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Daybreak has come
There is an uncountable number of worlds beyond the fabric of our physical reality connected by an ever-changing veil of space hidden within the mental plane. Through that chaotic space, we, without any awareness, are connected simultaneously over multiple different lifetimes.

My name is Krulty, and you may call me K. I am a semi-literate roleplayer with six years of experience. My preference is high fantasy roleplays. I am here to regain avidity for roleplay which I lost due to college. My goal is to finish a project and become a better writer. Here is an introduction from one of my incomplete world:

Iceneom is a vast continent located at the eastern edge of the world. The edge of the world is characterized by a thick wall of ice 30,000 feet in height which surrounds the entire world. Many millennia-old stories attempt to depict the universe beyond the frozen wall, and many more are left to the design of endless imagination. Rudanburg is an isolated territory located in the midwestern portion of the continent. To the east spans the Great Glacial mountain range. The Great Glacial Mountains are more popularly believed to be the remains of an ice giant who fell eons ago. The mountains cover the whole stretch of middle Iceneom from north to south and prevent the warm air of the western coast to reach the east. Further east across the Great Glaciers is Iesnolia. Iesnolia is a freezing desert inhabited by few enduring creatures and roaming barbaric tribes. The frozen land east of the mountain range never receives any rain, instead, there is a wet season during the end of summer which begins when water unpredictably floods forth from the great wall of ice. East besides; in all other directions, Rudanburg is surrounded by many other unique territories reaching until the western coast, southern living frozen sea, and northern cliff overlooking a chain of artificial islands. The most territory has its own ruler(s), and they are bonded over political self-interest.
Rudanburg is one such human territory of many, but it is special because it is isolated from the rest of the Iceneom. It is protected from all directions by a natural, magical, and physical barrier. The Great Glaciers and its uncharted harsh passes act as a shield against Iesnolia and its barbaric inhabitants. An undead wetland guards against the West, South, and North. The undead wetland is an unnatural landscape created by the Rudanburg King's circle of mages five generations ago. The wetland raises the dead to protect Rudanburg. Since then, all dead remains are collected and floated to the wetlands to join the undead army. The third barrier is a great wall encircling the territory. The Great Wall, standing at 40 feet at its tallest, is guarded by animated statues. This 200-years-old grand barrier of Rudanburg has remained impregnable since its construction even when the massive undead army turned on the kingdom 30 years ago. Within the wall, Rudanburg is a prospering land reliant on Darcry. Darcry is a red crystal unique to Rudanburg. It is charged with magic which is used to power various tools. When it turns black, a sign that its power is drained, the crystal is recycled, recharged, then returned before reuse. Although Darcry has improved the lifestyle of Rudanburg's citizens, it is meant for a more sinister purpose. The late king Darius of Rudanburg had spent his time and resources on its research for his desire of world domination; a goal now shared by the ambitious Prince Pierce, the adopted son of King Darius whom the king openly favored more than his own daughter. Of course, then, It is no surprise to anyone when King Darius's closest friend, the advisor/archmage/biological father of the adopted prince declares Prince Pierce as the new king of Rudanburg.


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Deep Dream Diver
Welcome to the site, K. I hope that you have a great experience here.

Are you currently working towards finishing a project?


Daybreak has come
Yes, I have multiple worlds that I am trying to complete at the moment. All of them, in some way, are connected by the dreamscape. I have also found your Brainstormatorium, and I do plan on getting some help when I get writer's block.

What about you? Are you working on anything?


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Hi and welcome, K! Hope you have a wonderful time while you're here and find just what you're looking for!


Hi! And welcome to Storyteller’s Circle!

If you need help don’t be afraid to ask!


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Hello, K! Welcome to the Circle, don't be afraid to ask for help!


Daybreak has come