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This RP has started. The IC is here:


There's absolutely no denying it. In some way, in some manner, you've been naughty.

Maybe you're a criminal, maybe you're just a bad guy, or maybe you're someone who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time; no matter the reason, you've done something bad enough to make someone want to take justice against you. In most civilized societies, you'd be in jail.

Whether hurting others is something you take enjoyment in or it is something you feel is absolutely necessary, today is your day of judgment. You don't remember how and you don't remember when, but you've been taken from the world you know and placed somewhere you can't identify. Others are there with you and, for whatever reason, you can sense these people aren't so nice either.

This new world almost feels like a dream. It almost can't be real. Perhaps you've died... Perhaps it's all a lie.

The clock is ticking.

In this RP, you will be playing a fandom character (or OC) who has done something in their lives bad enough to land themselves in jail. The most obvious candidates are those who would be considered a villain in their canon and it is suggested you play these kinds of characters considering the subject matter of the RP. It's not required, however, and you may play a character more morally grey required that you can argue them deserving of being imprisoned.

Does that mean your characters will start off in jail? Maybe, maybe not. The characters will explicitly not know or remember how they came to be a part of the RP's setting, but all will wake up somewhere unfamiliar to them, pooled together for some mysterious reason.

Also, keep in mind this RP will possibly involve character death, but any characters who do die will still be able to play as part of the story. It is entirely possible no one will die depending on how the story plays out.

All characters with powers or special weapons will be tempered to a degree where most everyone will be on the same playing ground strength-wise. Whether this will change as the RP goes on is not guaranteed.

If you're wondering if there are any specific fandoms this RP references or will draw from, there will be some definite allusions to both Danganronpa and Resident Evil, but neither fandom will be explicitly prominent and no one unfamiliar with either fandom should be lost or confused.

There will be a few mechanics of the RP that require me to privately message the players. A section of the character template is dedicated to your preferred form of contact!


1) Naturally, all of STC's guidelines apply here.

2) Please be respectful towards everyone, including me and my helper / co-GM, @Ver

3) This RP is a part of a series called the Convergence Series. If you're a newcomer, welcome! Though Convergence is a mass fandom roleplay with its own original lore that's been built up and up for a while, don't let all that intimidate you. Previous knowledge of the series or any of the past events isn't required. That being said, as a fairly tight-knit community, we suggest and encourage you to join our Discord server.

4) No OOC talk in the IC, please. Keep it in this thread or the group's Discord.

5) This should be a given, but no godmodding / metagaming.

6) Players of all posting levels are welcome here. That being said, please at least put something whenever you make a post. We'd like no IC posts with nothing but image spam. Any posts like this will be deleted as spam. Speaking of image spam, please only post a maximum of three images / GIFs per post in order to not flood the page with images that make it harder to load. Generally, less is more!

7) Due to the intended speed of the game, using the tagging system is absolutely required. Summaries and important GM posts will be made prominent.

8) The RP will progress as a series of chapters. Please post at least once a chapter. Chapters will generally last from a few days up to a few weeks, so you'll hopefully have plenty of time. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, PM me if anything comes up and I'll do my best to keep you around.

9) You may only play one character.

10) Most importantly, have fun! (Within reason)


Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine.

Name: What is your character's name? Do they generally go by an alias / nickname?

Age: Chronologically, how old is your character?

Canon: What does your character originate from? If your character is an OC, just say "OC" or "Convergence Series," depending on where they come from of course. If your character is an OC specifically from an established canon, put the name of the canon and "OC" next to it.

Powers/Weaponry: Doesn't have to be too in-depth.

Short Bio: What is your character's backstory leading up to how they came to this point? Pretty much just a Wiki link is acceptable. Do include what makes them worthy of being a part of this RP, so do describe their bad deeds!

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes/No. You can either put through PMs here on STC or through direct messages on Discord.

Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary.

Character List

@Yun Lee as Akande Ogundimu/Doomfist [Overwatch]
@Gummi Bunnies as Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama [Yakuza]
@ShadowCoyote0 as Albert Wesker [Resident Evil]
@Crimson Spartan as Ashe Bradley [Witch's Heart]
@York as Cinder Fall [RWBY]
@dark as Colonel Radec [Killzone]
@Takumi as Dagran [The Last Story]
@Alex Azure as Dahlia Hawthorne [Ace Attorney]
@Jeremi as Dhaos [Tales of Phantasia]
@Xelian as Envy [Fullmetal Alchemist]
@Minerva as Esdeath [Akame ga Kill]
@Sark as Harvey Dent [DC Comics]
@Siege as Hela [Marvel Cinematic Universe]
@Atomic Knight as Isa [Kingdom Hearts]
@CrunchyCHEEZIT as Izuru Kamukura [Danganronpa]
@MelodyMeister as Kaede/Lucy [Elfen Lied]
@Ver as Larxene [Kingdom Hearts]
@Crow as Megatron [Transformers]
@Space_Candy as Nathan Prescott [Life is Strange]
@Ottonomous Ghost as Pyke [League of Legends]
@Lucky as RK-900 [Detroit: Become Human AU]
@RebornRainbow as Sally Boyle [We Happy Few]
@Kaykay as Sera Himeura [Instant Bullet]
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"Only through conflict do we evolve."

Name: Akande Ogundimu, aka Doomfist

Age: 45



Powers/Weaponry: Akande is a master tactician, possessing both superior intelligence from years as a businessman, and superior strength from years as a martial artist. He is in possession of a powerful gauntlet on his right arm, one that allows him to shoot short-range projectiles from his knuckles, as well as punch through just about anything (though he can even do so without it).

Short Bio:

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes! The best place to reach me is a PM through Discord, though I can get PMs through STC as well~

Other Info: Doomfist will be taken shortly after the attack on Numbani, having retrieved his gauntlet.​








Powers / Weaponry

She's like Pikachu but will stab you.

Short Bio


slide into these DMs on discord or here yo

Other Info


"For me... a person who is loved by talent... Detecting regularities among irregularities won't be that difficult.

...Ah, how boring."


Izuru Kamukura
Hajime Hinata

Somewhere between 18 to 22.


Everything you can do, he can do better.

Short Bio

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?
u kno how it be
(i prefer discord PM instead of stc PM)

Other Info
Izuru is taken sometime between the events of Danganronpa 3's Despair Arc and Danganronpa 2.

An example CS of an NPC character...




Kingdom Hearts

Isa, for the most part, is just a regular boy.

Isa lived a peaceful life in a world called Radiant Garden alongside his friend, Lea. The pair got up to trouble from time-to-time, but nothing quite villainous enough to land them in jail. No, Isa's sins were committed in a life he does not remember. When Isa was consumed by darkness when his world fell, a part of him became the Nobody, Saïx, who joined the ranks of the nefarious Organization XIII.​

"It's unfortunate you were promised a power that was never truly yours. But take comfort in knowing that I will use it in ways you would never had imagined."

Cinder Fall

(Rough guess, age has not been specified canonically)



Cinder has acquired an immense amount of power since her last debut. In addition to pyromancy, and the ability to manipulate dust (a magical mineral found in her home Universe), she has now gained access to a variety of elemental magic. Even so, fire appears to be the element she uses the most when she fights.

It is noted that she can manipulate available dust around her to create crude weapons, like blades or bows, and due to more recent developments... She is capable of forming a prosthetic limb with her powers, to compensate for the fact that she is missing an arm.

Short Bio:

Ever since the events of The Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, Cinder was embittered by the harsh reality that the power she sought in her own world paled in comparison of those throughout the multiverse. However, following the events of the Time Crisis, most memories of her interdimensional venture were buried due to the way the affected universes were 'rolled back'. Perhaps because Cinder would rather live in ignorance of such things, and most of the RWBY plot followed through without a hitch.

However... After her untimely demise in the events of Volume 5, her grudge against the now deceased Kotomine, as well as most of what had happened outside of canon quickly rushed back to her.

And though she does not remember when or how she was taken from her homeworld, or how she was still alive (albeit missing one of her arms)... She is determined to escape her prison, no matter what the cost.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?:
Yes, discord or STC PMs should works.

Other Info:
This sheet may be overhauled/adjusted after I finish RWBY Volume 5. I am aware enough of key plot points to conceivable play Cinder even without viewing that Volume, but I feel it is better that I get myself up to speed with what I can, just incase.​
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❝ What's the difference between killing one man or two? Yeah... that's right. My path was already set in stone. I'll show everyone. I'll get to the top. I'll kill as many people as it takes. ❞

Akira Nishikiyama



Nishikiyama is capable of hand-to-hand combat, using a fighting style alike to a speedy brawler. Unlike his sworn brother or kyoudai, he prefers to rely on dirty tricks to gain the upper hand in a fight, even if it meant going towards maiming or killing someone. He carries around a loaded pistol and a tanto blade with him.

-Short Bio-
Growing up at the Sunflower Orphanage to being initiated into the Dojima Family branch of the Tojo Clan, Nishiki was always alongside his kyoudai, Kazuma Kiryu. Trudging through the Empty Lot incident and adapting to the everchanging city of Kamurocho, they were both ready to star their own yakuza families. However on one night, Nishikiyama found himself killing the patriarch of the Dojima Family to protect a childhood friend from potential sexual assault. This soon resulted with Kiryu abruptly taking the blame for the murder, allowing Nishikiyama to get away with it so he could take care of his terminally ill sister. As he gained his own yakuza family, he was certain that he would be able to handle this on his own and be there for his sister.

But then everything started to fall apart. His own subordinates disobeyed him. His sister's doctor conned him for millions of yen and left her to die. Everyone kept on belittling his efforts by comparing him to Kiryu. Broken and suffering within a single year, Nishikiyama was close to committing suicide, but even when mourning his deceased sister, one of his subordinates had the gall to humiliate him. That was how the once faithful friend of Kazuma Kiryu finally snapped. In a fit of rage, he killed that nuisance of a subordinate ruthlessly, deciding to take his own fate into his hands by forcing his way to the top of the Tojo Clan. Cutting off his ties to prove that he could make it as a yakuza alone.

-Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?-
Discord DMs are probably the quickest way for me to see any possible messages, but STC PMs work just as fine too.

-Other Info-
He has a koi tattooed to his back. :3​


"The only way to achieve peace is through tyranny..."




Megatron possesses his Fusion Cannon, a signature trait in all incarnations of Megatron mounted on his right arm. It is said to be incredibly powerful. Attached to his Fusion Cannon is a retractable blade for melee combat.

As a part of Standard Cybertronian physiology, Megatron possesses what is known as an altmode or vehicle mode. This one, in particular, is known as a 'Cybertronian Jet Mode'. Abilities this altmode has not found in robot mode include high-speed flight capabilities and maneuverability. His Fusion Cannon is mounted on the top of this altmode, as if it were a flying tank. It's taking passengers, too! I mean, what kind of vehicle doesn't take passengers.
He can also scan a new altmode, and discard it by resetting it back to his Cybetronian Jet Mode.

Megatron also carries with him some Energon supplies, as well as a few extracted Minicon T-cogs leftover from the corpses of battle in case of emergencies. He has also bothered to equip a retractable Energon welding torch in his left hand during this period, an attempt to extend to the idea of being one who creates and helps as opposed to one who destroys.

Having served as a great leader and warlord for the Decepticon cause during the old days, Megatron is skilled in many traits that come with a job. He is a strategist, leader & gladiator rolled up into one. As the (former) leader of the Decepticons, his skill holds true to the cause's name - he is deceptive, and he knows how to conquer.

Short Bio:
A long time ago, there was a Cybertronian in the working castes of Cybertron that worked tirelessly in Energon mines. This Cybertronian was given the designation D-16. He wanted to show that he could become something greater.

One day, he heard tales that his fellow miners spoke of, tales of the thirteen. The one which took his greatest attention was the tale of Megatronus Prime, who soon fell and became known as the Fallen. Using the Fallen as his inspiration, he adopted the name Megatronus and abandoned his designation, rising from the mines and into the illegal Gladiatorial arenas of Kaon. The audience soon shortened it to just Megatron, which he uses today.

During this, he befriended a clerk named Orion Pax and holy fugg let me just skip to the part where he forms the Decepticons.

He now viewed Orion Pax, now Optimus Prime, as an enemy, no longer a brother. His alliance from the shadows - the Decepticons, came into public in an effort to bring an option of peace to Cybertron - an option to overthrow the caste system with an even worse system. Optimus' faction that he now lead in place of the late Sentinel Zeta Prime, the Autobots, fought back against their tyranny.

And so was the start of the Great War that lasted mellenia, taking many lives and spilling much Energon and blood alike, only to end in the orbit of Earth after the Autobot Scout Bumblebee extinguished his Spark. During this War, Megatron was said to have committed a wide range of War Crimes, his use of the chaotic substance Dark Energon transforming Cybertron into a planet that was less able to sustain itself and the life on it as the days passed. It was because of the Decepticon cause that a wide array of Cybertronians had to leave the planet and seek refuge in others.

Today, Cybertron is back to normal, and they remember the tale of how Primus, Cybertron's living core, could've been poisoned if Optimus Prime had not transferred his Spark - the AllSpark - away from Cybertron.

There's the part where he was reborn as Totally-not-Galvatron, where his supposedly-dead body was but a vessel controlled by Unicron the Chaosbringer, and as his Spark had tasted Dark Energon, it was not allowed to join the AllSpark. During this, Megatron was tortured by Unicron, until he was freed by the Autobots. From then on, he swore that, since he now knew the true meaning of oppression, he had lost his taste of inflicting it. As such, he self-exiled himself from Cybertron and began wandering the galaxy...

It was a grave mistake to say that when the only Decepticon there to hear it was Starscream, and Starscream's trustworthiness is well-known, but that is another story for another time.

Can you be contacted privately:

Other Info:
Unlike the picture depicted above, Megatron's Decepticon emblem is replaced by a glowing, star-shaped emblem.
He is taken from after the events of the Transformers Prime.

"... or so, that was what I once believed. Peace through tyranny... what an oxymoron... Ahaha..."
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Name: Dhaos

Age: Unknown

Canon: Tales of Phantasia

Powers/Weaponry: Capable in hand to hand fighting but his skills lie in power artes, which is basically magic.

Short Bio: The "Demon Lord," a man from another world who is wreaking havoc on the world and needs to be stopped.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes. Both options work for me.​
"The only good captain's a drowned captain."





Died in his mid 30s



Short Bio:

A renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks of Bilgewater, Pyke should have met his death in the belly of a gigantic jaull-fish… and yet, he returned. Now, stalking the dank alleys and backways of his former hometown, he uses his new supernatural gifts to bring a swift and gruesome end to those who make their fortune by exploiting others—and a city that prides itself on hunting monsters now finds a monster hunting them.

Full Bio


Gift of the Drowned Ones: When unseen by people, rapidly heals damage taken, but only with about 80% efficiency.


Bone Skewer: Carries a serrated dagger, which can transform into a harpoon attached with rope. Pyke can impale enemies with this and pull them toward him. Whichever state the blade is in, a successful hit will slow the target's movement greatly.


Ghostwater Dive: Dissolves into a mist of saltwater, becoming nearly invisible and allowing him to swim fly quickly.


Phantom Undertow: Dashes through relatively thin objects and leaves behind a saltwater phantom, which follows Pyke after a brief delay, damaging and stunning those it passes through.


Death from Below: Summons a geyser of water in the form of an X, dealing damage in the area and materializing in the middle of the X.

  • Able to jump high.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?:

Yes, I prefer STC.
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“I Was Born To Destory Humans.”

Name: Lucy (Real name: Kaede)

Age: 15-18 years old

Canon: Elfen Lied

Powers: Lucy is a diclonius, a genetic mutation that gives her horns, unusual eyes and pink hair, and powerful telekinetic powers in the form of hands called Vectors.

These vectors are capable of slicing through most objects with ease, mostly flesh in Lucy’s case. They come in different lengths, but Lucy’s ones can go up to 2 metres and are very strong. Strangely, hers can also heal, not just hurt, through cell reconstruction. She can also infect men with them to make their children be born as diclonius as well.

She can also handle a gun.

Short Bio: Lucy was born with horns on her head, and her father left her in the forest in shame. She was found and raised in an orphanage, where she was bullied by the prejudiced. One day, after finding her secret friend in the form of a dog, a girl who claimed to be her friend let the secret of the dog out, and to torment Lucy, the children beat the dog to death in front of her. Her fragile mind snapped, and she unleashed her vectors, killing everyone in the room.

From then on, she ran away from the orphanage, and killed families so she could stay in their homes. Due to her traumatic childhood, she grew to hate humans, and her instincts told her to kill them all. She made headlines when she began to infect fathers to be born with diclonius, and mass killed in the form of heart attacks.

One day, she met a boy who was kind to her. Unfortunately, he lied and brought a female cousin to a festival instead of a boy like he said. Lucy, in her rage and betrayal, killed everyone there, including the boy’s father and sister. Afterward, she was captured, due to giving herself up for the survival of an another kind child, who she was told died anyways. That further solidified her misanthropy.

Years later, she escaped, but was shot and lost her one of her horns, causing her to fall into a weakened state. She was taken in by the same boy she met all those years ago.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes! STC PMs are preferred.

Other Info: Likely has a kill count of 6o or so, if not in the hundreds.​

Loki Laufeyson


Marvel Cinematic Universe


Short Bio:
Loki Laufeyson is the biological son of King Laufey, the ruler of the Frost Giants in Jotunheim. Shortly after his birth, Loki was then abandoned and left to die. Found by the Asgardian King Odin, he was taken to Asgard and raised by Odin and his wife Frigga as an Asgardian prince, along with their true biological son Thor. When he grew up, he became known as the "God of Mischief". When Thor was to be crowned King, Loki had sabotaged the coronation by letting the Frost Giants attack Asgard, thus leading Thor to seek vengeance on Jotunheim, which resulted on Thor's banishment to Earth and Loki finding the truth about his heritage. Frigga gave Loki the throne when Odin had fallen into the Odinsleep, however when the Warriors Three and Sif attempted to return Thor home, Loki was forced to try to stop them. Regardless, Thor returned from his exile on Earth and ended Loki's reign.

Lost in the darkest depths of the universe, Loki made a deal with The Other, a servant of the Mad Titan Thanos, who gave him a powerful Scepter and command over their army of the Chitari to conquer Earth. Once he came to Midgard, Loki managed to take possession of the mystical Tesseracf and used its power to open a portal above New York City and caused the Chitari Invasion, but all of Loki's schemes were ultimately defeated by a new group of superheroes called the Avengers. Thor returned him to Asgard as his prisoner, where Odin condemned him to spend the rest of his life in the Asgardian Dungeons as punishment for his crimes.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?:
Yes. I prefer an STC pm.

Other Info:
Loki will be taken from after the events of Thor and The Avengers, but before the events of Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War.
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: Connor RK-900 ( Refers to himself as RK or Nines, can be given a name)
Age: Unknown ( Looks between 25 and 30)
Canon: Detroit: Become Human ( With ton of influence OC and changes to the character)
Powers/Weaponry: Pretty much the same as this guy expect more advanced and better. Oh and he has a hand gun.
Short Bio: After the RK800 "mysteriously disappeared" and with no signs of his memory and where he went, Amanda sent out RK800- Model 60 to complete Connor's mission, and in order of horrible things he did to complete the mission, he killed Markus, and Hank hunted down all the deviants he could find with little to no remorse. Where does RK900 fall into all of this? Well ,At a certain point, the RK800-60 started to deviant from just hunting androids, even killing humans who sympathize with androids. In other words, he did a lot of killing and he was eventually destroyed. As Cyberlife had run out of RK800s, the memories were transferred to the RK900 and he now bares the brunt of the memory along with the killings that he never committed but a past version of him did.
[Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes. Hit me up on Discord, that's pinged to my phones ( real and burner) and will get the fastest answer.
Other Info: The RK900 has taken influences from the Machine Connor storyline and some of my own writing since he has two minutes of screen time.
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Name: Envy

Age: Unknown

Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist

Powers/Weaponry: Uses any sort of weapon as long as it means torture and pain to those who he wants out of the picture.

Short Bio: Wiki page
Envy is a cold-blooded killer, created from an unknown source, even they don't know how they came to be, they don't have a gender, nor parents, nor a home, he enjoys the torture of innocent lives, hence the prison.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yeah, preferable just through STC PM's though

Other Info: In this version of Envy, he isn't an immortal hummonculous with immense powers, instead he is a very much killable unknown being who cannot transform himself unlike the original.
WIP for now


Name: Dagran

Age: Unknown, assumed mid-20's

Canon: The Last Story


Traive- The first sword he ever bought, and one that he always carries. He cleans it and sharpens it regularly (to the point Zael commented that it seemed obsessive)

Power Strike: Temporary increases attack power.

Guard Counter: When guarding sword strikes, performs a counter attack, and while guarding magic, deflects it back to the caster.

Full Guard: Attracts the attention of enemies while increasing the users defense.

Full Counter: Enhanced Full Guard that attracts enemies and counters all of their attacks automatically.

Spirit Attack: Death Sentence-A powerful jumping slash. Inflicts death upon enemies in the area of impact, causing them to perish after a certain length of time

Short Bio: Dagran comes from a village that was burned to the ground by a group of Lazulis soldiers that came to the mainland, leaving him as the only survivor. He eventually met a boy named Zael who shared a similar fate, and had promised to make Zael a knight. Since then the two have grown close and are a part of a group known as Dagran's Mercenaries, who he also decided to make knights.

In reality, Dagran wants revenge on those who killed his family, and he'll use whoever he has to to get it. Even those he would consider "friends". However, after being with the group for years, said "friends" are still rather close with him. That won't keep him from trying to reach his goal though, and he'd even go so far as to try and change the world around him if he has to, whether anyone else wants that or not.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: Yes. Both are fine.

Other Info:
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Name: Hela, the Goddess of Death

Age: Not stated, but is older than MCU Thor and MCU Loki (likely not combined)

Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe


Asgardian Physiology: As the eldest child of Odin, Hela had tremendous superhuman abilities and supernatural powers, which are far superior to those of almost other Asgardian, even her younger brother Thor, with her still being more powerful than Thor even after he acquired his full powers. Heimdall even claimed that Hela was capable of taking over the cosmos with her powers. Among the few beings powerful enough to surpass Hela's tremendous power are Odin and Surtur at full power.

Superhuman Strength: Hela possesses tremendous levels of superhuman strength as the first born of the King of Asgard, which allowed her to single-handedly wipe out all of the Valkyries (with only their leader barely surviving) despite their leader being powerful enough to almost rival the likes of Thor and Hulk, and to even easily catch Mjølnir with one hand after it was thrown at her with full speed and keeping it from returning to Thor's hand, before crushing it in her hand with no visible effort, in spite of it being one of the most powerful weapons in existence, causing it to explode in a blast of lightning. Hela later slaughtered the Warriors Three and the combined might of the Einherjar with ease. Furthermore, she proved to be a lot stronger than Thor, who was also a child of Odin in two of their three battles, as she easily overpowered Thor, who showed considerable difficulty in fighting Hela while she showed no strain, and Hela was one of the few strong enough to inflict significiant damage to her nearly invulnerable younger brother with ease, as she can effortlessly lift him off his feet and throw him around as well as cause him pain. Even with Thor having gained his full powers, Hela still proved to be too strong for him and she managed to fight and stalemate both him and Valkyrie, who she repeatedly knocked away easily.

Superhuman Durability
: Hela's body, much like that of Thor, appears nigh-invulnerable, only to a much greater degree, which allowed Hela to easily block spear strikes from a Gungnir-wielding Thor with her bare hands, and to even catch Mjølnir without injury. Hela was even unharmed after grabbing a handful of the Eternal Flame, impaled through the torso with Einherjar's sword and stabbed with Gungnir by Thor without her body or her clothing being damaged, and emerged completely unharmed after a fully-empowered Thor hit her with massive lightning bolts. Indeed, only the revived and fully powered Surtur's Twilight Sword was able to crush her, thus sending the Goddess of Death into oblivion. Apart from Surtur, Odin was the only being capable of doing any significiant harm to Hela, as he was able to beat and seal her away.

Superhuman Stamina
: Like all Asgardians, Hela's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of humans or normal Asgardians, allowing her to defeat numerous Asgardians, as well as fight against the combined might of Thor and Valkyrie without tiring.

Superhuman Speed
: Hela can move at exceptionally high speeds, as she was fast enough to keep up with and even outpace Thor and Valkyrie in combat, as well as even being fast enough to catch Mjølnir with one hand.

Superhuman Agility
: Hela naturally possesses greater agility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination than that of a human, and even most other Asgardians, with her managing to dodge and outpace Thor and Valkyrie's attacks for the majority of her battles with them and easily jump through a crater and land fully on her feet.

Extended Longevity
: Due to her connection to Asgard and to Hel, Hela is immortal and will not die, so long as the realm of Asgard exists.

Supernatural Empowerment: As the firstborn of Odin, Hela has a supernatural connection to the realm Asgard, and can draw power from Asgard itself to perform incredible supernatural abilities. Hela can manifest various physical structures out of thin air, ranging from weapons to ground structures to even her own armor. She can even draw power from Asgard to enhance her natural abilities.
  • Life and Death Manipulation: Hela was exiled for all eternity in the afterlife realm of Hel where the souls of those who died without being honored are driven to.
  • Weapon Manifestation:
    Hela can manifest various weapons out of different parts of her body, though she would usually generate Necroswords, daggers, spears, and axes. These weapons are incredibly durable and sharp, enough to not only instantly kill the likes of the Warriors Three and Skurge, but also even pierce right through Thor's nigh-invulnerable body, with Hela thus gouging his right eye out with a Necrosword and pierce his back with a blade from her elbow. She also manifested the Bloodaxe, which she then gave to Skurge. While pursuing Thor and Loki through the Bifrost Bridge, Hela conjured a triangular shield on her forearm to take the impact of Thor's punch, causing it to break apart. later launched oversized blades into a large gate to a secret cave where the fleeing Asgardians were hiding, allowed her to bring it down by telekinetically pulling the blades down along with the gate. She was also able to generate these spike-like constructs from the ground to pierce Surtur with, but that ultimately proved ineffective against the Fire Giant.
  • Structure Manifestation: Hela could manifest metallic, blade-like structures from the ground surrounding her, as seen when she attempted to prevent Loki's spaceship containing the Asgardians from launching from the doomed realm, and later when she attempted to gain elevation during her short battle with Surtur.
  • Armor Manifestation: After being freed by Odin's death, Hela was able to repair the damage to her clothing and make her headdress appear and disappear from her head.
  • Necromancy: Hela, as the "Goddess of Death", demonstrated being able to resurrect her allies, using a handful of flame from the Eternal Flame and tossing it against the ground to create a huge blast of green infernal energy. As such, she was able to revive her pet wolf Fenris and her Berserkers after discovering their corpses under Odin's Vault. She has ruled in the realm of Hel, where the souls of those who died without being honored are driven to.
Master Combatant: Hela was an immensely formidable and deadly warrior in both armed and hand-to-hand combat, as she was the original owner of Mjølnir and the chief of the legion of Asgard as well as Odin's Executioner. Her skills are so tremendous that she easily managed to singlehandedly slay the entire Einherjar army of Asgard, as well as swiftly slay all of the Warriors Three whom were among the greatest warriors of Asgard. Indeed, Hela's combat skills are shown to be considerably superior to even Valkyrie and Thor who are immensely skilled and powerful Asgardian warriors in their own right, with her notably able to battle both of them simultaneously, and easily beat Thor into submission in two of their three battles, even gouging out Thor's right eye with her Necrosword, as well as easily defeating Valkyrie in battle while she single-handedly slaughtered the Valkyries. While a fully-powered Thor (after receiving guidance from Odin's spirit) was able to almost match her to a stalemate, Hela still proved herself too much for him and a match for both him and Valkyrie, necessitating Loki to resurrect Surtur and start Ragnarök[1]. Only Odin was ever able to defeat Hela in battle, having been the one who cast her out of Asgard and imprisoned her in Hel.

Master Swordswoman
: While Hela usually prefers to fight with her bare hands and telekinetically hurled weapons, she is also an tremendously skilled swordswoman, typically wielding the Necroswords. Indeed, Hela's skills allowed her to easily slaughter all of Asgard's Einherjar and Valkyries and even gain the upper hand over Thor using Gungnir and easily disarm him of his blades.

Expert Leader: As the Chief of the Legion of Asgard and Odin's Executioner, Hela was known to be a very effective and brutal leader, with her skills in leadership being essential in Asgard's violent conquest of the Nine Realms.

(Note: All info taken from her Wiki page.)


Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way of being contacted?: Yes, via Discord PM please.

Other info:
Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture is fine.


Name: General Esdeath

Age: 22

Canon: Akame ga Kill


Her Teigu, Demon's Extract. It gives her the ability to create ice from thin air. She also has several powerful Trump Cards which have special abilities but drain her power. Due to nerfing, I will only have her able to stop time and her normal ice powers.

Short Bio:

Esdeath is a general who has committed warcrimes in the name of her country, including the destruction of various villages and the killing of hundreds of thousands of people under the command of the Empire's Prime Minister

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?: I can be contacted both here and on Discord. Either method works great!

Other Info: Optional. Just basically any extra info you feel is necessary.


Sera Himeura


Instant Bullet

Dominion over all bombs, enabling her to summon and control any kind of bomb. The definition for "bomb" in her case is somewhat vague.

Short Bio:
Granted the Instant Bullet of Destruction, Sera used her ability to steal all of the world's weapons, plunging the world into chaos. Originally she was going to be the one to destroy the world, but when confronted by another villain who aimed to destroy the world, she directed the entire world's nuclear weapon stock at him and fired away. In the end both failed and neither destroyed each other or the world.

Can you be contacted privately? If so, what is your preferred way to be contacted?:
Yes. Either is fine.​


Nathan Prescott




Powers / Abilities / Equipment:

Often getting into, or picking fights Nathan has a pretty good fighting ability. Including the fact he can headbutt someone with little to no damage to himself. It was also shown that he often carries a handgun with him.

Other Info:

After the events of Far Away Lights, Nathan grew more depressed and has had a more downward spiral. Almost shooting a girl in the bathroom, threatening another, and getting into fights. He's also become more unstable mentally, his temper shorter and his self-hatred piling.