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1x1 Sun and Moon

Discussion in 'Side Story Archives' started by Neko Shogun, Nov 27, 2018.

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  1. Neko Shogun

    Neko Shogun A floofy kitteh The Convergence Series GM

    A 1x1 roleplay between @Takumi and myself featuring Pokemon Trainer Sora as she helps the mysterious girl Ilona.

    As best she could, Ilona tried to wrap her cloak around the yellow pokémon she held in her arms while the other yellow pokémon followed behind her on foot. The chilly night air caused her body to shiver, but she could do little to protect herself from the cold while she was busying herself with the care of the little one she held in her arms.

    Lost under the night's black veil, the girl's blue eyes could scarcely make out a path of safety upon which they could travel. Eventually, she came to the edge of a road which met an area of dark sand. The sifting ground beneath her feet only seemed to make every step she took feel heavier, her movements feeling sluggish and heavy. The child's legs felt unsteady, eventually causing her to fall to her knees.

    Trying to get back up, and realizing she couldn't, Ilona could feel tears stream down her cheeks. "Someone please... hellllllp!" she cried out, almost regretting her words only moments afterwards. What if the wrong kind of help came to her like last time? She could only help that if someone bad came, her teleportation powers would take her away to somewhere safe...


    As luck would have it, two individuals would be some distance away, heading in Ilona's direction. One rather tall compared to It's companion. The taller stopped in it's tracks, before spreading it's arms and with a powerful flap was in the air and making it's way to her. The smaller of the two calling out as they rushed after the other.


    Landing in front of Ilona's smaller form was what some may think of as an intimidating bird, who was actually sweeter than he looked.

    He gave a tilt of his head as he peered down at her before noticing the yellow Pokemon in her arms. Turning his head to look over his shoulder, his companion finally caught up, his feathers having become ruffled due to the feeling of distress he felt at seeing what appeared to be a fellow Pokemon in need.

    "Are you okay?!" the young girl beside him, no more than eleven years old, gasped, grey eyes wide in surprise at the sight before her.


    The racing heartbeat in Ilona's ears was so loud it almost blocked out the sound of mighty wings flapping in her direction. The blonde held her breath and stiffened, gazing upon the foreign bird that landed in front of her. She couldn't see it very well through the darkness, but could see well enough to tell that it wasn't going to attack her. At least, not yet.

    The girl released her breath when she heard the voice of another young girl about her age, feeling relieved to see someone more approachable than the Team Skull grunts or the Hypno that had kidnapped her before. Her relief, however, was quickly replaced with sorrow when she processed the girl's question.

    Tears flooded Ilona's eyes. "Please, you have to help me save her," Ilona replied meekly, holding out the pokémon in her arms. Alone, there wasn't much the young princess could do. She was an outsider, knowing nothing about how to receive help in this world. She needed someone kind to help her. Ilona hoped that girl would be that kind of person.


    The other girl's eyes softened as she took in the Pokemon's form more closely. Dropping her bag she began to dig until she found what she was looking for. A spray type bottle in her hand she began to spray it on tge Pokemon's wounds.

    "I-I don't know if this will help much, but hopefully it'll work long enough until we can get her to Nurse Joy, she shouldn't be awfully far." her hands shook slightly, though she tried to keep them steady as she gave Ilona a weak reassuring smile. She was trying not to break down at the sight of the injured Pokemon. She had only been a trainer for a short while and had never seen anything like this--or at least as bad as this. Worse case scenario was mere bruises on Pokemon and even though that didn't choke her up as badly it still caused sadness to take root in her chest.

    Putting the potion away she placed the bag back on her shoulder and carefully took the Pokemon from Ilona, holding it close to her chest she motioned with her head to have Ilona follow.

    "Um, what's your name?" she asked, her Pokemon companion giving a low coo from his chest as he watched Ilona carefully.


    Ilona followed the girl's movements with her eyes, trembling as she watched the other kid dig inside of her bag. Her hold on the mimikyu tensed when the other girl would spray something on the injured pokémon. It didn't move or even react at all to the spray. She said nothing about it, assuming it was some kind of medicine. Ilona only spoke up again when the stranger would mention a nurse.

    "Y-You know a nurse? Yes! If you can take her to a nurse please do so! I don't want her to die," Ilona said, emotionally choking on her words. She was honestly afraid for the little pokémon and wasn't sure if it was going to be okay.

    Protective of the little creature, Ilona flinched when the girl would move to take it from her arms. Ilona folded her hands together afterwards, taking in a deep breath before answering the question. "I-I'm Princess Ilona of Arendelle, who are you?"she asked, hesitantly moving to follow her. She paused, however, glancing back over her shoulder when she realized Pikaboo had finally caught up with them. She knelt down for a moment and picked up the frantic baby mimikyu, trying to settle her down.

    "It's okay, Pikaboo, we found someone who is going to help take care of your mother. It's going to be okay," she told the little one, sounding unsure as she spoke.


    "I'm Sora." the other blonde introduced, rather surprised at the fact that the other was a Princess. It wasn't every day you met a Princess after all. Biting her lip, the young trainer had haoped that Nurse Joy could help but with his it seemed that the spray did little then...

    No, she was going to stay hopeful! Leading the way, she quickenwd her pace a bit due to the urgency of the situation. Her starter having taken flight once more to lead the way from a higher viewpoint, with the light from the distant moon made his body slightly more visible.

    "It shouldn't take us too long." Sora muttered as black sand eventually turned into a path leading to civilization, which would in turn lead to a red roofed building the Alolan herself has come to know rather well as the PokeCenter where Nurse Joys worked.


    "Th-Thank you, Sora," Ilona replied when the other girl would introduce herself. She then began to follow after the trainer, dragging her boots through the sand. She could actually feel grains of it within her boots shifting around as he walked, but at the moment it was the least of her concerns.

    She walked at a brisk pace until the two of them would reach a town, nervously holding her breath upon remembering her last experience with townspeople. She tried to stay calm, however, hoping now that she had Sora with her things would go better. This did appear to be a different town anyhow.

    "Are we almost there?" Ilona timidly asked after a moment, mentally praying to the Sun as they moved along. As uncomfortable as she was, Ilona wasn't sure what else to say to this kind girl who was helping her. Maybe they could have a real conversation after the mother mimikyu was saved.


    Sora gave Ilona a smile when the other girl thanked her.

    "Y-you're welcome Ilona." she replied, gaze returning to the path ahead as they would eventually make it to the PokeCenter where her starter had landed in front of and was waiting for them. Practically running through the doors after her starter.

    Making her way to the desk wide and sad grey eyes looked up at the pink haired nurse as she held the pokemon in her arms out to her.

    "N-nurse Joy! Please, h-help her...you can help her right?" Sora asked. She really wanted the pokemon to live.


    Once inside, the nurse would take the injured pokémon, and rush her into another room for emergency treatment. Ilona tried to follow, only to be stopped by another nurse. "Please wait here until we've finished," the nurse told the girls, gesturing to the waiting area.

    Ilona sighed and turned away, glancing sadly at the floor. Waiting would drive her crazy, the blonde was sure of it. At least she had company with her.

    "I didn't know there was a hospital for pokémon. I'm glad," she said, petting the whimpering baby mimikyu in her arms. "Thanks again for helping. I just hope she'll be okay..."


    "Yeah, it's a PokeCenter. I come here often if my team needs it. I hope she'll be okay too..." Sora fidgeted nervously as she made her way to the waiting area, after sitting down her starter wrapped a wing around her protectively and to comfort the girl.

    After a moment or two one of Sora's other pokemon from her team, a purple feline with a red gem on it's head. The pocket monster looked up at her trainer before it's gaze went to Ilona and the little Pokemon in her arms. Walking over to the girl she began to rub against the Princesses legs with a light purr in an attempt to comfort her.

    "Espeon." she purred, tail flicking.

    "Nyx...oh, I see." Sora muttered before looking to the Princess and smiled.

    "She likes you." she spoke, trying to lighten the mood a bit.


    Although uncomfortable, Ilona made her way for the waiting area with Sora and took a seat. She blinked when the purple pokémon would go over to her, smiling softly. She reached out to gently pat the pokémon on it's head.

    "She's lovely," Ilona complimented. "When I first came to this place, a pokémon kidnapped me so I didn't have a good first impression of them. But I've started to learn how nice some of them can be. The Mimikyu that's in danger now, she protected me from some men saying they were from Team Skull," she explained.


    Nyx purred happily at being called lovely and being petted, and Sora smiled.

    "Pokemon are both wonderful and dangerous creatures. It's good to know that you've been protected." she frowned then.

    "Team Skull have been running around causing trouble a lot and trying to steal Pokemon from people." Sora explained, her Decidueye nodding as he stood next to her. Nyx jumped up onto Sora's lap and curled up, watching the two as they spoke with interest.


    Although she wasn't in the best of moods, Ilona couldn't help but smile at the sound of Nyx purring. Feeling comforted by the sound, the princess would continue petting the pokémon. "I think I see that now," Ilona agreed. "Some pokémon are good and some are bad, just like people."

    When Nyx would move to curl in Sora's lap, Ilona would begin petting Pikaboo instead.

    "They're unkind meanies. I hope to never lay eyes upon anyone from Team Skull again," she said. Pikaboo whined in agreement.

    "Miss Sora, was it? Do you have any food for pokémon? I want to give Pikaboo something to eat." Ilona touched her own stomach after making the request, realizing she was actually a bit hungry herself. At the moment, however, she was more concerned for Pikaboo.

    Sora nodded at Ilona's words and dug through her bag before pulling out some oddly colored beans. Holding a small handful out to Pikaboo and Nyx she would smile kindly.

    "These are Pokebeans. My team really like them...as for Team Skull, if you run into those jerks again and I'm around I...I'll help you out." she said with as much confidence she could muster, although there were times where she felt Team Skull could be scary...


    "Thank you, Miss Sora," Ilona replied, softly smiling before she would reach out to take the beans. Afterwards, she would offer some of the beans to Pikaboo--who would would happily begin gobbling them up.

    Seeing Pikaboo eating the beans with such vigor, and feeling very hungry herself, Ilona would be unable to help herself from popping one of them into her own mouth. She would immediately regret the choice, however, not finding them to be very good. She spat the bean out, contorting her expression afterwards.

    "Vile tasting muck!" she gasped. "I suppose it's not a food humans enjoy..."

    Unless she just ended up with a bad one? Ilona wasn't really sure.

    "Much appreciated though, Miss Sora. Let us hope we shan't run into Team Skull again though."

    The girl let out a small sigh, rubbing her eyes. "Miss Sora? After we make certain Pikaboo's mother is all right, could you show me to a place where I could stay perhaps? I've been... sleeping in an abandoned building. I don't have anywhere to go."


    Sora smiled sheepishly as Ilona tried tge Pokebean. She felt a little bad for her.

    "I hope we don't run into them too." she cringed, remembering tge last time she did, being promptly pushed down by the big bad boss of Team Skull himself after running into him.

    "There should be a hotel near here if I remember correctly, I have enough for a room for us I'm sure. If not I can set up camp for us." she replied. Being out in her own with her Pokemon meant she needed to know basic skills for survival when she couldn't stop by a town every now and then after all.


    After a moment Ilona would stop petting the sleepy pokémon in her lap and glance up at Sora, a look of awe on her face. "Just now, you said us. You'd actually be okay if I... stayed with you?"she questioned, seeming rather surprised. So far, she hadn't really met any nice people in this world other than Sora. She was very grateful that the girl didn't just intend to push her away.

    A little while later, the nurse who had taken Pikaboo's mother returned to let them know of the pokémon's condition. "We've done all we can do for now. For now, we're just hoping that she'll survive the night. If you children would like to check up on her condition later I can give you an number to call. Otherwise, you're welcome to come back and visit tomorrow."


    "Of course! You did say you had nowhere to stay, it'd be rude an unfair to not offer a place to stay." Sora replied, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. Ilona looked surprised that she said such a thing. Then again from what she told her, the other didn't have a very good experience in Alola so far.

    When Nurse Joy Sora would nod. She was hopeful that the Mimikyu's mother would pull through.

    "Oh, a number to call would be appreciated!" she responded.


    "I've not yet had a person willing to have me stay with them,"Ilona admitted, frowning. "I have had Pokémon take me in. Pikaboo's mother let me stay in that abandoned building with herself and her daughter," she explained, continuing to stroke the baby pokémon in her arms.

    Nodding in reply to Sora, Nurse Joy would hand her a card with the Pokémon Center's number on it. Afterwards, she bid the girls a good night and left them.

    "We won't know anything until morning, will we?" Ilona questioned with a sigh. "We should... probably go then. It's late and I bet Pikaboo is really tired."

    The little Mimikyu whined, turning in Ilona's arms. It was clear that she was more interested in staying here and waiting for her mother, but she didn't understand that they wouldn't get to see her until morning.


    "Well, the Alola region is full of nice people as well as bad." Sora replied as she took the card fron Nurse Joy. Nyx hopped off of Sora's lap then, stretching with a purr.

    "Alright, l-let's go then." Sora smiled. Then Ilona asked her question.

    "Yeah, sometimes it takes a while for Pokemon to heal, especially if they've been hurt that bad...a-anyway, we can camp together! I-it'll be like a sleepover." she replied.


    Ilona forced a small smile, trying to see hopeful. "I'm sure Pikaboo's mother will be just fine. I shall pray extra hard for her tonight before I slumber!" she exclaimed, clasping her hands together. "The Sun will surely heal her wounds!"

    The girl then stood up, deciding to let Sora lead the way out of the Pokémon Center. "A sleepover," she repeated curiously. "What, may I ask, is a sleepover?" Ilona had a guess as to what it may have meant, but she never had been invited to spend the night with a friend.


    "A sleepover is where friends get together for the night and stay up playing games and stuff. I've only been to one once before me and my mom moved here...a-anyway we can have one if you want." she replied. From the sound of it, the other girl had never been to one. To be fair, the one she went ro wasn't a legit sleepover but that wasn't important at the moment.


    "Ah! Praise the Sun, I've never been offered such a thing!" Ilona exclaimed, clasping her hands together. Her blue eyes sparkled, gleaming with excitement. "I fear I do not know many games or much about what people from this world like to do for fun, but... I would love to have one!" She paused again, thinking over something else Sora had said. "Does this mean we're... friends?"she questioned, tilting her head curiously.


    "From this world?" Sora questioned with a tilt of her head. She wondered what the other meant by this exactly.

    "Oh there's lots of things people on the islands do for fun! I'm still learning them m-myself since moving here! M-my...friend Hau, and my friend Lillie are natives and would probably love to meet you sometime." she stuttered, pausing at Ilona's question she looked at the other with hopeful grey eyes and a bright smile that easily came to her features.

    "I sure hoped it would, I only have Hau and Lillie so far, a-and you need a friend." her smiled turned more sullen then.

    "I know how it can feel being in a new place with unfamiliar places and people. Especially with people like Team Skull around but I've always had my partner nearby when I ran n into those guys." she added, petting her Decidueye's soft wing feathers, which earned a coo from the grass ghost type in response.


    Naive to the fact that most people weren't aware that other worlds existed, Ilona was more than willing to openly tell Sora that she wasn't from this place. "Why yes, I'm from another world. I'd be happy to tell you about my home later. Although, it's been a long time since I've been home..."

    "Oh, I see," Ilona would reply when Sora would mention her friends. "It would bring me joy to meet your friends. If they are anything like you, I'm certain they are rather nice!" A smile grew on her lips when Sora agreed that they were friends. "I lose track of friends a lot. So it pleases me that we can be friends."

    "Yes, I don't care for those Team Skull people," Ilona replied, wrinkling her nose. "I know Pikaboo's mother attacked them, but she only did so to protect me from them. It isn't fair that they tracked her down and hurt her."


    Sora found what Ilona said strange, but went along with it nonetheless with a smile as Ilona talked about being from another world. It interested the trainer quite a bit. Leading the other blonde out of the Pokemon center, and along the outskirts of Tapu village she stopped once they arrived to go through her bag for her rolled up sleeping bag, which was rather large and could possibly fit the two if Ilona had no problem sharing.

    Otherwise Sora wouldn't mind making do with what she could.

    "I moved here from far away, so in a way I've been far from home for a while, but it's been nice adjusting. As for keeping track of friends, I can give you this so you can always remember your first friend here." she smiled, removing the red and white flower pin in her hair and handing it to the girl.

    "It can be something to make our friendship official." Sora added.

    "No, it's not, but Team Skull so far haven't been known to be fair." Sora sighed sadly at the thought of this.


    When the two would walk to the outskirts of Tapu Village, Ilona would tightly tug her cloak around herself and Pikaboo to help them keep warm. Since she had nothing to sleep on herself, Ilona took a seat while Sora unrolled her own sleeping bag.

    The blonde girl's eyes widened and her mouth would open when Sora would offer her the flower pin. "Th-This is for me? How kind! I've only ever received one present from a friend and it's not nearly as beautiful as this is!"

    She squeaked as she looked at it, smiling brightly. "I shall give you something too!" she suddenly exclaimed, reaching up to pluck a single, orange flower from he headband. She would then offer it to Sora. "For you! May we always be friends," she said cheerfully.

    "But... speaking of Team Skull... Are you certain it's safe to sleep out here? It was at night when Team Skull came after me the first time, and attacked Pikaboo's mother the second time."


    "Heehee, yes it's for you silly, you deserve all of.the kindness after what you've been through, Pikaboo too. Decidueye usually stays up at night so he keeps watch." Sora explained, hoping to reassure the other blonde. It had taken Sora herself some getting uswd to on sleeping outside but she felt at ease with her Pokemon watching over her. The dual type cooed softly from nearby, gaze sweeping along the perimeter of the small camp site.

    "Oh! I might have something to snack on in here other than Pokebeans in here too.." she spoke, having remembered how hungry the other girl was. Searching in her bag it took a moment until she pulled out a pack of trail mix and some dried jerky with a small 'aha!'. One had to wonder how much stuff could even fit in said bag.

    "Here you go." Sora smiled, handing the items to the girl before also taking a few different colored Pokebeans to feed to Pikaboo and Nyx. Then the girl shimmied her way into thw sleeping bag. Nyx scarfed down two Pokebeans before climbing into the sleeping bag to curl up next to Sora, softly purring.


    "Tee hee, you are so very sweet! I thank you for this wonderful object! I will most certainly treasure it always," Ilona replied, deciding to clip the flower pin in her hair after handing Sora the flower. She would then reach up and stroke the pin in her hair, feeling the flower petals between her fingers. "I adore flowers,"she added, almost too giddy to notice when Sora would offer her the snacks.

    "Ah, your kindness continues!" the child exclaimed, a grin spreading on her lips. "I appreciate the food. I haven't eaten in... a while," Ilona added, scratching the side of her head thoughtfully. Now that she thought about it, Ilona wasn't really sure when she had eaten last. Pikaboo's mother had probably fed her, the princess just couldn't remember when.

    After receiving the food, Ilona began to munch on it, watching as Pikaboo would move over to eat some of the pokébeans. "Say, Miss Sora, do you have any family?" she asked. "Or are you out here by yourself too?"


    "Well, I'm by myself while participating in the trials here, but it's not so bad cause I usually have friends I run into and make. I do return home to rest and visit my mom when I can though. Sometimes I get a little homesick and when I do visit she makes cookies." Sora began to ramble a bit, thinking of the adventures she's had so far and how it's made her into more of a courageous girl, and her adoptive mother's delicious chocolate chip cookies that always cheered her up. Turning to face Ilona she gave a small smile.

    "Either way, we're in this together! I can help you with...whatever.." she trailed off, yawning a bit. Rubbing her eyes she pouted a bit, wishing to stay up longer despite the fact that she had grown tired. She wanted to hear more from Ilona though.

    "There's enough room in here for you to share, if you want to." she added, referring to the sleeping bag she currently occupied.


    Sora's words about her family caused a sadness to reflect in the young princess' eyes. She stared off into the distance for a moment, thoughts whirling around in her mind before she would speak again. "Must be nice," she said softly. Ilona couldn't go home whenever she wanted. It didn't matter how homesick she was. The girl had no control over her power to travel across the multiverse and only ended up landing in random worlds no matter how much she wished that she wouldn't.

    "R-Right, we are in this together!" the girl chirped, snapping away from her thoughts when Sora would turn to face her. She smiled when the girl would offer to share her sleeping bag, but let out a sigh and shook her head.

    "It's probably better if we don't share one," Ilona said, lying on the ground next to her. She hesitated before saying, "There's a reason why I shouldn't. Can you keep a secret?" she asked, deciding she might tell Sora about her power. She wasn't sure if the other girl would believe her, but it was worth a try.


    Sora had noticed the small change in tone, feeling as if she might of said something wrong. She wasn't sure if the topic of family was something they should of talked about, but simply nodded when Ilona commented on how nice it must be, almost as if she couldn't return home herself or something like that.

    Though before she could speak further on it, the other girl asked if she could keep a secret and she nodded.

    "I won't tell a soul." she assured with a smile. She didn't like when people tell other's secrets that they had been trusted with to never reveal, it was mean and a misuse of trust.

    If only Sora knew how big said secret was in advance.


    When Sora agreed to keep her secret, Ilona bit her lip before giving a small nod to her friend. "I'm not sure if you'll believe me, but maybe. There are pokemon in this world that have this power." The girl paused before adding. "I have the power to teleport. It takes me to all kinds of different places and I don't have control of it. If I shared the same sleeping bag as you and I accidentally teleport some time during the night while we're sleeping I could accidentally take you away with me." Ilona frowned. "And I don't know where we'd end up. We could end up in another world and I wouldn't even know how to bring you back. S-So, I have to be careful around other people. I know it's crazy, but I promise I'm not lying. I just want to keep you safe."


    Sora listened, remaining silent as Ilona talked. She was shocked to hear it at first, but after some thought she nodded quietly.

    Once Ilona was finished, Sora looked to the Princess.

    "Don't worry, I believe you. It makes a little sense." she replied after a moment of silence fell between them. If she remembered correctly, Ilona had said she was a Princess of a place Sora never heard of. The trial goer momentarily wondered if Ilona was from the past if her time traveling capabilities were indeed true, which would explain Ilona's speaking habits as well. Any doubt in Sora's mind was dashed the more she thought on it.

    "If you do teleport during the night though...what about Pikaboo?" she asked, concern for the Pokemon given. What if Ilona suddenly vanished, and the Pokemon had nowhere to go? If the two friends were separated?

    "How about this, if you suddenly teleport, and we wake up and you're gone...I can have Pikaboo come with me on my journey. I'll also keep an eye on Pikaboo's mother too." she offered then, making a mental note to start keeping a journal around to record her adventures starting tomorrow.


    The time traveling child suddenly sat up from where she was lying, perking up from hearing Sora express her belief in what she had spoken. "You believe me? That is so very kind of you,"she said with a smile. Of course, Ilona had managed to convince people to believe in her power either by showing them (if her power would cooperate with her) or if a power similar to teleportation happened to exist in that world.

    Ilona slumped back down, however, when Sora would mention Pikaboo. "You're right; if I teleport away during the night, Pikaboo will be all alone." The thought greatly bothered Ilona, especially considering the poor state the little ghost pokémon's mother was in. If for some reason she didn't survive, would Pikaboo be able to make it without her?

    These dreary thoughts were interrupted, however, when Sora would offer to take Pikaboo with her. The blonde's blue eyes widened. "Really, you would do that?" The smile returned to Ilona's lips. "I would... love it if you would do that. Thanks so much, Miss Sora!" she chirped, impulsively reaching out to grab Sora's hand. "So long as Pikaboo is fine with it," she added, glancing to the baby pokémon.

    "Mi mi kyu," the small creature squeaked, happily moving to lay on the top of Sora's lap.

    "I'm sure she'll take very good care of you," Ilona stated with a nod, secretly feeling a bit bummed that she would not be able to stay with Pikaboo and Sora for long.


    "Well if there are Pokemon that can do it it shouldn't be too hard y'know?" Sora responded with a small shrug. Crossing her legs as she listened to Ilona's response she gave a small smile the young Princess' way. It was a slightly sad one at the thought of losing a new friend so soon, but of Pikaboo was okay in the end that also made her a little glad. Speaking of the Pokemon she patted the Pikachu look-a-like's head.

    "I'll make sure to, don't worry! It's a promise." she reassured looking up from the ghost type to the rather eccentric of the two as she spoke.

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  2. Neko Shogun

    Neko Shogun A floofy kitteh The Convergence Series GM

    "Oh, right," young Ilona replied, her eyes widening as it dawned on her that the creatures of this world, known as pokemon, actually had their own assortment of unique abilities. Hearing about another being who could teleport from place to place probably wasn't all that surprising to her new friend. Realizing this caused Ilona's eyes to glimmer with hope. Maybe, just maybe, there was a chance she could meet someone from this world who knew enough about her teleportation power to teach her how to use it.


    "Miss Sora," Ilona began, sitting up even straighter than before, "You say pokemon in this world can teleport, yes? Mayhaps you know of a pokemon who has mastered the art of teleportation and could teach me?" she wondered, suddenly a bit excited. "If I may be able to meet someone like that I could learn to control it! Then I shall not have to leave unless I wish it!" And, better yet, Ilona could return home to her mother and father. Oh, how she missed them! She looked at Sora with hope, wondering if the girl knew of anyone.​
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  3. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    "Hm." Sora had to think for a moment before responding. Tapping her chin in thought, she opened her eyes and her brows furrowed a bit, unsure if what she'd say next will dampen Ilona's hopes.

    "Well, I know one Pokemon who can sort of teleport, but so far I can't think of any any that have mastered it." She responded.

    "At least any I've met." She added, breifly wondering if she should get in touch with Lillie or the Professor.​
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  4. Neko Shogun

    Neko Shogun A floofy kitteh The Convergence Series GM


    Ilona finally rolled back onto her back, allowing her eyes to skim the stars that now dotted the night sky. "Ah, I see," she replied, considering Sora's answer. She hadn't lost hope yet, but she was worried. Ilona didn't really know how much time she had left before her powers would teleport her away, so if Sora knew someone who could help she hoped they could be contacted quickly.

    "Do you... know of anyone you could contact? Someone who may be able to help me? If I could only learn to control this power, all of my problems would be solved. I could go home to see my mother and father again..."

    Although she always did her best to stay cheerful and have fun with the situations she ended up in, Ilona missed her life at home. She longed for the safety of her mother's arms and the warm laughter of her father. But she rarely saw them. The young princess felt as if she were a rag doll being tossed around from universe to universe with no hope of ever stopping. Maybe... she could make it stop. No, she had to make it stop. She wanted to be in control of her life.

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  5. Takumi

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    "Well, there's my friend Lillie and Professor Kukui..." Sora offered hopefully before a thoughtful look crossed her face.


    "But I'm not sure of how much they'd be able to help..." She added, practically deflating into her own sleeping bag.

    "They're still people I know you can trust with your secret, though, and Professor Kukui might at least know something or someone who might help I think?" She offered in an attemt to bring some hope back into the atmosphere.

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  6. Neko Shogun

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    Ilona thought over Sora's words, feeling her own excitement die down as well. The princess was unsure if Sora would even have the time to introduce her to these friends. With how unpredictable her power was, it was possible that Ilona would teleport away long before she had a chance to meet them. Still, she wasn't going to give up just like that! Maybe there still was a chance.


    "Would you... take me to see one of them tomorrow after we check on Pikaboo's mother? Mayhaps... there's a way they could help me!" Ilona yawned, curling up on the ground next to Sora. Excited and naive, Ilona didn't think to make sure Sora didn't have plans before asking for her help.

    "I thank you for being so kind to me, Miss Sora. If I learn to use my powers, maybe I can use them to help you too!"

  7. Takumi

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    "Yes I would take you to see them! If there's a chance that they'll help you in any way then I hope it's worth it." Sora smiled. The young islander didnt mind taking a detour, since a lot of her journey so far was filled with tons of running around regardless.

    "You don't have to thank me, it's no problem at all." Sora spoke before yawning softly. Settling into her sleeping bag, she drifted off with one more thing to say.

    "Sweet dreams Ilona."

    She wanted to say that she'd see her in the morning, but that was uncertain, so this would do. Sora just hoped that she could help her new friend in some way.
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    The next morning, Ilona woke up on the side of a sandy shore. It was nothing like the place she had been before falling asleep. In the distance, she could see waves gently moving to brush against the land.

    "Miss Sora?" the girl finally mumbled, slowly sitting up to brush the sand off her face. She looked around and didn't see her friend from the world of pokémon anywhere close by. Ilona didn't bother to call out her name again. In her heart she already knew it: she was somewhere else now.

    There was no going back. There never was.

    She could only hope Sora would remember her and manage to take good care of Pikaboo if her mother didn't recover. And a part of her regretted being unable to travel with Sora longer. What if she had been able to stay? What if Sora had been able to take her to this friend she had who may have been able to assist with Ilona's powers?

    She would never know.

    She could only press forward, hoping one day their paths would cross again.

    "Thank you, Miss Sora, for being my friend."

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