Dark, violent and criminal themes


Quick question.

In the RP I intend to do I'd like to have a lot of darker and more violent themes. This includes things like human sacrifice, blood magic, curses with nasty effects, possibly even going so far as torture.

While I intend to be mature and tasteful about how it's included and described (so no hurdedur torture :D! or anything like that) my question is A: can I do this? And B: do I need to put up a warning like PG13?
The Site Rules do not directly address this, but on sexual themes, they do say themes "not rising above R-Rated material are allowed in moderation within roleplays."

In general, I'd say that if what you are planning to do is not completely over-the-top, it's probably okay. Kill Bill, Vol. 2 was rated R, so that's a lot of leeway.

I'd say if you're doing anything even slightly off-color, though, a tag is definitely appropriate. Even if it's allowed per the rules, it's polite to give people a chance to opt-out from reading something they didn't want to read.

But, since I don't want you to get in trouble for doing something you thought was okay, it'd probably be best to write up an example of the themes you'd include and run it through a site moderator in DM.
Actually the site rules not addressing it is a mistake. It must have got mistakenly deleted last time I made some modifications to the site rules. I'll get that fixed momentarily. But the official ruling is if you have darker more mature themes, the roleplay needs to be clearly labeled in some manner so users who want to avoid that kind of content know it could be in there. The easiest way to do this is to apply a tag to threads in the roleplay with something like 'mature themes'. You can also note it in your rules, or your main roleplay page as well if you wish. Just as long as it's clearly visible and easily spotted.
Well, there you have it, right from the top. Thanks, Tiko.