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Open Dead or Lie [Multifandom Villain Roleplay]

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Atomic Knight, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. dark

    dark Active Member

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Colonel Radec

    Age: ??

    Canon: Killzone 2

    Radec is an extremely skilled combatant, possessing great physical strength and agility. He is also skilled with various weapons, but prefers his combat knife and handgun and also makes frequent use of cloaking technology. Radec is an excellent tactician, despite the fact that he isn’t the best overall strategist. He is skilled at actual combat, having perfect awareness of situations and the ability to completely analyze the abilities of his forces and the enemy. Radec can also perfectly combine the various types of troops he has under his command to fluidly accomplish objectives.
    Short Bio: http://killzone.wikia.com/wiki/Mael_Radec

    Bad list:
    Killing of his own Helghast soldiers in cold blood if they don't meet his standards
    Killing of thousands of ISA soldiers over the years
    Feared Colonel of the Helghast (for a good reason)

    Weapons/Abilities Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Invisibility and Teleportation (With cloak), Flight (with jetpack), among a M32 Combat Knife and several Sta- brand weapons.

    Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes- direct messages via Discord and PM via site

    Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  2. Crimson Spartan

    Crimson Spartan Friendly Spartan

    "My name is Ashe Bradley. I'm but a humble traveler."

    : Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine.


    Name: Ashe Bradley

    Age: 27

    Canon: Witch's Heart

    : Aside from demonstrating good skill with Knives Ashe has no real powers to speak of.

    As for weapons he carries knives (as he primarily fights with a knife and demonstrates enough skill to throw three knives at once.)

    Short Bio: http://witchs-heart.wikia.com/wiki/Ashe_Bradley

    As for bad deeds welll... In almost every route so far he at least murders one person (sometimes two). Attempted murder for two cases in game would also count.

    Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes both are fine but i'll have a quicker response time over Discord as it's much easier to check even at work...

    Other Info:

    He is a Virgo.

    AB Blood type.

    Loves cooking and baking.

    (Now that this done I simply have to ask... Do you have a wish you'd be willing to kill for....?)

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  3. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai


    Name: Albert Wesker

    Age: 49

    Canon: Resident Evil

    Powers/Weaponry: Super Human Strength, speed, and reflexes. Has a customized Handgun called the Samurai Edge as a backup weapon.

    Short Bio: http://residentevil.wikia.com/wiki/Albert_Wesker

    Notable Bad Deeds: Performed horrifying experiments on different organisms (including humans). Has created and sold different bio-weapons. Has murdered countless numbers of people.

    Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes, direct messages here are fine.

    Other Info: Manipulative and selfish. He's out for himself.
  4. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Thaal Sinestro


    DC Comics

    Master of the Psychology of Fear
    Indomitable Will
    Expert Hand to Hand Combatant

    Weapon: Yellow Lantern Ring
    Hard-Light Constructs
    Ability to conjure horrific illusions based around and fuelled by the fears of his foes
    Increased Strength
    Increased Speed
    Increased Durability
    Energy projection



    Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?:
    Yes, message me on Discord

    Other Info
    Without a lantern to charge his Sinestro cannot create complex hard light structures, nor can he access his full strength, speed or flight capabilities. Thus a majorty of Sinestro's constructs will be designed to preserve light, and will mostly manifest in the form of primative weaponry and armour.

    Furthermore, his constructs are only as powerful as they are feared, and will thus be weaker in the face of more willful foes, and those who lack of emotion.​
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
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  5. RebornRainbow

    RebornRainbow New Member


    Name: Sally Boyle

    Age: Early 30s

    Canon: We Happy Few

    Powers/Weaponry: Sally uses man made drugs for weapons, as she is a brilliant chemist; and a amazing herbalist. She is awful at crafting and cant even sew, thus limiting her weaponry to small blades and needles. She is able to create unique chems, a few of them able to be created without a chemistry table.

    Short Bio: http://we-happy-few.wikia.com/wiki/Sally_Boyle

    Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Privately on here is fine.

    Other Info: Sally is a brillgat chemist/herbalist, and because of this she is one of the few people in Wellington Wells that can create Joy and its variations. This has allowed her to support her baby, while also keeping her a secret from the dystopian citizens. Sally is morally gray, thus allowing her to use manipulation, sex, and many other things to aquire what she needs.
  6. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

  7. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

  8. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale


    Name: Candi Cottonswirl.

    Age: 16

    Canon: OC

    Powers/Weaponry: Candi carries a large white and cyan hammer that she can access via hammer space, and she wields it with great skill. She can also extend her hair and use it as a whip or a chain. She also carries a handgun.

    Short Bio: Candi was born in a family of poor people, rarely ever complaining about what she'd gotten because she barely ever got anything. Life was hard on the streets, wishing someone would just spare a dollar to save her and her family. But one day, she met Daniel Berylburrow, a son of werewolves who had noticed her. Candi was overjoyed, but her parents didn't let her go. Ethan's family was a gang of assassins who killed for jobs, so her parents wouldn't let her commit to that type of work. However, later, Candi sneaked up to them and joined them, happily helping them on their crime spree... especially murder. Candi used the anger she'd felt by all of those people who'd just passed her by without so much as a penny on her victims. If you see her smile at you, say your prayers.

    Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes, via PMs on STC.

    Other Info: Candi is slightly based on Harley Quinn and the Mad Hatter.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
    Atomic Knight likes this.
  9. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

    Something that intrigues me is the different types of evil that come into play here - some so different you actually have to wonder.

    For example, Candi is definitely a villain, but compared to others, she's got some pretty heroic qualities (standing up for allies, willing to work as a team, constantly making jokes). There's also Ashe, who just seems like a normal guy who happened to commit murder. And you have Will, who literally doesn't have a single villainous thought in his head. But after that... the line starts to get fuzzy.

    A lot of the other people... you could tell that they're evil by their personalities (save for Larxene and Megatron, who the former gives me more of a "I'll do what I want" vibe and the latter just seems like an intelligent person who fought a war). Sinestro is the more intelligent and arrogant type, Izuru is disaffected and bored, Pyke is extremely angry and revenge-hungry and Hela is also arrogant, but pretty short-tempered.

    I feel like this isn't exactly the "you could argue why they're here" part - it's really obvious with pretty much all of them - but really, what is it that makes a villain? An action? Their morals? Their personalities?


    On a side note, lol, Candi's attempt to make an alliance failed because of Hel and Thaal. I tell her specifically that I'll stay by her side as long as she doesn't pull her swords out on anybody, and you know what she does? SHE PULLS THEM OUT ON FUCKIN' EVERYBODY!
  10. Ottonomous Ghost

    Ottonomous Ghost ?̺̖͉̞́ͭ̅ͅ?̨͔̀̂͆?̲͉̫̈́ͩ̓ͮ͛͜

    The range of evil is indeed interesting, I agree. I'd say that a villain is defined by all three of those characteristics.

    Also you seem like a chill person, why not join the Discord server? ;)
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
    Takumi, will30358 and Ver like this.
  11. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

    Ooh, I should. Can't right now - my current laptop blocks it. (...along with a ton of other stuff.)

    I have an account though. If I get the opportunity to, I will.
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  12. Lore Weaver

    Lore Weaver Member

  13. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

    So, I'm wondering if Candi should hear the group and send a braid flying to attack them, thinking that they're monsters.
  14. will30358

    will30358 The Tsuki Royale

  15. CrunchyCHEEZIT

    CrunchyCHEEZIT Giga God Crunchmeister

    my man, we do most of our OOC communications on our Discord. you might be better off talking in there if you need to ask questions
  16. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Haha, she might need to help them now.
  17. Lore Weaver

    Lore Weaver Member

    Is this RO still open for new participants?
  18. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Still open for now!
  19. Donder172

    Donder172 Active Member


    Name: Taral, Darth Chirikyât, The Emperor's Wrath (former), The Empire's Wrath

    Age: 40

    Canon: Star Wars, OC

    A single bladed lightsaber with a red, synthetic crystal

    Force Scream
    Force Rage
    Force Sense
    Mind Trick
    Great willpower

    Expert lightsaber combatant, uses Form I (Shii-Cho), Form III (Soresu), Form IV (Ataru), Form V (Shien), and Form VI (Juyo).
    Experienced pilot.

    Short Bio:
    Sith Warrior

    Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Preferably through Discord.

    Other Info:
    While in lore, not entirely canon, I will take into account the flashpoints that are available on the Imperial side as events that happened to Darth Chirikyât, in cooperation with the Bounty Hunter, the Imperial Agent, and the Sith Inquisitor. The Sith Warrior will be taken from the period between the consumption of Ziost by Vitiate and the encounter between Marr's and Zakuul's forces.
    Sark likes this.
  20. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    I'm going to chapter update very soon and you can jump in then.

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