatron [Transformers]
    @Space_Candy as Nathan Prescott [Life is Strange]
    @Ottonomous Ghost as Pyke [League of Legends]
    @Lucky as RK-900 [Detroit: Become Human AU]
    @RebornRainbow as Sally Boyle [We Happy Few]
    @Kaykay as Sera Himeura [Instant Bullet]
    @Sark as Thaal Sinestro [DC Comics]​
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  2. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    There is no blood, there is no water...

    "Ugh... I can't feel... I can't see... I can't move..."

    A raspy voice emerged from Cell 10. However, Cell didn't seem to contain any man, but rather, machine, machine that appeared to be alien technology, a flying craft of sorts. It could be assumed that this voice emerged from the alien vehicle. The machine's girth - length & width, barely fit the cell.

    "Where on Cybertron... am I?"

    Where indeed, this alien craft seemed to have its pieces be shifting for a bit, before shifting back to the state it was before.

    "... and more importantly, who are all of you? I know that many of you are there."

    @Kaykay @Alex Azure @Minerva @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Atomic Knight @dark @Cheese_Pizza @etcetcetc​
  3. dark

    dark Active Member

    Colonel Radec


    We will strike without warning and without mercy, one hand, one heart and one soul. And as their last breath rips through their lungs and as we rise again from the ruins of our cities, they will know.. Helghan belongs to the Helghast!

    Red eyes pierced through the darkness of Cell 20’s occupant's cell. Rather there was breathing coming from the cell in question. One Helghast Colonel stood up from his “cell” to observe outside at those across from him and then to the little electronic band attached to his suit. He didn’t intend to speak unless he needed to.

    @Kaykay @Alex Azure @Minerva @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Atomic Knight @dark @Cheese_Pizza @Crow @Lucky @etcetcetc​
  4. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Larxene: Prologue - Savage Nymph


    "Oh, good. You guys are finally awake. Now I have company," Larxene, otherwise known to everyone else surrounding her as a nymph dressed in black contrasted against well kept light skin and blonde hair, sighed, having awakened before most everyone else if not being the absolute first to awaken, though she did little to draw attention to herself despite her appearance that perhaps remained distinctive even among the colorful individuals around.

    Surrounded by Doomfist, RK, and Dhaos, the young-looking female rested her arms up, her hands holding the back of her neck in what looked like a forced attempt to relax and make herself comfortable in this uncomfortable situation.

    Keeping a furrowed brow, Larxene clicked her tongue in irritation. Nothing on her expression or other body language communicated any sort of surprise or confusion, whether or not because she had already gotten it out of her system by the time the others had awakened, who could say? Instead, she was malcontent and irritated, as though she had stumbled upon a large inconvenience. Whatever her story was, it was a complete mystery, much like everyone else's was at this moment.

    Regardless, as though deciding to force her way into everyone else's trains of thoughts, she knocked on the bars of her cell, hoping to get the attention of those around her.

    "Hey, hey. I wouldn't suppose any of you lugnuts would know anything about how we got here, hmm?"

    @Jeremi @Yun Lee @Lucky
  5. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    "Gods... my head..." Hela said as she soon got up, and saw she was in a prison cell. She couldn't break out either... she soon looked ahead to see someone in a cell, and then to the right... was that a machine?


    "This place is quite disgusting... even for any other lowly fools that may be in here..." Hela said aloud.

    The question was... how could she... and anyone else in here... get out?

    She soon heard Larxene.
    "I don't know, but you can ask anyone else that may have an idea..." said Hela in an... annoyed tone.


    @Atomic Knight @Jeremi @Yun Lee @Lucky etc.
  6. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    Izuru Kamukura
    [ Prologue ]

    “Mister Intruder”

    Clap clap clap clap.

    The rapturous cacophony of wanton chaos and destruction that was weaving between the decaying skyscrapers of the city beneath her seemed almost harmless from where she was sitting.

    Every few seconds the air itself seemed to shudder, carrying a chorus of seething voices into the red sky hanging above them. If anger could create real heat, those voices would’ve turned these clouds into cinders by now. What could they possibly be so angry about? Ah, well, that’s a silly question. Everyone knows why they’re so mad. Like a pack of shrieking animals spurned by the despair of a single member… it was so easy.

    It was a war-zone in a fun action movie. It didn’t matter what the war was about, and this one wasn’t a war not for ideals, or land, or resources.

    It’s a war for the sake of war; a tender harvest of raw, unadulterated suffering.

    A little girl with bright green hair sat in a little wheelchair, the soft smile on her face intensifying into a gleeful smirk as the live feed from the screen before her radiated with unfettered violence. The massive meeting hall was almost silent save for her humming and clapping.

    Clap clap clap! Keep going, don’t stop. Everything is going so well so far.

    The sound of approaching footsteps eventually killed her clapping as well as her mood. The girl ceased her humming with a turn of her head, casting her emerald gaze in the direction of her killjoy.

    A tall, lean man with seemingly dirty white hair lurched from the other end of the hall, curling his lips into a sly friendly smile upon winning the glare of his now-ex ‘master.’ A mitt-adorned hand was rested upon the back of her wheelchair.

    “Greetings. I came to say my goodbyes.”

    The little green-haired girl pouted, thumbing a button on her wheelchair to spin it around to face the tall man. “Huh, going already? But this is where the fun starts!” she mused with a high-pitched childish voice, tilting her head to the side like a lost puppy.

    “FOR REAL, THOUGH! The REAL DEAL starts nooooow!”

    And then he started talking. A third, incredibly irritating voice forced itself into the conversation, its source being what seemed to be a comically oversized black teddy bear adorned with a fedora and an eyepatch, sitting atop a throne on the opposite end of the hall and waving a fat cigar around as it shattered the ominous tone of this passage.

    “It’s like when ya get the girl of ya dreams, an’ now you can start wearnin’ her underwear wheneva you want! HAAHAHAHAH! Dat example was pretty clever! LET’S PUT DAT SHIT ON A CALENDAR!”



    The white-haired man closed his eyes and shook his head, dismissing the bear’s taxing voice. “By the way, before I leave… there’s something I should tell you.”

    The bear hopped from its throne, waddling next to the wheelchair-bound girl. “Oh, what, is this it? You’re finally gonna come outta the closet!?”

    “...I’ve received word from the Monokuma Kids on watch. An intruder has entered Towa City,” he beamed with an eerie smile. “And they came alone.”

    The girl puffed her cheeks out, raising a finger to her chin thoughtfully. “Alone? I see… was this someone with Future Foundation?”

    The man smiled ever wider, closing his eyes playfully as if lost in thought about something exciting. “I don’t know.“

    “But I recommend… caution.”

    "Hm... well, that's okay!"

    "You don't seem very concerned for someone who's plan is failing."

    "Failing...? Oh, no no no. Everything is going just fine, meow!" the girl cheerfully proclaimed, spinning the mechanical wheelchair around to face the TV screen again. "After all, Monaca knows that Mister Intruder won't be an issue for much longer. He's here for something else... but not for loooong~!"


    The ground was shaking. That's the first thing he noticed about the city itself. It shuddered with varying intensities, coming and going at random intervals lasting a second or two. It was accompanied by loud noises.

    It wasn’t at all difficult to discern exactly where they were coming from and why they were there, but their randomly changing intensities provided a fleeting sense of unpredictability, standing against the backdrop of this boring city.


    Not anymore.

    It took but a few seconds to discern the pattern, cause, and correlation between these sensations. The frequency and patterns dictating them, where it was, why it was happening, maybe even who was causing it. In mere seconds of analyzing.

    Not that it was anything interesting anyhow, but even the faintest idea that something wasn’t predictable seemed exciting. As quickly as it came, it left once more. A sea of absolute nothingness only supplanted by this ugly feeling of... Bitterness. Indecisiveness. Divisiveness. Questioning.

    These were emotions, but they weren't unprecedented or unpredictable. They were just the logical byproduct of an internal - and external - battle that seemed so much more interesting to someone who is loved by talent.

    A battle between Hope and Despair.

    It was an absolute deadlock. The only thing in this stagnating world that he couldn't predict a conclusion to.
    All this effort to see a true conclusion to this game seemed almost too much.

    But it was only thing worth existing for, at the time being.

    Pieces of shattered electronics fell from his grasp. A pair of dress shoes stepped over the remains of an irritating thing that was moving a few moments ago. The alleyway was incredibly quiet compared to the commotion going on in the distance. It was the most efficient route to get to where he needed to be in order to begin the ending of this game.

    A sigh escaped his lips. This was going to take awhile, but perhaps it would be worth it to someone else.




    The solemn footsteps echoed along the lonely alleyway suddenly came to a full stop. He stood, motionless, in the center of the city, peering around the empty space for a few seconds or more.





    The man made no other reaction as the world around him faded to white.
  7. Ottonomous Ghost

    Ottonomous Ghost ?̺̖͉̞́ͭ̅ͅ?̨͔̀̂͆?̲͉̫̈́ͩ̓ͮ͛͜

    Pyke - Prologue

    Night had just fallen. Many of the laborers on the Slaughter Docks began to pack up and go home after a day’s worth of hacking sea monsters to pieces. At one particular warehouse, a group of gruff-looking workers had just finished and began to close up shop. They walked outside and bid farewell to each other-- except one.

    The grey-haired man, who couldn’t have been older than 40, yet looked 60. His mouth was missing quite a bit of teeth, his hair and beard was unkempt and knotted, and his body was covered in the filth and muck of all kinds of different oils. No doubt a result of the tedious, messy work of the Slaughter Docks. The pay for such work was meager; he appeared to have barely enough money to sustain his miserable life.

    He walked alone down an empty street, when suddenly a trio of burly men stepped out of a nearby alleyway, who were not doubt waiting for him. The destitute man didn’t run, but he wanted to. “Where’s all those copper sprats ye owe us, eh?” the loan shark said. After a moment of hesitation, the victim muttered, “I--I don’t have all of ‘em yet. I need just a bit more time, a pickpocket took some of me money a couple days ago, and work’s been slow lately, ye see--” The trio of men brought out knives that shimmered in the moonlight. “Whaddya mean, ye don’t have ‘em all? Think we’re stupid?”

    The poor man suddenly found himself held up by the collar. Soon after, the air abruptly became unusually cold and humid, but nobody seemed to notice. He yelled out, “I just need more time! I swear I’ll have it all back to ye!” They grinned. “Ye know what happens when ye break promises with us, aye? Ye’ll be swimmin’ with the fishes--” Before the man could stab him in the gut, the loan shark found his own neck chopped off by a masterfully carved bone-knife. Pyke had suddenly emerged from the mist.


    The two others watching from the back gasped in horror, the poor man fell to the ground along with the lifeless body that had been hoisting him up a few moments before, and Pyke stared intently at the loan shark’s goons. The Bloodharbor Ripper took his eyes off of them for a moment before taking out some sort of list with a lot of crossed out names on it. He used one of his blood-drenched fingers to cross out one of the names. When he looked back at the two henchmen, they were still there, too afraid to try and run away.

    “By the Bearded Lady… t-that’s the Ripper!” said one of them. “I remember your faces,” Pyke abruptly began, pointing his knife at the two. “Tell me your names.”


    They remained silent.

    “Tell me!”

    The shorter of the duo yelled, “Leighton Salvotore!” The other blurted out, “Warton Hyde!” Pyke took a long look at his list.

    He blinked. There they were. Clear as day. Warton Hyde, Ship Carpenter, and Leighton Salvotore, Ship Navigator. Strange how he didn’t see it before. Images of them on-deck invaded his mind. “Oh look… your name’s on the manifest.” The two had a look of confusion in their eyes before Warton exclaimed, “What de ye mean, manifest? I ain’t never been on a ship bef--” “You’re lying! You were there. You cut my line!” Pyke suddenly snapped with a murderous look in his eyes.


    In an instant, Pyke stepped forward and lunged, phasing through Warton in the blink of an eye. A watery phantom now stood where Pyke used to be, and before the thug could react, a knife dug into his spine, and the phantom crashed into him, the water pressure so high it felt like a wall of bricks. He was knocked out cold and lying on the floor, bleeding to death and paralyzed.


    Of course, during all of this, Leighton took the opportunity to run. He didn’t get far, though. Pyke raised his dagger as it glowed with magical energy, the blade transforming into a harpoon. He then thrust his arm forward, the sharp end of his dagger now hurtling toward the man marked for death. It stabbed clean through his neck and lodged into his spinal cord. The dying man coughed and sputtered as he gasped for air. Pyke yanked the rope to reel in his catch. By the time the body had reached him, Leighton had already gone unconscious and would soon be dead.

    Now that the three ‘shipmates’ were dead, he carved them into pieces, separating their limbs from their bodies. The destitute victim quaked in fear. When Pyke finished, he walked toward the docks as if nothing happened. He stopped for a moment and looked at the man he had saved. The harpooner saw a part of himself in that man. He too, had worked at the Slaughter Docks. He knew what it was like. And he knew what it was like to be used and exploited by the greedy monsters that plagued Bilgewater. “Hard-handed folk deserve a better death,” he commented in a tone of empathy. For once, he sounded human.

    When Pyke reached the water, he disappeared from sight.

    Pyke - Cell 22
    @Kaykay @Alex Azure @Minerva @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Atomic Knight @dark @Cheese_Pizza @Crow @Lucky @Ottonomous Ghost @Ver @Siege @anyoneelse

    When Pyke woke up, he felt an unfamiliar sense of dryness. How long had it been since he'd been in the sea? It seemed like he was just there. Nevertheless, he stood up unusually groggily and regained his senses. He looked around in the darkness, which didn't bother him much. In fact, it was comforting. He was used to traversing the deep, and the glowing eyes that the sea had given him allowed him to see better in the dark. A brightly lit room would have made him irritated. The flashing red lights were bearable though.

    When the harpooner realized that he was, in fact, locked up in a cell, he became enraged. He couldn't believe that some pirate crime-lord like Gangplank could have had the manpower to lock him up, of all people. Just thinking about filthy captains like him made his blood boil.

    Upon further inspection, there appeared to be other people locked up here, but they weren't low-lives for the most part. Strangely enough, each person looked like they were from several different lands and backgrounds. In fact, there was a huge robot-thing in the cell across from him. An automaton from Zaun? Piltover? Pyke didn't know much about things outside Bilgewater, and he didn't care. All he cared about was getting out of this damn cell.

    At first he tried to phase through the bars, but he couldn't for some reason. Frustrated, he began shaking the bars, and then he began crashing against the cell and punching it several times. After about two minutes he stopped to breathe. He hated breathing the air of land-folk. To describe the feeling, it was like breathing airplane air. He could go for some saltwater right now. "I'll kill the bastard who locked me in here... chop 'em to bits!" he exclaimed.

    He placed his hands on the bars and then leaned forward to get a better view of the complex. He then shouted, addressing his fellow prisoners, "Don't just stand there! Get your hands dirty!" He then resumed his attack on the cell, refusing to give up.​
    Last edited: May 18, 2019
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  8. Cheese_Pizza

    Cheese_Pizza New Member


    That was the first thing that Loki saw as his eyes slowly lifted and he observed the room around him. Some... flashing red light was blinding the demigod from the end of whatever hallway housed his apparent confines (which weren’t anywhere near the standards of a God such as himself, I might add.)

    Next, he looked down at the watch that had been strapped to his wrist. Loki tapped it no more than three times with his index finger. An... amusing trinket, to say the least. It was then that he took notice of his cellmates. They looked no more pathetic than the average denizen who stood in his path to inevitable glory.

    And, as Loki took this all in, he couldn’t help but smile at this little game he had found himself trapped in.


    “Well, this is looking to be quite the entertaining night, isn’t it?” He asked, presumably towards either himself or his fellow cellmates.

    @MelodyMeister @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Ottonomous Ghost @Ver @Atomic Knight @Yun Lee @Minerva @dark
  9. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    His eyes opened.


    A pair of piercing red eyes opened in the darkness of Cell 18, emerging from a realm of unconsciousness and peering around the wet, dilapidated room in which he was contained. The scenery seemed so familiar, that believed he was having a dream of some kind until his senses flared to life and pieced together an analysis of the situation within his mind. It was some unamusing, bitter irony that he found himself trapped in someone's cell for the third time.

    Someone could describe this as 'unlucky.' Did a boring talent such as luck finally fail him, this person who was so loved by talent?

    At least that's something to be excited about if he's going to be 'trapped' here.

    The red-eyed prisoner tuned out the irritating sound of voices echoing around his cell, peering through the darkness to stare at the people in the cell across from him for no particular reason. It helped him think... this was an excellent time to think.

    He could continue thinking about hope or despair. Perhaps it would be more productive to remember his designation? Yes, a designation. No proper identity in which he can call his own. Just a boring name given to him by untalented people, one that he had unceremoniously dumped into the trash after that incident.

    Is this... bitterness? Interesting.

    @Atomic Knight @Sark @RebornRainbow @Whoever is nearby Cell 18

  10. Crimson Spartan

    Crimson Spartan Friendly Spartan


    "He got me.... God damn him!"

    Wilardo awoke left in a bloody room somehow surviving a vicious attack. He gets up and exits the room walking down a hallway where he stops at a light blue door at the end of said hallway. Without hesitating he opens the door walking into the room. He sees Ashe standing over the corpse of a woman whose heart had been cut out. He approaches Ashe and the corpse.


    Ashe simply mumbles in response...

    "...You thought you finished me...?"Wilardo speaks implying that Ashe had attacked him but was unable to kill him merely knocking him out for some time.

    Ashe can certainly hear Wilardo but it seems that his mind is somewhere else entirely.

    ".....Witch's.....art.....Dem....onic....Ahh.... It was all in vain..."

    "Eh..?" Wilardo seemed to notice how Ashe seemed purely in his own little world currently...


    "........This too was no use...."

    For whatever reason next Ashe simply walked out of the light blue room leaving Wilardo simply standing there. As Wilardo went after him however he didn't find Ashe but he did notice the front doors open. Assuming Ashe left through those doors Wilardo exits but even still he is unable to find Ashe..

    It was like he simply disappeared...


    Where is this...?

    This was not the outside...

    This was a prison cell...

    Ashe couldn't explain it but the area around him was not friendly as he begins to hear voices all around him he begins to realize he was not alone in this situation. Shock and confusion followed by fear began to seep in as he looked around in the cell he was in. Not a lot that could be used and those bars looked very sturdy so Ashe didn't even bother to try to break them. It didn't take long for him to realize that all of his stuff knives included were now gone as well which seemed to cause Ashe to panic even more.


    "W-What's going on here...?" Ashe asked no one in particular as he tried to calm down so he could better observe the situation.

    @Atomic Knight @Ver @Gummi Bunnies @Siege @Alex Azure @ThoseNearCell24IMissed
  11. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Though he had already awoken, Isa remained still, laying in the dingy cell with his eyes closed to the world while his mind wandered as far as he could muster. There was very little he could remember, long stretches of nothing going as far back in his mind to moments that felt like years ago. He had once lived a simple life, spending all his time with a friend he recalled being vexed by more often than not. Such a simple life could not have led to this kind of conclusion.

    It was the incessant racket echoing from somewhere distant that pulled Isa fully from his dazed state. He sat up quickly, opening his turquoise eyes to finally take in what was around him. His eyes seemed to glow in the dim light as he turned to the bars of his cell and spotted another across from him. There were others too beside them. Judging by the sounds, rows of cells lined the hall, housing people in each one.

    Isa stood up and walked to the bars of his cell. He stared first at the individual across from him, but then turned to take in the others, two men with striking red eyes.


    "Is this a prison?" Isa asked, unsure if the question was obvious or not. "One of you, come on. Speak up. I'm not supposed to be here."

    Or so he wanted to believe, at least.

    @RebornRainbow @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Xelian @dark @York @Those around Cell 7​
  12. Minerva



    Cold. Dark. The smell of metal and piss permeating throughout the room. Esdeath knew the smell and style of a prison well, being a high ranking military commander. The cold was the first thing that she noticed. Her powers had to do with ice and snow, so she was used to the feeling, but this was different. This was a harsh cold. A strong cold. She then noticed the device on her wrist, something past the limits of her world. She was in unfamiliar territory.

    She pushed herself up from her bed and observed her surroundings. They were in a typical prison block. A typical cell layout. Esdeath looked to the left and right, looking for a guard or some authority figure to approach.


    "I am Esdeath, Leader of the Jaegers and General of the Empire." She said to the people surrounding her. "I demand to know where we are."

    Esdeath would escape this unfamiliar place. Even if they died, Esdeath had to escape.

    It was in her blood.

    In her being.

    Her Creed. Her Ethos.

    The strong survive and the weak die

    @Cheese_Pizza @Lucky @Yun Lee @MelodyMeister @Cell 15 Surroundings​
  13. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth


    Memories were a strange thing to have. To say that the RK900 had none was a lie. He had a ton of memories, but of those memories, only two were truly his. The first was the time he had been awoken by Amanda and given the memories of all the previous Connors before him that they could find. It was a pleasant memory, though some of the things that were done by them was less then the pleasant.

    The second was this memory. The memory of waking up in a strange cell along behind bars. He had a gun before, but it was gone now. His LED shone for the moment, turning yellow processing all that were around him.

    The first thing he did after was catiously approach the bars and give them a slight poke with his finger. He wished to know if they were electrocuted.

    The second thing he did was look across and tilt his head at the woman. "
    I also do not remember how I arrived in this circumstance. I assume something must have happened to wind me up here, but I am not certain." He looked to his left where he heard the voice of Esdeath. "My name is RK900, if anyone has a secondary name for me, I would gladly take it, though you may otherwise refer to me as RK."

    The RK900 now had given himself a few objectives



    He was certain he should probably rearrange the order, but he could complete them in any order, so it matter not."

    @Gummi Bunnies @Minerva @Yun Lee @Ver @ShadowCoyote0 @Atomic Knight @Those around Cell 14
  14. dark

    dark Active Member

    Colonel Radec
    Cell 20

    As if on cue, One of the men with Red eyes stepped from the darkness and near the front of the cell bars. War between the ISA and Helghast had lasted years upon years and it was odd but not strange to be behind a prison cell. Spending so many years staring into those cells at his own Helghan soldiers willing to fight and die for him and the Helghast leader: Scolar Visari.

    A loud breathing noise could be heard from the man across from him who appeared to be human.

    “I’ve seen so many of my own Helghast soldiers stand before me in cells, but never imagined myself being behind bars. “

    “Colonel Radec of the Helghast Army and bodyguard to Scolar Visari.”

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  15. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Rebelling against the captors through spilled Energon, that really reminds me of my old days before the war," the voice from Cell 10 directs his voice towards Pyke.

    "You're a brave one... ahaha... as much as I highly reccommend it, I would prioritize some strategy first. They are very obviously prepared for all of us."

    A flash of red emerged from some 'spotlights' of the alien craft within the Cell.

    "Hmmm... this isn't Cybertron, and it seems that most of these people are Earth lifeforms... human. For what purpose are they housing an extraterrestrial like me among all these humans? That is certainly curious, and something we must find out."

    The red spotlights shift to Pyke for a bit.

    "I can see you now. Tell me, what is your name?"

    (8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
    (20, 21, 22, 23, 24)

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  16. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    Among the many things that the prisoner of Cell 18 noticed upon first waking up were a pair of dim, turquoise dots peering at him from a cell across his own. Another 'prisoner', most likely dragged here by the same peculiar phenomeon that dragged everyone else here, based on the predictable reactions that he could hear echoing down the cell block.

    The man saw no reason to interact with anyone, since all it would take is one glance to ascertain that they're thoroughly boring people, regardless of what talents they may or may not have. However, there wasn't any reason to remain silent, either. Any conversation had at this point is meaningless drivel either way.


    "No one is supposed to be here,"
    the man responded to Isa's prompt, his voice barely louder than an empty whisper. "There is no point in stating the obvious."

    The pair of red eyes staring at Isa from the darkness from across the hallway tilted to the side. "You're more confused than anyone else here, arent you?"

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  17. Siege

    Siege One Part Saiyan, One Part Demon

    "A talking machine? Interesting..." Hela said as she heard Megatron talk.

    @Surroundings of Cell 23
  18. Kaykay

    Kaykay Mhm.

    Sera Himeura


    "As much as I don't like being caged like some dangerous person, I don't think testing my soft hands against metal bars is really worth it. Don't you agree?"

    A girl responded to Pyke's loud shouts with a casual, cheerful voice, seeming to share the robot's sentiments on the matter. It wasn't clear exactly when she'd woken up in relation to the others, but the energy in her voice made it hard to imagine she'd woken up recently. Simply sitting down and leaning against one of the cell's walls, she also didn't seem particularly intent on breaking out. At least, not in the method Pyke advised. If anyone were to look at her small body build, they would probably agree that such a method was laughably impossible anyway.

    Keeping a cheerful smile on her face, she then turned to the strange robot.

    "Though, you surprised me you know? I haven't seen a robot talk before! But like I thought, you're not Earth technology huh? Whoever caught us like this must really have some reach..."

    Though she continued speaking amicably, the girl didn't bother introducing herself just yet, whether it'd simply slipped or mind or was intentional was hard to tell.

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  19. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    The bars were evidently not dangerous, as nothing happened when RK-900 touched them. However, it seemed that no level of force would break them either, even though the bars did not appear particularly strong or sturdy.


    Isa had not the faintest clue what "Colonel Radec" was referring to, but he was evidently a soldier. The thought brought Isa some level of fear, for the concept of war was something he had only really heard about in stories. However, he was not the kind of boy to be intimidated, so he shot a wary look back at Radec before meeting the gaze of the other red-eyed individual.

    Isa found himself a little confused at first at the boy's perception of his confusion, but then he grew annoyed. "I didn't do anything that would warrant imprisoning me," he clarified with an edge to his voice. "If I'm more confused than you or anyone else, then it's only because you probably deserve to be here." Isa turned his head in a desperate attempt to look further beyond the other boy's cell, but could only see another cell beyond that one. "Certainly there must be... guards..."

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  20. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth


    RK-900 tilted his head in confusion as it seemed that pulling on the bars after he poked seemed to offer no result. His LED turned yellow again as he processed all of this information. " Hmmm.." The RK-900 looked around the cell to see what was in there.


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