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Dice Testing for Members

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By hook or by crook
Seeing how this works, cause I like using dice sometimes in RP!

Edit: Pretty cool that it can have any number of sides!


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QUESTION: Does the new dice roller work in other threads, or just this one? I haven’t been able to get it to work yet in any other thread, and I haven’t seen the roller being used anywhere else by anyone.


Anonymous Me
I am going to test this out.
I'm not seeing the dice as an option anywhere else in the forum. I tried adding a roll to one of my older posts and I didn't get anywhere with it. Also tested some BBC code and it didn't work out for me.[/QUOTE]


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I asked the mods about it, and they said the dice should work in the play-by-post forums if you follow the new procedure. Just make sure to post first, then go to edit the post; when the editor opens, there should be an option on the bottom that says “throw dice” just like in this thread.


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ETN FS5 DICE DEMO — Group Missions


Alpha, Beta, and Gamma must retrieve a diamond from the king’s vault, but first they need to get past the guards.

They decide to try to sneak past the guards (STEALTH, DV = 350).

Alpha’s STEALTH is 8, so they roll 8 dice (100 sides each).
Beta’s STEALTH is 5, so they roll 5 dice (100 sides each).
Gamma’s STEALTH is 3, so they roll 3 dice (100 sides each).
The LOWEST result will determine success or failure.



Alpha passes the STEALTH roll with 410, but Beta and Gamma both fail with 334 and 164, respectively. The guards spot the three of them and start to pursue them.

Gamma decides to stay behind to distract the guards (DISTRACTION, DV = 300) to give Alpha and Beta time to find the diamond.

Gamma’s DISTRACTION is 7, so they roll 7 dice (100 sides each).



Gamma passes the DISTRACTION roll with 305. Gamma successfully diverts the guards’ attention away from Alpha and Beta, who manage to reach the king’s vault, but the vault is protected with a special puzzle-lock that must be reassembled in order to open the vault.

Alpha and Beta decide to work together to reassemble the puzzle-lock (MASTERY, DV = 250).

Alpha’s MASTERY is 6, so they roll 6 dice (100 sides each).
Beta’s MASTERY is 4, so they roll 4 dice (100 sides each).
The HIGHEST result will determine success or failure.



Beta fails the MASTERY roll with 185, but Alpha passes with 425. The puzzle-lock is successfully reassembled, allowing Alpha and Beta to open the vault and grab the diamond.

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ETN FS5 DICE DEMO — Death Challenges


The king arrives with his army, cornering the group just before they can escape with the diamond. Though the king initially considers having them all executed for trying to steal from him, he instead decides to make them vote for two of their group to take part in a head-to-head contest to the death; the loser will be executed, but the others will be free to leave with the diamond. Each member of the group anonymously casts their vote, and the king randomly selects two people from among those votes.

The two votes selected are for Beta and Gamma, who are both brought into the arena for the challenge: a gauntlet consisting of five tasks each. On the king’s signal, the challenge begins.

Beta and Gamma each roll one 50-sided die.



Beta rolled 31.
Gamma rolled 14.

Beta quickly finishes the first task and moves on to the next one, pulling into an early lead. Meanwhile, Gamma is almost done with the first task, but runs into some trouble before they can finish.

Beta and Gamma each roll a second 50-sided die.



Beta rolled 21 (31 + 21 = 52).
Gamma rolled 13 (14 + 13 = 27).

Beta finishes the second task and moves on to the third task, maintaining their lead over Gamma, who has just finished the first task and is now halfway through the second.

Beta and Gamma each roll their third 50-sided die.



Beta rolled 22 (31 + 21 + 22 = 74).
Gamma rolled 15 (14 + 13 + 15 = 42).

Beta continues to push forward, making it through the third task and already making considerable progress on the fourth. Gamma’s frustration is starting to get the better of them as they barely make it past the second task.

Beta and Gamma each roll their fourth 50-sided die.



Beta rolled 9 (31 + 21 + 22 + 9 = 83).
Gamma rolled 50 (14 + 13 + 15 + 50 = 92).

As Beta starts to get complacent, Gamma refuses to go down without a fight and blazes their way through the third and fourth tasks, just as Beta is finishing with the fourth task. Gamma’s newfound will to live drives them to work even harder, making slightly more progress than Beta as a result, but now it all comes down to the fifth and final task. Who will survive?

Beta and Gamma each roll their fifth 50-sided die.



Beta rolled 12 (31 + 21 + 22 + 9 + 12 = 95).
Gamma rolled 25 (14 + 13 + 15 + 50 + 25 = 117).
Gamma passed the 100-point mark first.

Beta puts up a good fight near the end of the final task, but Gamma successfully completes it first and wins the contest. On the king’s orders, a soldier shoots Beta in the head with a crossbow, killing them instantly, while Gamma and the others are free to go.

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Forum Moderator: Arena
@TMITM, you have to post, then click edit on that post. You will see a throw dice button below the edit box. Click that to throw.

Keep in mind that it'll attach the dice rolls to the post even if you cancel the edit.

Oh, and this is only available in the Tabletop Roleplay subforum.