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This is where I will post player skills and equipment

Quest information will be posted here as well.


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[The Orc Band]

There are rumours in the town of a party of Orcs that have been attacking travelers. You are told, by an old drunkard, that the orcs reside within the ruined castle that lies a few days travel north of the desolate little town.

Objective: Slay the Orcs that reside within the castle, bring back their heads as proof. All loot gained is that of the adventurers.

Reward: 100 GP


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I'll drop Orion in when you guys get into town. He can be in the tavern when you get the quest and join your party then.


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I'm not sure at the moment but I do know that I want lesser healing or whatever it's equivalent is.


for the successful end should i have a more violent "pop up" or just a "hey i heard voices, can i stay? cool"


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a violent pop up, but it will have to wait till monday. in the mean time, you guys should check out my epic rp, the link is in the Conversation