Dice Testing for Members

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Anonymous Me
Here is a spot to learn how to roll dice and practice a little if you are having trouble. Look for the option to roll the dice, directly to the right of the button called Post Reply.


Demon Goat
Didn't notice this sooner. We want to bring the dice back, but unfortunately the addon that we were using was no longer supported by its creator and it was causing some serious problems on the back-end of the website so we had to disable it. Once we get the site updated (hopefully in the near future) we'll look into seeing if we can find a new dice addon.


Demon Goat
Happy to announce that we have dice back! And the new dice roller is far less buggy than the old one. IT's not as obvious how to use it though. You have to make your post first, and then submit it. After that you edit the post, and can add dice rolls to the post with the 'throw dice' button on the bottom. You can edit your post as many times as you like and add more dice rolls even, but as soon as the dice are thrown, regardless of whether you confirm the edits, their results can't be removed to avoid cheating.